ESXi5 - problems with NFS and the data copy store

Hello world

I recently moved into a solution fully virtualized for my network, 3 x 5 ESXi servers running on our GigE network.

First of all, I use all free software from VMware, so vCentre etc is out of the question.

I have major problems when you try to copy files between:

  • NAS (NFS) to ESXi 5 host
  • ESXi host to the NAS (NFS) 5
  • And using VMware converter between ESXi 5 hosts converter Standalone

The problem is that whenever I'm transfer between hosts I am struck with the horrible network performance. Even if I use GigE adapters and switches between my hosts I will receive no more than 12 Mbps speed of transfer real (100 Mbit/s connect?).

On the flipside, if I use virtual guests on the same exact host I can happily transfer data between my NAS (NFS) servers with speeds between 60-150MBps ~ (1000 Mbps).


Speed of 10 Mbps of transfer of ESXi_1 copy OF NFS data store share ~

Server2008 (comments, located on ESXi_1) copy OF NFS 75MBps transfer rate ~.

Server2011 SBS (comments, located on ESXi_2) copy OF Windows share 2008 (ESXi_1) transfer speed 120MBps. ~

ESXi_2 copy OF NFS data store share transfer rate 5MBps ~.

Attached (wtf.png) example:

I copy a file that is located on our NFS share first, it's a 3 GB file to the copy within guest OS (2008), it is indicated in blue - top speed of 80MBps

I copy the same exact NFS share for the host (datastore1), this is indicated in red - top speed of 7.5Mbps

The third transfer/s (green) is between the customers of windows on different hosts, transfer a 6 GB file as well as a copy of the 360 MB file - transfers two happily send to GigE speeds with a peak around 40MBps

I can reflect these results across the three servers without modification. Copies between you will be able to run well enough (not exactly 100% use of GigE) but at the moment where I try to do something to the data store it will just choke at all about a 100 Mbps connection speed.

The final image (wot.png) confuses me beyond belief. I would try to explain what is happening here:

  • This image shows two times the same exact file transfers, except even machine PHYSICS
  • The first (red) transfer between the ESXi_2 host server and the NFS share using the browser data store and direct download - its top speed is around 8MBps
  • The second (green) transfer between a guest server 2008 running on ESXi_2, download the same file exactly at the exact location using vSphere Client. I mean the same EXACT file; It connects to the NFS drive by the data store ESXi_2 (NFS share).

Why on earth can my comments directly download a file on a data store connected to NFS GigE clocked and yet the same exact host cannot go anywhere near corresponding to these speeds?

As indicated in the title, the problem seems to happen whenever I use ESXi datastore browser on the host computer using vSphere Client or between browser datastore ESXi to/from an NFS share.

No one knows what might happen?

Is there some sort of restriction on the transfer of files between a host and shared NFS ESXi 5? Whence this bottleneck?

Thanks in advance for all the help/ideas that guys can throw my way.

P.S. Sorry for the wall of text, I really wanted to give as much information. as possible.

What type of storage you have locally on the host computer?

I have seen this problem with write-through controllers:

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    Published by: Seamus on February 20, 2011 08:25

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        int[] arr1 = {1, 2, 3};
        X x = new X();
        int[] arr2 = x.get();

    However, this seems a bit unusual. It is not clear from your initial post, but looks like it is supposed to be a single method that takes the array and it reverses. If so, you could either simply invert the table and returns nothing, since the variable of the appellant and the parameter of the method will all be pointing to the same table object, or you could return a reference to the table that you have received and reversed, or you can copy the table, reverse the copy and return a reference to that.

    I don't know what your needs are, but the point is that it is more common to call a single method to do something like that, rather than separate set() and get() methods.

    Edited by: jverd February 20, 2011 09:36

    Edited by: jverd February 20, 2011 09:37

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    All data are dynamic, a NI 9237, but since its a laboratory, I can't get a lot of time trying different solutions, so I did a test TDMS file and change the DAQ Assistant for a reading of file of the measure, but the rest is the same.

    Use 'antenna bundle' to build a picture of your values of 4 controls. Return the index of the max and min elements, use 'table max and min. From there on, it should be a wink to indicate the corresponding settings.

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    I expect when the user leaving a stubborn workflow each thing belongs to this workflow should be deleted. Is this true?

    Or someone has the same problem? Any suggestions / or work around?

    Respect of


    Have you read the link I posted? Have you named the BA a transactional data control?

    When you leave the workflow you issue a rllback and the new line should have disappeared.


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    Recently, I noticed that a Svchost was running constantly at high CPU usage, as well as a few programs had stopped working on my PC. After doing some poking around, I believe the problem to be with Fontcache and my fonts. It turns out that my partner has installed a large number of fonts, which I suspect to be corrupted. Unfortunately, I can't open the fonts folder, or the section fonts in Control Panel.

    In an attempt to put an end to the use of the processor (which I think is of Fontcache constantly trying to start upward - and otherwise), I have disabled loading in services, however it still loads up when I try to start a program like InDesign. InDesign will also not load, I suspect that for the same reason.
    I could not remove all the fonts, or find no way to remove them, without access to the section fonts in Control Panel. I tried to access via a command prompt and just can't take the ownershop/control of them to remove them. All of the guides I found on the internet forced me to open the folder of fonts/Control Panel and manually change the permissions using the Windows user interface, but obviously I can't do that.
    Does anyone have a solution to remove fonts or an another workaround for the problem?
    Thank you
    ~ Fishy

    Hey shady,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, it seems that you are unable to remove the control panel fonts.

    To guide you in the right direction, I need a little more information of the computer with the problem. Please help me answer the following questions:

    1. what happens when you try to access the control panel?

    2. do you get any error code or error message?

    I will certainly help you with this issue.   Here are some methods that you can try in order to solve the problem.

    Method 1:

    I suggest you run the troubleshooter of performance on the system and verify.

    Open the troubleshooter of Performance

    Method 2: Remove the fonts in safe mode.

    For more information on fonts, check out the links.

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    The FWSM generates connections to the attempts made by the PC with interface layer 3 defined on the same switch as the active FWSM very well, so this isn't a problem with FWSM ACL.

    A ping of the FWSM "inside" interface from a PC with the defined layer 3 interface on the same switch as the active FWSM fails, although debug icmp trace on the FWSM demand and response shows. A the packet capture, using the NAM-2, only shows the request packets. I captured on the vlan common and FWSM port channel interface bottom of basket.

    Just to add to the confusion, if I capture in the same places, but do the ping of a PC which is in a VLAN with the interface of layer 3 defined in the 6513 which does not contain the active FWSM, that works very well, I see the request and response on the capture of vlan common, but only on demand on the capture of the port channel.

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    Keith, are you running etherchannel distributed on of your 6513?

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    Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.00.56 PM.png

    Have you tried to switch between GPU and CPU preview?

    Ctrl Cmd E E (Mac) (Win)?

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    We are experiencing a problem and EBS integration are finished but the results do not appear.

    Please can someone help.

    Thank you.

    Please check the below id doc from Oracle.

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    Thank you

    ~ KKT ~.

  • Problem with rendering and the display of a component Declarativ

    Hi all

    I'm doing the tutorial from this link
    Like here, I make my component, first deploy and import and everything works fine, then I delete all references to this component, and then I change my component with a few new employees as a description of some field and etc, but I have nothing to do with the functionality of this component. After that, I deployed this component and do the same thing as first import of the component. Now when I drag and drop component that I see only tags <>name of the component, I can spend parametars component and when I run the project I see, but in developer mode, I see tags and name. : S also, import method component cant do as in tutorial, now I have to go to another property of the project and import the jar file.

    May be the problem: I'm doing my own skin his spans fusionFx-v2, I use for component declarative juice fusionFx-v2, declarative elements I have icons and as parametars 6 methods reciving javax.faces.event.ActionEvent I

    One had same problem with declarativ components?

    Thank you for your time!


    -Make sure that you have deployed the component as a library ADF
    -to reinstall the component uninstall first (select library in the resources catalog and select the remove from project option)
    -Add the new component
    -You may need to restart the IDE for the file in some earlier versions of JDeveloper JAR must be replaced by the new

    You do not give a Jeveloper version with your question, so that's all I can say for you.


  • Problem with SEO and the field temporal businesscatalyst

    Hi everyone¡¡¡I´m of problems with a Web SEO site, which is indexed by google fist in area regular businesscatalyst by the direct field temporal. I would know, it would be possible to remove the Web site from time businesscatalyst in the catalyst business Panel? How? ¿ ? , I find the option redirect.

    I m afraid on the posibility, google plans to my website online text repited for this reason.

    Thank you everyone¡¡¡

    Go to the domain manager in the admin.

    Click on the URL of development ( and there you will see a tick box stating to redirect to your homepage. Check and save.

  • Problem with 'systimestamp' and the CSV file


    I'm trying to insert data from a CSV file. One of the columns in my table must feed with oracle system date and this column's timestamp format.
    So here's my control file syntax:

    DATE_CREATION "systimestamp"
    FILLING filler1,
    filler2 FILLER,
    Filler3 FILLING,
    Filler4 FILLING,
    Filler5 FILLING,
    Filler78 FILLING,
    Filler79 FILLING,
    Filler80 FILLING,
    Filler81 FILLING

    I get this error:
    Sheet 1: Rejected - error on the CUSTOMERS table, column FILLER81.
    Column not found before the end of the logical record (use TRAILING NULLCOLS)

    It seems SQL * Loader see DATE_CREATION 'systimestamp' as a field of my CSV file.

    You know a syntax to define a column with systimestamp?

    Thank you!


    SYSTIMESTAMP does not seem to be supported (even in 11g) this way. If you read the [using SQL * Loader to generate input data |] you'll see that only CONSTANT, expression, RECNUM, SYSDATE and SEQUENCE are supported - that is to say SYSDATE is a special case.

    However, "SYSTIMESTAMP" is a perfectly good PHRASE. My example load historical prices from Yahoo finance.


    load data
    into table price_history append
    ( ticker char
    , trade_date date "dd/mm/yyyy"
    , open_price
    , high_price
    , low_price
    , close_price
    , volume integer
    , adj_close
    , update_ts expression "systimestamp"

    and data load very well.

    Compared with the DEFAULT value in the column definition:
    -Use the value DEFAULT if that's what you always (or almost always - you can always ignore it)
    -use * expression 'systimestamp' * in the SQL * Loader if control file varies according to the type of load. Or if you are not allowed to modify the table definition (for example, if it is the table of the provider).


    Nigel cordially

    Edited by: nthomas on January 8, 2009 15:31 (minor typo)

  • connection printer MG7520 problems with password, and the new name of the router

    I had to change my router network name and the password (the actual router is the same, but the network name and password is different). Now my Canon MG7520 won't 'talk' to my lap top, room rvia wired or wireless LAN (that worked before). My guess is that I need to "tell" the printer name and the password are different, but I know dn't how.  I tried to download the software and run it (that is to say, all over again) but when I do I get an "unable to acquire information on the driver and software.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi sdwhite,

    Yo are quite right that any time changes to network configuration, the printer must be given new items.  The printer can be connected directly from the operations Panel, and I have included full instructions HERE.

    It has not responded to your question or problem? Please call or write to us at one of the methods on the page contact us for further assistance.

    This has answered your question? Please click on the button accept as Solution so that others may find the answer as well.

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