Explore Windows crashes when using creative Cloud

I also encounter this problem after using creative cloud Packager, install the following applications.






English (United States) as the language

Windows 7 Pro x 64

When I run the package install, about 5 min in the install explorer.exe stops working (i.e. the desktop background and the icons have disappeared).

I don't get a crash of windows error, because explorer.exe broke down... as if it was not quite clear.

However, when I restore explorer.exe Taskmanager > new task > explorer.exe I see software installation, there are no errors, and software work.

something in this installation package is to kill explorer.exe.

Let me know if you have need for a newspaper or something.

@bigdog3766 - my work around

(1) wait for about 1-2 minutes of deployment, then ctrl + alt + delete when the icons disappear on your desktop

(2) Taskmanager > new task > explorer.exe > ok - at this stage all the icons are back

(3) computer > Add Remove Programs > uninstall Acrobat Pro

(4) log on to the account of creative cloud on the computer, and then click on install for Acrobat Pro

Uninstallation of Acrobat pro is very fast, depending on your download speed, installation may take a little.

It is perhaps not a solution, but will work until the deployment tool is updated and the problem is solved.

I hope this helps!

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