F11 function has stopped working on my Satellite L550

Spin 7 Pro 32 bit OS on a Toshiba L550 i5duo / core of the quad 4 RAM 500 G Ati HD radeon premium wire. So far, I've had the F11 function works perfectly, and recently it stopped working at all. Then after completing a restore - who lost my Kaspersky Pure as well install it started again. However, after only a few critics M$ update he went back not working not. Hit the F11 or full screen in sight decline the task bar, but only maginally reduced the size tools. menu and toolbars address at the top. Have you tried key FN - to unlock - no go.

It became a problem really frustrating to find a solution so I searched on Google and forums gallore without a bit of luck. Technology of $ M and other fixers help want money to find the problem and I think it is in all likelihood, a problem of BONE or worse still a HARD disk problem (had only once on my cheap Toshy Vista before - not a solution good machine!) - that M$ should be able to help without the cost, since the machine is only 7 months old! I was told to fight it and I hope to be closer to home' someone here might know

Can anyone who may have had this problem or know what the problem is help me until I go stir crazy? Will be most appreciated!

Are what F11 function you referring exactly?

Are you referring to the F11 function in browsers where it activates / deactivates the browser (IE, Firefox, etc) between full screen and normal mode?

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  • "TosBtMng has stopped working" on my Satellite A200/H01

    I have a Satellite A200/H01 with Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
    A few days ago I started up this message at startup: "TosBtMng has stopped working" I have updated all the BT device drivers in Device Manager, but it did not help. I then installed the battery BlueTooth (v64000T_20090324_x32.exe), and this did not help, either. In fact, the error "TosBtMng has stopped working" message kept coming upward on several occasions, even when I tried to shut it down.

    Could someone help me please?
    I use BT to sync with my mobile phone (Nokia 6120 Classic) via PC Suite from Nokia worm. I was using the computer BT without problem for 18 months now, until last week.
    Thank you very much. Andrew

    Try the new Bluetooth stack v6.40.02

  • ConfigFree has stopped working error on Satellite L850-13R

    Can someone help me with this and also tell me about.

    Everytime I turn on my laptop I get notification message "Configfree has stopped working"... "try to get the solution on the internet... "and I don't know what is the problem and how to fix it.

    I have Toshiba Satellite L850-13R, i7, using Windows 7 Starter.
    Can someone tell me what is this error and how to fix it? and, also, my laptop is very slow since I got these notifications. I scanned and there are no threats found...

    Thank you in advance...

    I m not very well why the Utility of Toshiba ConfigFree has stopped working, but I can tell you how you can solve this problem.
    I think simple installation ConfigFree could solve this annoying problem.

    How the product?
    First download easy all the utility driver page ConfigFree Toshiba UE
    Please pay attention to the version. There is a ConfigFree utility for 32-bit system and 64-bit.

    After the ConfigFree utility has been downloaded, uninstall the previous software installed.
    In Control Panel-> programs & features, you should find the ConfigFree
    After the tool has been uninstalled, restart the laptop
    Then unizip the package downloaded and start the installation.
    Reboot once more.

    ... That's all :)

  • Bluetooth has stopped working on my Satellite P105-S9722

    I have a Satellite P105-S9722 and everything seems fine except the occasional extreme overheating it stops. In any case, my blutooth has stopped working.

    Here's what I've done so far:

    1 formatted, reinstalled clean (running the toshiba Vista business upgrade)
    2 tried to use the most recent bluetooth Vista drivers fron this site & Blutooth monitor 3 w / stack windows

    I tried several times without success. Here's what's happening.

    When I install toshiba stack, it is all the way to the grip and "install bluetooth driver". I get an error message on a USB device unknown who breaks down and will not be installed. It is under the TouchChip Fingerprint coprocessor. In addition, with the Bluetooth Monitor 3 installed, has no "BLUETOOTH" category in ther CP to set properties

    That's all. It hags just here and bogs of the bridge I have to restart the system.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    If the laptop is overheated, you must remove the dust from the radiator. You can use a can of compressed air to blow off the dust.

    Have you tried to use the battery Microsoft Bluetooth standard instead? To use it, you must uninstall the Toshiba Bluetooth stack, then just install the Bluetooth screen

  • Outlook Express delete function has stopped working

    I was cleaning my sent folder outlook express and after the removal of the Remove feature has stopped working, I changed my identity and it worked in identity motor of about 100 messages. I need to clean my record sent how do correct the function of deleting keys?

    Thank you

    How is it related to Internet Explorer 8?

  • "Configfree has stopped working" error on Satellite L300 Win7_32bit running

    Full text message * task status bar Menu ConfigFree has stopped working *.

    Whenever the modem USB (key Huawei E352 HSPA USB) connects this error. Running Win7 Ultimate 32 bit.

    Google search: some believe it is a virus, others believe that it is a matter of hardware/software.

    How should I do? Any ideas?

    Thank you

    It is not easy to help you because you use external third party material. I put t think ConfigFree is tested as intensely with all sorts of external devices.
    Why this may be just speculation. Still is it that ConfigFree is not necessary to run then I recommend to leave ConfigFree before starting to use your modem. How to fix? Good question. What you can do about it? Not much. Perhaps to find new version ConfigFree and reinstall in the hope, it will be OK. In my view, no more than that.

    I use ConfigFree constantly with LAN and WLAN networks, and there is no problem at all.

  • Webcam has stopped working on my Satellite L

    My Webcam has stopped working so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and its still does not.

    What should I do?

    Any help would be great! Thanks :) x

    Occur when you
    What model of laptop do you have?
    What operating system do you use?
    Webcam application will start automatically with Windows OS?

    What happens when you click on the Photo/Video button?

  • Fan has stopped working on the satellite

    I've had the laptop for jusy 7 weeks and the fan has stopped working. It always seemed that he ran too to what looks like at full speed almost constantly, but now its stopped.

    I just tried to call the helpline and ended up leaving a message to be recalled. They work on Sunday?

    How long they tend to take to fix these things?


    I put t know 100% if they work on Sunday, but I presume that they don t
    However, can you please tell what camera do you use?

    I can t believe that if fans stopped working then the laptop should automatically stops or the CPU overheats! It is very dangerous because the laptop and the motherboard may cause damage.
    So if the fans don't turn you should not turn on the laptop.

    But maybe the cooling modules run only with the lower speed?
    This is not unusual. The BIOS and the energy-saving control the speed of the CPU and cooling modes. Fans should not run with maximum efficiency if the temperature does not increase.

  • Built in mic has stopped working on my Satellite Pro T130

    Dear Forum,

    the microphone of my Satellite Pro T130 15F stopped working a couple of days at a time.

    It captures the white noise.
    But he responds only to knock on the place where it is located next to the built-in webcam. It does not pick up normal voice or cry out to him...

    Can't bring any changes to the software that could influence.

    What I've done so far: deleted drivers, installed new, updated all Toshiba Software and downloaded and run all the stuff suggested to this problem.
    And of course, it is not set to mute or upgraded to the bottom.

    Still no cure.
    What's next?

    Thanks much adavance.

    Hmmm, it makes a static noise? Kinda sounds like hardware related issue
    But check the microphone settings in the control panel-> sound-> recording tab
    Here, you should see two entries; internal microphone and external microphone port.
    The internal microphone must be turned on!

    In addition, the internal mic belongs to the webcam. In the assistant webcam-> settings-> audio tab, you can increase the maximum microphone volume.
    Check this box

  • E DVD drive has stopped working on my Satellite L755D

    Earlier today the DVD player worked but stopped suddenly, on my Satellite L755D.

    Looks like he is reading the disc, but can't find anything. It is not the real disk as it works on another computer.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you

    Have you tested the feature with drives different (original CD, DVD)?

  • Driver Realtek audio has stopped working on my Satellite A100

    The Realtek audio driver I downloaded from this site for WinXp (V R 1.54) stopped working after an intervention apparently of another driver. The failure of any attempt to uninstall. This is a very stubborn driver and can t be eliminated completely from the computer. WinXp pro doesn't have a sound for this computer (Sat 100-787) driver and I can't reinstall the same driver. Yellow (i) continues to show in the Device Manager.

    What can we do about this and is there a better driver for my computer?

    As already mentioned in your thread at the beginning, you need to install the Microsoft service pack 2!

    After installing SP2, you must upgrade the XP to the last State! Use the MS Update site! Very important are the fixes KB888111 and KB835221!

    After the updated operating system you must install the latest audio driver from the Web to Realtek site, or from the Toshiba site!
    Please note that you must also update the BIOS to the XP version if you use XP on this laptop Vista.

    A note: the A100-787 belongs to the series PSAANE; Choose the right drivers!

  • Save for Web function has stopped working in Photoshop CC - let's get a DEFINITIVE answer!

    I keep seeing this in the forums and nothing has answered this question, so I put another post on the forum.

    I am running Photoshop CC 64-bit in Windows 7. I've lived this exactly the same problem with Photoshop CS6 and was never able to solve the problem. Now I find that after using Photoshop CC for about a month, I'm going to save for Web and I get the error message: "the operation could not be completed. The system does not have the specified path. Motivated by nothing. Just randomly started to gush this error message Monday morning, and I had used the SFW function on all throughout the day on Friday.

    After that reading the forums and being on hold with Adobe supports for a half hour (with a "timeout of 3-4 minutes felt"), I was unable to reach anyone know what to do. Forum suggested other messages deleted the backup of the levels of preferences Web in AppData, what I've done. I also deleted all my preferences in Photoshop without result. The only step I've seen in the forums so far has been uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop CC. Surely, there must be a better resolution that uninstall the program.

    Can I please a representative Adobe real to help with this? I see it all the time in the forums is of course not a rare event. Thank you.

    WHOO! After that 45 minutes of tech support from Adobe, we discovered the issue. I don't know if this could be the problem with the many others that I've seen on these forums, but I hope it helps someone.

    Seems the reason mine stopped was a simple permission problem. I use PS to work and the administrator did not have TOTAL control over my Adobe programs. It is fine... until there is an update to Windows or the system update. Then you have problems. Basically the admin just restored all permissions for me for Adobe software and VOILA! It worked perfectly. If you use the PS to work, talk to your system administrator and see about getting full permissions for Photoshop CC.

Maybe you are looking for