Fan of the cuts even when the machine is cool - Satellite P10 504


On my laptop cooling fan seems to cut in every minute or so, even when the machine is cool and not busy. It is not the quietest fan in the world, which is quite annoying!

Does anyone else have any experience of this?

Thank you very much



have you checked the parameters energy saver? Normally, you can change the 'method of cooling' quiet.

Good bye

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  • Where to find the new keyboard for Satellite P10 504?

    I have a laptop Satellite P10 504 but unfortunately I spilled coffee on the keyboard and now some of the keys do not work.

    Could someone help me find a place to buy a new one that is not too expensive, or perhaps the information of this specific keyboard, I need and I can look online for a bargain.

    Thank you very much



    All the compatible parts for notebook you can be purchased from the service provider authorized in your country

    You should make a call to these guys and they should be able to provide a consistent and right keyboard.

    So good luck.

  • How can I reinstall Office 2003, installed at the factory on my Sat P10-504?


    Somehow, I deleted Microsoft Office 2003 and all its content that have been installed on my Satellite P10 - 504 factory. Anyone know how I can reinstall the Suite Microsoft Office 2003? I have 2 drives for recovery of product and 1 tools and disk utilities, but cannot find the program on them.

    See you soon


    Microsoft Office software is built into the OS on the recovery CD. If you want to reinstall this software, you need to use the recovery CD.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P10-504 - impossible to turn on the firewall

    Hi friends,

    I m unable to turn on my firewall, I get the widows message cannot start the firewall/internet connection sharing ics service. I have the Satellite P10 504 with WXP SP3.

    All ideas welcome

    Thank you

    There are a few articles Microsoft Knowledge on this problem:

    [Some administrative of the Windows XP Security Guide templates can prevent you from starting the Windows Firewall service in Windows XP Service Pack 2:]

    [You cannot start the Windows Firewall service in Windows XP SP2:]

    Check both maybe you could solve using the workaround solution described in the present statutes

    Good luck

  • Is possible to extend the graphics memory or replace the graphics card on the Satellite P10 504

    Anyone know if it is possible to extend the video memory on the satellite p10 504, or to replace the video card. Because the memory is too small to play most of the good games.


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the graphics memory or replace the graphics card on the laptop computers of s.
    Please don t compare cell phone technology with the desktop simply.
    Laptops use other motherboards and graphics cards are mostly welded on the boards!

    Nothing to do, buddy

    I wouldn't buy a laptop if you want to play the latest games! Why? Because of the possibilities of upgrading equipment.
    The desktop PC can be upgraded very easily but not the laptop

  • Replacing the drive HARD on Satellite P10

    I would like to upgrade from my HARD drive, I have not find how proceed (which screws to remove to the opening of the machine). Where can I find explanations?


    To remove the HARD drive, first remove the battery and optical drive. First you must remove the four black screws that get the aluminum shield covering the HARD drive. After that take it out.

    Gently pull the HARD drive towards the front of the computer to disconnect the system board, and then take it out. The last step is to remove the four screws that attach the HARD drive to the HARD disk case.

    Good luck!

  • How to replace the battery CMOS on Satellite A30 504?

    I have big problems with my satellite A30 504... it does'nt see the HARD disk at startup, my only solution was to press the power button for many times so far.

    My HARD drive is ok so I think that the problem comes from the cmos battery, but I do not know how to find out what type it is and how to replace.

    (PS. Sorry my English, I'm not an English speaker)

    Hi Adrian

    Battery CMOS is always placed in an uncomfortable position and to swap the battery of the device must be removed. If you didn t done this before please don t do this alone. One small mistake and you can damage a plastic cover of the unit.

    I recommend contacting the service and allow them to do this for you. It costs a little, but you will be sure it will be done on the professional track. When the unit is disassembled it can also be cleaned of dust.

    Back to HARD drive: how you know HDD is not faulty?

  • Where to find the Device Manager in Win XP - Satellite P10 504

    Hi friends,

    I noticed that a lot of you give advice request users to open device, for some outages management, troubleshooting
    Forgive my ignorance, but where and how do you access it?

    I can't see it in the control panel.

    Thank you

    P10-504 XP pro [originally was addition of tosh xp home]


    That very easy, buddy! :)

    Go to control panel-system-hardware-device manager online online online!
    Or you right-click on my computer-properties-Hardware-Device Manager online online online.

    Good bye

  • IDE 1 error with the new CD player - Satellite 2410-504


    Can anyone help please? I have satellite s2410-504 (number PS241E-6HWP1-EN) and my laptop CD drive is dead and I exchanged for a new one and now the IDE 1 error. I presume that he is a master / slave number and the reader has no way to change to cs etc on the drive itself.

    I was told maybe there may be a way to fix this problem of flashing or play with the connections on the motherboard of the ideas please?

    Thank you

    You bought the disc is not compatible. It before the BIOS cannot recognize it because bad csel/slave/master settings.
    Of course in the net, some gossip circulating that it should be possible to some flash drives, BUT I also read that, after these procedures, the drive was dead and could not read media.

    I n t recommend something flashing. I guess this drive is new and you must contact the dealer and replace the drive for a new compatible.

  • How to replace the DVD - RW on Satellite P10?


    I need to replace the DVD - RW (Mat * a 811 UJ) on my Satellite P10 554. What models are recommended or work without problems?

    Thank you!

    I studied a bit and found these compatible discs:
    -The DVD-R /-RW Toshiba SD-R6112
    -DVD - ROM Toshiba SD-C2612 and Matsu drive * a SR-8177
    -The multi-lecteur Matsu DVD * a UJ - 811b
    -Player combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM Toshiba SD-R2412 and TEAC DW-224th-85

  • Satellite P10 504: continuous beep when turned on

    My P10 504 beeps continuous shortly after it is turned on. It will stop beeping and will restart but return to the continuous beep. So he can start consists of hit the F2 and go into the BIOS and quit, then it start OK.

    I pressed the keys during startup to see if it could be sticky keys, but that has no effect.
    If I take the entire memory when you start it beeps to tell me that I have no recollection. If a bank is in the continuous beep back.

    One, then it tends to make Windows to automatically display the search tool and update constantly the screen except esc is hit.

    Any ideas or other tests to be done?


    I don't know where the problem is, but maybe you should try to reinstall the BIOS.
    If this does not help, please contact the ASP in your country.

    Good bye

  • Upgrading the processor on a Satellite S2410-504


    I am trying to upgrade my laptop, I ' ve recently upgraded memory RAM 256 MB to 1024 MB and has managed to get their hands on a 2450-210, which was practically dead and collapsing. As he had a 2.4 Ghz P4 processor and my 2410 has a 1.7Ghz P4 processor, I thought that I swap them.

    However once I had transposed them, my 2410 starts, the power light and 'the' light takes sound but nothing else happened. When I put the processor original back, my computer worked well again.

    Is there a reason why the failure of my attempt of swtiching the CPU? I was under the impression that as long as the two processors where the two P4 that a straight swap would work - improvement of my beloved 2410-504.

    Apart from the RAM is there something else I can do to 'pimp' my computer?

    Any help would be apprecicated


    OK, technically the two P4s are identical, according to the pins. But according to me, BIOS does not support this processor due to its Ghz. have you tried a BIOS update, if it is available?
    Maybe this can help.
    Oh, and why are dead Notepad, where you took the CPU? It could be the case, that the CPU has been damaged, and this is why it does not work.

    And for other parts of your laptop, you could upgrade HARD drive, if you haven't done so already. In addition, nothing comes to mind, what you could do to improve the performance of your machine.

  • The COM Ports on Satellite P10 do not work after the conversion to the WXP Pro

    I have a P10 (PSP13E-0372V) that I have upgraded from XP Home to XP Pro. Everything went very well and then I discovered that I don't have a COM port or at least Device Manager shows no COM port.

    If I try to dial, I get "Error 633 the modem is in use or not configured properly". Back to Bishop device to watch the modem which, it says, works very well. If I query the modem (Diagnostics) told me 'port that the modem is attached could not be opened. "
    Also, it is said it is attached to COM3 but I can choose any port and get the same result. (When I change the port I get the message "the port has been opened by another application. Renaming the port may have an unpredictable effect on the other applications")
    I tried to remove the modem and restart but no change.

    If anyone any ideas how I can get the modem to work.

    So any ideas on how


    Usually WXP Home, Pro should work without any problem because all the drivers, tools and utilities can be used for the two operating systems. I just hope that you have preinstalled all things in order of good facilities.

    Have you installed the driver chipset from Toshiba download page right?

  • Satellite P10-504 - IE in the process of disappearance on XP Home

    This fault, I had a few years ago and the local store then put everything in a few minutes, free of charge, the fault is when I open IE, it opens the header mount fills in the address bar, Blue State, at the start at the bottom, then the page disappears, [of office] the same thing happens when I go to open emails from messenger, email starts load the address bar and my google toolbar and then disappears, any home ideas, iam currently on my other laptop, to coming to help you for, I noticed that this go to the control panel I can't open Internet options or wireless setup, but I can open the wizard, I can receive emails and I am able to update microsoft ok security databases , Thanks, PS store not there now.

    First thoughts are that there is a problem with obtaining an internet connection for applications and tweaks in Ms security essentials denies access to IE or there is a common to both applications dll missing (I thought that would be reported by Windows.)

  • Replacement of HDD on the Satellite P10 504

    like to know you can always buy replacement for internal hard drive for this model, it can not find UK on tosh,

    Of course, you can find the new HARD disk and replace old. You n t need some HARD special but old disk with IDE connector. In my view, one with 60 or 80 GB of storage should be enough.

    Do you know how to remove the old?

Maybe you are looking for

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