Firefox can't open. HTML files

I use Firefox 14.0.1. I can't open any sort of. File HTML (written in Notepad) in Firefox when in other browsers, I can open these normally. When I try to open my HTML file to test in Firefox, they could not be opened rather than I get some not sorted as Chinas scripts or something like that (I don't know clearly what kind of language)
I do not understand what to do?
Thank you in advance for your help.


A few questions about your HTML file.

First of all, using unusual fonts? "Outline" or "vector" fonts usually give more reliable results in browsers. It is Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New.

Second, you get different results if you use file > save as (in Notepad) and change the ANSI or UTF-8 encoding? I think that those who are the most commonly used for web pages. The drop-down list coding is just to the left of the button Save.

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    Thank you and best regards,


    Hi Rolf,.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Glad to know that the problem is solved.

    Please get back to us if you have any questions about your computer.

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    Internet explorer 7 is part of vista

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    Uninstall and re - install Adobe Reader should fix.

    Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

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    It is important that, after a crash, you open Illustrator and just double click on your file.

    When he presents a few warnings error, comes through them but read carefully, and then click options to choose wisely.

    When the revival after an accident you have a unique possibility to recover your file (and even that may fail).

    For the file in question your food options are very limited, but for the future, you might want to take action.

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    DotBellaParis if you are prompted for a product calling it so it would seem that you purchased an upgrade to Acrobat Standard XI.  You should have the option to enter the serial number of your previous purchase of Acrobat.  You can find information on how to locate your previous issues of the series at

    If you did not intend to buy an upgrade, then I recommend to submit a return request.  You can find more information on the presentation of a return to the return, cancel, or Exchange an Adobe order -  Once you have returned the upgrade you can then buy the full version which will not ask you for an eligible product or a serial number.

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    I don't see where firefox is open.

    How back in firefox so that I can read the links that are in my emails?

    Thank you.

    Sometimes when the FF closes, no not all stops correctly.
    On Windows, start the Task Manager (other systems may have
    different names and / or commands). Select the process.
    Look towards the bottom of the list for Firefox. Click right and then click end task.
    If this problem keeps coming, ask for help more.

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    When you try to start Firefox, even once, I got a message saying "close Firefox. A copy of Firefox is already open. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time. "This issue is addressed in Mozillazine but nothing I've tried there seems to work. I started a new profile in the profile manager that gets at least upwards and the functioning, but strangely enough the Manager also told me the old (default) profile is still underway, although I can't find a way to close it. Also, I can't find the default profile in my Profile Manager. can anyone help?

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    == I thought that I had left Firefox and he was new.

    I get the same problem from time to time. It is not a solution but I go into Task Manager (select by right clicking on an empty area of the start bar) and under the research process and, invariably, there is a 'hidden' version to use the FF. I selects & close via Task Manager and then am able to restart FF.

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    To solve the problem at all first I restore the system prior to the update to have the old version and open these files again, but my fingers are deleted and I can not create new prints because the pc said "could not open the sensor. I don't know what that means.
    I thought he needs some drivers, so I reinstalled truesuite Manager to access, several times, I reinstalled the BIOS, I did the scan of the drive and the diagnosis of toshiba, but the sensor still does not work.

    I think that if I can record a fingerprint with the old version of the program I will be protected able to open files again (and I will no longer protect them) because only the old version of the program knows how to decrypt these files, but I do not know how to enable the fingerprint sensor. Could someone help me, please?
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    The update of Truesuite comes WindowsUpdate? Or did you download the update from the Web from Toshiba site?

    You can use your backup password (usually its your Windows password) to access the files?

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