Firefox does not allow me to copy and paste the content of Web sites. How can I solve this problem?

When I enter this site, there are some areas that FIrefox will allow me to copy and paste. However, if the content is in the pictures, I get a message indicating that options copy/cut/paste is not available in Mozilla and Firefox. Then, the info box wonder if I want more information or to cancel the request. When I ask for more information, the system provides information on changing preferences; However, these measures do not seem to work for me. Help, please.

Thank you.

What measures have you tried - prefs.js or user.js edition?

My recommendation would be to use Windows shortcuts to cut, copy and paste: Ctrl + x, Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v. You can also use the context menu for these actions. On most websites, you don't really need to use the buttons for these features.

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