Firmware for DVR-K12TBS


y at - it ja new Firmware for the DVR-K12TBS from Toshiba DVD burner? (Model No. PA3358E-1DV5)

My current Firmware is 1.15 (09/2004)
It is very old and there are several DVD + r that I can burn only at low speed.

Thank you.

Thomas J.


Well, it would be very interesting to know what unit you have.
However, you can consult this Toshiba download page:

or this one:

Good bye

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  • Satellite A45: need to update firmware on DVR K12D drive

    IM new here... Well, I have a toshiba > Satellite A45 Series... which had a DVD Multi Drive (DVR K12D) inside. The problem is that his operation stopped. Sometimes she would write a CD then sometimes it spoils my CD. I used on the media player were Verbatin, Imation, Supermedium, Sony.

    Well the reader works as a very short period and then dies OFF... every time I took it to the repair center...

    The drive has been changed now 4times by toshiba support. I asked for the release of Firmware from 1.05 to 1.15 or higher. They keep answering back telling me to ask pioneer. But it is an OEM obvious by toshiba.

    The player after having been changed stops working without delay of 2 to 3 months max 4 months time and den customer tried upgrading the drive by putting a higher config recorder multi disc double tht is the 8 GB one. The satellite detects that hardware.

    been 2 years now my readers send me problems such as:

    does not read DVD
    doeant read CD RW
    don't write CD/DVDs
    sometimes DVD detects any sometimes they detect its weird.

    The only solution is to update the firmware, but how can I do? I need the update of the firmware. I called toshiba WE also, they talked for two hours and then answer that I have to contact pioneer!

    Please help me!



    CD/DVD players support generally not all means.
    As far as I know in the manual you will find a list of the CDs and DVDs is supported and it works properly.

    In addition, it seems that this device was designed for an American market and in this case, you should look at the Toshiba Site us.

    I checked this American site:

    There, I found several notebooks A45 and the necessary drivers. I also found a driver for DVD rom and ram. It s not a firmware update but maybe it helps.

    However, on Toshiba Europe site, I found several updates firmware for the readers and the different European books but as I said at the beginning you have a US laptop and have to look on the American website. If you don't get an update of the firmaware if you ask the manufacturing of the car.

    In addition, I want to say that you can not be sure that, after updating the firmware of the player will not work correctly. This kind of malfunction looks like a defect of lens calibration and therefore only a replacement disc can solve this problem.
    If the drive has been replaced several times so I guess that the guarantee is valid and you will get a new.

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    The error message say, exactly? What version of Mac OS X you are running on this machine?

    For updates of the firmware to work, you must be connected to your device from the airport and connected to the Internet at the same time. If you have a situation where you have to disconnect from the Internet to connect to your airport device, it does not work, at least not for the first time, you have to download a firmware version for the same model of AirPort base station.

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    I asked a friend and he has downloaded and made me a usb bootable with osx on it (lion). I instaled the osx and got the macbook running successfully and it was perfect.

    I decide to update and went up el capitan wich sucessfully installed. After the update I tried it out, web navigation simple, when suddenly, out of nowhere the mac stop (much battery left and the led indicator to confirm) and has not started since... when I turn it on the led light flashes and it gives the s.o.s. beep (3 short beeps followed by 3 long beeps and then 3 short beeps) the optical drive made his usual looking noises of boot and the fan continues to spinning, I tried to remove the battery 10 minutes several times and nothing... I read a lot about the problems of ram tested with one stick at a time in the two slots and no improvement... bought a new pair of hynix 2 gb 1066 mhz pc3-8500 ddr3 sticks as recommended for this model and replaced the "old"... did nothing.

    I have no original discs just the macbook itself and the charger. Also tried to boot from the usb drive... not good... tried to start mode revovery... nothing that the black screen and a beep sounds.

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    Then, you say at the end of your post, you say that it is a MacBook, but it is a MacBook Pro. Check which model you have.

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  • I need the firmware for the Toshiba excited AT7 B618


    The Tablet keeps showing a message

    Unfortunately, it stopped secret lock


    When I press OK it comes again.

    I fact (power + key) factory reset, but it does not solve the problem.

    I installed antivirus it found 7 threats, but he did not remove it because it becomes the vendor applications. Viruses that are present in the backup.

    I need the firmware image to excite at7 - B? Please reply with the download link.

    Device name: AT7-B618
    Unit number: PDA0HV-002004AR
    Product group: TOSHIBA

    Best regards
    Department of health Shair

    Thank you

    I have the same problem, why not support a large company like toshiba product, why I can not download a firmware for AT7-B618?

    Please I need this firmware
    Best regards

  • Firmware for the SSD THNSNJ128G8NU


    I can't download the firmware for my SDS: THNSNJ128G8NU
    My laptop is a msi Ge72.
    Can you help me.

    Thank you

    I think that this firmware update is not yet available...
    Where new firmware is available, you should find it on this page:

  • Need firmware for Toshiba 40TL968 services

    Hi guys,.

    any chance someone could help me to provide the service (bin, mfc, mboot file) firmware for 40tl968?

    Im a little apart, and there is no repair of Toshiba close store.

    Thank you!

    What is the problem with your TV?

  • New firmware for Toshiba 39L4333DG


    I'm new here. Could you tell me please when I can exepect new firmware on th TV?
    It's almost a year since the last update at the same time all of my local vod applications stopped work correctlly.
    A vod owner told me that you do not support DRM features that cause the app does not work properly
    (local names of applications are ELPI, player, vod onet)


    I had a question for one of Toshiba TV games firmware, you'll make new firmware for either of the sets of TV from Toshiba?
    Or you just stoped doing this.

  • Where can I find Firmware for my Toshiba 40TL938G?

    where can I find a new firmware for the Toshiba 40TL938G? I can only find on the new site software updated firmware for the 40TL933G and the 40TL936G. The 933G software is compatible with the 938G?
    The function of automatic update does not work with my TV.

    Thank you



    Have a look here:

    If your TV isn't listed, it means that this firmware is not yet available!

  • Where to download the firmware for Toshiba 19BL502B TV


    Is there a place where I can download the firmware for my Toshiba 19BL502B TV, so that I can install on a USB key and update?

    I've already asked about the firmware that supports Xvid in the forum "New TV model Discussion", but had no luck. As I said in my previous post, the online manual for the machine indicates she has support Xvid, while my paper manual is that the part removed.

    My previous post was:

    And here you see a photo with a comparison of the two manuals.
    I seek to change the firmware of the TV so that it supports Xvid, whether a new firware update or an older one.

    Thank you



    Have a look here:

    This is the place where you can download the firmware for Toshiba TVs

  • New Firmware for the 32TL933 3D LED

    I found at this address '', a new firmware for
    32TL933G (G for the other Europe).

    is it compatible with my 32TL933F (F for France)?

    Thank you

    Good question.
    If nobody here can offer you the right answer, I recommend you contact the France Toshiba service provider and ask them. They have direct contact with Toshiba France and can verify this information or perhaps send you a most recent and the most recent update for your Toshiba TV.

    By the way: you have problems with your TV?

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    8.1 x 64 installed on my Windows System.

    To my knowledge, an update of firmware for THNSNC256GBSJ isn't available.
    But why are you talking about firmware update?

    SSD drive is recognized in the BIOS?
    If so, you don't need any SSD firmware updates to install Win'a 8.1

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    I'll post a quick tutorial on how to upgrade the firmware for your printer.

    Whatever printer you have to do most of your print, there are a few things you can do to ensure that it runs optimally. According to the model and printer ship date, you can have a few updates to make as your printers may not have shipped with the driver or the most recent firmware.

    There are many reasons why these updates are important. Driver updates will make your printer run more smooth and faster from your computer or the printing station. They will also update Media preloaded into the pilot that they become available on the market, so that you can easily print on these materials.

    Firmware updates also make sure that your printer works more fluid and faster, but this applies to the material itself. Firmware is only the software that is loaded in your hardware. Latest firmware updates for some models of printers decreased paper and ink waste and increased print speeds.

    Now to download the latest version of the software that you will need:

    1. Go to support & drivers
    2. Click on the green box
    3. Type the product number of the printer that you have
    4. Select what OS you have on the desktop / laptop
    5. After that, you can go ahead and get the latest version of the software that are available on the list.

    Remember if you find one of my post useful or want to say thanks don't forget to click the White Star under my name to give me congratulations.
    I really appreciate it!

    Once you install the firmware, it will give you a list of instructions on how to load the update to the printer.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you!

    I hope it's useful!

    Thank you!

  • Need FirmWare for MAST * UJ141ES BD - CMB

    Can you please help me find the latest firmware for MAST * A BD - CMB UJ141ES?

    Thanks in advance

    You have a problem with the optical disc drive?
    Did you check the Toshiba download page for your laptop model?

  • I need service-firmware for Toshiba 40RL933


    I need auto firmare starting at the 40RL933 of Toshiba, the screen is black, green led. Do not start buttom...
    Firmware for the TL series is bad...

    Please help me,

    (If available) firmware can be downloaded from this page:

    But I fear need you assistance from a technician, if your TV does not work and do not answer more than m.

Maybe you are looking for

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