Force authentication only on a predefined interface


Is it possible to set up an IPSEC tunnel for a certain group only on a predefined interface? And how?

The isamkp must be enabled on all the interface, because I tunnel on any interface.

Thank you.


Well you can remove the permit-vpn connection systop command and allow only virtual private networks via ACL. This command allows to bypass ACL control for crypto ending traffic by firewall; sound activated by default. Disable this and allow each SPECIFIC IP access to specific crypto interface. Or refuse some and allow others (this would be particularly true outside).

ASA 8.1 added support for netflow but only on models of the upper range (5580-XX). Perhaps we see in the future on other models as well.



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    If you do advanced UIS Custom like this, you should definitely check out LabVIEW. You can even install it for evaluation to try... later, when you're not on the customer site

    Hope this helps,


  • ASA double authentication only

    My company is currently testing on authentication dual factor for specific users. We use to authenticate, SecureAuth keys and an existing AD server, which is also used to authenticate for our other groups VPN. For this reason members of the auth group double can authenticate current VPN groups using only their letters of credence to AD.

    Is the way for me to configure this group only being able to obtain VPN access if they go through the method of the double factor?

    Essentially if the double group auth users connect via the Group dual auth in anyconnect, they will not be able to establish a vpn connection what do I try to install.

    Any contribution is appreciated!

    Have allowed all users to AD authenticate are only the first A of AAA.

    You can control what they are allowed to make (or connect to) based on the name belonging to a group or user.

    You may need to make a new ad group for everyone, but they and make membership in that group a requirement for the default profile. Do another group of ads for new users of two-factor and make membership in this group a requirement for this new profile.

  • Create only contractor using the interface of the IOM


    We use the PS1 OIM11gR2 on OIM version.

    We have a requirement where in we allowed users to create only the entrepreneur to the IOM, to help create the user features.

    By default, we can create the user of any type (employee, contractor, Contingent, full-time worker), but we want to restrict users to create the user to type only contractor.

    Please let us know how to do the same.

    Thank you


    Its a very common condition, if only contractors are allowed to be created from the user interface, then you can make the field into a single loan and fill in the value of the contractor by using code or do contractor default in the UDF.

    I think it should solve your problem.

    ~ J

  • Authentication only the selected app pages


    I have a request that I have about 20-25 pages, all are mainly reports.
    In this request that page is there for any changes to the data.

    I want other pages to be PUBLIC, but when the end user go to edit this page, I want to check for authentication.

    So basically I want authentication for this single page only, not to any other page.

    Please suggest me how I can do this.

    Kind regards


    Go change the definition of the page and change the authentication "Page is Public" for public pages

    BR, Jari

    Published by: jarola on November 18, 2009 12:08

  • Acrobat DC scan only ICA didn't interface no TWAIN?


    After upgrading to Acrobat DC I can access is more TWAIN drivers for two of my scanners: Canon MX920 series, CanoScan LiDe 500F. I'm on Mac OS X 10.9 machine.

    They worked very well with Acrobat XI. The scanner driver only available is Canon MX920 (ICA) series, but this one has all the features of the TWAIN driver. (Canon Scanner Utility works, so TWAIN drivers appear to be good).

    Any ideas how to solve this problem, short of downgrading?

    Thank you.

    Hi Hmz,

    It is a known with Acrobat DC limit.

    Please see KB:

    Kind regards


  • Restrict the web server integrated for listenling only on the local Interface

    I installed the CF with the built-in web server (port 8500). Now, I have to use IIS for the Web site and the web server integrated for administration of CF.
    How to configure the web server CF-Administration, it allows connection only (unrestricted firewall on port 8500) localhost?

    Thank you

    Try to set the following attributes in the WebService of the for the server's jrun.xml file:

    Ted Zimmerman

  • Only the authentication option machine at ISE


    I would like to know - is it possible to have only the authentication machine (no authentication user at all) in the infrastructure of the ISE. If yes then what credentials must be provide at the time of the auth 802.1 X connection or there is not need to provide any identifying information and automatically transmitted the workstation authentication process.

    Thanks in advance


    Yes, but you will need to use your normal login and set each supplicant computer authentication only. Keep in mind most only do begging Windows authentications machine at times.

    Keep in mind that you can make policies auth and construction, machine and user such as only authenticated users machines are allowed access.

    Sent by Cisco Support technique iPad App

  • How do I book automatically batch-controlled items in the Bill only with command Interface of the inventory


    I use Line Flow - generic, Bill only with workflow online Interface of the inventory in the sales order and when I book the order lines batch controlled items are not reserved, I still need to keep an inventory of the booking form. How to automate this when booking?

    Thank you


    Auto is by setting the value in the OM system settings > booking closing time (ours is R12.1.3).

  • 802. 1 x authentication issues

    I have configured the authentication port dot1x on the switched telephone network using a cisco ACS SE and on computers (windows XP/SP2) PEAP and EAP-MSCHAPV2, everything works fine, while the user was already loaded his letters of credence on the PC, but if someone tries to connect the pc as a new user, the authentication process fails, then I have to force authentication for access to the network once I have reverse automatic authentication and the user log off and then the authentication process works again.

    what Miss me?

    Please help...

    What we see here is the known behavior of dot1x of authentication. To work around this problem, we need to configure the machine as well as the auth user authentication. Here are the 802. 1 x process which explains the behavior we knew with the cached credentials.

    When the machine authentication is enabled, authentication occur in this order:

    When you start a computer,

    * Machine authentication-ACS authenticates the computer before the user authentication. ACS checks the credentials to the computer from the Windows user database. If you use Active Directory and the corresponding Active Directory computer account has the same credentials, the computer accesses the services of Windows domain.

    * Field if user authentication machine successful authentication, the windows domain authenticates the user. If machine authentication failed, the computer does not have access to the services of Windows domain and the credentials of the user are authenticated using the credentials cached that retains the local operating system. When a user is authenticated by identifying cache instead of the domain, the computer does not apply the domain policies, such as login scripts running that dictates the field.

    * You can also only have the user without authentication of the computer authentication. It gives only the problem if first time user who is not yet registered once on the announcement. So, with the authentication of the computer, you have an AD network connection, and so the first time the user have no problem. In addition without authentication of the computer (not), you need to make sure you have the credential to user on the cash position. Machine authentication AD and the machine will generate its own username and password (you don't know) = machinename, for authentication of the dot1x. So after startup

    the machine will do dot1x with this credetial of the machine. As soon type you CTRL-ALT-DEL login the user will start.

    Kind regards

    ~ JG

    Note the useful messages

  • How to force the web client UI to refresh?

    I called enterMaintenanceModeTask to a vCenter server. What I want, it's just to see the task to display in the pane of the Web Client task immediately.

    Is there a way to force a refresh of the user interface of the web client. It seems that the interface user refresh only when you click the global refresh button or user performs an operation.

    > It seems that the interface user refresh only when you click the global refresh button or user performs an operation.

    That's right, the Web client is not ask vCenter constantly because it does not intensify and puts too much load on vCenter.  You must launch the operation on the Web Client or the global refresh button-click.

  • Stop forcing the software about us

    I'll add to the long list of users finding themselves in outrage on your decision to force software on users.

    There is no reason why we should be forced to use this new user interface. Skype keeps digging just on that hole, it seems, again and again. This is not the first time that I was upset because it's just the first time that I decided to post anything.

    The "auto-upgrades" (auto-downgrades) are intrusive and must end immediately.

    Make the UI look more fancy and remove the functionality of the software is not make people happy, it makes them crazy. Even if I lower the size of the font to the lowest setting in this new version 7 of Skype, it is still too difficult to adapt enough text to display in the chat window. This is because these gigantic emoticons appear in every single discussion message and a huge chat bubble with the avatar of the user. You make resolutions higher pretty useless. It is a step backward, not forward. We just force all Windows users use 800 x 600, while you're at Microsoft.

    Even if I decline the update with that your software firewall up-to-date always somehow, which is classified as a virus. It is download and install things without my permission and WITH my explicitly selected 'no' answer to the software. I find also funny that you are proposing allow us automatic updates to keep put Skype to date and yet it automatically updates regardless of this setting. Also not the first person to notice that, but still must mention with my rants.

    It's ridiculous, not to mention that you're limiting people to use it even as release you Skype when it is not ready to go public yet and many people have major problems where they don't even get into their accounts (fortunately was not me).

    Today when I woke had begun you to me on Skype. I tried your new version 7 when everyone was telling me about the new version of Skype. It was terrible, I had to adjust to the changes made to the software that make it less user friendly, but this just crosses the line. The thing that you did with the contacts and the cat that make it as if we use a resolution of 800 x 600 is just TOO. So when I come to my PC after waking up today I see it says "unable to connect to Skype. I kept getting this error and logged in fine on my Android device (more on that later) and on the site. I tried other versions, and they said that my password is incorrect. Huh? I just checked and it worked very well. So, I checked again and it worked fine but I decided to change my password anyway to see if this corrects the obvious bug. Now, I managed to connect, but the software automatically Downgrades to version 7 to version 6.x.

    Now on the Android section. You made it impossible to connect with other customers of Skype and have essentially wasted my money on an app that seemed pretty good and handled much better than the official app from Skype. Why don't you stop trying to take over, can't it be enough people register accounts and using your services for the cat. It's not bad to anyone if we want the functionality our customers to chat.

    For future reference, for those who are unsure what version I'm talking... When Skype started to look at as it is what I mainly mean in this diatribe:

    Edit: can't attach links imgur... check the attachments.

    1 google search for this: "wreckseal Skype.

    2. you should see something like "wreckseal journal: how to stop or remove update of Skype. Click on that one.

    3. read and follow the directions.

    Part of the substance on the site and I'm running the version successfully.

    Part of this is redundant, and the part about deleting the file from the Temp folder did not work. I had actually tried that before this thread.

    I ended up removing the block of the file host snack all other subdomains run on the same IP address as

  • Blocks the execution of the user Image Acquisition interface

    I am currently trying to create a user interface that displays images from a camera attached to a microscope with a mobile table.  The user is able to interact with the images and can click on them, which causes the table to move to a new location.  Acquisition is made by calling a DLL, the DLL grey flycapture point camera, using a call library function node.

    When I acquire images at 15 frames per second, it has no problem with user input.  However, when I drop the acquisition at 2 frames / second (necessary if you need to have the exposure time), labview seems to take a break from the user interface while the image acquisition is underway.  Interaction of the UI seems possible in the holes between the image acquisitions.

    I'm sure that this is happening because there is a kind of blocking going on here.  The program is waiting for the new image to be returned and will not not something else happen while he waits.  I have image acquisition running in a separate, called function from a higher level, VI, which puts the image data in a global variable (I know I know... global variables).  When I need to display the image, I read of the global variable and display it on my form of user interface.

    I think I need to run things in separate threads to avoid the problems that I have because I have a dependency that is the cause of blocking.  I'm looking for any suggestions on how I can the architect this.  I have thought about using a VI server to launch the acquisition of the camera and will try to implement this, but I wonder if there is another method that I'm missing here.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  I use LabVIEW 8.6 on a Windows 7 machine indeed.  I do not use LabVIEW image acquisition module.

    Thank you

    Hey Gerry,.

    It's Paul in Ministry here at National Instruments engineering applications. What Paul was referring to a call library function node configuration properties. If you right-click on the node library function call you can click on configure and you should see a window that looks like the image below.

    As you can see, you have the option to select run this library in the UI thread or any thread. This is important because there is only a single user interface thread. Therefore, deadlocks can occur when the code is written in parallel, but operations are both occurring in the UI thread. What results is a part of the code has to wait that the other part at the end and so the lock upwards in the user interface. The reason why the call library function node is set to run in the default UI thread is now, because only the security thread functions can be performed in any thread. So before you change this configuration it is strongly recommended that you check that the functions you call are thread-safe. You can also check which configuration, the node library function call is in the color of the node itself. If it is an orange color which means that it is set to run in the UI thread. If it is a pale yellow color, it is set to run in any thread. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Paul M

  • Problem with IP LRT224 web interface

    I have my LRT224 put in place about a week ago. It works very well for a while, but right now I can only access the web interface through the first LAN. If I use any other LAN and type the IP Address of the gateway on my browser as, the address bar will change to 'https://[::ffff:a06:1501]/' instead, and it displays the page Web is not available.

    I don't know in the parameter 'Port management'-> '802. 1 q"all my Device Management are enabled.

    Anyone know what's the problem?

    I found something, when enable https and IPV6, this problem occurs.

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