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My iPhone 6 s guard advising me these last two days that my storage is almost full. With a threat to lock me up on whatsapp (that must be running at least 100 MB), I decided to delete the photos, applications etc off the coast (including the deletion of recently deleted photo and video album). Now, I've deleted almost every thing off my phone, including those that I have used before and my storage space is still telling me that I am using 11.4 GB of space, when before you delete it told me that I was using only 11.0 GB of space. Yesterday I backed up everything to iCloud and reset the content and settings when she returned on storage showed I was using only 3.2.GB my 16 GB phone. But today, I am faced with the same question that my storage is returned up to 11.4 GB without me to add photos, videos or apps on the phone at night. Does anyone else have this problem, how do solve you this problem, is something to do with Apple? Year last December when I bought the phone, I lost a lot of contacts via backup and now this iCloud. What the * happens?

Suggest you remove WhatsApp, it poses many problems of storage for many users. The last update has a bug and WhapsApp has yet to fix it. Do not re-install it until it is resolved. Good luck.

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  • I have 50 GB of iCloud and my computer is full because of photo storage problems. How can I get these pictures in my icloud? I checked all my settings. Everything is as it should be. I feel as if I had downloaded originals or something.

    I have 50 GB of iCloud and my computer is full because of photo storage problems. How can I get these pictures in my icloud? I checked all my settings. Everything is as it should be. I feel as if I had downloaded originals or something. I don't know how to understand it. I Googled, I tried to get on my computer. Emptied my Recycle Bin and my download folder. I know I must be missing something.

    We need to switch to "Optimize the storage of Mac", see it - http://www.imore.com/how-save-space-optimized-storage-and-icloud-photo-library

  • Hi I find a problem with my iPad... I delete almost everything about him and he always tells me almost full storage! can someone help me on this problem pls thank you

    Hi I find a problem with my iPad 2 Air... I delete almost everything about him and he always tells me almost full storage! can someone help me on this problem pls thank you


    Try a reboot press & hold the power button / stop & menu button

    Hold both down until you see the Apple logo.

    What is your ipad 16g / 32g or higher?

    See you soon


  • iPhone storage problems 6

    In the last two days, I get alerts non-stop from my iPhone saying I don't have enough storage space.

    My camera and WhatsApp are blocked

    Even if I deleted a lot of apps, deleted all my photos (including the deleted items) and archived most of my conversations of WhatsApp.

    I synced my iPhone and installed the new version of the software - so everything is clean and up-to-date

    Always - the problem persists and there is storage problems.

    Until two days ago, there was no problem and I got a lot of data on the phone - now I have half of the size of the data and the phone is full and stuck.

    It seems a bug or something because it makes no sense... Two of my friends have the same problem!

    What can I do and how can it be solved?

    Help, please!

    This thread:

    storage of iphone issues 6

    addresses the issue in detail; suggested solutions are doing a restore and remove the Whatsapp application.

  • iPhone 6 How to erase pictures off bot phone not cloud... storage problem

    How to delete all my photos my phone is turned off, but NOT out of the cloud... I have an iPhone 6 and have storage problems?

    It's complicated because if you have iCloud photo library, then no matter what in iCloud will always be visible and taking place on your phone.

    The best option is to choose the option 'OPTIMIZE the PHOTOS' in the settings Photos & the phone camera.

    This will keep a smaller version of the photo on your phone with the full version on iCloud.

    If you already have the option optimize running and you are still low on space, so the only thing to do is to delete some that are sitting in iCloud. It will then take even the version optimized on the phone.

  • iPhone storage problems

    Hello, I have storage problems with my iPhone 6. I have the 16 GB model and it seems to be showing me that I used more storage than I actually have. Under the management of storage in the settings section it says I used 11.6 GB and have 83.1 MB of available space. However when I add up the use of the storage for each application he ads only up to about 2.5 GB. In addition, on iTunes on my MacBook, it shows that I have 6.65 GB free. I tired delete apps and optimize Photos stroage and elimination of most local music from the phone. It was me that more sotrage space however when I checked later return that he had exhausted more storage without having downloaded me all the apps, photos, or music.

    iTunes and iOS do not display the use of storage the same way. The best way to ensure that the iPhone is deleted unnecessary files, including video streaming, old app data, etc., is to perform a restore. Make sure that the backup you make in iTunes is encrypted, so all of your critical data is kept. Import all your photos, music, too.

    Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup - Apple Support

  • El Capitan is always full of problems?

    Looks like El Capitan's full of problems still? I want to improve, but I'm quite scared!

    What problems are you talking about? I've been running El Capitan for just a short time after that he was released and have no problems, as have many, many other users. So, unless you specify what it is that you are worried, then nobody can possibly provide you with any information.

    See you soon,.


  • Anyone having problems with iOS 9.2.1? Storage problems, apps not working?

    Anyone having problems with iOS 9.2.1? Storage problems, apps not working?

    No, not at all. Maybe if your were to describe the issues a little more in detail, someone might be able to help.

  • iPad Mini storage problem

    On my iPad Mini, (first generation) under settings > general > storage & use iCloud > storage

    It shows that I used 11.7 GB and available 723 MB.  If I check the option of storage management, the

    total storage used by applications is total less than 1 GB.

    When I sync my iPad Mini with my Macbook (backup) synchronization page shows that the iPad has

    Used 738 MB and 11.3 GB available.  (which is more in line with the storage / app list).

    So why the difference between the used displayed rise up on the iPad and the actual amount of used storage?

    Making a full backup and closing, remains the "error".  Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    The different ways of looking at storage are always inconsistent with the other

    How to report the storage capacity - Support Apple OS X and iOS

    One option is to

    Backup on iTunes

    Then restore the backup - many 'other' gets cleaned

    What is 'other' and what I can do about it - CSA

  • iCloud full storage on iPhone 5

    I have an iPhone 5 that has a capacity of 12.5 GB storage.  I keep getting notices that my iCloud storage is full, even though I deleted mail & photos.  I was not able to remove an iBook.  Can anyone help with these problems?

    Try to go to settings/iCloud/Storage/manage to see what's on iCloud. You should be able to remove the elements there.

  • Repeated iPhone 6 "full storage" even after full restore

    IPhone 64 GB 6 says storage is full all the time.  12 GB photos, messages from 1 GB, 4 GB, apps and the rest (40 + GB) is "Documents and Data.

    I had this problem two days ago and made a full backup/restore which seemed to cure (40 + GB free), but in the following two days, the "Documents and data" finished filled my phone again.  Not ideal for the life of the battery or the other.  No new apps recently and I do not remember when I upgraded to iOS 9.2 but has not had a problem before.

    iPhone 6, iOS 9.2, Verizon.  I use about icloud.

    Anyone have this problem and, hopefully, a solution?

    When you start the mail application, he planted right away? Toggle airplane mode on and then go to the Mail application to see if there is a message in the Outbox. If this is the case, perform a full backup using iTunes, wipe the device, and then restore the backup. Please let me know if that helps.

  • storage problem

    I have problem with storage on my Iphone 5 c. I know that ios app takes 3 gbs of him (8 GB of storage), but here's a thing. Arrival of the last update I had like 1.5 GB available. Now, I have this problem (using 4.62 GB) with app which all is 2gbslike

    Hello StereoBeatz96,

    Please ask questions on your iPhone storage here in Apple Support communities. I understand how it is important to have space on my iPhone. I'll be happy to arrange things for you to check.

    The first thing we want to make sure that all of your data on your device is safe. You can perform a backup in iCloud or iTunes using this article: backing up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Once we know that your data is safe, please open this help article: how OS X and iOS report of storage capacity. He's going on how iOS reports the storage on your device. This second article of aid will help you check which is exactly using your data: check the storage on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

    Finally, you can use this help article to manually make space: If you need more space for an update of iOS. I know it says for an update, but the steps are the same, and information on specific apps that allow you to erase parts of the data, not requiring only not the whole application to remove all the relevant. With iOS 10 comes the new option to remove the built-in apps that you never use. See this help article: delete the apps Apple integrated from the home screen on your device iOS with iOS 10.

    Thanks again and have a great rest of your day.

  • 7 full storage after update 10.0.2 iOS iPhone?

    Anyone else running in stock full questions after the last update? I did a complete from scratch beginning when I got the iPhone 7 since I last saved would not restore from iCloud was so pretty happy with the amount of additional storage space I had with the new phone, but after the update, there is something to do with my storage on the device. I added everything under the settings menu and its certainly not adding up to anywhere near the capacity of the device and even wiped all caches the app and safari caches. Any ideas?

    Plugged into iTunes to see how it broke down the 32 GB of storage, says I have only 2.3 GB free after removing a few apps, but other bars don't add up.

    • Photos (purple) = 305 MB
    • Apps (green) = 3.97 GB
    • Docs & data (teal'c) = 1.7 GB
    • Other (yellow) = 2.23 GB

  • iCloud-storage problem

    I bought 50 GB of storage ICloud on a monthly basis. The amount has been charged to my bank account, but I have not been given to the storage. I checked on the apple support and they said to disconnect from iCloud and restarting the device, I did. And the iCloud storage has not yet been updated. Can anyone help?

    Try a Reset, then check again. If still a problem, maybe your payment didn't clearly? Communicate directly with the Apple support. Start with the link contact us at the bottom of this page.

  • Short storage problem

    I have an iphone 6 plus and has a 14 GB memory. Is it possible to add my phone memory to make 32 gd or more? I have a problem of memory shortage. Help, please...


    I fear that it is not possible to add additional memory to upgrade the storage capacity of your iPhone.

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