Get the text in the Edit field


In my Application, I add a check box and a label field and a field change a grid field Manager. Then this network domain manager, I add several times in Vertical field Manager. So it's looking like list of items. Now, when I checked the box five, trying to get the text of the corresponding edit field.

This is the code for the domain network manager:

int c[] = {screenWidth/6, (screenWidth)/3, (screenWidth)/2};
        gm = new GridFieldManager(c, Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLL);
        Logger.out("Grocery", "Here it is coming"+i);
        cbfChecked = new CustomCheckBoxField();
        cbfChecked.setChangeListener(new FieldChangeListener()
            public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context)
                if(checked[i] == false)
                    checked[i] = true;
                else if(checked[i] ==  true)
                    checked[i] = false;
                    Logger.out("Grocery", "It is UnChecked" +checked[i]);
        Logger.out("Grocery", "Adding first Label Field");
        LabelFieldCustom lfFrom = new LabelFieldCustom((String) m_vtrItems.elementAt(i),Color.BROWN,FONT_FAMILY_0_SF_AS_16,Field.FIELD_LEFT);
        Logger.out("Grocery", "Adding second Label Field");
        efcAmount = new EditFieldCustom(Bitmap.getBitmapResource("dob_text_box.png"), 25);
        efcAmount.setMargin(new XYEdges(30, 0, 0, 0));
        return gm;

Here I add the grid domain manager several times:

for (int i = 0;i < m_vtrItems.size();i++)

            vfm.add(new SeparatorField(SeparatorField.NON_FOCUSABLE));


Here is the snapshot of my screen:

Please help me.


You can access the field by index (prone to errors if).
or you could save your fields in a data structure, such as a hash table, with the checkboxfield as key to the editfield as value.

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    Thank you... I've provided a snapshot, so you can see the fields list.


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    If you do not use JavaScript for the calculations, you can add the validation script customized for each of the areas:

    Field blank if it's value is zero

    If (+ event.value = 0) event.value = "";

    If you are using JavaScript, you can do something similar to the calculation script.

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    In the field property, in a property called Data Type , it will be the DATE on your side replace DATATIME and set the format DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS then try...

    BTW Hi ;)


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    I want to use a text box, how can I get it? in the edit field or field of basic edition are all just displays as a line, but I need like a box

    Try this,

            BasicEditField txtuser = new BasicEditField("", "", 28, BasicEditField.FILTER_EMAIL)
                private int iRectX = getFont().getAdvance(getLabel());
                private int iRectWidth = Display.getWidth() - iRectX - 2;
                public int getPreferredWidth()
                    return Display.getWidth();
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    IT looks like what you want.


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    Also, press accept it as a button when you got the Solution.

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    This can be done with rules and profiles of the school boards and derived values.

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    in the custom box (you may need to do this because of the wrong inserts quotes with our variables) make sure that it looks like this
    <$dprDerivedValue=dDocTitle &="" ddoctype$="">

    Notes that may be of interest
    How can define you a value derived in a rule using Idoc Script to call a service? (Doc ID 833953.1)
    Who wins: rule or a set of default metadata about a file? (Doc ID 798653.1)

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