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I converted about 10 POP IMAP e-mail accounts.  In the process, I lost thousands of emails associated with my ISP email accounts. It was really my fault... water under the bridge.

It's bad enough, but the worst is Gmail. I never use Gmail online. With pop, I just received messages via Apple Mail and delete or remove messages on my MBP.

Now, after having converted the IMAP accounts, I get all gmail messages I've ever sent or received, down, responsible for Apple Mail and I can't understand how to stop them.  He now has a record of archive which regenerates every time that I have trash all messages.  There are a multitude of other questions as well.

At this point all my accounts are offline until I can figure out what to do.  All advice is greatly appreciated.


  • IMAP accounts: Messages are stored on an e-mail server until you delete them. When your account connects to the server, it is synchronized so that the messages on your Mac are the same as those on the server. Messages are accessible from different computers and locations where you use the account.
  • POP accounts: Messages are stored on an e-mail server and are downloaded to your Mac when you access your account. Messages remain on the server until they are deleted from the server.

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  • Why is my inbox count in gmail, and apple mail different?

    Yesterday, I asked my wife to go to and clean my Inbox because I had more than 500 messages there. She joined the using my email and password and she cleaned to have only 12 messages.

    I didn't know she was done because all day, my apple mail that is related to my gmail has shown the same 500 messages. When I arrived at work this morning, I noticed that he said now 249 messages, so he did, in fact, remove (or archives), some of them. I wonder if those are the only updates that it deleted but not those she archived.

    So my question is what I'm doing wrong to my settings. Is that a setting messed where archiving of messages in don't check them in apple mail or visa versa or is simply not sync properly?

    Thank you


    I see tabs for primary school, social, Promotions, updates in Gmail in your browser. You must disable these. Mail will show all emails in all of these tabs.

    To disable the feature, click on the sign +. You can then deselect each of these tabs.

  • Anyone having problems with messages of script with the new version of GMail and Yahoo Mail? All the others seem fine and no problems with other browsers. With the help of FF25

    Gmail and Yahoo mail are very slow to load. I get a message from the script almost whenever instruct me to continue or to stop the script. Everything I have shut down or restart the browser goes blank and hangs. So, I have to restart Firefox. I followed suggestions on the help pages for the slow e-mail accounts or issues. (cleared cache etc, reset etc.) nothing solves the problem. I only noticed the problem since the first update of FF25. Scripts to stop even on these pages is not acceptable, because you are directed to the pages who insist you must restart scripts. It's a nightmare! Gmail both Yahoomail are very slow to respond to clicks more.

    Your list of details of the system shows that you have a user.js file in the profile folder to initialize some preferences at each start of Firefox.

    The user.js file appears only if you or another software created, therefore, normally, he wouldn't be here.
    You can check its contents with a text editor if you do not create this file yourself.

    The user.js file is read whenever you launch Firefox and initializes the preferences to the value specified in this file, so set of preferences via user.js can be changed temporarily for the current session.

    You can rename or delete the prefs.js file and numbered possible prefs-# .js and the file user.js to reset all default prefs.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: see file (Linux: open the directory;) Mac: View in the Finder)

    Note that the folder "Application Data" in XP/Win2K and the "AppData" folder in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and later versions are hidden folders.

  • Apple Mail pop up when turning on the computer even if there is no list of programs inside.


    I read the instructions how to rid mail pop up of thing. but when I checked my computer in the login items... There is no list of programs in there so I tried to add the mail about it and remove it. then I tried to restart my computer, but when I open my mac pop mail again. What should I do to stop this? Please help me

    Thank you



    This popup you speak, you are not clear.

  • How can I retrieve multiple accounts gmail and yahoo mail lost in change of corrupt uninstall earlier version to a version more recent installation?

    Laptop became horribly slow online. Tests suggested corruption Firefox. R/R to the current version. Two mailboxes (everyone) are maintained as the last in use. All others are lost in the transition. Gmail and Yahoo do not recognize my new settings Firefox beyond two registered accounts. I have several accounts for various uses. I want to get back them, but there is no clear process for this. In addition, the same thing happened to all the saved passwords (planned) so I re-saved many of them. However, LinkedIn, Ebay, PayPal, Twitter, etc... not recognized. Lost mail customers say systems do not exist while the members accounts remain locked to lost email accounts. I appreciate your solutions or, if necessary, of the suggestions-such as support useful contacts to Gmail and Yahoo. Thanks,-Ed

    If you use a webmail, can connect not only to accounts and get mail? If you mean that you are not connected and more, are - what you allow sites to set cookies? You must allow all sites where you log on to set cookies.

  • How can I connect gmail and hotmail, mail for Windows 8?

    I just got a new laptop which had Windows 8 above.  I want that all my email accounts to be dumped in the "Mail" box on my Office Windows 8.  How can I connect all?  I have gmail and two different hotmail accounts.

    Hi Carol,.

    You can easily add new email accounts in Mail by going to 'Settings'-> 'Accounts', while in the Mail application. You can get to the settings to either swipe to the right and by choosing the icon on the bottom of the settings of charms (looks like a gear) or by typing the Windows key and 'i' at the same time.

    Once you have opened the 'Accounts', choose the option at the bottom to add accounts.

    Thank you


  • So with the new update every attachment I get an Outlook user is converted in a winmail.dat file.  How Apple could make a such big screw-up?  Even when I check gmail via apple mail conversion is made, but if I connect to google, the files are

    Why is each attachment outlook, I get in the Mail now converted in a winmail.dat file?  I don't want to go make an app to allow me to open these files - it is something stupid on the part of Apple - please correct!

    Tell Apple -

  • Not be able to use gmail and yahoo mail

    I have problems connecting to my email yahoo & gmail.

    1. What is the problem?
    I suggest you only to contact yahoo and gmail for better support.
    Moreover, your problem is not related to the above question. We would be grateful if you create your own threads to avoid confusion.
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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  • Delete messages from Gmail, but keep in Apple Mail?

    Hi all.

    I use Apple Mail to download my Gmail via IMAP (Apple Mail 9.3, OSX 10.11.5).

    The problem is that my Gmail account is complete. To free up space in Gmail, I want to delete messages from Gmail, but keep them locally in Apple Mail. How can I do? I guess it's the server settings, but I don't know if I need to tinker with the Apple Mail, Gmail server settings, or both.

    I tried to delete the messages in Gmail, but Apple Mail sync with Gmail and delete them locally, too.

    Thank you!

    Activate the sidebar of accounts, so you can see the hierarchy of depot.

    You should see a section here which says on my Mac. Click to show it, then right click to add box to the letters it. Call it something like old Gmail 2008-2014. Now you can select your old Gmails mainly Gmail Inbox and sent boxes and drag them to this mailbox on my Mac (folder). If you move hundreds or thousands of emails, here could be a delay before they appear in the new location, so don't panic.

    Note: Many users choose simply to archive old emails, but do in Gmail, still continues to them on the server, if you're not reduce used storage space.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Apple Mail synchronization during typing, several updates on BB for the same message.

    First of all, thank you for the research and help. Second, it's probably my fault because I'm a tweaker often at my expense. So, with the creation of the road, here is what happens:

    I have a MacBook Pro and my email is IMAP to my GMail account. When I reply to a message on the Apple, using Apple Mail, AS I TYPE, the BB Gets a NEW email with the last episode of the email! Here is an example that just happened:

    Open the email, start you answer... "Paul, I wanted to explain.

    BB announces new mail with this sentence

    I continue typing... "why I love pasta.

    BB announces new email with 'Paul, I wanted to explain why I love pasta.

    Etc, etc, etc.

    So my work around him to go to and write the email in that program instead of using Apple Mail on laptop.

    My BB is Tour 9630 with 4.7.1, and the Gmail app is 2.0.7 if it's important.

    Apple's OS x 10.6.2 and Apple Mail's 4.2

    Oh, Bluetooth is not enabled on a device.

    Let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks again for looking!


    Hi John,.

    Try this:

    In Mail, go to Preferences > accounts > behaviors of the ball

    Uncheck the box, "Store messages on the server" on the air currents, then back up.

    Let me know if this does not work.



  • Apple Mail - colleagues/friends can't see attachments

    Why is Apple Mail again makes it IMPOSSIBLE to send to colleagues, friends and families photos, images and pdf files they can easily open and view.

    I continue to have questions send photos and pictures to co-workers, in addition to the family.

    Using of "terminal" to solve this problem is STUPID

    Why is - this email client very allows us to send images that our recipients can view, while Apple always Mail it is impossible.

    'Please make Apple and Apple Mail great again'

    No, I will not vote for Trump, but will vote for someone who can adapt to that.

    No problem, sending attachments in Mac or Windows users for me.

    If you make reference to attachments send to Windows users...

    Send attachments to Windows users

    Make sure you that you send attachments of the Windows environment. To do this all messages in the main window of Mail, choose Edition > attachments, then make sure you always send attachments easy to Windows is selected. To a specific message, click on the button join on the toolbar of the message window, then make sure that send attachments of the Windows environment is selected.

    Here > Add attachments

    And make sure that OS X is up to date. Open system preferences > App Store > check now

    If your Mac is running a more old OS X, see if you can go to El Capitan v10.11 > update of OS X El Capitan - Apple Support

  • Keep changing to red all the flags in Apple Mail

    When I use indicators to tag messages in my Apple Mail app, they all end up going to red. It happens when I change to another folder and come back or after I exit and restart the application. I like to use different colors to remind me of emergency or to do or wait to do etc etc... It would be really useful to be able to use the different colors. If anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix?

    Using a MacBook Pro with the Version of OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 and Apple Mail Version 9.3 (3124).

    Thank you


    Hey scottyincali,

    Thank you brining your color of flag of changing the questions here mail in Apple communities. I can offer some troubleshooting steps, but without having some information isolation for this issue, we cannot immediately solve.

    The first thing we need to know is if the problem occurs in Safe Mode and a Test user. Safe mode will tell us if the problem is related to an element start or plugins. A Test user will let us know if the problem is related to your account, or at the system level. For Sade Mode, please open this article: try safe mode if your Mac does not start-up. Once in Safe Mode, test and see if the problem still occurs. If this is the case, please go and make a Test user. You can make the user Test while you are using safe mode. How to test a question in another account on your Mac user. You will need to configure the e-mail account, download the mail and test here in the test user.

    Now use what we found of such isolation measures to solve your problem. If the problem occurs in Safe Mode and Test user, you can try to reinstall the OS and see if that helps. It will not destroy your personal data, but it is always recommended to have a backup using Time Machine in case of unforeseen problems. You can use this article to help make a backup: use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac. Once you have the backup, use this article to reinstall Mac OS X. How to reinstall OS X on your Mac

    If questions remain after a reinstall of Mac OS X, I recommend that you erase the hard drive, which will remove all your personal data and reinstall Mac OS X without your personal data on the computer. This article will help you: wipe your drive and install OS X. If the problem does not occur without your personal data on the computer, you want to migrate the data to the computer. Do not restore from a backup like that will likely bring the matter immediately in. This article will help you: move your content to a new Mac by using the section "use the Migration Wizard.

    If the problem does not occur in Safe Mode or the Test user, I recommend contacting AppleCare to contact Apple support, because there are several issues to check to fix that, and they have more options available to help you resolve it quickly and easily.

    See you soon.

  • Apple Mail - missing text in its response [OSX 10.11.4]

    Hi, today I updated to OSX 10.11.4 and Apple Mail seems to work OK. I have not used for a long time due to problems with the Yahoo account.

    Yet I have a problem with the application, in response, the original text is lack, but not send. No idea, it's a configuration or a software problem?

    Thank you

    Person not?

  • Apple Mail / time bug window machine


    I'm having a problem with Time machine and Apple Mail. I had backups for over a year now using drives not 1, but 2, to be sure. I came recently in the situation where I would like to restore some of the emails which account is so more on Apple Mail (it's an old exchange account).

    I tried to open Apple Mail and then let Time Machine run on it (both with 2 drives connected with each other and with each of them separately connected), but there seems to be some sort of bug where the window Apple Mail on the open Machine time gets replicated and shown again 3 - 4 times, full screen and they all say "click on restore to recover...» "but are the Inbox empty names and emails. I can't do any recovery because neither the timeline on the left, nor the Cancel/restore buttons appear usually found when you use Time Machine are: what happens is that Time machine by itself appears to restore a couple of (corrupt) windows in full screen, which in fact, I see on the mission control , but I can do anything with because they aren't even in the environment of type galaxy of Time Machine.

    Has anyone else had this problem (not necessarily with Apple mail)? If so how do solve you this problem? I would like to know if it is really possible to get a recovery of e-mail Time machine with what's happening... It's a shame because in principle, I have all the data in Time Machine, even on separate disks 2 (rotating backups).

    Thank you


    Although you can restore a snapshot of Time Machine messages in the Mail application, it usually will not work with messages that were saved by an outdated version of the mail. In this case, you must use another method.

    Please triple - click anywhere in the line below on this page to select:


    Right-click or Ctrl-click on the highlighted line and select

    Services ▹ Open

    the contextual menu.* should open a folder.

    Enter Time Machine and scroll to the snapshot that you want to restore from. The folder named "Mail" are subfolders named "V2" and/or "V3" (according to the version of Mac OS X that was used at the time that the snapshot was taken.) Inside of one of these subfolders are several subfolders representing your e-mail accounts. The name refers to the email addresses that you use. Select the account folders you want and then select

    Restoration of the... to the...

    in the action menu (gear icon) in the toolbar of the Snapshot window. Restore the files on the desktop and not in their original location.

    Import the mailbox in the folders that you restored to the office. The imported messages appear in a new mailbox. Move those you want to keep everywhere where you want and delete the rest. Then, delete the files on the desktop.

    * If you do not see the item context menu copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. In the Finder, select

    Go ▹ go to the folder...

    from the menu bar and paste it into the box that opens by pressing command + V. You won't see what you pasted a newline being included. Press return.

  • I'm answering an ad on craigslist and Outlook Wizard Windows wonder for the mail server (POP, IMAP, or HTTP) and anSMTP server used for incoming mail. How can I find these?

    I'm tryilng for answering an ad on craigslist. I could never do it because when I try to answer the ad, I am sent to Windows Outlook Wizard. I wonder for an incoming mail server. (POP, HTTP IMAPor) and an SMTP server for mail out. Where can I get these from?

    Sorry, but I don't know a thing about dam on computers. I use it a lot... What is an ISP?

    ISP = Internet service provider.  Anyone who buys a PC and want to get online purchases this connectivity with an Internet service provider.  A lot of people get their Internet service from their cable company, like Comcast or Charter.  Some use AT & T.  Some use Verizon.

    Most (all?) Internet service providers also has mail services, assigning to customers who want one, an e-mail address.  AT & T, for example, provides e-mail ending addresses by  People can also use independent e-mail like Google Mail providers, Hotmail/Live or Yahoo, which do not depend on any of particular Internet Service provider.

    Clearly if you try to answer message from Craig's list, you must have a messaging services provider and an e-mail address for this vendor.  Trying to repond to a message by clicking on a MailTo URL in a web page (i.e., mailto:*** address email is removed from the privacy *) usually, you need a mail client - a program that allows to send and receive mail - on your computer.  If you use an e-mail service such as Hotmail or Google Mail, accessed through a web browser, online then you can not send mail by clicking on the link email in a web page or a message without changing your Windows registry database, something not to be taken lightly by anyone who is a self-proclaimed computer naive.  Some providers of online, like Yahoo Messenger, provide toolbars that integrate with your web browser to provide a part of the functionality of a complete email client, for example the activation of the option click MailTo URLS on web pages.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I make mistake in two world all the time, of the list in Safari.

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    I have a few questions... My HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n018so supports an SSD? If I replace the drive to an SSd, it would affect my warranty? And finally and most importantly, a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500 GB BK OEM stand in my computer?

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    HP - Printer M1217nfw - 1.5 years, 4809 total printed pages, Win7 Pro, no Windows error message, getting only this message "error memory of 10,0000 supply" when I turn on the printer (in the printers LCD window), then ask me to press 'OK' to continue