Graphics cards supported for LRTP-(Puffer2-UL8E)?


Does anyone know how I can be what graphics cards that i made up s supported by my moderboard in a Pavilion

The Council is LRTP - LA or PTGD1-(Puffer2-UL8E), I think the difference is that my Board of Directors has a port PCIe x 16 and that's as much info about graphic video support can I obtain frpm HPs specifications. The acctual BIOS is 3.28 dated 2006-05-10 and the last version awailable. Will be my kind of al Council PCIe card support or is it limited to the pci-e version 1.0?

Since HP probably wont uppdate BIOS ASUS did this card specially for HP I guess that a new won´t card be supported? Saw the comments od need to uppgrade bios in other forums, but as far as concerns the other plates. What can I get that will be handle h264 decoding and allowing me to play full HD 1080 p material / I? With no other Exchange components. Details of the configuration of the spring.

I m happy for the al and help entry.

Pentium 4 560 (P) HT 3.6 GHz:
800 MHz front side bus
Socket 775
will replace since 1080 p / i is trolling (GeForce 6800 256 memory DDR PCI-E x 16)

Map of its SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS, Dolby 5.1
500 GB (2 X 250) SATA, 7200 RPM

2 x 512, 240-pin, DDR2 SDRAM


400W PSU.

A very good card which is a single slot card is the NVIDIA GT 240 1 GB DDR5.  This map showed will good old PC compatibility.  However, check with the manufacturer of the card to ensure that it will be compatible with your PC.

Find out what the return policy is before you buy.

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    I just got the Sims 3 for Christmas, and I can't get it started.

    I just bought a new p7-1126 of hp computer that meets all the reqs as documented on the site of AMD System. (win7 64 bit, 1 TB hd, 6 GB ram, amd quad core 2.4 GHz processor)

    This computer has an amd radeon hd 6550d graph with / 3 gb (I think) (which is more than 128 MB recommended)

    and the drivers are up to date.

    I get the error message "device 0 cannot run this title, no video graphics card supported not detected" and I can't seem to do anything to solve this problem.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Sims3 deluxe/ambitions three times now, with the expansion of ambitions installed so the third time.

    I did a lot of other things as suggested in line when I did research but nothing works.

    Help is appreciated and I hope we can get this fixed a problem. Thank you!!


    Please provide information of the log of the event viewer.

    Information on the Event Viewer log shows that there is a problem with your memory (0xc0000005 error code).

    I suggest you run a diagnosis of memory on your computer and check if all goes well.

    Click on the links below and follow the instructions on the article to test memory on your computer.

    Provide us additional information. So that we can help solve you the problem on your computer.

    Hope this information helps you.

  • HP pavilion dv6 - 6163cl graphics card driver for windows 8.1

    Hello world.. !! I just upgraded from Microsoft Windows 8 Professional to Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional, everything is fine except the display. The graphics driver is not installed after installing fresh Windows 8.1 Professional, although it worked perfectly with Windows 8 Professional. I use hp Pavilion dv6 - 6163cl Entertainment Notebook PC. Operating system is Microsoft Windows Professional 8.1 (64-bit). 6 GB of Ram and processor 2.3 Ghz. I tried to install Graphics Card Driver for Windows 7 64-bit, but it says "not a version supported." I did not go to the graphics drivers for Windows 8.1 for my PC. Help, please...

    Thanks for the reply and useful links. I downloaded the correct driver from the related city, it was for windows 8, I installed it and it gives the display a more sharp than before installation, but it was not as cool and sharp as it was in Windows 8 pre-installed. The text and any other presentation does not look much sharper and stronger as it should. so waiting for a new version of the display driver Windows Pro 8.1. Please answer and mention it in a link as soon as it is available for download.

    Cordially said.

  • Need info on taken graphics card supported with pre pro cs5


    I checked one of information on graphic cards supported on pre pro cs5 on & modelSearchVar = 0 & supportSearchVar = 0 & brand = & dataFormat = & version = CS5 & device = graphic & format = and buttonSubmit

    Under column SUPPORT, it is mentioned for ATI and NVIDIA "Legacy support" and the "full support".

    What is the difference in "Legacy support" and the "full support"?

    I am not able to understand


    To repeat and rephrase the original response:

    Premiere Pro uses OpenGL to accelerate the writing of pixels on the screen. This is not new. It is therefore referred to as a "legacy" feature

    Premiere Pro uses CUDA to speed up the processing of some effects. It's new. This feature is part of all of the features of performance known under the collective name "Mercury playback engine" ("EMT").

  • How to enable the built-in graphics card support?

    I have touchsmart 520 and wanted to know if there is an option of activation of the integrated graphic card support instead of use the graphics card?

    I think the card is defective and need to find a way to check if this Yes.

    Thank you


    What are the symptoms that you see?

    What is the full product name or product number?

    Somewhere there is a serial number on the PC all-in-one.

    This will depend on the motherboard is installed.

    There is an option in some motherboard BIOS installed (Lavaca motherboard) which allows you to select the Intel HD graphics card.

    With the card mother angelino2, you will need to remove the MXM card to see if this allows the embedded video.

    What is the installed OS and CPU?

  • Which is the best graphic card (fromNvidia) for the first and after?

    Hello, that is the question.

    Which is the best graphic card (fromNvidia) for the first and after? In order to improve the performance of preview and rendering time.

    It's the Gtx 970 good enough? or do I have to go to the 980ti?

    Is there any other better Nvidia in both these needs?

    I have these specs and I work in Full HD:

    I7 4900, 32 GB of ddr3 memory, ssd.

    Thank you in advance.

    I don't know about these two maps first, but AE the GPU makes very little difference at all.

    The current version of AE uses the GPU to very little. The ray-traced rendering engine is the only great thing that AE uses the GPU and this feature is now considered obsolete.

    That being said, if you are using third-party plugins for AE using the GPU (as, for example), it's a different story. For the element, I heard that the 970 GTX is the best bang for your buck; the 980-up would not be worth the price difference.

  • Taken autoCad supported graphics card NVIDIA for AUTOCAD 2013

    We are a company of IT support with a customer who has an elite of HP 8200 with an Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 1 TB drive and requires to run AutoCAD 2013. We are struggling to find a graphics card that is supported on the 8200 elite, please see below for a list of support NVIDIA graphics cards, could you please tell if none of those of list would work on a 8200? Ideally do not really want to spend more for £150-£200.

    I look forward to hear from you.


    I guess it will work, but it is not certified by Autodesk...

  • More high graphics card Possible for early 2009 Mac Pro

    As the title suggests, I have an early 2009 Mac Pro with 12 GB of RAM.

    I want to update my graphics card to something better and I have no idea of what I put in the card. Ideally, I would like to put the last possible graphics card that is compatible for this.

    I don't know what I would look for PCI or PCI - e and what diet I would look for that would support such a computer "arcane".

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Best wishes


    the 2009 mac 4.1 pro can be upgraded to a number of current spare cards from Nvidia and AMD, but in many cases the cards require custom flashing of the Distributor and custom drivers. You need to buy a card with a distributor of mac because versions "Windows" of these cards will not work out of the box and OS X will not support without 3rd party drivers. This procedure is not recommended by apple that would rather you buy a new mac pro and again I want to say something for $5K, which offers the latest GPU is already 3 years old.

    research on the Web "Mac Pro 4.1 GPU" for more details.

  • Low graphics card Profile for HP Compaq PRO 6300 Small Form Factor

    I need to buy a PC for a CAD workstation, I want a dedicated graphics card and understand that the 6300's are limited due to food being only 240 watts.

    I want a graphics card dedicated good to deal with this power supply.  I heard that the AMD Radeon HD 6450 will work with these are the best cards?

    I don't want a graphcis which are to two screens such as the Nvidia NVS 300.

    Thank you


    You are the very welcome, Mike.

    Yes, you had to use one physical CPU selection, not based on how many carrots he has.

    I don't buy that of CMT / MT for the reason of low power PS in the SFF.

    Even those who 325W P/S

    However, it gives me more of a variety of choice at the hardware level - and I don't have to make sure that the parts come with profile low supports.

    In any case, I think that the 610GT will work very well to the SFF 6300.

    Best regards


  • Graphics card compatible for HP DC7800 SSF Core 2 Duo - 2, 33 GHz

    Hello guys,.

    I'm about to buy a second hand HP DC7800 SSF Core 2 Duo - 2, 33 GHz. In addition, I want to buy a graphics card for it and accidentally found this one:

    My question is, this graphics card is supported by HP DC7800 SSF Core 2 Duo - 2, 33 GHz. If incompatible, what would be the best option?

    Your time and your tips are good apprecited. Thank you


    You can actually install the HD 6450 low profile card.

    It is the optional video card in the 8200 Elite SFF that has also a P/S 240W.

    You can see this post where someone did exactly cela and the card works properly - page 3 of the related thread.

    If you buy a card with HDMI output, make sure that you go back into the BIOS > Advanced Menu > device configuration settings and change the integrated audio system setting from disabled to enabled. You save the setting here and once again, when you go out.

    Also, make sure that you uninstall the graphics card in the Device Manager before you install a new card.  Do not restart afterwards. Shut down the PC instead, unplug the unit, press the power button to drain any residual power and install the new card.

    I also believe that a GeForce 210 works OK in your PC too.

    P/S advertised requirements are 300W if that makes feel you safer.

  • Dedicated 5558 Dell i7 8 GB of ram graphics card support

    Hello, I got a dell inspiron 15 5558 8 GB ram 1 TB HDD core i7 5500u... then the question that will be my laptop supports nvidia geforce 945 m or nvidia gtx 950 m dedicated graphics card? If I replace my card nvidia geforce 920 dedicated graphics card m current? Please answer fast!


    Thank you for posting, I wish I have better news for you. The 5558 resembles a portable many Dell purchase in which the discrete GPU is soldered on the system board. There is unfortunately no way to upgrade the GPU.


  • nVIDIA GeForce Fx 5500 256 MB AGP Graphics Card Drivers for Windows 8 Pro 32-Bit

    Hi!, I have motherboard ECS P4M800Pro M2 Ver2.0, 2.2 GHz E4500 processor Intel Core2DUO, DDR2 533 MHz 2 GB RAM hardware with WINDOWS 8 32 Bit operating system. The motherboard has 64 MB S3 UniChrome Pro IGP.

    Further to have better graphics during the game, I bought recently NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 256 MB AGP 8 x video card. Since I installed this card, windows has installed its driver game by default "Microsoft generic display drivers" and the quality of the graphics is off nominal. Also the 1366 x 768 resolution widescreen is currently not available. The best resolution I have now is 1024 x 768. In this resolution, the graphics of Windows seems very strange on my LG 19 "widescreen monitor.

    I tried to install the graphics card drivers on the NVidia site for the old version of Windows, but the drivers are installed with an error message "Pilot" not Compatible with this Version of Windows.

    By default windows drivers has release date older than the drivers supplied on OEM for Windows XP.

    Please help me to get the drivers for the AGP card compatible with my Windows 8 Pro.

    Or how can I force install the older drivers in Windows 8.

    Hi Amit,

    Windows 8 compatibility reports that NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 graphic card is compatible with Windows 8. Check out the link

    You can check if you have downloaded the 64 bit version of the graphics driver rather than 32-bit.  It could be the possibility for this error message.

    Or select the option on the Nvidia site to scan your system to find the correct driver?

    If you still receive an error message that the driver is not compatible, then you try to install the driver in compatibility mode.

    If this does not help, I suggest you check with the NVIDIA support.

    Let us know if it helps.

  • Clarification of the taken video cards supported for 15,3


    The link, below the article said that with version 15.3 Adobes has stopped supporting the old Nvidia graphics cards. Is this true?

    Cards video for Adobe Premiere CC 2015 CUDA Mercury Playback David Knarr

    I can't find any information office in this forum confiriming information above.

    So for example GTX 570 still will support CUDA acceleration with 15.3 and leave?

    1. Yes and no. depends on the card. will not work GTX 285 and gtx 480 will be for example (has to do with some sort of version of the software on the card?)

    2. I have a gtx 480 and still gives me cuda on 2015.4.

    3. you need not buy new maps of the IMO.

    Have you tried 2015.3 on your system?

  • Always ignored graphics card supported? Black Titan GTX


    I was working on a big project in after effects cc 2015 and my speed of project that I could not, I discovered in the settings

    Select hardware accelerate composition, layer and film option in the preferences panels / view tab.

    Does this mean that the GTX black Titan is not supported?

    IT should be a great card for its use in making and working with software like After effects.

    What can I do? to improve the speed of rendering in preview mode before and make sequels using this graphics card?

    Thanks for the help.

    Welcome them

    features not available in after effects CC 2015 (13.5). After the effects of interest area


  • Freezing of Photoshop and Lightroom with taken graphics card supported


    I'm looking for more help to fix a problem. I'll send this request to Adobe, Asus, Corsair and Intel. I am a professional photographer and it is my new computer to support the Nikon D800.


    When you work in Photoshop (CS5) and Lightroom 4 times my computer freezes and I have to do a reboot to kill her to unlock the computer. What happens when you make simple processes like the heaving with airbrush in Photoshop.

    I have to correct this problem, this is my livelihood. Which of the components that I need to replace and with what specifically?


    I7 3970 k Intel CPU

    Motherboard Asus Sabertooth X 79

    GB of Corsair 8-8 for a total of 64 GB of ram (unbuffered)

    Two drives two Western Digital

    Graphics card is a taken Adobe supported ASUS GeForce GTX570

    Windows 7 Professional

    Attempt to correct:

    Dated graphics, and Windows, check and unchecked drivers Open GL drawing but it freeze in either framework. Follow all game Adobe guidelines. Follow the recommendations of NAPP. Had a few bad sticks of RAM waiting on replacement of the Corsair RAM. Computer has 16 GB of ram in it at present, but the characteristics of gel are the same with 64 GB and 16 GB of ram.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Mike boatman

    ASUS motherboard has proved to be the problem. Sabertooth X 79 necessary wood up to date. ASUS tech subport helped me. Got that fact today and were not able to get the computer freeze. Been trying all day not a gel. The last two to date for ASUS have beed on stabilization. The wood v I have so far is SABERX79 v 1104.

    Thanks for the input hope this info is useful to someone else


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