Headphone broken for Acer Liquid Z330

I just bought a liquid Z330 two weeks ago and everything seems to work normally very well until last night. I always have a listener glued to my ears, so I heard a difference. Audio output of my phone headset is a moment muffled and distorted particularly in the bass which seemed still loud noise yesterday. I never dropped my phone and never got wet, so I'm sure that's not inappropriate manipulation of the damage. So I tried these things so far:

  • I checked first Equalizer integrated Equalizer of DTS and Google play music. The settings have not changed, but the audio is suddenly broken.
  • Also checked if it is an isolated problem app. Nope. Even YouTube, Spotify, VLC, play music have distorted audio. Game audio is also flawed.
  • Checked if the earphones I use (the supplied headphones, that is) are already broken, but they work perfectly well in other devices.
  • Finally, I tried to different headphones on my phone (I tried Apple's EarPods as well speaker of our House system) and the results are the same, that were previously not the case since I used EarPods and speaker system recently.

I guess it's a hardware problem with the headphone jack. Any ideas on what it could be? I should make the trip to the service center or y at - it an easy solution to this without void my warranty? Thank you!

try one last thing, a factory reset, but back up your data before doing so.

backup of the settings / & reset - Reset data

If after the reset, audio is always distorted, it is a hardware problem and need to be repaired.

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    No, it isn't. Firefox requires a phone with ARMv7 support. The Acer's Liquid E310 has support for ARMv6. US study do Firefox mobile phones ARMv6-compatible but you don't have time for that work to be done.

  • Acer Liquid Zest 4 G more low volume too loud


    I just got the Acer Liquid Zest 4 G. I think it's a pretty awesome phone, except one thing. The smaller volume of media is still much too strong for me. For example, making it impossible for me to watch a video in the night without waking up everyone in the House.

    I tried to lower the volume with the 'Thin Volume Controll V2' app. That works a little, I'm able to lower the media far (the default lowest setting media volume I can adjust with my volume buttons is 49% according to this app.). But I can't change the volume a bit when I'm in the middle of the video without opening this app together again.

    Is there a way I can adjust the volume of minium I can change too with the volume buttons? Or any chance Acer goes to get out an update will fix this?

    I changed the values, so I'm not naked by default. But playing a mp3 and set values is for you the best.

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    Hi guys, I would like to disable liquid House, so I did not have the left option drag for her.

    I don't know if you have the latest version of Acer liquid House, otherwise download from the google game, then:

    long click on the home screen

    Tap Settings

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    I have a storage problem on my Acer Liquid E2 Duo. Because of my previous phone experience that I thought 4 GB internal memory was enough, but it's not good I moved all the applications that I could to the SD card.

    Here's what I see in 'Settings'-> 'storage '.

    1. Storage internal-> size-> free 50 MB 2.35 GB
    2. -> Card SD size 32 GB-> GB of free 22
    3. Storage-> phone size 1.6 GB-> GB 1.6 free

    If "Internal storage" + 'Phone storage' are by default 4 GB to come with the phone.
    But obviously NO application go to the "storage of phone" so I run out of space in "internal memory". Why?

    In addition many to come with the OS ' default ' apps (and that I do NOT like Facebook, etc...) are not INSTALLABLE (I tried it only turn them off) and no MOBILE SD card (option is grayed out).

    So in summary: I have run out of space in "Internal memory" with many not removable applications and while the 'storage phone' is not used, I have plenty of space on the SD card but I can not move the default applications default on that...

    If anyone has the answers...

    Hi all, for some time now, I've provided workaround for this "storage solution" issued by PM and Acer have been generous enough to allow me to do.

    However, things got a lot better now and I am extremely grateful to Acer that will allow me to send a link to workaround and make it a sticky so that nobody has to PM me longer for it.

    Acer will add their own words at this, but let me say that although the 'process/script"is very well written (ahem!), it is not for novices and you will need to understand some parts of your phone, along the TSF, some may be new terminology and jargon.

    And of course, it is at your own risk. You decide for yourself the positive feedback in this thread about whether it is worth to continue. That being said, here is the link to my instructions as to how you can repartition the storage:

    Link to instructions contained in a zip file with two files

    Once again, thanks to Acer to enable this.

  • Acer liquid X 2 ROM/Firmware needed

    My Acer Liquid X 2 smartphone is rooted, so I can't install any update OTA.

    I want to go back to the stock firmware/ROM

    Where can I download it? Or can be any image backup of the system files.

    Thank you!


    I flashed the files of archive (but I've unchecked the preloader, the recovery and the userdata to keep my custom recovery and my user data), the result was OK, now I have the next version of the firmware stock (...) 36 instead of... (35) as the latest version, when I check is there any update is available, it tells me there is no update for my device.

    The device now is not anchored, of course.

  • Acer Liquid e700 - find hollow email synchronization setting

    On other smartphones, I've used, I can put my email sync with an Exchange Server to stop at 22:00 and again at 08:00, so I am not disturbed at night by incoming emails. It is typically "Off-peak" hours in sync settings.

    I don't know how to do this automatically on the e700 Acer Liquid.

    This feature is not available or am I missing something? Perhaps there is a separate email app that could achieve the same result.

    OK, well I got the Touchdown HD app for $20 and this enamel "hours hollow" verify the capacity I wanted.

    Thanks for the comments.

  • Acer Liquid E2 DUO; need to re - enter the PIN code / unlock SIM occasionally


    I use an Acer Liquid E2 DUO. Several times a week (sometimes only once a week, other weeks a couple of times a day), I need to reinstate the two SIM anti-violence to unlock. The phone reset completely, but it looks like a partially reset any.

    Anyone any idea what I can do about it?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    I've heard this question a long time ago and it was related to the reset of the phone modem.

    your E2 is being updated with the latest available/updated OTA?

    have you ever tried a factory reset?

  • Right icon name becomes/strange/weird not Acer Liquid X 1

    Hi Acer and users,

    I have this problem with my Acer Liquid X 1.

    Sometimes the icon phone naming appearance becomes strange.

    For example Google + becomes G...

    Sometimes, some extend the appellation of the correct icon.

    It is very annoying

    One undergoes this kind of question or one to solve this problem?

    Here are the screenshots of what I'm talking about.

    It is a screenshot when sometimes the designation of icon is good.

    The second screenshot shows a messed up icon naming.

    Thanks for the answer iron fly.

    I think you're right that the problem is with the Acer theme/launcher. I tested with the help of a third party, and the problem disappeared completely.

    Acer would kindly fix this issue because I don't really like using third party ui/themes/Launcher. It's just not natural for me.

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    I bought an acer liquid jade dual sim. I've had it for 3 weeks and its giving me nothing but trouble. He kept first eject the sim cards. Now he is constantly restart itself. My first experience with acer e2 was positive, but it is a nightmare. Anyone else have this problem? All solutions?

    If didn't try, do a factory reset, if the problem persists, contact your dealer or service from Acer support.

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