Helps the RichList and managers for a new Blackberry developer

Hi all, I searched through the blackberry Quick reference Guide as well as the API on get a RichList to work in my application. However, I'm not entirely sure how Managers are used (I'm building my little app using the latest version of the BB SDK, 7.1). Here is my code (Simplified):

Basically, my screen pushes this full screen and it provides a Manager. I did this is because getManager() did not work (getManager() returned null, so I got an error), so I pushed the Director of the screen through. Now my list does not appear on the screen. So my question is: how to use managers, and how do I get my RichList appears?

using menuManager which was transmitted through my screen:

using getManger():


A handler can be added to a single screen.  Try to use your screen in your full screen Manager (or any instance of another screen) will not work.  I recommend reading this guide on the managers. Let us know if you have any questions after checking that.

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