His return to Satellite L450D

Just got my daughter a Satellite L450D-113.

Suddenly, she was what I would describe as a noise of nasty comments if she lands the volume while listening to audio playback. I think it may have something to do with the microphone, as it seems that if she is running that the volume is turned up. If all goes well it s a case of settings, so if anyone can help it would be great if you keep your response as simple as possible.

I'm a total novice.
Thank you, al.

Can she hear the noise even though it uses the helmet?
Does this happen with only battery power?

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  • Satellite L450D - reset in the factory installation

    Hi guys, tried a factory reset and the laptop turned off itself to half way through, and I can't return it to all the. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L450D-11w and it was under windows 7. When I try to load it up I get the message bootmgr lack press ctrl alt del to restart.

    Tried to get into the bios and start but do not have much options just hd and cd drive not working. I also turned off and tried holding zero to load once warned a friend told me should appear, without success. When I go to boot the drive configuration only options I have are toshiba mk3263gsx-(s2) or tsstcorp cdvdw ts-l633c-(s4). I have no idea what to do from here after trying a few options, would be really grateful for the help.

    Thank you

    Hello, Damien

    It's that the recovery image installation can not be interrupted. If this happens there is big problem because it cannot be continued and also you are not able to start from the beginning.
    HARD drive recovery facility is ruined with other words.

    Now, all you can do is to install the recovery image using the installation of recovery disc.
    I m afraid you didn't create one, right?

  • Satellite L450D - 13 X - black screen of death/Blue Screen of Death

    Hello everyone.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D - 13 X for children, and for the price it's a good laptop. Have had no problems with it until two weeks ago, when the screen froze for boys while playing a game and downloading a program on the net. Had to make a stop of force and since then, we have a BSoD on each startup. That's what we tried:

    On "Starting Windows", we are given the option to either 'Launch Startup Repair' that ends as BSoD or "Start Windows normally" who returns to the list of option "starting Windows."
    Any attempt enter 'Safe Mode' BSOD results.
    Attempt to boot an ISO of the disk recovery Windows on a USB key (we did put highlight and make promotion up) results in BSoD. Borrowing a correct installation of Windows 7 DVD and highlighting what an option cause BSoD.

    In fact, the only option that we used who threw something different has been using advanced startup options. On one of these options, we've got the Blue Screen of Death with the following information:

    Disable memory the Bios Options such as cache/occultation

    Technical info

    Stop: 0x000000ED (0xFFFFFA80023C2CDO 0xFFFFFFFFC0000185 0000000000000000 0 x 0 x 0000000000000000)

    I don't mind erase the hard drive and leave, there's nothing on what is essential. Very, very well, I'd appreciate a steer on it. Checked the Web for things and nothing seems to help for other options. I'm not particularly tech literate but can follow directions.

    Thanks in advance.

    It is really possible that the HARD drive is faulty.
    If possible try to get another same HDD used for test purposes and install OS using the Toshiba recovery image.

    A friend of mine had a similar problem and after Exchange of HARD drive, everything went well again.

  • Satellite L450D does not illuminate

    Hi guys

    Just go here, I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D, who wouldn't start in fact nothing else than the green power on light, then I decided to strip down for a look after removing the keyboard & switch cord Ribbon & all the rest I just thought I would plug the power cable without screw it anything back together & lo & here are the fan started to spin , but only for 5 seconds, the cdrom is the normal sounds, I got another green light showing & battery light came.

    But no. DISPLY even never tried to boot from the hard drive? Anyway, I screwed all back together & tried it lights up but I was to square, nothing else that even once the first green light.
    So I have disassembled again & attached Ribbon power & I returned to lights, cd rom, fan.

    I left who was just wondering if anyone can tell me what the fault is please?
    Bravo guys

    Hi ritzema123,

    Have you tried an external monitor? Probably only the internal screen is defective and if you see n t photo. It s worth a try.

    Also, unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery. Wait at least an hour and then reconnect the two devices. Try to boot up your laptop now and check what is happening.

    In the worst case you need professional assistance service authorized because it looks like a hardware malfunction. Is your laptop under warranty? In this case the repair would be free. :)

  • Re: Satellite L450D - 11G - I accidentally deleted driver mic

    I accidentally deleted my microphone driver, always having his good, please help.
    I need to download a new driver?

    What is your laptop?

    What's exactly wrong with the laptop?
    I m asking because you said remove you micro driver.

    First of all there is no such driver.
    Audio driver controls the microphone.

    But you said that the sound is still working so I m a bit confused.

  • Satellite L450D-11V - no wireless connection more

    Purchased by Satellite L450D-11V for daughter for Christmas, everything is okay until last Sunday, would not connect internet wireless via the hub. Work of hub thin like the pc works, laptop works also via a LAN cable. Wireless led flashes on then off turning the power on. Been told to check his dial-up, but there is no physical switch.

    Any help will be appreciated as im not spirit from any computer!

    Thank you


    There is no material on Satellite L450D switch but if you press FN + F9 you can toggle the WIFI connection.
    Check this box!

    If it doesn't work check your device manager is the wireless network card correctly list?
    You can also try to update the WLAN driver

  • Re: Satellite L450D - blue screen during installation of Windows XP

    Hi, laptop just out of warranty and the HARD drive was crushed, no return allowed ups recovery so don't not on the new HARD drive installation.

    I installed the new HARD drive and began to install XP. Implementation of process gets to the point where windows will write the files to the HARD drive and the blue screen appears! What is a SATA driver problem?

    Have tried with a copy of XP, I with the SATA drivers on it but don't know if it's a problem of controller or a specific driver from Toshiba.

    Any help would be appreciated... TIA


    As you can read in 100 other discussions here in the forum, the problem is the SATA driver you need.
    As far as I know Satellite L450D a AMD chipset, so you can find the SATA driver in the display driver package that you can download from the official website of Toshiba.

    In addition, I would recommend reading the other discussions here in the forum. You can also read the son of other laptop models, it s always

  • Satellite L450D-11V - PXE - E61 error

    Beginner of the computer here.

    I have a Satellite L450D-11V.

    Last week I dropped and since I get a PXE - E61 error. Below, it says something on Realtek Ethernet and then the error message appears below the media cannot be detected.

    What does that mean? and what do I do to fix the error?

    Cell phones have several bootable devices such as hard disk drive, optical disk drive and network card.
    In the BIOS settings it is possible to define which device can be used as first, second or last boot device.

    If the first boot device is not detected laptop tries to use the bootable device second and third at least. In your case to some hard disks drive and optical drive reason undetectable bootable devices ant he tries to use the network card. For this reason, you can see this PXE - E61 error.

    I can't say for sure but I'm afraid there is a serious technical problem with your HARD drive and it can no longer be used as ring starting m.
    What you can do is to enter the BIOS settings and check if the HARD drive is listed and recognized correctly.

    Also try start your laptop and press F12 to get into the boot menu. If the HARD drive is listed there he choose and press ENTER. What happens when you do this?

    Please post comments.

  • Satellite L450D not start - think usb device is connected

    Hello. I have a portable satellite L450D running Windows 7, which will not start. It gets to the loading of the windows with the windows logo page, but it will not go beyond this point.

    I tried repairing the system, and that tells me that a device is always connected to the laptop. I think it's maybe my phone, I had connected by usb last week. The usb cable is removed physically but the laptop obviously thinks that it is still connected.

    I'm passed through different service options - system repair, System Restore, restore the last good config, boot into safe mode but nothing seems to work.

    Ive tried to connect the phone while the laptop is trying to start and then disconnect it but still no luck. The laptop still think that the phone is connected.

    Ive not tridd remove the battery from the laptop, as it's apparently quite difficult.

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance


    I would recommend you check the boot order in the BIOS.
    Go to the BIOS by pressing F2 by turning on the device.
    Now, press F9 to get the default settings and save the changes press F10.
    Also check if you can disable the legacy USB if it s is not available, ignore this tip.
    Now, restart the laptop and test if it would boot from the HARD drive.

  • Satellite L450D - what HARD drive I can use?

    Will try a hard drive to a desktop pc in the present, going to work or laptops have different hard drives?

    Hey Buddy,

    Desktop computers and laptops have different drives. Desktop hard drives are bigger (3.5) and laptops using only 2.5. On Wikipedia, there is a nice article on hard drives:

    Satellite L450D already supports SATA drives if you need a new 2.5 HDD with SATA interface.

  • Can't use right click Satellite L450D - 11G


    I have a new Toshiba Satellite L450D - 11G with Windows 7. A few days ago the right click button no longer works and I think it could be related to viruses. When I turn on the laptop the left button, that's what should be the right button until I have bring up the Task Manager, then the left button works normally but law does not work. I tried to restore to the factory settings, but it did nothing.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.


    Check please the mouse properties. There you can set button right action. Check it please, what is defined and ensure that it is a secondary click (context Menu, drag special).

    Please send comments.

  • Satellite L450D-13U - screen will not come

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L450D-13U with 2 GB of RAM and no hard drive.
    My problem is that the display does not illuminate. I tried all the well known stuff and stuff like taking the battery, power down etc button but nothing seems to work.

    Can't even connect to an external monitor. Is there a part that I could change what can help this problem?

    Thank you very much

    Without any serious diagnosis, it is not easy to say what the problem is. Perhaps is faulty display.
    By the way: what happening exactly when you press button walk / stop?

  • Satellite L450D does not start

    My satellite L450D won't start. He stopped and when I walk back, he back the start menu, if I select the repair, it's just a black screen. If I choose start as usual, it goes to the windows logo but it remains stuck. I also tried to start in safe mode, but it says loading files and stays stuck.

    I tried pressing 0 on start up and it does not work and I also tried the recovery disk and it does not work.
    Any ideas would be appreciated
    Thank you

    > I tried pressing 0 on start up and it does not work and I also tried the recovery disk and it does not work.
    If you have a laptop model European 0 initially upwards will help any. You must use F8 at startup to display the advanced startup options. Is the option repair my computer available?

    Anyway, OS is probably screwed and new installation OS can help. Enter the BIOS and set it to default settings. According to redo this cell phone start and press F12 to get into the boot menu. When the boot menu appears on the screen, place the recovery in the optical disc drive disk, choose the CD/DVD device from the menu and press ENTER. This will force ODD to start the reading recovery disk.

    Let us know if it works for you.

  • Satellite L450D - 11 X, battery plugged in but not supported.

    My Satellite L450D - 11 X (fairly new) is plugged in, but the battery won't charge and the battery light is orange. Life flows or increases when using it plugged. I tried updating the BIOS but don't know if I did this correctly. Thanks for any help in advance.

    You can try the following:

    1 reinsert the battery
    2 unplug the computer from the power adapter and turn it on. Let the computer battery power until the computer turns off, indicating that the battery is fully discharged.

    If it still doesn't load, it can be the malfunction of the accumulator. In this case, you must contact the Asp (SAV) to replace. They will do it for free as you say it's always new.

  • Driver installation problem Windows XP Home on Satellite L450D-11 t

    I bought a laptop SATELLITE L450D-11 t with windows 7 and I want to use a USB stick for internet, but it requires a previous version of the operating system.
    So I installed windows xp, but on this site, it is not all drivers (motherboard, video, audio, network) compatible.

    Analysis of the situation, I found the driver for audio on the Realtek site but on the mother/video card driver, I have a few problems:
    the AMD 780 G chipset and the display hardware is an ATi Radeon HD 3200. On the AMD website, I found a package with all the necessary drivers, but during the installation of the system restarted itself each time I start the installation. I opened the event viewer to see if there is an error, but nothing.
    I restarted the pc mode provvisional: he can't complete the installation, but it gives an error "Unable to open driver for tracking" or something like that.

    Is there something wrong? I forgot to do something?
    Thank you


    Why you n t take an another USB compatible with Windows 7? In my opinion, it would be easier to reinstall the whole laptop but ok, it s your decision ;)

    As far as I know the drivers on page AMD intended for office use only, so I think that they will not work on mobile chips. But maybe the only corrupt the downloaded driver files, then try to download again.

    As I've already said, I would choose another USB key. This laptop is designed for the new Windows 7 and everything should work properly on the new operating system.

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