History of the vector graphic bike in Photoshop 5.0LE pdf on CD User Guide

Hello. I recently bought a new copy of Photoshop 5.0LE and saw that she had a pdf of the User Guide on the CD-ROM. I have been fascinated by the graphic vector image of a bike on page 24 of the pdf User Guide.  When I opened this page in Illustrator and looked at the information in the file-> advanced-> properties of the PDF, it read that the creator of the pdf User Guide was someone by the name of "nhirooka" in 1998 and that it has been created in FrameMaker 5.5, that I recently bought and learn.

The only thing I have still yet to understand is how the graphics of the bicycle was created? It was in an older version of Illustrator? One thing that is interesting about the picture is, it is tinged with several created manually linear and radial gradients (i.e. concentric vector or border-touch rectangles, circles each filled with a slightly different shade of gray). Now it's a lot of work that went into creating this vector image!

There are differences in features between the bike on the page raster image and the image of bicycle vector (for example, no crutch in vector image, lacing of the rays is totally different). Do you think that the image of the bicycle was created by tracing high resolution photo (s) of the bicycle? Or were the measurements in directly bicycle parts and then did something like Autocad first before importing into Illustrator for coloring/shading? I'm puzzled.

In addition, I can't figure out how to get the vector image of bicycle in FrameMaker 5.5 without some kind of distortion. Maybe I need the right older version of Illustrator for this? Exactly what versions of Illustrator 5.5 FrameMaker accept vector images directly (i.e. drag / move)? I have CS3 and FM5.5 does NOT accept images of her.

How the vector image of bicycle was created and then inserted into a document of FrameMaker5.5? Is what I want to know. Does anyone know the history of this?

Regarding the placement of the vectors from illustrator, when you save as or eps, the option dialog box has a drop down menu to choose an older version of got it or eps, that should work.

I've never used FrameMaker, but some old page layout programs would display a tiff in the screen image but pass the EPS to the printer. That's why you have the possibility to integrate a tiff image in an eps file.

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    It's anti-aliasing. (See http://bit.ly/1qWV2WI for a Visual definition.) Photoshop images are based on a grid of pixels, as it is your monitor. The rectangles will have sharp edges - even when you zoom - because they are on the grid. When you put an object curved on a square grid, anti-aliasing is necessary in order to smooth the edges.

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    I have not fully tested this for all screens, so if anyone else can check on Windows DPI high resolution, please let me know.

    See you soon,.



    Hi Marcel,.

    The file you are publishing uses a custom template which is obsolete. It lacks some of the chips, which were introduced in CC Animate 2015.2.1, including that necessary to display the newly added HiDPI.

    To get the latest model settings, Goto, publish > Advanced tab and click on 'Default' and now to test the animation.

    You may need to add additional code (for example script above files) from the old model to the new model.

    To learn more about patterns, see here: creating HTML5 ads with CC animate: Google HTML5 Ad Templates | Blog hosting the Adobe team

    Let me know if encounter you problems.

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    Try to disable the GPU performance by clicking above the icon of the rocket in the App bar and deselect the box Performance GPU.

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    This .fx file is probably the old 1.x JavaFX, which is no longer supported for JavaFX 2.x and to my knowledge there is also no converter for this.

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    Am I missing something?

    Delete the vector mask is to press the keys Alt + Ctrl (Option + Cmd) and

    slide the bottom of the icon/pattern/gradient fill layer in the layers panel to the trash can at the bottom of the layers panel.

    You can disable the "vector mask" Shift clicking the path icon in the properties panel.

    A way to replicate the pixelation is a vector mask Ctrl (Cmd) click on the shape layer icon in the Panel layers, add a

    layer mask and then delete the vector mask as described above.

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    Well, I had a breakthrough today: when I do a final, my fuzzy vector graphics becomes clear.  Huh?  Well, very well!  But now my question is: am I stuck fuzzy vectors edition?  That seems like an odd limitation.

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    the love of my life

    You could see artifacts due to the Correction of the Pixel format if you use non square BY in your comp (s). In your preferences, check to see if you have the Zoom quality setting designated for "more precise".

    If this is not the case, then, as you noted, you probably have an effect enabled in Illustrator on one or more of your layers/objects which causes aliasing.

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    Ok.  And just to add, you can natively import files HAVE on the Flash stage.  And I'm no Flash expert by any means, but there are a few settings, you can change.  In the document settings, you can change the framerate.  Usually 30 fps runs smoothly.  Then on the publication settings you can disable compression, increase the JPEG quality and enable hardware acceleration for computers running Flash 10.2 or later with the graphical features.

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    I want to be able to save state generated dynamically to a SWF as a vector image. I know that I can right click on the swf file and print to PDF using the Adobe pdf printer driver. It works well, but all the alpha values are lost. Anyone know how to print a pdf or other vector format file and retain the alpha values? Pdf format it supports clearly I can save objects with alpha in Illustrator to PDF without problem values.

    Any alternative that archives this result would be welcome for example save runtime swf via actionscript in swf format or format Illustrator etc.

    Thank you

    Hi all

    Flash Pro CC 2014 (v14.0.0.110) is now available for download via the Web App Cloud and Adobe Creative site.

    We have added the function Export SVG to Flash Pro with this new version. You will now be able to export the contents of the vector of the image selected as an SVG image, which can be opened directly in a browser and even imported into Adobe Illustrator.

    Option to Export SVG are accessed through the parameters of publication as well as via the Menu file > export > export Image option.

    Alongside this, we have added several new features in this release. The complete list is available on these links:

    Overview: https://www.adobe.com/in/products/flash.html

    Whats new: https://helpx.Adobe.com/Flash/using/whats-new.html

    Release notes: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash/release-note/flash-professional-cc-2014.html

    Thank you


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    Hi, can someone tell me if the PSE 14 can run as adding a watermark to a quantity of images in batches? In addition, the PES 14 can be used to create vector graphics? I have used a product Corel PaintShop and was planning to move to the PSE 14. I need more information before that I can make a decision in favor of PES. Possible warnings, experience, advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    gthopkins wrote:

    Hi, can someone tell me if the PSE 14 can run as adding a watermark to a quantity of images in batches? In addition, the PES 14 can be used to create vector graphics? I have used a product Corel PaintShop and was planning to move to the PSE 14. I need more information before that I can make a decision in favor of PES. Possible warnings, experience, advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    No, elements is limited in its treatment features batch and even more in the vector edition. You need the full Photoshop CC.

    You can add 'batch' utilities using the scripts on the module elements + affordable features.

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    I'm new to Illustrator and can only be overlooking something here, but here's my background and the question:

    I took a screenshot of an image and open in Photoshop CS3. I've clipped a part I want to use and save the file as a .eps file and open it with Illustrator. In Illustrator, I recreate the image at the same size as the image I opened (I look at the two images to 100% view). I save my new image in .eps format, and then open it with Photoshop. For some reason, the image is about 50% bigger in Photoshop that was in Illustrator. Any ideas? A percentage of 100% look at a watch not really the right size of the image? Or is the problem lies with how Photoshop CS3 interprets a file .eps Illustrator CS4?

    Thanks in advance for any information or advice.

    You've discovered just resolution image and its effect on the display of the pixel based images.

    In Illustrator, there is no resolution. Objects have a set size and Illy requires a screen resolution of 72 dpi as a basis for hypotheses on the display of graphics as well as for its calculations of this 100%.

    Then export to pixel based on the file formats, you can choose the resolution.

    In Photoshop, the '100% ' has nothing to do with the actual size of things (as defined in Illustrator) but means that one pixel of the image is a pixel of your screen.

    When you open an EPS, you get a dialog box in which specify you how to photoshop must calculate the pixels of the vector and the desired resolution. When you go to 72 dpi, you should get the size you expect. But that won't be enough to print.

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