How can I connect Equium to my existing Wi - Fi network?


I'm writing this on my old PC.
Can someone tell me how I can connect my new laptop Toshiba Equium to my existing home Wi - Fi network please? I'm useless with the PC this word please your response in very simple terms. Thank you very much,.

Why Toshiba is not his own life line helpline E-mail? Anyone know?


First, turn on the WLAN switch on the side of the unit. Then click on start-online control panel (Classic view)-online network and sharing Center => on the left there will be a list of options - select manage wireless networks => click the Add word (it has a sign beside it + green) => select 'Connect to a network that is in range of this computer' =>, you'll see the networks that are in the range - select the one you want to connect and enter the encryption if key you have to your network

Good luck :)

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  • How can I connect to someone who is hacking my network?

    How can I connect to someone who is hacking my network?

    Hi Frank,.

    What kind of network - your internet connection?  your intranet from home or the office (and it is wireless or wired or both)?  An ad - hoc network or a network based on the domain server (and if the latter, what type of server)?  The network hosts a web site, an exchange server that is accessible by internet, or also allowed incoming connections?  How many computers is on the network and what are the current use operating systems and who do you think are presented?  If you use a router, is protected by a router security identifier unique and a password (no admin / admin or other default standard settings, everyone knows) and a unique key and what type of security type (WPA, WPA2,...) and what type of encryption code?  This can be verified by the computer and others need to be checked or enabled via the router you can reach most likely through your browser by typing where you would normally enter a URL.  If this isn't the correct code, then see below for IPCONFIG and would probably be the address that you want as the gateway by default and possibly the address of the DHCP server or the DNS server address as well and use what is there instead.  What type of method of internet access (DSL, cable, Satellite,...)?

    How do you know if that someone is hacking your system?  What evidence do you have that it happens or happened?  How do you think that piracy happens - happens through your connections in real-time (as if someone used a remote access or remote desktop) or it occurs because you seem to see the proof of it (if so, what evidence)?  I am trying to determine if a person has a path in your system directly or whether you are infected with malware that allows a periodic access or 'appear' as you are being hacked, when you are just infected.

    Do you notice it when it is real or only later after it occurred?  What exactly is the pirate make - information collection, change of information, install programs, remove programs or information, theft of bandwidth, or you are not sure and don't know exactly?  This happens only when you are connected to the internet or does it also occur when you are not connected and just using the computers and devices that are other interconnected?  If it isn't when it is connected to the internet, which helps limit the possibilities.

    If you are present and it's ongoing, click on start / all programs / accessories / right-click on command prompt and click Run as administrator.  Then type IPCONFIG/all and enter.  Which should display all connections to your computer, and if anyone is connected, this connection must appear, as well as login information and include information such as address TCP/IP (which may be useful to know).  Create a capture image or printscreen of the information.

    If you use Vista or Windows 7, go to start / Control Panel / Network and sharing Center / discover computers and devices.  Is there a link that doesn't seem right or that you don't recognize?  Come back and click on manage network connections.  Are there connections that you don't recognize?  If so, click on them and learn what you can about the properties and other information - create a capture of information or save a printscreen image.

    You use the Windows Firewall and is it activated and functioning?  Open and check exceptions and remove the items that you do not use or do not need - by default adds a lot of things that most people do not use. and everyone is a path in your system.  The less open ports, the better.  Do not remove everything you really need, but uncheck everything you don't need (you can always add it back later if the need ever happens).

    It's just a start on what to do to gather information.  I need the results and answers to give additional advice on what to do next - depending on what you have to say.

    Most likely, we will be able to best prevent access or possibly with the help of your ISP and the ISP of the hacker TCP/IP address (if we find the it), be able to identify who it is and stop it or help you gather enough information take legal or security action against the person or persons responsible.  Ago probably pirates out there that can do what you're tempted, but also provides methods of hacking (and that is basically what YOU want to do) is not something we support or help someone to do here.  To help you protect your system is one thing and we'll do what we can to help here - teach you how to hack the somone who is hacking you is quite another and we will not be involved in this.


    In the meantime, in case there is an infection as opposed to a direct hacking, update and run a full scan with any security software you use.

    If you do not have because they can help, try the following programs. I recommend you download, install, update and run full scans with Malwarebytes: and SuperAntiSpyware: and then run a full scan of Microsoft Security:

    Check the following compliments from Stephen Boots - MVP:

    S ' ensure that the Windows Firewall is enabled.

    S ' ensure that all critical updates or important, including service packs for the operating system and programs are installed from Microsoft Update (Windows Update).

    -Make sure that Internet Explorer is version 8 or 9 and implemented to date with all patches.

    -In Internet Explorer 8 or 9, use the SmartScreen filter.

    -Make sure that the Internet IE security settings are at least put to fire medium-high (default).

    -Turn on the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer.

    -On Vista and Windows 7 make sure that User Account Control (UAC) and doesn't work with elevated privileges.

    -Make sure that automatic updates of Windows are set to notify at least, but the preferred setting is to download and install automatically. If you update manually, be sure to update as soon as possible after being informed of updates available.

    -Make sure that installed applications, including Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash and Java are at their latest versions. Many vendors are regularly updated and fixes security vulnerabilities.

    -Never click through links from unknown sources and be careful, even if they are from a "reliable".

    -Do not open attachments in unsolicited e-mail.

    -Practice safe web surfing.

    To ensure that you are not infected (or remove the suspicion that you are infected which is often the case in such situations and is done either by hackers or may appear as the pirates are active when it is just a system infected - or if more than one, you have several computers connected), please follow these compliments of recommendations of JimR1 - MVP :

    You are running Microsoft Security Essentials?

    If Yes: start here - and select the link that says - I think my computer is infected - and support and select the option for phone, chat or email (options vary depending on the region)

    If you are in North America, you can call 866-727-2338 for a free Microsoft Help for infections of virus and spyware.


    You can start here: or here: for the help and support for malware infections.

    If this does not work, or that they can't help, try one of the compliments of forums-remove malware following PA Bear - MVP:

    I can recommend the assistance of experts available in these forums: and


    The first section will collect information about your situation so we can get an idea where to look and what to look for (and perhaps even determine if it occurs).

    The second section will verify that your computer or network is not infected (you should do this for all the computers on the network) or clean if they are and which remove the cause of the problem (of least temporarily).

    I hope this helps and await your response with responses, results and information.

    Thanks and good luck!

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    Files in the folder (C:\Users) user account are left after the removal of the user of a computer account.

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    In my opinion there are not a lot of discus. Check IN the ports that you have and you can use them to watch television. In your case, you can try to find any adapter between the SCART and ports available on your device.

    Good luck!

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