How can I disable FireFox as a web browser by default?

I want to be able to decide which web browser is activated at a specific time. Sometimes I go to utilities at work who do not work with FireFox and so must be able to choose IE.


In accordance with the requirements of the computer, you must set a default browser. If you disable firefox to be the default for your work and you want to use IE instead, follow this

1. open Internet Explorer

2. click on the tool menu

3. click on internet option

4. in the next box click on the "Programs" tab

5. in this tab, click "reset web settings...". »

6 Internet Explorer default will be

But if you want to run your work on Firefox with IE as a default value, you can do a right click on the file and select open with Firefox.

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    Comment from a forum moderator (~ J99)

    Note it is generally a last resort solution.
    I suggest to all those who wish to follow this solution guarantees that they back up the Firefox profile first. See also:

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    Hi EthereanOne

    There is no way to disable the search widget once you download FF35 for Android.

    There are, however, the following workaround solution:

    1. you can configure it to use Google search or some other widget Firefox search no

    If you do not file a bug as suggested Ererer please post a reply with a link to the bug.

    See you soon!

    ... Roland

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