I saved emails of photos I want to go to my windows photo gallery so I can edit them and save them in an album, but don't know how to do


Something to try...

Select (highlight) an e-mail message that contains attachments (photos).

Reach... File / save attachments...

Choose a backup folder...

Left click of the... Save button...

To add a folder to photo gallery... try to go on...

File / include a folder in the gallery...

Find the folder and select it (highlight)... Ok...

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    How can I move a picture of an event / time to another in the same album?

    I am often confused about the difference between an event and a time.  Please forgive me if I'm using these terms incorrectly.

    I, (pictures) selected, top left, it says, 'Moments' in the header at the top of the page.

    I have 4 images in a row under "April 17, 2016" immediately below these 4 images, I have 1 image also under "April 17, 2016".»   With the good old iPhoto, I could simply drag the single image below, on the date above (with 4 images in a row), and that would give me 5 consecutive images.  Then, now empty it event / time would disappear.

    Just trying to consolidate my images in a logical way for me.

    Thank you.

    You can not.

    The library 'Photos' and 'Pictures' albums are automatically organized function import or taken the place and date.

    In the Photos, the equivalents of iPhoto events albums. This is where you can organize your images as you wish.

    You should find this message by another Member of this community very informative:

    Photos 2.0 vs iPhoto 9.6.1: features and capabilities

  • How can I move a picture of PES 10 to 5 Lightroom?

    How can I move a picture of PES 10 to 5 Lightroom?

    Hi Farlaner,

    Please visit the following link: How to import photos from Photoshop Elements, other Lightroom catalogs or applications like iPhoto

    Let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards


  • How can I move my pictures to items 9 in CS6?

    How can I move my pictures to items 9 in CS6 in my iMac?

    Nothing really to do. If you have CS6 you bridge. Simply run Bridge and all the photos on your hard drive will be there. Double click on any thumbnail to change in CS6.

    It can help to write metadata of photos in the Organizer, if you used that. It should then appear in the bridge metadata pane.

  • How can I move the Virtual Mode of Windows XP hard drive to another drive

    How can I move the Virtual Mode of Windows XP hard drive to another drive?


    Hi Benyl,

    The vhd in programfiles basis cannot be moved or renamed, if done, xp mode stops at the start.

    To move the files under c, first to boot xp, instead of save mode the machine virtual., turn it off. (settings to prompt the user for action narrow close). Close the machine virtual., and then choose stop. This will remove the vsv file. Do not delete the .vsv file because it contains data if you have not registered in the virtual machine.

    Now, move it "C:\Users\CHRIS.domainname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows virtual PC\Virtual Machines\Windows XP Mode.vhd" to a desired location.

    Parameters of xp mode open, go to the hard drive 1 setting and reposition the hard drive to the new location of the vhd. You should now be able to start the virtual machine.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shalini Surana - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forumand let us know what you think.

  • How can I select several images contiguous hundreds of thousands of people in my library and copy them...

    How can I select several images contiguous hundreds of thousands in my organizer of items and copy them to a USB key so I can share with a family member who doesn't have photoshop?

    I fear that even if I find a method to select and move a batch of photos, images can be in a format that his computer is not supported.

    roberts80288042 wrote:

    How can I select several images contiguous hundreds of thousands in my organizer of items and copy them to a USB key so I can share with a family member who doesn't have photoshop?

    I fear that even if I find a method to select and move a batch of photos, images can be in a format that his computer is not supported.

    If I understand correctly...

    The photos you have posted in a particular order (probably the result of a selection). You can select contiguous files by clicking the first item, and then, with the SHIFT key, click the last item you want. That should highlight your contiguous files.

    Then, you use the function "export" in the file menu.

    In the dialog box, you have several useful options: file format, compression, the file size, the possible change of name and the destination. This destination can be a USB key or a Dropbox folder, as suggested by hatstead.

    If you have a large number to select, it's usually possible create a search with various criteria so that only the desired files are indicated.

    If you are not satisfied with the sort order (chronological, filename, import batch), I suggest to create an album. In an album, you can manually sort you want by moving the thumbnails in the navigation area. (Depends on your version of elements).

    Then all you have to do after that selection should select all (Ctrl A) and to export.

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    You can try Easy Duplicate File Finder

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    How can I change my display name on Windows mail?  I think it is XP, but it has been set up by someone else, so I'm not 100% sure.

    XP uses Outlook Express. Vista uses Windows may. However, the way to change it is the same. Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | In general. Under user information, change what's in the name field.

  • How can I determine the account settings in Windows Mail to create accounts in WLM

    I'm helping a friend set up the accounts in WLM, but I don't know what e-mail accounts, she tied to Windows Mail. Only his user name is listed, not the email address complete, for example rebell1952 rather than * address email is removed from the privacy * (my email address, not hers). In addition, she has forgotten what are passwords, then is it possible to make them visible in Windows Mail. There are a number of important emails that she needs to keep, but she bought a new Windows 7 machine, the old machine has Vista and must associate accounts in Windows Mail WLM.

    Could you please explain your answer? There are 3 accounts listed, one is a hotmail account, because the server is for hotmail, another is a account and the third has just POP33 in the Server tab.

    I don't know what the third account is all about.
    How can I set up/configure Outlook Express, Windows Mail & Windows Live Mail to E-mail from Comcast?
    For Hotmail help and WLMail one extra help, please ask the experts in these forums.
    Windows Live Solution Center Hotmail Forum
  • I just bought a new computer, and I just discovered I can't hover over 12 items from my old PC because the license was for a computer only. I just bought 14 items.  How can I move my pictures from my new PC with 14 elements Ele12?

    I just bought a new computer, and I just discovered that I can't spend my version of 12 items from my old PC to my new PC because it came with a license for one computer only.  I bought 14 items today at the store.  How can I move all of my photos of 12 items on my old PC (which are all nicely filed), for my new PC in 14 elements?  I would appreciate any help with my question.  Thank you.


    You must make a backup of your catalog with items 12 and then restore using 14 items. A guide for the backup and restore are help from Elements Organizer | Back up or restore the catalogs.

    -Pierre D

  • How can I move a good copy of Windows XP Edition family of my G drive to a bad copy of Windows XP Pro onDrive C (startup disk) without destroying all the data and programs I have on these two discs?

    I have a computer that I needed an extra hard drive with a lot more memory that I had on this subject.  I had Windows XP Home Edition on it and was very satisfied with the system.  I came back from the computer repair store and my old hard drive was drive G, with all the old data still on it and a (used) and more C drive was in the unit and it's now my boot drive and I not paid no attention to it, he soiled by Windows XP Professional with service pack two.  I really did not notice the difference and I started to put several other new programs that I need on this computer and I went to work.  After over a long period, I now had a notice that it wasn't a valid Windows product.  I wondered of course that with Microsoft, because I had all my documents, my records, (now lost) and the key that was on the side of my computer.

    As I continued to find out what was going on, while doing a search for information on the drives, I found the original Windows program, I had, now my question is, how can I move on my C drive, while MY ORIGINAL Windows XP Home Edition causes my computer to start?  Most of the programs that I run is not compatible with Windows 7 or Vista even, and it cost me a fortune to buy all of these programs again.

    What can I do?

    Thank you!


    You can read the following article and check.

    Update your Windows product key

  • How can I move the family unit on windows xp c: program files?

    How can I move file from C: to D: Windows xp home. I'm cown to 2% in C; but I have 91% in D: I'm not bad with computors. Any help would be great.

    There is no easy way to move files from your C to D drive program.  When you install programs on your computer, registry entries are usually made with the specified full path.  The most reliable way to do this would be to uninstall the application from your computer (using Add/Remove programs in the control panel) and then re - install them specifying that you want to install them on your D drive instead of your C drive.


  • How can I move a subfolder in the Windows 7 'tree '?


    I am trying to move a folder between two folders in the libraries 'tree '.

    This time when Win 7 open office, an icon of libraries is in the task bar which is very convenient because I spend a lot of my time using these folders in the library.  They are archives, workshop Bible, Documents, music, photos and videos.  (As experienced users can see I've added an extra folder to the range.)

    By clicking on the icon of libraries, a window opens with all 'tree' on the left side of the window.

    On the right side are only icons that have to do with libraries folder.
    In 'the tree' on the left side of the window are two folders listed that I'm interested in changing.
    They are workshop Bible and Documents are located one above the other.
    For now, the record of the workshop of the Bible is MT
    The Documents folder contains about 20 or so files and folders, the number I need to change.
    How can I move one of the files in the Documents in the folder of the workshop just Bible above?
    By clicking on the folder of the workshop of the Bible with my mouse pointer I get the following messages:

    Workshop of the Bible is MT
    No records have been included in this library.
    Include a folder

    By clicking "Include a folder", Win 7 comes with a selection of folder that does not include the folder and files interested in moving from the workshop of the Bible.

    Not knowing how the Win 7 database is setup, I have to ask questions in forums like this one in my attempt to change Win 7 in a way that seems more logical to me and would be easier to use.
    Any help in how I could achieve this would be greatly appreciated.


    One thing to know when arranging with them, is that libraries and folders are very different from each other, even if they look like.

    Libraries are really best described as search results.  In fact prior to Windows 7, Windows Vista has called these "the search folders.  What they are is basically a way to combine files from multiple locations in a single view combined the results of research.  For example, my 'Vidéo' library contains several files:

    • My own video file on my PC
    • Folder of my movies on my external USB hard drive
    • Record videos of my roommate (via network)
    • Video folder on my other computer (via network)

    By having all these "included in" my video library, I see all of the movies available for me combined in a single view (a view of the library).  Files remain stored in their original location, the just library research in these places and shows me the results.

    The reason why you would have different types of libraries is to customize their appearance at a time.  For example your movies can show large thumbnails icons, ordered by year of release.  Your document library you can use small icons with details such as the name of the author, in alphabetical order.

    So given all this, it would make sense that you can simply use a document library, and simply put the specialized types of documents like the Bible workshop in folders inside, rather than as a completely separate library.  But it is really totally to you.

  • How can I move my pictures, files and catalog to my new SSD

    I have all my photos, files and my catalog Lr5 master saved together on an external HD. If I install a new SSD in my PC can I just copy all the files of the Lr5, main catalogue, and photos in the new SSD then launch Lr buy clicking on the main catalog on the new SSD?

    Hi pm8546,


    Please visit this link and follow the instructions -

    ~ Rohit

  • How can I get a picture ISO of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit for MAC

    I want to install window 7

    Need help to install the genuine windows 7, 64-bit with the Iso image

    How can need of support, I do online without system problem/failure.


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