How can I order my printer to print a test page?

Hello list,

I have an application which is used at the workshop which tests a product then print a sheet of certification at the end of the trial that comes with the product.  They only run this cell test once a month and there is always something wrong with the printer... no paper, dry ink cartridge, etc.

The operator has no keyboard or mouse and the Labview application starts from the startup folder.

I would like to Labview control to a test of the printer page when you start the test application.  I couldn't find anything in the Windows API or on pallets of Labview that would do that.

Any ideas would be useful.

Using Windows 7 & LV11

Thank you

I found something else here:Rundll32 printui.dll, PrintUIEnt

I don't have a real printer right now connected to my PC, but this command line prints the default test page in Adobe PDF

rundll32 printui.dll/k/n "Adobe PDF"

You need to just replace the name of the printer after the parameter/n and call it via Exec System

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