How can I stop Firefox to crush a new tab on the old?

I'm trying to find a way for me to get a new tab on the presentation of a new URL. Because I want to pass between the old an new tab in the tab bar. I can't find the solution and therefore Firefox always replaces the previous tab in the tab bar. Can anyone help?


For links in pages, or bookmarks, in addition to the context menu, you can use these methods to open a link in a new tab:

  • CTRL + click (hold down the CTRL key and click on the link)
  • Middle-click (use the scroll of your mouse wheel click the link)

If you type a URL in the address bar and you want to open in a new tab, you can:

  • Hold down the ALT key and press enter
  • CTRL + click the 'go' at the end of the address bar

There are a few modules focus on the tab with a superb range of features, which can be always open in a new tab. I haven't checked this myself, but these are very popular and could be a good place to start your search:

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