How to activate the resolution wide screen to external monitor on Equium A60?


I had an Equium A60 with an ATI Radion 7000 mobility grahpics chip in it. Earlier the LCD is dead and has decided to use an external monitor rather than replace it. However, the external monitor is a monitor 22 '' widescreen computer does not provide a display suitable for resolution. Is it possible to update the graphics driver to provide the wide screen formats. I looked on the toshiba updates, but there is nothing new there, and ATI are not ready to support offer it on a laptop.

Any ideas?


You can't choose your preferred resolution because the graphics driver does not support.
Eventually the 3rd party driver support your favorite display resolution, but to be honest I wouldn't use these drivers because it could cause serious difficulties for laptop.
The point is that these 3 third-party drivers are untested and not certified by Toshiba.
Therefore, the use is at your own risk.

Good bye

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    Best regards, Leander

    Hello guys.

    First of all, I would like to say a few words on the screen resolutions.
    Mainly the resolution of certain is not available because the resolution is not listed in the graphics driver. In other words, if the driver doesn't support this resolution so you will not be able to choose.

    We try to look at a few:
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    Thank you


    you mean on the external screen, Don t you? If you have an intel chipset graphic why Don t you download the drivers from the website of intel.
    Maybe it offers a resolution of the external display.

    I don't know if the res external can be set to widescreen on this chipset as the drivers are somewhat limited...
    Can you describe what monitor you have and how you connect it to your machine. (d-sub or DVI)?

    Would appreciate some reactions :)

    Welcome them

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    See you soon

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    Good bye

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    2. the standby electricity utility is not available, which is good because of the power saver new vista. Except that I can't dim the screen, so the battery does not last me too long. How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards


    These problems can be solved in a few minutes. You only need the added package Toshiba. It contains the driver for the FN - key, Toshiba Power Saver and more useful tips.

    Here you can download: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good luck! :)

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