How to add the new currency?

Hi, I'm new on this and cannot find a solution to my problem.

I do a form of very simple Bill, with calculations and totals, but I need to have the currency on each etc. Total partial total. The problem is, none of the default currencies works for me, how can I add a new?

Adobe Acrobat X pro

Thanks in advance,

Follow the instructions in the previous section:

But for functions, use the following syntax:

At the level of the JavaScript document

function bs_Format() {}

AFNumber_Format (2, 2, 0, 0, "Bob", true);


function bs_Keystroke() {}

AFNumber_Keystroke (2, 2, 0, 0, "Bob", true);


So that the custom script Format and strikes would be:

Custom Format script


Custom keystroke script


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    I think the best way is to add the column at the end of the table and create a new view with the order of the columns...

    Another option...

    places the data into a temporary table and recreate the table with the correct order of the columns, and then insert data to the table from the temporary table


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    Thank you

    In the layout editor, you can simply drag the fields so that they do not overlap.

    Sandeep Gandhi

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    Try to explain any question in a post...

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    For now, at the time of the creation of a new planning application you can select the currency of a list (you can not substitute or add a new one).

    I guess, I have to manually change the base currency in the relational tables of RON after the creation of the Planning Application.
    If so, please, can you confirm all the tables involved?

    Thank you very much


    You can have a base currency, and when you create an application you can select the currency from the list.
    There was another post earlier around the same area:- Re: doubts currency

    See you soon


  • How to add the 'new tab' button next to the last tab?... I use version 9.0.1. and they are missing and I can't find how to add.

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    It could be that he is hidden behind another icon. Please try this: right click on the empty space after the last tab and Customize.... With the mini window open, you can move the other toolbars and icons to check if the new tab button is hidden. You can also check inside the mini window customize the icon named new tab or click Restore Default Set that will be hopefully restore back. Please note that if nothing is uninstalled or disabled when you click on restore by default, you will have to redo all changes to manual/personal toolbar.

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  • With CVI SQL Toolkit, how to add the new variable param column in a table.

    Dear all:

    I used the CVI Sql toolkit to create a database, but now I don't know how to add a new column to a table in variable param.

    I know, to add a column with the name of constant column could be down by below:

    DBImmediateSQL ((hdbc, "alter table table1 add column1 char [100]");

    But if Column1 is a param variablae how can I write the code? Please advise?  It will be appreciated if you could give me an example.

    Best regards!

    HI -.

    If you look at the parameters that you pass to the SQL function, you can see that the second parameter is a string constant. In your code, you can create an array of characters (string). You can then use sprintf to programmatically determine what will be the contents of this variable. In the function call, you can put the variable instead of the literal string, and you will have a customizable SQL statement.

    Hope this helps-

    John M

  • How to add the new line 'Total' to a report?


    I built a report within the region. I can get the total by checking the 'sum', but I need the word 'total' showing on the same vintage with the total amount. How can I achieve that? or in any different way how to create the new line to show total?

    Source debit credit

    A 45 44

    45 56 B

    90 100

    Thank you



    For the classic report show the sum.

    Go to the report attributes and click the box check the amount that you want to total.

    If you still face any problem-

    Please go to the

    Workspace - WS_SUNITI

    User name: Test

    Password: 1234

    82863 application ID.

    Name of the tab - PSVANS3

    Page no 5

    Kind regards


  • How to add the new column to a specific position


    My table looks like Fallows.

    Select * from company

    11001An Inc.Long name A Inc.
    11002B Inc.Long name B Inc.
    11003C Inc.Long name C Inc.
    21004D Inc.Long name D Inc.
    21005E Inc.Long name E Inc.
    21006F Inc.Long name F Inc.


    How to get there.

    I tried like Fallows alter company table add company_location varchar2 (100) after company_short_name;

    but this query shows the error

    ORA-01735: invalid option of ALTER TABLE

    If the query I've tried is correct?

    Give me your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    As long as you're on 11 GR 2 or lower, it will not work.

    There is no Clause "AFTER"in the alter table do not add column."

    You have the chance to use dbms_redefinition (when no interruption of service is possible) or manually create a new table with the columns in the order you need and then migrate the data and then drop the original and rename a new.

    In case you are already on 12 c, you have a chance to add the column to the end and then make visible columns and invisible status in the right order. This way your column will get to the position that you want it to be.

    Kind regards


  • How to add the new line?


    I wrote a select statement, the data is displayed, and I want to add a new line, how do?

    There is no icon "more (add)" the above data.

    Then, you insert first a table, then in the other.

    If you choose multiple tables so you are most likely to join them in some way, and when joins between in the field (or even worse grouping functions) you're sure source of data you see actually (this is the reason why by default you cannot insert data from a select query), as it is perfectly possible to select only a single column in a single table , but if this table has multiple columns and one of them is defined as NOT NULL, and you're not selecting then you are out of luck and you cannot insert of your select query.

    There are cases when the insertion is possible and where it is not SQLDeveloper try even to guess if they can put your query, and is a good decision, when the data changes, it is always better to think first of my humble OPINION and you might forget that if edit you a query result grid.

  • How to add the new page with the new preferences marginal?


    can someone tell me? How to add new page with specific preferences marginal? is it possible to add the margin setting when adding page?

    Part of engineering substances comes with Google when necessary. (I think)

    nt-considered-harmful / ... and much more can be found "with statement considered as harmful.

    There is nothing wrong with the definition of the properties on one line, except that it becomes progressively harder to read, understand, maintain, and update:

    myDoc = app.activeDocument;
    var myLastPage = myDoc.pages.add(LocationOptions.AT_END, undefined, {marginPreferences:{bottom:"6p", left:"6p", right:"4p", top:"4p"} });

    Note that since you are using "LocationOptions.AT_END", you don't have to use a reference to any page. This is only necessary when you want to insert a page anywhere except at the end or the beginning.

  • How to add the new model feature with tables of another data schema?

    Hi all

    I am trying to add an entity data model to my request. The tables I need are on a schema that does NOT have a default schema of connection of the connection. So I go through the Wizard add new Entity Data Model, generation from database, but then when it comes time to choose your database objects, the only thing that shows is all that is on the default schema. How can I access stuff to another schema with an entity data model?

    (Tangentially: it is also a problem with the old Server Explorer simply itself - when adding an oracle db, I see the other schema object in the treeview control to break.) But when I right click the db and the new query, tables of other scheme become available to me here. "So it is less of a problem in the case of Server Explorer).

    I found this small excerpt to reach other patterns, but I couldn't make it work in the case of the ora db. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the tips,

    Suppose that schema_a has granted privileges to schema_b on database belonged to schema_a objects by running the GRANT statements.
    You add a connection in Server Explorer using schema_b, and then add the schema_a in the "Filters" menu... ». Don't forget to click on
    the button of update in "Filters" dialog box and confirm schema_a illustrated with schema_b in the column 'value '.

    When to use EDM Wizard to create a database data model, choose the connection that you added by using Server Explorer
    schema_b. You will see the database of objects belonging to both schema_b and schema_a select and generate your data model. Schema_b
    should be able to use the database objects belonged to schema_a according to the privileges granted.

  • How to add the new hard drive RAID 5 on

    I have Dell Powerdege 2900 server and I need to merge the new hard drive in a RAID 5

    Hi Sabry75

    If you have open Manage Server Administrator installed, you can do the merge from there. It's rebuild.

    You can refer to the guide to using OMSA below, look under the virtual disks of re-engineering/migration: -.

    NOTE from the ADMIN: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell >

    Let us know how it goes.

  • How to add the new nic to target VM using vCenter Converter SDK?

    Hi all

    I use vCenter Converter Standalone program to add new nic for VM.

    Then, I tried to use the following code to add a new computer virtual network card, but it failed.

    The log indicates an invalid argument for the addition of NIC.

    What should I change to these settings?

    Network ConverterNetworkParams = new ConverterNetworkParams();
    ConverterNetworkParamsNicParams nic_info [] = new ConverterNetworkParamsNicParams [1];
    nic_info [0] = new ConverterNetworkParamsNicParams();
    nic_info [0] .setConnected (true);
    nic_info [1] .setConnected (true);
    nic_info [1] .setConnected (true);
    network.setPreserveNicCount (false);
    network.setPreserveNicMapping (false);
    network.setNic (nic_info);
    cloningParams.setNetworkParams (network);

    Thank you


    ConverterNetworkParamsNicParams nic_info [] =
    new ConverterNetworkParamsNicParams [1];
    NIC ConverterNetworkParamsManagedNicParams =
    new ConverterNetworkParamsManagedNicParams();
    nic.setNetworkName ("the VM network");
    nic_info [0] = nic;

  • Windows Mail: How to add the new contact group

    In Windows Mail my toolbar has no "New Contact Group" to click.  How can I create a new contact group, please?

    In Windows Mail my toolbar has no "New Contact Group" to click.  How can I create a new contact group, please?

    RE: New group contact button missing
    Open Windows Mail > click Contacts > on this Contacts window, right-click on an open space inside the window > click Customize this folder > under what kind of folder do you want? Click the pointer on the far right (there is only a single pointer here), click Contacts > OK

    Now look, you will see new Contact button group.


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