How to start the Toshiba Ghost image from the HARD drive files


OK it's a difficult question, but I hope that some tech/wizz can help out me.
I have all necessary recovery CD but my laptop Toshiba CDRom drive died and I looking for replacement at the moment.

I managed to copy the image files and all the other info of these CDs on the hard drive to laptop via a network of my cdrom office. I tried to use the Office CD-ROM to start the disk 2.5 "laptop, but he knew it wasn't a computer toshiba laptop so wouldn't let me not repeated.

However, now, I managed to copy all files from ghost image on the hard disk of laptop I'm stuck on how to run the installation via back.
The portable hard drive is formatted and all I have are the following files

setenv.bat batch file---> contains the following lines
SWN = 01237000 SET

01237001.GHS---> PART 2 IMAGE

A folder called G_INST
which contains 3 additional files BMP, BACK, TOOLS and span.bmp

I can't understand how I can run ghost extraction and recovery my can drive HARD someone help me :)

Thanks in advance

I'm really skeptical if you can launch the second partition Toshiba ghost image files without using the Symantec Norton Ghost software.

I created a ghost of the C partition image and placed on the D partition.
Recover the C partition to start the utility of Ghost and having to use the file D partition .gho image

I googled a little and found useful instruction how to recover the Portege M3500 without using a CD/DVD drive. Maybe it will work also on the A30 Sat.

By the way: the STRANGE internal, compatible can be ordered from the ASP in your country!

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    Kind regards.


    The procedure to replace the hard drive is detailed from Page 59 of your & Maintenance Guide.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Hi Frank,.

    I'm not too sure about the P10, but on my A30 the hadr drive is under the DVD-ROM. It is secured in place by a single screw (accessible from under the laptop), and when it is deleted the DVD-ROM slides just to place revealing the hard drive.

    The hard drive is fixed with 4 screws (2 on each side)


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    Since you have a Dell and a recovery CD and not a recovery Partition, check how many partitions you need by using disk management:

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    Thanks in advance for your help.



    The only manual that I could find is one that covers the ze5600.

    See if it will work for your model too.

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    If the suggestion to use disk management doesn't help you, please explain what you mean by "first' and 'second and third."  You have several hard drives, multiple partitions on a single physical disk, or just several files?

    Also explain in detail the steps you take to 'download' (i.e., transfer) the files to your laptop.

    Status 'Master' and 'slave' is not applicable to your situation.

  • Tecra M5 - how to remove the HARD drive password generation?

    +++ Problem +++

    No change possible 'Building in HDD Password'.
    The generation in HARD drive password' is known - but cannot remove the 'build in HARD drive password'.

    +++ Progress +++

    (1) parameters of the BIOS "Password."

    Is not registered

    (2) the "HARD drive password" BIOS settings

    HARD = built-in HARD disk drive
    Password disk HARD = only user mode
    Registered = user password

    +++ Procedure +++

    Change the setting "User Password = recommended" with BACKSPACE
    of 'user password = Registered' to 'user = password [empty]. "

    It follows the question: ' are you sure? [Y/N] »
    With this screen, the "User password" settings are changed back on "registered."
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    Background is to create an image file from the hard drive without the laptop original.
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    Your support is welcome

    Kind regards

    Post edited by: Mluepke


    I know, HARD drive password can not be deleted. Please see the follow-up documents:

    Good bye

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    Further I can't find any info on this in the user manual. How can I do this?

    Thanks Tino


    I found several useful documents from Toshiba on HARD drive password. Please take some time and pick up some info on HARD drive password and how it works.

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    1] where can I get my hands on the restore CD that has all the drivers on this subject, and any recovery CD to reformat my HARD drive?
    [2] in the order in which I will make this reformatting?
    How can [3] after having bought an external HARD drive to keep files that I don't want to lose, I transfer those of before my re - format?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated



    You received with the laptop Toshiba Recovery CD! Am I wrong?
    So what s the problem?

    Simply insert the CD and try to boot from this CD.
    The restore CD contains all Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities Windows OS + additional software like Win DVD for example.
    The installation will set the laptop to factory settings, but will also format the HARD drive!

    Up to now, we come to the point 3; --> How do I save the data
    If you have purchased a second HDD and connect it to the USB port and transfer all the necessary files on the second HDD
    If you have purchased only the HARD drive, then you will need a USB HDD 2.5 case.

    Best regards

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