HP 4630, how to print multiple copies of a picture on a single page

I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 and a HP 4630.  I want to print multiple copies of a picture on a full page.  What HP application need me it, and how I put in place?

Hi Dore71,

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I see you try to print multiple copies of a picture on a full page.

I recommend you take a look at this web site. Picture printing: frequently asked questions.

Hope this information helps and have a great day!

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    I have a separate document for each week of the year, each document has a worksheet in it. I would like to print the worksheets in each document, but want to put more than one of them on a page. Is this possible? So far, I can only print each individual worksheet... Thanks for the tips!

    Hi pmgw,

    I don't know any way to print a table of two separate documents on a single page in a single step. There are several ways to do this using multiple steps.

    1. You can configure individual documents so that the tables you want to place on the printed page even alternate position on their leaves, 1 week at the top, 2 bottom, week 3 on top, etc.
      Two consecutive weeks can then be printed on a single page by printing the first, reinserting the page into the printer using the same orientation *, then print the second.
    2. Open the documents numbers during the two weeks that you want to print.
      In the second, select the table to print. Copy.
      Switch to the first. Click on an empty space on the map. Dough.
      Drag the table glued in position. Print.
      (optional) Select the pasted table and press DELETE.
    3. Open a document of 'Blank canvas' pages.
      Open documents from figures for the two weeks that you want to print.
      Copy and paste the table of each document numbers in the Pages of the document.


    Second printing works - Orientation: the best way to ensure that the document is oriented the same for the two rounds is to place a light pencil mark near the center of the edge of the paper closest to you when it is in the tray. After the first run, replace the paper in the tray with the pencil mark in the same position. U

    Table selection: to select an entire table, you can place the mouse pointer on an outer border of the table. When the pointer icon changes to a line crossed by a two-headed arrow, click to select the entire table. Or click the table icon in the sidebar (Numbers ' 09). None of these methods to select a table to move or copy.

    Or (once) click any cell in the table, and then press command + A to select all. Use this method to copy the contents of the table. When glued, the result is the same as copy and paste by using the first two methods.

    The use of the Pages: the advantage of paste tables into Pages is an easier control of the appearance of the printed page. If you do this often, I would say adding guides to layout of the document Pages indicating where to place both calendars, and then deleting the calendars (leaving the guides) and save the document as a template.

    Kind regards


  • How to download multiple images to d-base through a single page?

    I can upload a single image with a shape to my MySql database without problem.  It sends the name of the file to the database, and then saves the image in an image file.

    But now I want to download multiple images in the same way from the same PHP page.  Each multiple upload must be stored at a single record (the designated user who is connected).  I have a field for each image in the database.

    This can give you a better idea of what the database looks like:

    Username ID image1 image2image3

    So now, I want to download multiple images for each field of the image.  When it works properly, it should send the name of the image file in the appropriate field and then send the image to the folder of the image.  I have tried several ways with no luck at all.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you!

    I think you'd be better to have two tables in your database. One would be a users table that has all user data, including a userid (the primary key of that table), and the foreign key to another table. The second would be an array of images. You would use the images download table infinite (well, as much as the PB can manage) images. The thing is that each record in the table images would have a foreign key, which would be the user id for the user who has downloaded.

    This way your users would be not limited to three images but could download as much as you want to allow them. The association of the id of the user, which must be unique for each record in the users table (there may be duplicates, it should be your primary key on the users table), the user id in any number of records in the table of images is allowing this work.


    The users table

    user_id what L_Name E-mail other_info
    100001 first last [email protected] ...
    100002 What L_Name [email protected] ...

    Table of images

    image_id CBC user_id
    10000000001 /db_imgs/img1.jpg 100001
    10000000002 /db_imgs/img2.jpg 100001
    10000000003 /db_imgs/img3.jpg 100002
    10000000004 /db_imgs/img4.jpg 100001
    10000000005 /db_imgs/img5.jpg 100001
  • How to print multiple copies on a HP Envy 5540

    I'm running OS X 10.7.5. on an iMac. I recently bought a HP Envy 5540, connected wireless printer. It fails to print more than one copy at a time. I see nothing in the software or instructions to change it. Help please!

    It is not clear, put you number of copies in the boxes of Copies and pages?

    Can try this...

    Startup HD, (operation key shift key down to start), run the disk utility in Applications > utilities, then highlight your reader, click on repair permissions.

    All devices which appeared already in your list of printers and faxes list should be added again after resetting the printing system.

    Reset the printing in Mac OS X 10.5.x system +++

    1. To use the reset function of printing under Mac OS System X 10.5.x, follow these steps:
    2. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    3. On the view menu, choose Printers and faxes .
    4. Control-click on the printer list on the left side of the window, then choose "Reset printing system" from the context menu. If you don't see the list of printers, Ctrl-click on the text "click on + to add a printer or fax" and select "reset printing system...". »

      As an alternative, if you have one or more printers from the list, you can click the "-" (deletion of printer).



  • How to combine multiple copies of a form in a single pdf file?

    Learn new things every day :-)

    So, I am putting together a document "test plan". There are about 15 essays now, more to be added later.

    I started to write the doc in Framemaker (as usual), with the idea that I would like to add new pages when necessary.

    Well, after reading today, I decided to use InDesign instead to create a template for a simple test element.

    Generated a PDF file, ran it by 'Prepared form' Acrobat and voila!

    Wrote my first test, added a few buttons (links to related content), the drop-down lists, etc.

    Then... I went to add a second test element goes into the Page, and then click Insert page thumbnails Panel in the Panel menu.

    Chosen my shape model and received the message "no form fields that have the same name in the merged documents are now merged into one... you need to create a PDF portfolio...» »

    So, did this, but it's a non-starter for me, because in some of my test posts, I want to pop open a user attached to specific pages guide. In a single PDF with 20 test points, the pdf file contains just the attachment. In a wallet containing 20 pdfs (one for each test element), there would be * several * accessories, as well as a really bloated file.

    Then... Is there a way to merge multiple forms in a single pdf, somehow (I guess) automagically changing all the form field names to be unique?

    Help would be deeply appreciated greatly.

    I think I found the method in this post: Spawn page, PDF in Adobe X model, intervention #3.

  • How to print multiple images per page

    How to print multiple copies of a single image on a single page

    Duplicate the photo before you print it, and then select all copies, then use ⌘P to print the photo.

    To duplicate the photo select and enter the key ⌘D combination or use the menu entry "Image > Duplicate...» »

  • my iPhoto will not print multiple copies of a photo.

    I'm under o/s10.7.5 and iPhoto 8.1.2 version.  I've selected my photo and chose to print on the file menu.  I select the contact Board on the menu of the icon to the left of my picture. A small picture of my photo appears on the preview.  Layout page or column options had no effect and when I print only one tiny copy of my photo is displayed.  Of course, I'm in the middle of a project to date limit for which I need this feature!

    I have not use iPhoto 8 for a very long time, so do not know, is that it is valid.  With the current iPhoto 9.6.1 duplicate a photo as many times that the copies are required on the printed sheet.

    Select the copies, and use the Contact sheet available:

    Or use the custom layout and set the size to get the number of photos per page you want:

    NOTE: The key is to duplicate the image as many times as you need to get the number of images per page you want.

    This is how works the latest version of iPhoto.  I don't remember how iPhoto 8.1.2 manages multiple copies of a picture on a page.

  • OfficeJet 5740: Windows 7 Officejet 5740 prints multiple copies of Excel (2000)

    Nine Officejet 5740 e-all-in-one printer connected to the Acer PC under Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) SP1. Printer driver

    Will not print multiple copies of a small document (2000) Excel (128kb)

    Print large files PDF and Word and several copies, but not from Excel (2000)

    It will be wound up to two (maybe three copies) but displays only the first and then fails with the Excel error message "your file could not be printed due to an error on HP Officejet 5740 Series (network) on Ne01...". »

    Followed by the HP error message «Unable to communicate with the printer...» »

    I think it must have something to do with the way Excel print multiple copies queued several unique copies that print spooler one by one. It feels as if the spooler is being overwhelmed by the simple copies repeated being pulled on her by the Excel print routine.

    Any advice appreciated

    Greetings @tessdesigns,

    Thank you access the Forums from HP Support for extra support! I see that you have problems printing multiple copies of Excel. I will do my best to help you with this problem.

    The application you are printing from, go to file, print, number of copies, select 2. Uncheck the Collate box. You can now change the number of copies. Collate should now stay disabled.  Try to reprint the document of several pages.

    If the problem persists, perform a clean boot on the computer and disable the Antivirus software. How to perform a clean boot in Windows. Then try to reprint the multiple documents.

    If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "accept as a Solution. If you wish, to say thank you for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos. Please let me know the results. Good day!

  • Print multiple Copies per Page?

    All I want to do is print multiple copies per page.  I use the parameter "Borda (x 4)" in the Canon Print Studio Pro software.  I can see how in 6 of Lightroom, but my son is running only Digital Photo Professional with a Pixma Pro-100.

    All we get is just an impression in the top left corner of a landscape layout.  We use paper 13 x 19 and can print images of size on the paper without problem.  All we want is to print multiple copies of the same image on a single sheet.

    You can use My Canon Image Garden (free download)

  • OfficeJet Pro 6830: Can't print multiple copies with my new 6830 Pro of Officejet

    I installed my 6830 and have updated the drivers.  It is on my home wifi network and works well.   All functions work perfectly, but when I try to print multiple copies by selecting the number of copies in the print dialog in Adobe Reader, MS Word and MS Excel, all I get is a copy no matter how much I said.  (This is probably true of other software, too, but these are the only ones I've tried so far).  This makes print multiple copies very tedious.

    Why it won't print multiple copies, and how to fix it?

    Welcome to the HP community @JoetheGOM ,

    I read your post about how you cannot print multiple copies of your Mac 10.7, running to your Officejet 6830. I have some suggestions for you below!

    Try these steps in order:

    1. Reset the printing system
    2. Repair disk permissions
    3. Restart the Mac.
    4. Install the complete driver here: HP Officejet Pro 6830 e-all-in-one printer
    5. Repeat your impressions.

    If you cannot always make several copies, try posting this question in Apple Support communities.

    Have a great Monday

  • Cannot print multiple copies of Word or Adobe

    Cannot print multiple copies of Word or Adobe (although Notepad works very well, she accepts the demand for multiple copies)

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    This is the next thing I tried...

    HP Laserjet M1005 MFP printer

    Problem: print one copy and ignore the rest of them

    1 mopier moye... There is no mode mopier on my device

    2. adjust the printer to print directly.

    3 re install the driver

    4. update the firmware

    5 restart the spooler and in her service automatic setting

    6 deactivation of advanced print

    7. buy a new printer

    My new printer is Canon LBP 3300

    Problem: His little different than Hp, now when I try to print multiple copies, it does print none of them...

    The two printer works fine with other computers.

    Hi Nitin,

    You mentioned that the mopier mode setting is not available for the printer. You can check if there is a possible working storage?

    Here's how to find one:

    • Select StartControl Panel<>Printers.
    • Right-click the desired printer icon and select printer Properties.
    • Select the device settings tab.
    • Find settings for storage of the work at the end of the list. (Check if the mopier mode is available in this setting. This setting could also be under "Installation Options").
    • Change the settings for active to disabled.
    • Click apply and OK.

    Check out these links for other procedures for troubleshooting related to the issue:



    You can also disable ranking for the printer:

    1. Go to file > Print > collate box.
    2. Uncheck the box for the collate box.

    In addition, when you try to print a document, launch the document in administrator mode. For example: right-click on the word and select run as administrator of mode.

    Please let us know if the problem still persists.

  • Photosmart D 110: Print multiple copies

    When you print multiple copies, it takes a lot of time between the copies.  I'm queue and print immediately.

    Would like to have the copies to be printed one after the other

    reinstalled with the latest version of the software and it's fine woking Thanl you so much Bill

  • HP 4630 how to scan multiple pages into 1 pdf document?

    I am using Windows XP Pro and use a HP Officejet 4630 how to scan multiple pages into 1 PDF file?

    You can scan multiple pages into a single file using the HP software. See the section "How to scan multiple pages into a single file" under "How to scan with HP Software" in the document below:

    Note: The resolution must be set to 300 dpi or lower for the multiple page scans.

    I hope this helps.

  • HPC309, print multiple copies, even if only is selected.

    HPC309, while a printer, print multiple copies, although only is specified.  MOM has Windows vista 32 bit.  I had found the answer here for printer to my mother a few years ago, but think that my niece may have changed the settings I applied the solution that had been posted here.  The solution offered of course worked all these years and now must go MOM up and run again.

    I think it had something to do with the implementation of a HPC309 (2) or something along that line.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Uncheck the box "Enable bidirectional printing" on the C309 properties Ports tab.
    Go to the Printers folder - right-click on the printer - in the menu drop down, right click on printer properties

  • Cannot print multiple copies from Excel. Also impossible to update HP driver. The update of the Microsoft HP driver fails to install.

    Windows 7 + Office 2007 with HP 1200 LaserJet printer: unable to print multiple copies of Excel documents.  Also impossible to install the update from the HP Microsoft driver.  Windows Update indicates the updated driver available... but fails to install.  Everything was stable and works very well.  All other printing works very well (including multiple copies from other programs like Adobe etc).

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Hi Rolloutman,

    ·        What happens when you try to perform multiple copies of Word?

    1. to narrow down on the issue, I suggest you to print several copies of a Word document or notepad.

    2. provide the error message or error code for the problem to install the updated driver, follow these steps:

    i. Click Start, in the search box, type in update

    II. click on windows Update

    III. click view update history

    IV. double-click Update failed

    3. update the printer driver to manually. Steps to update the driver:

    i. click on start, type devmgmt.msc and then on enter.

    II. develop the printer and right click on the sub element and click on update driver.

    Link for reference:

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    You can also check out the link below:http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/DriverDownload.jsp?pnameOID=29790&locale=en_US&taskId=135&prodSeriesId=29789&prodTypeId=18972

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    How can I write a DVD blu - ray on a mac? I tried a blu - ray burner and (if necessary) the software to use. I found the BE14NU40, BD playback/BD write LG, but I don't know if it's Mac compatible. Can anyone advice a good burner + software?

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    Every few hours the video card from Nvidia will stop recognized on my Y580. The driver will say that there is no Nvidia GPU and Device Manager will have Standard VGA Graphics Adapter instead of Nvidia. This disappears when I restart, but it is very a

  • Close all files in sequence

    I need a sequence to close all files in sequence. I was hoping to find a method of engine as "CloseAllSequenceFiles". Unfortunately, this method does not exist. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this? Thank you Steve