HP DC5700 CPU Compatability


I realize, this is a bit of a difficult to place because it's a professional PC and so now, I'm not too offended if it is moved...

So yes I have this PC that originally came with a 1.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo, since summer becomes a bit slow in recent years, I've upgraded to a 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo, I took this particular processor as it was more than the processor spec listed on the list of specifications of HPs, I know that some of these machines can be very picky with the CPUs.

My question is this computer will play well with 775 alternative processors which are not on the list of support such as a Core 2 Quad or a Quad Core Xeon or is it pretty well nailed to those indicated on the support page?

The machine is a small factor form HP DC5700 running and labelled for Vista and using the latest version of the BIOs

The best place to answer geta on this will be to the the HP Enterprise Business forum.

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  • Re: Satellite L300D-242 - CPU compatibility list

    I was a big fan of toshiba with 3 in the House, but when I come to upgrade the processor, I hit the wall a little. I have the most up to bios date on my 242 l300d pslc8e-06H013EN and I thought I was not looking for a laptop, an upgrade of the processor was option right ahead.
    I tried a zm-82 amd dual core as an upgrade for my TR-42, but the system does not even start.

    Q. has anyone had a successful that laptop upgrade or is there a cpu compatibility list?

    Zm-82 was a tenner and I went back, but if there is a dual core I can slot, it is much cheaper to replace a good laptop.

    I look forward to see if anyone has any advice.
    P.s. I did research the dual core, it wasn't a random purchase.

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    Generally upgrade CPU on Toshiba laptops is not supported so there is no such list.
    What you can find is an official document on the CPU and GPU upgrade - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    From time to time theme on CPU upgrade is very real fact on this forum, that you can try to get such threads and try to know what other people write about. Do it with advanced search option.

    Let's see if anyone else has good experience with the upgrade of CPU on L300D.
    He must have a platform AMD, right?

  • G570 CPU compatibility list

    Hi, I'm looking for the list of Lenovo G570 CPU compatibility with HM65 chipset and socket G2. Lenovo's Poland cannot help me with this, because they do not have this list.

    Good day and welcome to the community.

    Take a peek inside ato your equipment manual: https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/Lenovo%20G470G475G570G575%20Hardware%20Mainenance%2...

    Parts list starts on page 71, and point #6 is called the CPU. If you go down a bit, you'll see the five processors initially offered with the machine.

    Hope this helps your search.

    Kind regards.

  • Mother card/CPU compatibility

    Hi everyone, I need to change my motherboard and processor, but I don't know anything. These are my choices, I need to know if the processors are compatible with the following motherboards, expecially with the 970 Gaming (I think it's the best). I just need to see the socket for compatibility?

    AMD - FX-8320 (Vichera-Piledriver) 8 Core 3.5 Ghz Socket AM3 +.

    AMD - FX-6350 (Vichera-Piledriver) 6 Core 4.2 Ghz AM3 +.

    MSI - map of socket AM3 + 970 a - G46 970 ATX AMD motherboard chipset

    MSI - card mother 970 GAMING socket AM3 + chipset AMD 970 ATX

    The other parts of the PC are:

    -12 GB of RAM Kingston 1333 MHz

    ASUS GTX 750Ti-

    -PSU Corsair CX700

    Is this compatible with the motherboard and processor overall?

    Thank you

    Hi Alex,

    As you mentioned that you want information on motherboards with your CPU compatibility. To be very honest with you we are do not have much knowledge about the material and asks so to contact the manufacturer and forums support because they are the best people who can guide you in the right direction and can provide you with good information.



    To check the compatibility of Microsoft you can check the link below.


    Keep us updated on the topic and do not hesitate to post your question on the forum if you have a problem with Windows.

    Kind regards.

  • CPU compatibility for vmotion

    Hello everyone

    We plan to virtualize office with a view.

    I have a server with 2 xeon E5620 CPU intel 4 c 2.40 MHz. I have to buy another server, but I can't buy the same. The other server have 2 CPU E5640 intel xeon 2.66 MHz 4 c.

    Is - is this compatible CPU for vmotion?

    I read vmware documentation on CPU compatibility, but I can't find the answer.

    Thanks for your help.


    You are welcome

    mark it as answered a we are good ;-)


  • With VMotion CPU compatibility


    only, we have installed a new esx server and now when I try to do a VMotion between my first esx Server I get an error, the incompatibility cpu ecx mask etc...

    I found the CPU compatibility matrix but I don't know that I understand... so I want a confirmation, please if my proc is compatible for Vmotion.

    Here are the 2 processors, Intel Xeon E5450 and Intel Xeon X 5650

    If it's not compatible what should I do? wait for a new version of Vcenter/vsphere? I actually use Vsphere/vcenter 4.00 update 1

    Thank you for answering this question!

    You said you have two hosts E5450. So why not Vmotion virtual machines to a host and then move it to the new cluster. In this way, you will see that it works or not.


  • R720 cpu compatibility list


    where can I find the latest cpu compatibility list, I have not found this doc that is not dell page



    The document on the link you provided is the most recent list of taken processors supported to date. The page on their site is actually just a copy of ours, which is located here.  It's good that the current list of processors.

    Hope this helps to answer your question.

  • Cannot install Windows 8 on Satellite L750 - CPU compatibility problem

    Why can I not install Windows 8 Preview of consumption on my Toshiba Satellite L750-22 x?
    I get an error of processor compatibility.

    Intel i3 M380 2.53 GHz


    The Internet provides some details on this error message.
    It seems that to install Win 8 CP the CPU must support PAE/NX/SSE2 features

    Never execute Bit ([NX bit | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NX_bit]) allows the marking of memory pages as non-executable.
    Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2) is an earlier standard that is supported by Intel and AMD CPU. This is why all processors that support NX would also support SSE2 too.

    Usually, this allows the XD (for Intel processors) or NX (for AMD) in the BIOS should disable this error message.
    But if it is not available in the BIOS, then either the CPU is not supported this feature or the BIOS does not support this option.

    According to the page Intel Ark Intel Core i3 - 380 M supports the Execute Disable Bit feature. So maybe the BIOS does not support this feature

    It seems that you have to wait for the new BIOS

  • T420 CPU compatibility

    I just bought a company ex T420 (love it!) but I think regarding the future - will be the motherboard support a 3rd / 4th generation intel chip?

    I'm not talking in terms of heat here, I know very little about the compatibility of the cpu chips. I do not plan to put in a very high technical robot, it would be just nice to have the features of newer processors.

    Any comment is very appreciated!

    Hello and welcome

    4th generation - no chance IMO.
    3rd generation - there's a chance if you're able to implement some new CPU in the BIOS firmware, yourself. Lenovo won't do.

  • HP Pavilion DV6529ea CPU compatibility list

    Hello world

    I am owner of a dv6529ea that uses an Athlon 64 X 2 TK-53 (p/n: AMDTK53HAX4DC) and I would like to upgrade the processor with the stalk as the Turion 64 X 2 TL-62 series (p / n: TMDTL62HAX5DM). Fit this processor? Is there a cpu for dv6500 series compatibility list?
    Thanks in advance



    Please find the link given below might help you. Check page viii & part number see page 21.

    HP Pavilion dv6500 and dv6600 dv6700 Entertainment PC Maintenance and Service of Guide

  • AMD CPU compatibility


    I have a question about amd processors. I want to replace my old with AMD Phenom ii Dual Core Mobile N640.

    I use hp 635 laptop and I still don't know if the processor is compatible with my laptop.

    I am looking for on the web but I can't find anything useful on this model.

    Please someone help me in my odd sentence.


    PS: (sorry for the bad English)

    The following illustration shows the N-series AMD processors compatible with your portable computer with BIOS support. The N640 is not supported by the BIOS. I suggest that you find a CPU N660 rather for better compatibility and less risk to your disposable income.

    Source reference: 635 Notebook maintenance & service Guide

  • CPU compatibility check


    Our data center has (2) 3 ESXi5 cluster DRS/HA of servers managed by VCenter5. I want to combine them into a single cluster. How can I verify that the processors in Cluster1 will be compatible with processors in Cluster2? In addition, if there is a compatibility issue, how can I determine which VCA option is necessary?

    Thank you


    To check the compatibility of the CPU, you can use Utility of Identification of CPU. http://www.VMware.com/download/shared_utilities.html

    For PowerEdge Server (DELL) for example http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/solutions/vmotion_compatibility_matix.pdf

    Fore more information:


  • Satellite C50A-1JT - need info from the motherboard to the CPU compatibility


    Where can I find the specyfication of the motherboard?

    I'm looking for information that processors can work on this chipset.

    Best regards


    To my knowledge, the laptop was equipped with Chipset Mobile Intel HM70 Express.

    More in detail which processors are supported by the chipset on the Intel ARK page

    But even if the chipset would support another CPU, BIOS cannot provide such support.

  • Satellite M50-252 - CPU compatibility

    Can someone help me know what CPU Satellite M50-252 (partnummer: PSM53E-02N00ZED) supports? It has a 1.4 GHz 400 MHz Celeron now... but I need to update! It's slow! :)

    Thank you! MVH qzan.


    I have goggled autour for some different models of Satellite M50 because especially the laptop series is supported by different processors. I found these compatible processors:
    ?? Intel Pentium-M Dothan 1.6 GHz, 1.73 GHz, 1.86 GHz, 2.0 GHz, 2.13 GHz
    ?? Intel Celeron-M Dothan 1.3 GHz, 1.4 GHz and 1.5 GHz

    I think that this CPU can be compatible but you know; a processor with a performance more to produce more heat and sometimes, this could lead to the automatically close down.
    This stop down happens due to overheating.

    So I think that no one will give an appropriate response if the laptop works stable or not.
    So you can be careful.

  • Compaq 500 b memory and CPU compatibility problem

    I have a Compaq 500 b MT, that came from the factory with 1 GB of RAM and a processor Intel Celeron E3200 CPU.  I upgraded my memory to two sticks of 2 GB Kingston DDR3 1600 RAM, which worked perfectly for a while.  I then upgraded my CPU to an Intel Pentium E6500 CPU processor (supported), and when the start he gave me a code beep RAM (1 short, 1 long, 3 second pause) error.  I bought 2 sticks of memory PNY thinking I have fried my other sticks.  Same beep code.

    To make a long story short, I tried all possible combinations of the two processors and the three types of memory. The only time wherever I could get the Pentium E6500 to start was with the factory installed 1 GB memory.  It would give errors of memory with any of the other 2 GB sticks, even when considered individually.  Celeron CPU works very well with them.

    Is there something that I need in order to get the E6500 working with sticks of 2 GB of RAM?

    When you updated the modules of memory did you some they are guaranteed compatible? This isn't an amateur PC equipped of a BIOS level that allows for flexibility in the choice of primary and secondary memory sync settings and take. This means that it is essential that one chooses to upgrade memory that meets the criteria specified in the image below. Otherwise, the way the easiest way to upgrade is to buy only compatible memory guaranteed of leading manufacturers of memory.

    When I search for Compaq 500 b MT I come with a desktop PC. Is this correct? You posted in the notebook section, perhaps by mistake. If you will check, I can move this correct place.

    Kind regards


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    My toshiba TV series 32PU200EJ unable to connect to the HDMI port,last week, it was OK, I use it just for the PS3 game.When I try to connect the HDMI to PS3 or laptop, it says "unsupported SIGNAL". ANYONE can help with this problem? Thanks :)

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    How can I reset BIOS password lost on a laptop HP 635 market? I get system off with the code 81346104 after 3 failed attempts. I tried several factory default admin password without success. Any ideas? pls help.

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