HP ENVY m6-1125dx: Beats Audio In/Out-put pilot missing AFTER Factory Reset/OfficeProgram reinstalling Windows


So about three months ago I had a problem with my HP mouse and browser. both were glitching on screen and does not allow me to type consistently or right-click (to copy, paste, etc.). After seeking help from technology College friends, HP reps (which were not useful since my ch isn't under warranty anymore) and work friends, no one would understand it. I decided to make a setting reset according to which did not help. Then, a factory reset. Finally, it fixed my problem, yay no glitching more! So I contacted Microsoft to reinstall my Microsoft Office. After I have reset a computer and everything was in order, I hung up with them. By attempting to play a video a few moments later, I noticed that my volume is not working. I tried through the Troubleshooting Device Manager (replied 'No audio device found'), by lifting missing audio drivers via the HP Web site (found nothing) and call Microsoft to see what they could do since HP reps no help. So far, no progress is possible except that Microsoft has discovered that he is no longer an audio in/out located on my device. This is absurd! My laptop was purchased 2 years ago for around $500 with award-winning special Beats Audio Sound System. I want to come back. I was forced to resolve the previous question myself and I wa slucky enough to find a way. But now, I am presented with an audio problem I'm afraid that I can't solve in my favor.

If someone who comes through my investigation has informed business and education with a solution to the please my problem do not hesitate to contact me with your advice and your credentials. I'm willing to try anything at this point, but of course not at the expense of my computer. Experienced responses welcome!

I hope someone can help me. Manager Microsoft is kind enough and plans to call me again today at 15:00. But, I really don't think there is anything else on our end that we can do. It's all HP to reinstall the audio driver Beats for me once again.

Thanks in advance.


I do not work for a hardware or software company. Since your machine drivers support site, available for Windows 10, only the drivers that came with your machine (for Windows 8). Driver for Windows 8 above should work as ask you 'pilot missing AFTER factoryreset/windows.

Kind regards.

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    Look in the box that was delivered with your PC being used and if the owner had created a Windows 8 password resets a USB flash drive or CD.

    If password reset media are not available, use external recovery support HP which should have been created on DVD or USB stick. You have the external HP recovery support?  Before using the HP recovery media, be sure to boot into the bios and disable secure boot and turn on legacy mode.

    If you don't have the external HP recovery media that her you should be able to start in the HP Recovery Manager and create the recovery media if it has not been previously created.

    If the tips above are not viable, then contact HP support and ordering a set of HP recovery disks.

    HP support number is 800-474-6836 or 800-HPINVENT or online here.

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  • HP Envy Phoenix: Disabling Beats Audio Sound card in desktop HP Envy Phoenix

    Here's my problem, my HP Envy Phoenix office above came with Beats Audio standard install, I installed a new card his SoundBlaster Audigy 5/Rx installed fine, but one of my audio editing programs says

    The output of the sound card could not be defined at this sampling frequency: 44100 Hz

    Either the device does not support this sampling frequency, or it is in slave mode and its sampling frequency cannot be changed by elements of WaveLab. So how do I know if my new sound card is running in slave mode and how do I change this? or maybe disable the card Audio Beats?

    Thanks in advance,


    SP60, welcome to the forum.

    Beats Audio should automatically be turned off when the sound card is installed.  However, you can go to the control panel Audio Beats and uncheck the "Set as default device".  You can do this with the recording device, too.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • HP ENVY 4 1070EL: Beats Audio crackles


    I have a problem with my HP Envy 4 (1070EL), which is equipped with BeatsAudio, whenever I have would be the option 'Beats Audio"of Control Beats Audio Settigs sound would develop more rich in quality, but it will make a crackling sound which makes me cut my ears of my head hahaha.

    With a little research I found that maybe it's a cable that is not properly insulated or dirty speaker and it started to happen just after I recived of warranty

    must I return again? warranty

    also my bluetooth driver appears as unknown device even after you install the appropriate driver and restart the computer

    I hope that this message is clear

    Hi @biolan,

    Thank you for posting. I read your post, and I understand that when you activate the audio Beats, crack you through the speakers.

    The Beats audio works just before?

    Please uninstall all audio drivers in Device Manager, and then run HP Support Assistant to install and update the audio drivers again.

    To the problem of bluetooth, you can follow the document below for troubleshooting.

    HP Notebook PC - setting up connections Bluetooth (Windows 7)

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Kind regards

  • Envy 17-k102nf Beats Audio software


    I installed Windows 7 (x 64) on my Envy 17 - k102nf (to replace Windows 8.1).

    I can't find driver AND software of Beats Audio for Windows 7 (x 64).

    Thank you!

    Hey @Maxcdr ,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you are looking for the Beats Audio software for your ENVY for Windows 7 64 bit laptop.

    The Beats Audio software is an extension of advanced drivers for the sound card software. You can download them here: driver Audio Realtek High definition (HD).

    Hope this helps!

  • HP Envy X 2 Beats Audio works is not after update 8.1


    Just updated to 8.1 windows and now my audio beats does not work on my HP ENVY x 2/tablet. I'm under the product name for the 32 - bit, windows 8.1: PC HP ENVY X 2, product number: C7F27AV serial number: 4CN312078X. Also my headphones do not work.


    Try to install the driver pack Windows 8.1 for your laptop on the following link.


    When the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    When windows has reloaded, if you still have no audio output, open windows control panel, open Windows Update, select "View update history" in the left pane and then select "Installed updates" link in the next window.

    Locate the KB2962407 update, right click and choose uninstall.  Once completed, restart the computer, open windows control panel, open Windows Update and select "Check for updates".  You will see the update that you have uninstalled just offered once again - right click and select "Hide update".

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • envy K220 nr: beats audio for windows 10

    After you have installed windows 10, beats audion is not entirely worked. Beats audio is present, but I can't enjoy the sound as it was before installin windows 10. It was working fine when newly purchased and windows 8 built in already. I installed almost all software audio, but in vain.plz help me to reinstall the beats audio entirely take I could enjoy original sound of bat audio.thx

    Hi, Shaw, how are you doing my friend?

    Please, run the hp support assistant and update all drivers and bios ok:


    I hope that helps!

    I would give a great kindness...

    If the question is clarified, mark my answer as "solved" and click the icon of the 'hand' to provide 'Congratulations' in recognition.

    Have a great week!

  • HP ENVY 15-K011TX: Beats Audio Driver & Software

    Beats Audio Driver & Software do not exist in software hp & download drivers. Please tell me where I can find it?


    As in my answer, it is in fact built on Realtek. On my machine

    with Beats Audio

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards.

  • ENVY 17 j141nr: Beats Audio driver gone

    I had problems with my upgrade for Windows 10 of 8.1 and the fix was to re - install Windows from a boot disk. Now that I did, the re - install appears to have removed all my for Beats Audio and a few other drivers (HP drivers for my biometric scanner, etc.). I'm not entirely sure where to go to download these drivers, or if they work with Windows 10.


    My computer will play sound on the speakers by the pad, but the Beats loudspeakers above the keyboard do not play good at all.

    I have reset the audio driver, but the Beats Audio driver is not found.

    You can download the drivers from this link:http://www8.hp.com/us/en/drivers.html.

    Note: If you can not find the drivers for windows 10 right now from this support site, you can download and install the drivers for windows 8.1.Most of them works also with windows 10.

    You will get Beatsaudio driver & software automatically when you install Realtek Audio Driver.

    [You can also get drivers from windows update, but you won't find that all Windows update]

  • HP Envy Phoenix uninstall Beats Audio

    I want to delete my 800-080 machine Phoenix audio Beats and replace it with a sound card. Anyone know how to remove it? Thanks for your help.

    Hi RtSledge,

    I understand that you want to uninstall Beats Audio to your computer of Phoenix 800-080. If you follow a previous posts on how to do this.

    From a previous post by DavidPK

    Beats Audio interface is installed with the IDT Audio CODEC, then try the following.

    Hold down the Windows key and press R. In the run box, type msconfig and press ENTER. In the System Configuration window, click the Startup tab, uncheck the box next to IDT PC Audio and then click on apply to apply the change.

    Then, open windows control panel, open Device Manager and open sound, video and game controllers. Right click on the IDT device and choose uninstall. You should also get a command prompt to delete the current driver, check the box allow this and then proceed to uninstall.

    Remainedthe mobile rt and Windows will load a driver of his generic.

    I hope this works.

    Thank you

  • HP Envy 2136nr: IDT Beats Audio - release system

    Hi, I'm having some trouble using Windows 8.1 with the latest audio drivers for my machine (8.1/64-bit Windows ~ sp63555). I did not notice problems when I installed it initially, but now, I feel the random system crashes when the machine is audio playback. For example, play youtube videos or a playlist of music it can freeze for 15 seconds when trying to play every three videos/songs.

    The verification tasks manager reveals that he, "Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation" the help of ~ 100% of my band hard drive bandwidth.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers but the effect is always the same. However, I noticed that using the machine without drivers HP I don't seem to have the problem more (but could not use the headphone or mic ports).

    Y at - it a newer version of the drivers that doesn't have this problem?

    I wanted to just come back and say, I finally found a solution to my problem (for someone else who might stumble upon this thread in the future).

    After removing the drivers IDT and Beats Audio of my machine software is uninstalled, it works now. It seems I missed uninstallation of software then the first Beats which caused strange behavior with the headphone/mic port.

    Actions Windows drivers work fine and I have more any stall or delays playback (Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation/audiodg.exe) system. The sound quality is more or less the same as before and the acoustic Panel now has access to the tab of the unavailability.


    Hi my name is ali majaz, I recently did a reset on my phone, because there was a sort of Malware or viruses, which froze my device just after startup, so I did a factory reset with HP Recovery Manager, now the problem is that all things are restored, but even after installing the audio driver, the high defination IDT and Intel(r) Audio display the sound does not work, everything seems perfect, AUDIO troubleshooting gives no error, there is no mistake anywhere, even the speaker in the taskbar icon looks exactly as it should be, but when I play anything, there is no sound, games, but I hear nothing, I tried all the tricks in the book , but nothing works, I chose speakers & headphones that my default device, but nothing works, no sound at all, no system sounds, no sound in youtube, I don't know what to do, I tried to install all updates but nothing works, I doubt there is a sort of breach of registry in my machine , but after resetting it should have disappeared, SO if IT YOU PLEASE help me


  • HP ENVY 1105dx m6: Beats Audio driver problems

    Hi I'm having is continuous when I go to listen to music, that the volume fade in and out by itself it starts off normal then out of nowhere the volume will drop or fade on what going on with the speakers of the laptop itself and when I plug in a cord to the laptop of a stero system I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers recommended , but the problem is still the same, any help would be great

    Hi @Giiligan93,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I see that your sound does not work on your laptop HP m6 1105dx WANT.  Here is a link to help fix the increase or the Volume down distorts the Audio. After your finished the sound of troubleshooting, restart the laptop.

    I would like to know how this happens.

    Click on thumbnails to give me a five Kudos top, just to say thanks for trying.

    Thank you.

  • HP Envy TouchSmart j003TX Beats Audio not work

    I recently my phone drivers and bios updated the software updated, HP Support Assistant, because I've upgraded to Windows 8.1. Suddenly, my laptop goes to a BSOD whenever I play games like Crysis 3, etc. I discovered that the problem was on the new Intel HD Display driver for Windows 8.1, then I went back to previous drivers for Intel HD. That solved the BSOD problem. But, I just noticed that I can not access the control panel of bat, and whenever I try to open it, a pop-up message indicating, "IDT Audio from PC has stopped working" suddenly pops out.

    Please help me solve this problem. I tried to install/reinstall drivers Audio IDT, even tried on the old drivers of win8, always returning to nothing does not...

    Thank you!


    Try this one... Uninstall the existing drivers and install it from the link below


  • A buzzing and crackling sound w / HP ENVY Sleekbook 4 Beats Audio

    Product name: HP ENVY Sleekbook 4 PC
    Product number: C2K72UA #ABA
    64-bit Windows 8

    I've had this laptop for only a month, and it was going well until a few weeks ago, when he started to make this hum whenever I listen to the music or watching youtube videos. He emits a hum sound and accuses the audio for a second.

    The sound was rare at first, but then lately my laptop did the sound hum frequently to the point where I just put the audio mute.

    I did the HP Support Assistant, and everything is up-to-date.

    I also reinstalled my driver.
    My audio drivers are:
    High Denfinition Audio CODEC IDT (I reinstalled it)
    Intel(r) Audio display

    I also hear the hum when I plug my headphones too.

    This may sound weird and you would never think to make a link between a hum and a wifi card driver, but the original poster marked this resolved, and said the driver solved wireless installation. The post is linked below.


    Locate the driver for your card wifi here. You can find on which driver you need by pressing the Windows key + x simultaneously and selecting menu display the network adapters in Device Manager.

Maybe you are looking for