HP mini 311 power outlet problem

When I need to recharge my HPMini311, I have a terrible time keeping the decision-making load current, and the little light will usually disappear until I find another job, usually standing my Tablet open on its side. Any solution other than having the power jack has changed?


Doesn't look good.

You need to remove the keyboard, WIFI, palmrest then the motherboard.

The Jack is on the underside of the motherboard.

Not easy, but it can be done.

I'm sorry.


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  • Hp mini 311 power on password required computer

    Need power on password for computer hp mini 311. The code is 67846704. Thank you


    Enter: 78724320

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP mini 311 computer: how to determine my power on password I keeos system disabled 51135022

    I forgot my administrator password or power on password for my hp mini 311-1037nr and now it says system off 51135022 so how I had to find my password you help me please


    Enter: 44893004

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Mini 311 is blocking video playback on network

    I have a HP Mini 311 1000 - NR netbook running Windows 7 and it crashes into a video game on the network. It last a few seconds, the video locks, sound gets stuck, then he comes back and plays very well for a while. I should also note that when this happens the HARD drive led is solid, and the computer is completely insensitive.

    This happens when playing Standard and HD video of all formats, avi, mkv, etc...

    This occurs by ethernet and wireless. Ethernet is managed through a switch and bypasses the router.

    The same videos work very well when played on the local hard drive.

    After plugging the power cord makes no difference.

    Set the power plan to high performance makes no difference.

    I tried to play video files of multiple network shares on different PC with no changes, so it may not be a problem with the host computer.

    All the drivers and software are of course aware.

    I'm out of ideas.

    Uh, I said nothing about online games. Did you even read my ad?

    Anyway, I solved the problem. It turns out that the driver for the Nvidia SATA controller was the issue. Manual installation of the microsoft driver that some windows fixed my problem.

  • HP Mini 311 - should I flashed my BIOS?

    I have a HP Mini 311-1037NR (the product number is VBM262UA #ABA).   My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

    The question more simply: should I FLASHED my BIOS?

    I just started using my HP MINI again after a year of rest.  I did all Windows 7 updates that can be done.  I was even dedicated to device drivers and updated all those requiring updates.

    Thanks to Provost User DavidPK, I identified a stack as error being the external battery.  I ordered the following and (Amazon says) it should arrive at my home on or before February 11.  Then, I'll be able to use it without a power cord (yay!).  Looking forward to that.  THANKS, DavidPK!

    Now, I'm trying to decide now if I should update or FLASH the BIOS?  It can be risky, I understand.  So, I wonder if it is a gesture that would be the rishk?  I certainly don't want to update something on my machine just to say that I've updated.



    Good to hear the battery is on the right track

    What about updating the bios, my personal opinion is that this should be done only if the update fixes a problem you already have, or adds features that you need.  Otherwise, if everything works well, I'd recommend flashing with a new version of the bios.

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • HP Mini 311 - HP battery alert - main (internal) (601) - error at startup

    I have a HP Mini 311-1037NR (the product number is VBM262UA #ABA).   My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

    When I start my HP Mini 311, I get the following message:

    HP battery alert

    The system has detected the following battery storage capacity is very low.  For optimal performance, this battery will need to be replaced.

    Battery (internal) (601)

    ENTER - continue starting

    So my questions are:

    First of all, what exactly is the problem here? After that I Googled, it would seem that the problem is NOT my external battery, but my battery.  Which battery is need of replacement?  Has it a name?

    Second, is there a user guide out there that could help me with the process of replacing that someone can provide a link, or least send me the page that helps me?  Is there a YouTube video (even better)?

    Third, what exactly is the part number of the battery that needs replacement and exactly where can I get this (how much $$ it cost)?  This issue is important because I can be able to know how to replace the battery, but without the possibility to buy a replacement battery, I'm still dead in the water.

    Fourth, my HP Mini 311 dies just when I unplug the unit.  A remedy for the above question will remedy this issue?  I really enjoy using my little HP Mini's, I prefer to be able to use it without a power cord.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Hi Tim,.

    No problem and it is certainly wise to check a response.

    I would say that you posted your question to the correct Board.  It is generally preferable just post once on the relevant map.  I agree that the term "internal" causes unnecessary confusion.

    Here is a link to your & Maintenance Guide.

    Yes, I am sure that the 601 error code refers to the main battery of your laptops (602 is a failure code for machines that have a secondary storage unit).  Interestingly, there is no code generated for an RTC battery fault - error or one in the diagnostic test built for her, than the usual symptom of the system clock reset after each stop.

    There is also a document from HP about alerts on the following link starter battery.


    Best regards

    DP - K

  • Verizon HP mini 311-1037nr wireless WWAN modem disabled

    I had my mini 311-1037nr since November last with no real problem. Last week you think I went to connect Verizon's network and he said that the wwan device has been disabled. It does sometimes, and usually all it takes, this is for you to turn on/off the modem to reset. Well this time it does not. After shooting to the top of the HP wireless assistant, he says that the WWAN had been disabled in Device Manager. This led to me spend many hours pouring through the Device Manager, as well as other elements of control panel that would help and I had no where. In Device Manager, the WWANN is not yet listed. I'm starting to assume that drivers I've screwed up and need to be redownloaded, but before I did I just wanted to make sure that I was not on something obvious... and I don't want to ruin my computer still having two copies of drivers installed. I'm not the most skilled person when it comes to the comp but I know enough to understand my way... any advice on this issue would be more useful... and thank you very much for your time.

    Daniel Camino

    OH WAIT WAIT-WAITING bit lost here... Here is some information I need... So after installation Coordinator (Hope VZAM has been uninstalled and the system has been restarted), the power indicator is red, so you'll need to click on it to peripheral power... you who don't? I'm sorry, I think I missed that part...

    Here is the link for the driver and software, you will need...

    ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp49001-49500/sp49338.exe - HP connection manager
    ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp47001-47500/sp47439.exe - Qualcomm Mobile Broadband drivers - Gobi1000
    ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp45501-46000/sp45963.exe - Verizon Mobile Broadband & Qualcomm Gobi1000 Driver Software

  • Battery HP Mini 311-1037NR on windows 7...

    Hi need someone help my problem, my HP Mini 311-1037NR is that on Windows 7 ¨ % use of battery never appears time to use the battery, I have updated the bios to the latest version of the F16 and continue, I have another computer HP Mini 210-2120BR and its seems OK on Windows 7 Starter energy Manager! my Mini 311-1037NR use the original Windows 7 Home Premium. what I need to solve this problem?


    Wait for the solution

    Your HP Mini 210 features of a software Utility HP Power Manager installed shich shows the battery life depending on the time remaining rather than age %.

    You can install the same link below utlity that would give the same functionality on your laptop Mini 311


    Another way to display the time remaining on the battery icon is to install BatteryBar


  • When I change the battery on a power outlet, Firefox is empty, I close firefox, the "do you want to close" box is empty, too.

    I can't change current alternative to battery without incident. When I change the battery on a power outlet, Firefox blinks several times then turns off. To close the browser, I click on the 'X', which fortunately remains, and that the box "you want to close" is empty also. I hit enter and Firefox closes. I reopen and select restore previous... and I can continue. Just something I've ever known, do not know how to fix it. Sometimes, if I reduce the browser (""-"") at the top right before plugging in my diet, I can work around this problem. Sometimes he waits until I have maximize the browser, and again, it flashes and turns off anyway.

    Hello numberonejason, this is perhaps a problem with hardware acceleration. try updating your graphic driver, or in the case where this does not resolve the problem, disable hardware acceleration in firefox > options > advanced > General.

  • HP Mini 311 - portable closing before closing down - right or wrong?

    I have a HP Mini 311-1037NR (the product number is VBM262UA #ABA).   My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Basic question: I was able to I close/close my HP Mini 311 before STOPPING Down Windows 7?

    I just recently 'brought to life' my HP Mini 311.  I remembered from a difficulty, I lived and I wanted to put out there for comments and suggestions.  I have a laptop from Apple as well.  I can use it and close it and use it and close it, without actually stop it.  When I open it back up, it's just where I left.

    When I got my new HP Mini 311 I used and then closed without first closing of Windows 7.  I seem to remember that he does not like do me that.  It is important, of course, I could be somewhere where I leave quckly and want to just close it and go (i.e. "the library is about to close. Please bring your books Checkout... »).

    What is the process?  Is this just a fact that I need to stop Windows 7, whenever I want to close the top?  Or I have to configure something that would allow me to just shut it down?

    Thank you, Tim

    Hi Tim,.

    The easiest option might be to put the laptop 'Sleep' when the lid is closed - you can set it as follows.

    Open windows control panel.  In the upper right corner of this window, next to ' display:' choose large icons in the menu drop-down.

    In the new list now displayed, select Power Options.  In the following window, in the left pane, click "choose the closing the cover.  In the next window, next to "when I close the lid:' choose the sleep option in the drop-down menus for both"on battery"and"Plugged in"."

    Click on the save changes"" button.

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite A50 power on problem

    I have a satellite A50 produced in 2004. I was getting messages flashing up on top of the problems of critical battery despite being connected. Finally the computer lost all power. Now it is quite dead, and I can't make it work on the power supply. I removed the battery and plugged, but still have no power. There is no light on any name that is not in hibernation. It seems that some internal fuse needs to be replaced, or something that prevented completely from the power of work. I have changed the fuse in the plug and tried the power outlets alternative. Any ideas?


    Maybe there is a problem with the electronic power supply.
    In this case, the motherboard should be replaced.
    But you should ask Toshiba service to find the fault.

  • Flash HP mini 311-1037n blue screen.

    Im trying to fix my friends computer hp mini 311. I replaced the hard drive with a 500 GB hard drive and installed windows 7 ult 32 x hard disk using another computer. It works fine in another desktop computer. Now, when I put it in the HP mini itll briefly begin to load windows then flashing blue screen and reset, then produced to bring up the repair of the system. I have run the repair of the system several times and when I hit finish it a few repeats itself (attempting to loading windows). Please help me if you can.


    I see that you encounter a problem starting the laptop computer. Now, if you went out hard and tested in another laptop and it works very well, most probably the motherboard gives you the BSOD.

    You can try and test the drive in the BIOS so that we can be 100% positive that the hard drive is not the culprit here. Start Notepad, and then press F10 to access the BIOS. After accessing the BIOS follow this document if you can't reach the BIOS then I would suggest contacting HP@8004746836 or get a local technician to take a look at the motherboard.

    Let me know the results.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


  • Upgrade memory for HP Mini 311

    Good evening.

    I am struggling with this problem for a long time, I hope that I am knocking on the right door this time.

    I have a HP Mini 311-1037, s/n: {removed privacy}, p/n: UNKNOWN (the sticker is white here, no number given), I need to upgrade the memory (RAM).

    I read on the specifications it takes and I aknowleged I could buy a slot SODIMM PC3-8500 of 2 gigabytes, so I did, I bought this machine slot Kingston KVR1066D3S8S7 / 2G but... IT DOES NOT WORK! The computer does not start with trendy.


    I need you guys to give me some advice on this, I need to know what I did wrong, BUT, more important, I need to know what the good memory to buy, and if possible, where can I buy it at the Portugal.

    I hope someone can help me as soon as possible, my gratitude will be immense if my fix of get.

    (Excuse me for my English is not perfect).

    Best regards


    You are the very welcome, Nuno.

    I don't know who would be perfect.

    See if you can get one of them where you live...




    Otherwise, download the equivalent module of Kingston PC3-1333.

    Just make sure you get PC3-10660 or PC3-10666.

    It must be PC3-10600

  • HP mini 311, reinstalling Windows Xp computer

    Hello I am new to this forum, I am trying to reinstall windows xp on my hp mini 311-1000NR after formatting it. It cannot continue after loading the drivers because it does not find my sata HARD drive. I searched all over the web I don't find much help on the mini 311 on account of its new market, in any case, I tried all that I even made a copy of my xp cd and slipstreamed on sata drivers to. I'm totally lost please help someone. Thank you

    You have the ION platform, I don't have any experience with the ION platform, but strong posibility you sata/raid driver problem. try sliptream Nvidia sata/raid drivers as provided in the attachments.

    Sliptream that the two files with Nlite, not sure it will work, please report to help others.

  • Mini 311 does not start if the usb device is connected

    Hey, I just bought a HP Mini 311 and everything has been great so far except for this issue.

    Whenever I try to start the Mini 311 with my receiver Logitech wireless mouse connected by USB, the netbook will just freeze on the HP Logo.  When I unplug the USB dongle, it starts very well.

    I hope that someone would know how to solve this problem?  I tried to find a way to fix it by the BIOS, but so far nothing's worked.  Thanks in advance!

    Hi guys I had problems of CAs with my mini was diging place difficult. The problem is in the BIOS. This is so a few "patches" for bios or smth. Eventualy steals my mini, no booot or other problems so far. IM using F04 BIOS is a bit.

    OK, is the link for more info: http://myhpmini.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=2898

    Let me know if this helped.

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