HP Mini 311 is blocking video playback on network

I have a HP Mini 311 1000 - NR netbook running Windows 7 and it crashes into a video game on the network. It last a few seconds, the video locks, sound gets stuck, then he comes back and plays very well for a while. I should also note that when this happens the HARD drive led is solid, and the computer is completely insensitive.

This happens when playing Standard and HD video of all formats, avi, mkv, etc...

This occurs by ethernet and wireless. Ethernet is managed through a switch and bypasses the router.

The same videos work very well when played on the local hard drive.

After plugging the power cord makes no difference.

Set the power plan to high performance makes no difference.

I tried to play video files of multiple network shares on different PC with no changes, so it may not be a problem with the host computer.

All the drivers and software are of course aware.

I'm out of ideas.

Uh, I said nothing about online games. Did you even read my ad?

Anyway, I solved the problem. It turns out that the driver for the Nvidia SATA controller was the issue. Manual installation of the microsoft driver that some windows fixed my problem.

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  • 2014.0.1 update blocks video playback

    Since downloading the update of 2014.0.1 , my video playback will run for about 30 seconds and then systematically will freeze the right of the image before moving on to the next item. Audio continues to play in the next clip, while the frozen frame is on the screen.

    Yesterday, a member of the Adobe technical support team did the following:

    -increased le available in preview to 13 instead of 11 GB RAM

    -changed my Renderer to: Mercury Playback Engine Accelerator GPU (OpenCL) instead of mercury only playback software

    However, this did not prevent the problem from happening.

    Change the resolution in the monitor of playback of full, 1/2 or 1/4 does not solve the problem either.

    Everyone knows about this problem?  Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    System Specs:

    Apple iMac 27 "(mid 2011)"

    Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz

    16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

    AMD Radeon HD 6970 M 1024 MB

    (Local) 1 TB SATA drive

    4 TB Lacie Thunderbolt RAID (external)

    10.7.5 OSX (11G63b)

    Care about the software:

    Adobe Premiere Pro 2014.0.1 CC

    8.0.1 (version 21)

    Minimum system requirements  "Mac OS X v10.8 or v10.9.

  • Video OK but sound does not go to the TV when connected HDMI on HP Mini 311 with XP.

    Video OK, but the sound does not go to the TV when connected HDMI on HP Mini 311 with XP. Has anyone experienced and resloved this issue and can share with me.  The solutiuon provided in the manual does not seem to apply to the Mini 311 model that we use. Help, please.


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    How to get his TV using HDMI cables?

  • Media Center crashes during video playback of need to hard reboot.

    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated as this has been driving me crazy for several days of attempted troubleshooting, Googling, try many things to fix it... first of all let me apologize in advance for the length of my post but I wanted to give as much information as possible to help anyone trying to rule out things...!

    OK, so the problem...

    I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit as a clean install on my HTPC, after the first do a complete 1 & 0 format of the hard drive that had previously installed Vista Home Premium, installation went well and I proceeded to install all updates to Windows, and then update drivers for all my hardware.

    The system is used only as a HTPC, it's my only TV and video playback device, (so reliability is essential for me) and it is connected to a defintion of Sony, 44 "Widescreen Rear Projection TV Standard, via S-video, with audio goes to a system DD/DTS 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Logitech z5500, via a sound card by using the optical cable (specifications of the complete system below).  The system worked flawlessly more of one year using Vista SP1 32 - bit, until I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate on the hardware configuration identical.

    Since installing Windows 7, it worked fine for the first week, not a single problem, I am housebound are disabled so that the system is in continuous service 24/7 and he had no problems in the first 10 days, however all of a sudden I'm getting now random freezes requiring a hard reset , but it occurs during video playback of any of my 3 hard disks, or when you try to play a DVD in Media Center. Which led me to think it is associated video (problem of driver or hardware fault) card, disc or HARD associated.

    Frost can occur sometimes, after a few minutes of reading, or sometimes after a few hours, requiring a restart of the hard to get the sytem to answer.

    Reading of the TV via the TV Tuner card is not affected, its only when playing of stored content (MPEG2, h264 .mkv .avi files or DVD) are all media SD HD and all played fine for the first few days.

    Intermittent freezes occurring could block the system completely freeze the image and audio and all activities, nothing would work at all, I tried windwos keyboard, ctrl alt del, nothing at all, to do a reboot hard to recover the system, it can then be either minutes or sometimes an hour before the same thing happens again. I tried to use different video files in the case of the corruption of files, different DVD to exclude damaged disks, same result.

    System includes:

    1. Map - mother ASUS M3A32 - MVP Dlx, Socket AM2 +, 790FX/SB600 chipset, BIOS v.2003
    2. Operating system - Windows 7 complete edition 32-bit Retail (clean install, all the Windows installed updates)
    3. CPU : AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core @ 2.6 Ghz (stock)
    4. RAM - 4 GB Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2-800 5-5-5-15 2T
    5. Graphics card - ASUS Nvidia 8800GTS @ settings inventory 320Mo
    6. Sound card - card of ASUS Xonar D2X PCI-E
    7. Card TV Tuner - Hauppauge PCI-E WIN - TV Nova S more DVB - S directly connected to the flat outer of satellite, with remote control IR IRBlaster
    8. Player - optics Sony/NEC Optiarc DVD - RW Labelflash
    9. HARD drive 1 - (Startup disk) Samsung Spinpoint 160 GB SATA II
    10. HARD drive 2 - (Only for TV recordings) Hitachi 160 GB SATA II
    11. HARD drive 3 - (Storage media) Maxtor 1 TB SATA II
    12. Netwrok adapter- EDIMAX PCI 54 g Wireless Adapter - uses a RALINK driver
    13. Keyboard1 - Logitech Dinovo Mini Bluetooth wireless keyboard
    14. Keyboard & mouse 2 - Logitech MX3200 wireless mouse/keyboard combo
    15. Speakers - Logitech Z5500 5.1 Digital Surround Sound via Toslink optical cable connected to the ASUS Xonar Sound Card S/PDIF optical

    All the material above has had pilots upated since the sites of respective manufacturers, including BIOS of motherboard, chipset, graphics card, network card, sound card, card TV, keyboard (Logitech Setpoint) etc... etc...

    Initial added after Clean install software:

    1. Internet Security - Comodo Firewall v.3.13.126709.581 (updated daily since installed)
    2. Antivirus - Alwil Avast Professional 4.8 v (update daily & daily analysis of all local drives)
    3. Browsers: Firefox v. 3.5, Google Chrome
    4. MCEBuddy v.1.1 - for automated video Conversion of MCE .wtv smaller file size .avi TV recordings

    All of the above software has been installed by using the latest available versions downloaded from the manufactuer sites, which claim to support Windows 7 and all have been updated regularly since its installation.

    I have tried many of the suggestions I've seen posted to try to solve this problem, including:

    1. Uninstalling and reinstalling Media Center and WMP
    2. Disabling subtitles in Media Center
    3. Disable unused mobo onboard devices in the BIOS
    4. Update BIOS
    5. Updated all drivers
    6. Disabling Control Panel Nvidia PhysX
    7. Disabling the Enhanced Sound features for reading devices
    8. Run CCRegistry cleaner
    9. Run many Virus scans nomral mode and safe - no problems found
    10. Don't run the Checkdisk on all HARD drives - no problems found
    11. Run the SeaTools Diagnostic tools for HARD drives - all disks HARD discover OK
    12. Tried playing files AVI of HDD separated to avoid a HARD drive problem - same problem occurs on all readers
    13. I tried change graphics card for an ATI HD4850 with the latest ATI drivers - same problem.
    14. Tried to change the audio output S/PDIF instead of Xonar Soundcard onboard - same problem occurs
    15. Tried the Windows 7 repair facility - problem persists.
    16. Tried to uninstall all updates of Windows -same problem
    17. I tried the system restore to before the occurrence of the problem started - no help
    18. tried to re-downlaoding all hardware drivers updated and re - install in the case of a corrupt driver download - no chance even problem

    Essentially none of the abvoe helped to solve this problem, and it becomes really frustrating to have to restart the PC again and again trying to watch a recorded video file or DVD.

    After remove all the above I can only assume that it is a problem with Windows 7, needing a fix of the millisecond.  At least I think that I've exhausted everything I can try... ???

    With what is my HTPC, if I can't perform reliably, I have to reinstall Vista, Vista was not the best OS, but at least it was reliable for me in terms of my HTPC.

    I was really eager to get Windows 7, I used the RTM version on my netbook for some time before I made the decision to purchase the full retail version for my HTPC, and never had any of these problems with my installation of netbook that I used for playback of media files from an external USB HDD.  So I'm really disappointed to have these problems after doing all that I could to make sure that Windows 7 would work OK.

    If anyone can give me any suggestions of what I can try, anythign I can too watching, or if someone has hada similar problem and found a solution for him... Please, please, post more details, because I am really at my wits end now and have to resort to watch the recordings on a 10.2 "screen of my netbook with some speakers of the small laptop usb, after spending so much money on my system and surround sound Setup HTPC, its devastating to think that I'll have to go back to Vista...

    Absoultely ANY suggestions would be appreciated...

    Thanks in advance for any help and once again, I'm sorry for the length of the post, if there is more information needed I've not provided above, please let me know and I will try to publish as soon as POSSIBLE...

    After the forum of scouring and reding of countless discussions, it seems, there is some sort of problem with Media Network Sharing tha could be the cause of this problem, as many people have reported that disabling wmpnetwk.exe in the Services.msc solves the problem.

    It's not an ideal solution for me, as I have a HTPC in the room that I play media from the main HTPC downstairs and all the hype MS seemed to suggest that Win 7 is it is much easier to achieve, and has been one of the main points of sale used in one of their commercials for the operating system.

    This my MS you need to pay attention to this problem and work towards a solution and allow users to know when the solution has been provided, probably have a service that must be disabled to let the operating system work reliably is quite counterproductive.

    Nobody seems to answer my post above with other suggestions and wmpnetwork.exe disable workaround was published last November, all the while still there is no permanent solution...?

    EDIT: Just to confirm this wmnetwork.exe Netwrok disabling media sharing in the services, as well as disabling the media streaming in the Netwrok Sharing Center > advanced sharing Options, solved the constant crashes for me.

    So all the MS speak of 3rd party drivers for the cards video and other material or material defects are to blame, it's total BS, the only problem is to do with Windows and Windows Media Sharing, lets hope, they decide to do something to fight it... !!

  • iOS 10 video playback stops working until you restart

    I have an iPad Mini retina, and since the upgrade to iOS 10.0.01, a short period of use causes videos to stop working.

    Videos in Safari, Chrome, YouTube etc. appear in the cache (saturated with progress on the top bar), but no response to play. The first image of a video appears, but only in the form of static image. I am able to change the static image displayed by rubbing them at any point in the video, but playback will not occur.

    The only thing that allows video playback is again restart the device (apps force closing, locking and unlocking etc. doesn't help).

    Hello, Sunkai!

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I understand from your post that you're having trouble playing videos on your iPad mini; the video will start but will be stuck as a single image, as if the buffering and never take back (at least until you restart). I mainly use my iPad for watching videos, so I know it's important that they play in fact; I'm happy to help you!

    I have some troubleshooting I can offer to you. Before you begin, create a backup of your iPad using iCloud or iTunes, following the instructions here: How to back up your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

    Once you have your backup, try the following steps, in order. A video test after each step and will stop when the problem is resolved.

    1. Make sure your iOS software is up-to-date. In the last week, iOS 10.0.2 came out. Use the following article to get help update: update the iOS on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch software
    2. If this happens on a Wi - Fi connection, try restarting the network you are using from the router or the modem (if possible). If it is a private (for example, your home network) WiFi network, try to remove all the devices on the network, then by simply adding your iPad in return.
    3. Try a different network.
    4. Reset the network settings on your iPad under settings > general > reset > reset network settings. This will affect all personal data (like your photos, contacts, calendar of events, etc.) but it will remove saved passwords, and Wi - Fi networks one previously used settings APN or VPN and all paired Bluetooth device.
    5. Restore your iPad settings, following the steps described here: use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to factory settings

      Once the restore is complete, configure the iPad as a new device (i.e. without using the backup that you created earlier, at least temporarily). You can sign in iCloud, iTunes and App Store, iMessage and FaceTime with your Apple ID test then a video.

      If the problem is resolved, you can restore your backup by the information here: restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup

    Have a great day!

  • HP Mini 311 - HP battery alert - main (internal) (601) - error at startup

    I have a HP Mini 311-1037NR (the product number is VBM262UA #ABA).   My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

    When I start my HP Mini 311, I get the following message:

    HP battery alert

    The system has detected the following battery storage capacity is very low.  For optimal performance, this battery will need to be replaced.

    Battery (internal) (601)

    ENTER - continue starting

    So my questions are:

    First of all, what exactly is the problem here? After that I Googled, it would seem that the problem is NOT my external battery, but my battery.  Which battery is need of replacement?  Has it a name?

    Second, is there a user guide out there that could help me with the process of replacing that someone can provide a link, or least send me the page that helps me?  Is there a YouTube video (even better)?

    Third, what exactly is the part number of the battery that needs replacement and exactly where can I get this (how much $$ it cost)?  This issue is important because I can be able to know how to replace the battery, but without the possibility to buy a replacement battery, I'm still dead in the water.

    Fourth, my HP Mini 311 dies just when I unplug the unit.  A remedy for the above question will remedy this issue?  I really enjoy using my little HP Mini's, I prefer to be able to use it without a power cord.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Hi Tim,.

    No problem and it is certainly wise to check a response.

    I would say that you posted your question to the correct Board.  It is generally preferable just post once on the relevant map.  I agree that the term "internal" causes unnecessary confusion.

    Here is a link to your & Maintenance Guide.

    Yes, I am sure that the 601 error code refers to the main battery of your laptops (602 is a failure code for machines that have a secondary storage unit).  Interestingly, there is no code generated for an RTC battery fault - error or one in the diagnostic test built for her, than the usual symptom of the system clock reset after each stop.

    There is also a document from HP about alerts on the following link starter battery.


    Best regards

    DP - K

  • Mini 311-1000NR. I lost after updating the Bios, NVIDIA graphics. I only have the standard VGA graphic

    I have a HP Mini 311-1000NR with Windows XP. After installing the update of the Bios I don't see NVIDIA video image. Instead of him, I am only the standard chart of VDA. I downloaded the driver and reinstalled but it installed only HD Audio not the NVIDIA graphics driver? How can I solve this problem? Can someone help me please?

    The problem is resolved. I installed Win7 Pro and after installing SP1, I got the graphics from NVIDIA.

    I can install the most recent driver that I have dl the NVIDIA web site

  • Flash crashing and video playback/Streaming problems

    Recently did a reinstall of Windows 7 and have experienced problems with Flash and video playback in general. Questions may or may not be related. I have not detected problems with the opera and so I think that these are problems of Firefox. 3 major video sites that I use are (HTML 5 player) YouTube, twitch.tvand Crunchyroll.

    (1) flash very quickly and systematically accidents

       * Specifically noted when viewing streams on twitch.tv
       * Often crashes within a minute, almost certainly within a few minutes
       * Crash logs provided below

    (2) reading crashes

       * Occurs on all 3 sites
       * On twitch, stream freezes (but Flash does not crash). On YouTube, loading circle comes up and video freezes
       * If this occurs on twitch, Flash less likely to officially crash

    (3) volume cuts

       * Occurs on all 3 sites
       * If this occurs on twitch, Flash may still crash after
       * I've had volume issues with my system in general, with volume occasionally cutting in gaming programs, such as League of   Legends and Hearthstone. That being said, I do not experience this issue with Opera and this only occurs on video playback in Firefox.

    Flash Crash IDs:

    Attempts at Solutions:

       * Disabled hardware acceleration in Flash
       * Reinstalled/Updated Flash and (I think) made sure there is only one version of Flash
       * Reinstalled/Updated Firefox
       * Cleared cookies/cache/other stored web data
       * Updated all drivers

    I wouldn't stop using Firefox as my preferred browser and works fine on all my other devices, but if the problem persists, I'll have to. Any help or insight is appreciated!

    Unfortunately, I have tried all fixes of cor - el without success.

    However, I started to use audio drivers Realtek instead of Microsoft and everything seems to work more smooth. Will update later when I did several tests.

  • Video playback stopped working in Firefox until I DISABLED the plugin of primetime content decryption module

    From one day to the next video (youtube, Vimeo, etc) stopped not working in Firefox. I checked my plugins/addons and discovered the plugin Adobe "primetime content decryption module" which I had not noticed previously had been installed. I've disabled the plugin and found that the video playback was still functional.

    I realize the Primetime plugin is intended to facilitate playback of certain content (DRM), which would not otherwise play with Silverlight/Flash plugins, but unless that I turn it off it's actually prevents me from normal video content playback.

    As this is a Firefox/Adobe plugin suggested I prefer it to work as expected rather than disable/remove it.

    colmacc said

    From one day to the next video (youtube, Vimeo, etc) stopped not working in Firefox. I checked my plugins/addons and discovered the plugin Adobe "primetime content decryption module" which I had not noticed previously had been installed. I've disabled the plugin and found that the video playback was still functional.

    I realize the Primetime plugin is intended to facilitate playback of certain content (DRM), which would not otherwise play with Silverlight/Flash plugins, but unless that I turn it off it's actually prevents me from normal video content playback.

    As this is a Firefox/Adobe plugin suggested I prefer it to work as expected rather than disable/remove it.

    A quick update to my problem noted above (maybe I should try this first)

    I ACTIVATED the plugin once more see if it would cause video playback yet, but everything seems to be ok now (IE, Primetime plugin is activated and all videos play normally)

    Will report if the problem arises again

  • something blocking videos

    I'm looking for advice set a Web site that does not display the videos for me. The site is sunnewsnetwork.ca. In my view, NoScript blocks videos but am not sure how to solve this problem. It is the only site that I can't at this time.

    Keep in mind that some of your other extensions, such as Adblock Edge, Ghostery and DoNotTrackMe, Bluhell Firewall can also affect how websites work, and not all sites are compatible with HTTPS everywhere. Isolate the specific culprit may take a long time and if you've enabled all the logical candidates in NoScript menu, I wouldn't invest too much time chasing after that one.

  • Sparks (noise) on video playback

    Just noticed this - probably began sometime in the last few weeks - video playback is quite 'noisy '.

    The same files play fine on other machines.

    Has anyone else noticed this lately?

    Ah... seem to have difficulty - in fact one of these Nvram resets...

    (off tension, restarted - then at the start-up tone, until a second start-up sound hold cmd-opt-P-R)

  • Get heet even during video playback online

    MY iPhone 5is getting heet during video playback online

    It is normal for an electronic device get a little warm with use, but should not be too hot.  If it's not too hot, take a go-Genius Bar or visit you local Apple authorized for this extract. https://locate.Apple.com/country


  • Spectrum of HP 13-3004tu Ultrabook: video playback choppy after you install the latest video drivers

    I upgraded my video drivers (Intel high definition (HD) Graphics Driver place) for my Ultrabook 13-3004tu of the spectrum and after reading so online video (YouTube, videos on the sites of integrated information ect) play jerky and the sound is distorted. He was going well until I downloaded the new driver.

    Hello @kiwifruit28,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I have read your message and understand that after updating the graphics driver, your spectrum HP 13 - 3004tu Ultrabook there are problems with the video playback. Here is a document to help solve this problem. Here is a link to HP hardware Diagnostics where you can test your hardware for portable computers. Alternatively, you can do a System Restore to a point before the end of the update of the graphics driver.

    Thank you.

    If this post helped you, feel free to click on the thumbs up!

  • HP Mini 311-1037NR: Windows 7 ISO?

    Okay so here's the scoop. A time, that I decided to take one of my old phones and dual-boot Ubuntu on it. While his part Ubuntu worked after installation, the part Windows kept crashing. I tried to recover, but it fails every time. Frustrated, I decided to forget it and just wipe everything and reinstall Ubuntu. After doing this and messing around with other Linux distributions, I want to return that has my computer to its former and reinstall Windows 7 on it. How could do to get a version of a Windows 7 ISO OEM. I tried to install an ISO from Microsoft directly, but they said that the product key entered was for OEM and so I needed to contact you guys.


    There is always the possibility to buy a Kit of recovery here.



  • Portege R700 - problems with video playback with resolution more 360 p

    I have this problem of video playback on the first day. While for example on YouTube, video resolution than 360 freeze while the sound is ok.

    I contacted Toshiba whereby I had a linke for the bios and latest drivers. After the upgrade question persists. Sometimes I get a green screen by watching the video flash as well. I guess it's a hardware graphics card problem. Any ideas? Thank you! (Portege R700 19 L, win7 pro 64)

    Do you have this problem in full-screen-only mode or in full and normal mode?

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