HP Officejet 6500 wireless printer

I have wireless internet service, so I have a router that is connected to my desktop computer.  Can I send a document to my printer wireless to my lap top?

I searched but am unable to find that whatever this is posted probably because I'm not properly worded.  (My apologies if this has already been discussed and answered.


Thanks a lot Guy Wi - Fi!  Print documents from my lap top!

I wasn't sure I would be able to follow your instructions, but once I started it is child's play!


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  • HP Officejet 6500 Wireless printer prints blank pages. I have new catriges of ink in the printer

    My printer HP Officejet 6500 Wireless age of one year is printing pages bland, even though I just replaced my all ink cartridges.

    Here's a link below that can help you with this problem.


    Let me know if this can help, thank you.

  • Officejet 6500 wireless printing problem

    Hello. Last week I got an Officejet 6500 Wireless, used. (toll-free from a friend)

    Last week, I installed a new black ink cartridge. Yesterday I printed something for the first time and it worked very well. Today, I sent a print order for five pages to a single page text document (no color on the document). The machine three copies fine, then the last two are out stained as if the ink was running out.

    I went out the black cartridge and it shook a little, used a can of air to eat the area where the cartridge fits inside the printer and I tried again, but now I get only blank pages! Does anyone have an idea of what could be the problem?

    I'm sorry you have a problem with the printing of blank pages. It could be a couple of different reason.

    The print head may need to clean or replace. Sometimes the cartridge needs to be cleaned.

    Print a self-test page and see if you get white pages.

    Here is a link that can help you with the sense of emptiness.


    Here is another link that will provide assistance with the print quality. I would like to know if it is useful.


  • How to connect to the HP Officejet 6500 wireless printer

    I recently bought the printer portable officejet 6500 from costco. Initially, I have it connected via a USB port on my laptop and follow the instructions in the CD. I also activated the wireless to the printer. Now, I'm trying to connect to the printer from my office laptop. I have not installed anything on my office laptop. I went into Control Panel, printers and tried to add this printer. I'm assuming that, given that the printer is already selected for the wireless, I thought that I'll be able to see that when I add a printer. When I tried to add the printer its asking me a URL. I tried to get the printer Network Setup page portable officejet 6500, but the URL does not work. I need to install the CD that came with the printer portable officejet 6500 on my offcelaptop to make it work? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    @hanleyn, I'd be happy to help you with this problem.

    You will need to go to your settings of the printer.

    1. Select network settings.

    2. Select the wireless configuration wizard

    After perform you these steps, you need to get on the computer and to update the IP address. (It would occur on the printer on the Network Configuration Page).

    Then go to the computer.

    1. click on Start Menu

    2. Select all programs

    3 select the HP folder

    4. Select the name of the computer

    5. click on the IP ADDRESS UPDATE or wireless configuration.

    6. put the new ip address in the place.

  • My HP OfficeJet 6500 wireless printer prints slowly with very long breaks during printing...

    I saw a very old post on this but no solution so I'll try a new position.

    Also, I'm not sure I'm even barking to the top of the tree on the right.

    My PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and is up-to-date with all the updates.

    Recently my Officejet 6500 a more printer E710n-z began to print very slow with long breaks and, in some cases, falling output and in other cases simply do not print.  If I print the various printer and cartridge of test pages from the printer itself, they have long breaks but seem to finally print correctly.  I've been playing with that try to circumvent the problem as long as I'm not really sure print the (from the front of the printer) are always correct.

    I uninstalled the printer and all its associated and software reinstalled using the latest download available on the HP support site, but it made no difference.

    After sanding my teeth to a measure of costly troubleshooting, I bought a set of completely new and installed HP cartridges.  Once again, no difference.

    You don't know if it is a herring or not but when I printed him using both iPrint from my iPhone, as well as the HP ePrint feature email, while still having the very long pause he eventually print a text message only correctly.

    Finally, on the first time I printed the properties/test page it printed the HP, logo, displayed while the ink was drying for what seemed like a minute ago, powered form to another page, delayed for awhile and then printed broadband nonsense, form fed once again, and after another long break printed what appeared to be the upper third or the word Windows.

    Sometimes when printing from the iPhone, it will display a low ink message - even if it has a new set of cartridges HP - and sometimes the PC displays an error saying: he can't communicate with the printer.  Can I still access the printer with the function of Windows printer or HP web access so clearly the wireless network connection is still viable.

    What do you think?  This old printer a year and a half has simply turned into an opportunity to mimic the famous scene copied from office space?  Or has someone else observed or experienced this and knows how I could solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance for help you what can offer?


    Redmond, WA

    Thank you.  The article that you included was one of the first I found when I started researching this issue.  I also found articles on other uninstallation methods, as well as to remove and clean the printhead - everything I tried.

    Only, the printer is connected to the wireless network.  The power is connected directly to a wall outlet that I follow for the level of tension and the power used.

    The problem seems to be resolved now.  If she does not return to its recalcitrant ways in a few days, I will consider this closed.

    Here's what I did...

    I was trying to uninstall from the control panel.  I noticed that when I would get the ini file, read all entries in the menu 'Start' mistake had been removed, but immediately after recognizing the error it would make it back to the starting point and put everything back the way he found.  I tried to use the Task Manager to kill msiexe point of error, but it could still roll back.

    Then, for who knows what reason, I tried running uninstall directly from the menu start.  This time, when he stopped and I killed the uninstall process, he stayed collapsed.  I then used the Fusion driver to remove any HP printer drivers that followed RevoUninstaller Pro to find and remove all files followed by CCleaner to clean the registry and associated registry entries.  I'm not advertising or advocating, these are just the tools I've used.

    After a reboot, the printer seems to be [finally] completely gone.  I installed the software again and this time it seems like it should be and [so far at least] works properly as well.  I do not think that I messed up [voluntarily] with this printer because I bought a few years ago.  I don't know what caused it, but it seems that I had several instances of competitors or software drivers in layers.

    I made a clone of the disc and then tried again to uninstall the printer.  Even if it was just after a successful installation and a reboot he would always leave with the same error "Unable to read" in the same place.  The error code in the case where the file is the same as that used by other systems for "not enough contiguous disk space.  I have 384 GB free on a 1 TB drive and Norton reorganizes the disk every week so that the error number can be a distraction, but I have yet to find something better to inform me.  What initially may also be why the restore will not complete successfully or the other.

    Ah the joys of PC ownership.  You have to wonder how many PCs get retired every year simply because the owner has not been enough tech-savvy and pay someone else's expensive with no guarantee of success.


  • OfficeJet 6500: wireless printing capability lost with 10 Windows

    I recently updated two laptop computers for windows 10.  Initially, the two were able to connect wirelessly to my printer Officejet 6500.  Both have lost this ability after two weeks.  A third bought with windows installed 10 also connected wireless laptop at first but has lost this ability.  The pc seems to think that the printer is offline or disconnected or turned off.  I downloaded the latest software of the printer and the installation cannot find the printer or does not accept the IP address on the Configuration Page of HP ( network.  Network diagnostic stage think that the printer's IP address is  Turn on the printer and does not solve the problem.  HP Print and doctor Scan was without help.  Printer has full function when it is connected via a USB cable.  I tried most of the recommendations I could find, but none helped.

    Just an update.  The problem is solved itself.  All three laptops found a wireless connection to the printer without additional action by myself.

  • do not tray or glass HP Officejet 6500 wireless print

    Printer is not tray or glass image capture. The new page goes through the printer very well but it is empty. Print many of the computer.

    Hi RT47,

    Which of the following is your printer?

    HP Officejet 6500 - E709n wireless all in one printer
    HP Officejet 6500 - E709q wireless all-in-one printer

    Do you get any error messages?

    Try to do a Hard Reset as described in the folloing link.  Click here  Y at - it change?

  • HP Officejet 6500 Wireless print with black ink

    HP Officejet Wireless 6500 won't print with black ink. This printer as worked perfectly for years. Now, all of a sudden, he leaves by using black ink. All other colors are working very well. Any ideas?

    I tried several cleanings and reset by pressing on # and 3 when turning the power on. Nothing works, but the ink levels are declining due to all the cleanings trying to get this thing to work.

    I have it!

    I have searched all over the internet for a solution to this problem. Some people have the right idea, but not how to implement it.

    Problem: Black ink doesn't print all colors print but not

    Reason: for black print head is clogged.

    Implementation of solution:

    Set 920 ink jet cartridges in cartridge print head which is held in place by small arm on the right side of the ink cartridges.

    1. remove all the ink cartridges. I didn't want them to dry, so I wrapped them in plastic wrap.

    2. lift the arm and remove the print head cartridge.

    3 rinse the WHOLE print HEAD under a stream of water. I know it sounds crazy, but it will work. I thought it was best to rinse all the (not only black) because if I did not then the ink left any color would dry up and clog in any case!

    4. I leave the printhead to dry for about an hour, BUT IT DOES NOT WORK. When I handed the printhead my 6500 gave me an error message that it could not find the head of printing or something like that. I thought I ruined which was the risk I was willing to take. I went online and searched for a replacement at low prices. I immediately ordered it. But I have excluded the old printhead to dry just in case it is water which made it unnecessary.

    5. four days later I received a new printhead. Before I opened the package I tried the old an new AND IT WORKED! First, I installed the old print head cartridge, then each of the inks. After having done that, the 6500 did the rest. He went on a very long print head cleaning and alignment. He gave me the message "Please wait. Printer preparation occurring. »

    6. when the cleaning and alignment end it automatically prints a test page. It didn't look perfect the first time, but it was close. The message I got was, 'success. Alignment with success. Recycle or discard the printed page. Press Ok to continue. "The problem was that the ink cartridges were emptied of this whole process, even though they had about half of the ink when I removed them left. I changed the ink cartridges and did a cleaning and a level 2 cleaning and alignment. It worked!

    7. because I could not return the new printhead that I am now in case of failure of the print head for another reason.

    I don't know how long it will take to dry print head after rinsing but I know works of 4 days. Perhaps a few days would have been sufficient. If someone does and less time please let others know here.

    If you don't have success using my method, at least you know it will solve a new printhead. I paid about $35 for a new.

    Good luck!!

  • HP Officejet 6500 Wireless - printer installation failed to complete the

    I have the installation of the printer with a static IP address and a Linksys WRT310N router. I am able to connect wireless from a desktop running Windows 7 PC. Then tried to install on my laptop Dell also runs Windows 7, with software firewall disabled, but the Setup program does not complete.

    The measures taken are: run the add a peripheral Officejet icon from the desktop, select the wireless option in printers network found it shows my printer with the good IP and MAC, then I select him and click Next, run Network Diagnostics shows then goes to the installation of your screen of the printer. The green progress bar goes all the way through and says 100%, but then says "printer setup failed to complete. Clicking Retry done the same thing, then just closes but no installed printer.



    I had the same problem on my two computers to Vista (x 64) and 7 (x 64).

    I manually configured address ( on my printer (OfficeJet Pro 8500).

    In part, I installed current drivers (OJP8500vA909_Full_14.exe), but had the same problem as you:

    the printer has been detected but not installed. I had the same helpful error ' printer setup failed to complete «...»»

    Strangely, I could open the printer info web page to my IP address (, for the config network was good.

    Here is what fixed the problem for me:

    -Open the computer

    -Click on network

    -must be registered with your printer

    -Double-click it, and then click 'continue' if he asks you to do

    This will start an installation of the driver. When it is finished, try to rerun the original installer or click the icon that was placed on your desktop to complete the installation of the printer.


    After uninstalling printer of subject and try to reinstall using the start for printer software, I was not able to complete the installation.  After reaching step 4 on 4 set up your product 96%, the message "Fatal error during Installation" appeared. I tried the diagnosis not recommended and used the doctor printing & scanning without success.  I uninstalled and reinstalled several times.  I also tried to download the software to install it on the HP website.  I can do basic printing, but I can't scan or use HP solutions and cannot use some Quicken printing features.  I have not had any problems with the printer before you uninstall.  I uninstalled because I was experimenting with a new software of greeting.  My operating system is Windows Vista-32 bit.

    Hi there glendia,

    This article should cover the problem you are experiencing. Give the steps described under the specific error, you get a shot and let us know if it helps.

    Good luck!

  • HP Officejet 6500 Wireless: Print - stream paper and sounds right but nothing on paper.

    Recently the summaries printed and everything was fine.   Replace the ink cartridges and now when we try to print something, the flow of paper into the printer and sounds like its printing but nothing does not appear on paper when it comes out.  When printing e-mail, it will display the title (to, from, subject, etc.), but nothing in the body of the e-mail draws.  I aligned the print heads and cleaned the print heads, but still nothing. Any ideas on what could be the problem?

    After I replied that the attempts did not work, I tried cleaning and aligning the printheads again. This time, it worked like a charm. Thank you very much for your help, you have my sincere gratitude without end.

  • OfficeJet 6500 e709: printer carriage stuck far right - no. paper jams

    Hello community,

    Recently my carriage of the printer on my HP Officejet 6500 E709n simply ceased to pass on the right side. I turn on my printer and he came with a message of paper jam.

    I checked and traveled all Paper Jam troubleshooting steps and the steps to move the printer, nothing helps.   said videos and done all suggested steop nothing helps.

    The last thing I printed has 3 addresses on envelopes. I have placed all three envelopes in the tray at the top of a stack of paper that was already there. The first envelope print, while the second has picked up two envelopes - but printed on the top - except, I noticed the corner of the return address, although entirely in tact, had a small spot of ink. I replaced the third envelope and it printed fine.

    Please, can someone help me solve this problem?

    @JohnnyBones, welcome to the forums!

    I read your post about the question of jam of transport that you are facing with the Officejet 6500 Wireless printer. I understand that you have already tried the recommended troubleshooting guides, I posted below, does not.

    The following suggestion I have would be to ask to HP directly to see about having the printer repaired or replaced. If the issue was fixable, the troubleshooting steps should have helped!

    1. One "original jam: clear jam and press OK"message for HP Officejet and Photosmart all-in-One Series Printer.
    2. "A 'carriage jam' or ' 0X610000F6" message for HP Officejet 6500 (E709a) and 6500 wireless (E709n and E709q) all-in-One printers

    Join our technical support to the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. http://WWW8.HP.com/us/en/contact-HP/WW-contact-us.html

    If you like my answer to your concern today, click on the thumb to the top below!

    Best wishes!

  • Can't scan on my HP officejet 6500 Wireless after upgrading to Windows 7

    After the upgrade to Windows 7, I can't scan on my HP Officejet 6500 wireless printer.  I can print from my pc using the wireless feature, but I can't access the solutions Center where to access the scan function.

    Since you say that you upgraded to Windows 7, you need to download and install the following hotfix that corrects some problems with the HP AIO devices during the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7.  You can also check this thread, "HP Multifunction printers do not work after upgrading Vista to Windows 7"

  • How to print on my hp officejet 6500 wireless from my ipad?

    When I try to print with my ipad via airprinter I get a message "No Printers Found AirPrinter", I have a HP officejet 6500 Wireless, what should I do?

    Hi Gynmom,

    I see that you experience problems printing from your iPad to your printer.  I would like to try the following steps.

    1. unplug the printer and the router for a minute.

    2. turn off your iPad.

    3. connect the router to the top.

    4. wait another minute plug printer upward.

    5 turn on iPad.

    6. try to print again.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • OfficeJet 6500 wireless needs of solution for the damage to the print head as possible.

    I have recently change ink in my all in one printer officejet 6500 wireless and now it has an error message indicating that the print head is damaged. Please help me I have a paper due soon

    Hi tlawsonfrancis,

    Officejet 6500 what model do you have (E709 or E710)?

    If you get an error on a bad printhead you can try to remove the printer and then turn the printer without it in the cycle. Wait for the printer to you asking to reinstall. If you continue to receive the error you can contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836, and they can helo you buy a new print head for your printer. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region please click the link below to get help from your region number.


Maybe you are looking for

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