HP-Pavilion iq500.uk: HP Touchsmart IQ 500 hdmi upgrade.

I recently had Virgin Media visit to change my box V + for a Tivo, they couldn't because my HP Touchsmart IQ500's doesn't have HDMI ports can someone advise on what to get and any other update I may need the IQ500 works well otherwise... See you soon... Dave.



The following link shows its specifications:


You cannot add internally so please try the next option:


Note: You can buy a similar and cheaper.

Kind regards.

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  • Pavilion dv6-3225dx: laptop fails to boot after upgrading RAM.


    Recently, I tried upgrading my laptop RAM 8 GB which is max you may have to wait. The RAM sticks were (x 2) DDR3 4 GB Samsung 1600 12800 mhz 1.35v. The system has detected the new RAM, showed the new memory and even spent the memory test. But this isn't the windows startup. I tried to clear CMOS. But without success. Do not let me windows. BIOS version is up to date (F29). Is there any setting for this?

    Thanks for all the help!


    Please see this discussion.  It must be very picky about what memory you use in your model series...


  • HP Pavilion 500-311no: the hp Pavilion 500-311no upgrade

    Hp Pavilion 500-311no desktop PC, I bought a few years ago and now I feel like I would get some more power out of it then is it possible to upgrade this computer. I use mostly this pc for a game so what I'm looking to upgrade is the gpu. It seems that the motherboard supports the latest grphics cards and I think they should also fit the case. Incase of replacement parts, the power supply needs to be replaced probably as well. Also overclocking motherboard support and how the overclocking and replacement parts affect warranty?


    You have some positives on your side:

    PCIe available x 16 slot 3.0.


    Your chassis will limit the duration of the update of the graphics card.

    You have only a 300 Watt power supply.

    Most of the HP motherboards cannot be overclocked. I have a processor Intel 4820 K. HP offers limited overclocking abilities with this processor.

    Check the measurements on the existing power supply.  A diet of 600 runs most new graphics cards high-end. NVIDIA cards tend to require less energy than equivalent AMD cards.

    Check the height of the rear panel input/output where the x 16 slot is to determine the maximum length of a new card.

    Shop for a new card graphics and power supply when you know your limits. The high-end cards are usually double slot. Make sure you have room to install a card double slot. You need to be able to burst a second plate of input/output rear panel to install a dual slot graphics card.

    Modular power supplies reduce tangles of cables in the chassis.

    See you soon!

  • Office Pavilion 500-281: upgrade of processor and graphics HP Pavilion 500-281

    I just bought this HP Pavilion 500-282 3/15/15.  I would like to upgrade from the intel hd graphics card 4400.  Also, I would say to install the I3 I5 4130.   How hard would that be? I upgrade the BIOS?  The power supply is 300 Watts.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    [Personal information]

    HERE IS THE SPEC PAGE for this unit.  It lists the processors i5 which will work with the motherboard, just scroll down.

    The intel hd graphics card 4400 is part of the processor but will be promoted to the Intel HD Graphics 4600 (GT2) with any of the i5 processors listed.  If more than one upgrade is necessary, you should know that food can be a problem and the graphical upgrade with Intel onboard graphics is somewhat a problem, too.  Be very sure, through research, that works in the motherboard video card to the study. (Pegatron Memphis-S)

  • HP Pavilion 500-164, upgrade the video card.

    I replaced the power supply in this area for a graphics card into the PCIE slot. I put a Nvidia 9600 GT in the box, not changed no settings, tried to start, and I get no bios and 6 beeps. Any advice?

    Based on specifications, your desktop HP Pavilion 500-164 has been bundled with Windows 8 installed and has a feature called 'Secure Boot'. You must DISABLE "Secure Boot" and ACTIVATE the standby mode 'legacy' in the BIOS before the computer will start with the nVidia 9600 GT installed.

    Please, remove the video card, make changes to the BIOS and turn off the computer. Then, reinstall the video card and turn on the computer. Your problem should be solved.

    Please see Computer Does starts is not after the installation of a videocard (Windows 8) for more information on the subject.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Desktop HP Pavilion 500-223w: upgrading my video card

    I have a desktop HP Pavilion 500-223w with integrated graphics card intel. I want to install a 3d ready geforce graphics card in the pci expansion slot. How can I disable the integrated video card? I went to the bios Setup, but has not seen something on the video card.


    When you add a video card in this model, the integrated graphics card is automatically disabled as it is on most of today's desktop PCs.

    If your PC came with the factory W10, you need to change two other BIOS settings.

    See this guide for what settings change... This applies to every PC comes with Windows 8 or newer installed.


  • HP Pavilion 500-326na: upgrade of power supply for HP Pavilion 500-326na

    Last year, I bought a HP Pavilion 500-326na. I now want to update its graphics and to do this, I need to power level. I want to upgrade to a CX500, but the specs say that his current power is "external". I don't know what this means, and indeed, I don't know if I will be able to upgrade. I see no reason why I shouldn't be, but everything I've seen only offers assistance on internal types.

    Thanks for any help.


    Look at the power supply cord.  If you have a device of black brick similar to those for portable computers, then you have an external power supply. PC with external cannot be upgraded with the installation of an internal power supply as a Corsair CX500 according to HP internal.

  • Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n028ca: graphics upgrade

    Wouldn't be possible for me to update the graphics card for my laptop, and if so what types would be compatible?

    Serial number: 5CD33852Q1

    Product number (P/N): E8A77UA

    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)


    No, you can't upgrade graphic on your machine. You need to replace the WHOLE motherboard (= purchase new machine). Please read the mnual from your link, it is clearly stated on page #1:

    The processors are attached to the system board (means soldered to the motherboard)

    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion 500-559na: upgrade to i5 to i7 processor

    Hi, I recently bought a 500-559na for games desktop computer and want to upgrade the processor and graphics card. Currently, I have an i5 - 4460 and concentrated on processors i7 with 1150 taking online and wonder if they adapt and work? and if possible that someone have the specifications of the mobo here?

    Thank you guys

    Purplehaze031, welcome to the forum.

    This is the page for Specifications of the motherboard of the computer.  Look at the "Processor upgrade information" section for the processors that have been tested to ensure they work with the motherboard.  Processors with a 'K' will not work.  The 'K' means that the CPU can be overclocked and HP does not allow for this to be done.

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  • HP Pavilion 15-b162sl Sleekbook Hd for 500 GB SATA3 SSD upgrade

    I wanted to ask if the model object supports a hard drive of 500 GB SATA3 SSD, more I wanted to know how to take recovery on the new disk partitions, so you can still take advantage of the restoration of the system from the bios.

    Thank you for your support.

    Here is the Service Manual:


    See Page 56. Replacing the hard drive on this model is more difficult than the ordinary laptop. You must remove the whole top cover.

    If you want to transfer partitions on the new drive, you must make a clone. Acronis True Image Home works very well and has a fully functional trial version of 30 days to www.acronis.com.

    You will also need a usb adapter to SATA for this and you need to do a sizing partitions unless sure that you don't try to do recovery or system partitions very small or certain things like Windows backup will not work.

    Post back if you need help most. Yes, you can certainly use a 500 GB SATA III SSD. Personally, I have a Samsumg 840 Evo 512 concert in my own laptop.

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  • Smart Pavilion Touch 14-n056sa: Touro Hitachi 500 GB portable drive will not work on Win 10

    Before I updated to win 8 to 10 to win my Hitachi 500 GB portable hard drive did Touro worked to make a backup of. Now, it won't. It shows in the Device Manager and in the backup and support (windows 7) in the Panel, but in the latter there is a red x against it and "Save now" is grayed out. It won't work at all. Is there a way I can get to work rather than buy a new one?

    Hi Visruth - for a period of time you were kind enough to help me with my portable player that wouldn't work after that I downloaded Windows 10. I have no joy in time, but in the latest edition of number Computeractive 475 11 to May 24 to 70 page there are instructions that worked for me.

    1) click Start, type diskmgmt and press enter

    Sheet 2) in the portable player and take note of its name

    Law 3) click on the white space beside where the Portable Player is listed on the bottom of the screen

    4) click New Simple Volume to open the wizard

    (5) for the opening of the wizard, click on next again, and then click Next and choose a drive letter from the drop-down list, then click Next

    (6) select "Format this volume with the following settings.

    (7) select NTFS in the 'File system' drop ' then by default from the "Size of Allocation uniy" dropdown and select "perform a quick format.

    8) click on 'Next' and then 'Finish' to format the partion

    Once the player has completed must appear in the file Explorer.

    Hope this helps some other folk and thanks once more.

    Can you recommend ComputerActive - they publish no end of useful tips.


  • Pavilion dv5-1203em that has a 500 GB HDD 5400 replacement WD5000BEVT-60ZAT0

    Started making grinding noises and worried it will fail soon. I backed everything up and make incremental backups every month or the major software update.

    I found this page which has examples of readers for the dv5: -.


    I got the laptop computer upgraded with 8 GB of RAM and it is both power-hungry and becomes very hot requiring leaving space for ventilation.

    I have a few questions: -.

    1. I would of course get the model 7200 / 16 MB fast, but my laptop BIOS will support this, and this will lead to even greater consumption of energy and the heat generated?

    2. you would recommend sticking with the 5400/8 MB that I know will it work?

    3. I don't see the 1203em in the list of models supported, is there a compatibility list or can any point where it shows it IS supported?

    4. the model I have seems to be original HP Italy so I'm having a lot of trouble finding any hardware spare parts - can anyone help?

    Thank you to all those who respond

    I use the Western Digital Scorpio Black series in both my HP laptops, I have heat problems, they seem to go very cool and 7200 RPM

    Any Sata laptop hard drive will work as long as it's 750 GB or smaller, drives 1 TB are thicker and do not fit in some bays of hard disk in several notebooks,.

    I like BEKT of the Scorpio black models, they are not as advanced, compatible with multiple operating systems


    If you want Advanced Format then go with the BPKT, these work well with Vista and Windows 7 but are kind of a pain when installing with XP.


  • HP Pavilion 500-214: upgrade HP Pavilion 500-214 Office for games


    Thanks for the reading/helping first. So, I want to upgrade my home pc to do some games. Games I want to play are the parameters of quality, World of Tanks with stuff on HD and Skyrim high/Ultra Total War Attila. In General, I want to run these games at 35 + FPS with graphics turned up a little. PC specifications are here.

    Right now the integrated card just works to run in min settings for these games. I want to upgrade this pc if I can instead of going out of my way to build a new one from scratch. I bought this PC for school a few years back, want to keep around him.

    I looked in some graphics cards to upgrade the PC but I'm not sure what power supply I would need to buy to replace the old 300 Watt one. Here are some graphics cards I did research and plans. Could you tell me if the graphics card space, what a good diet would be (should be), and if I need all the things more (like cable).

    I don't expect expirence game extremely high-end, but I know not what graphics card to buy will be much better then the one built-in. I have a budget of $300.

    GTX 750 Ti


    Read a lot of good reviews on this little guy. I know his date but I read that it goes well with home systems like that because of his use of low power. I'm lead to believe that I wouldn't need to touch the PSU at all. It also probably would be. It is also more affordable and does not need $ 300 budget. However, I don't think he'd go Attila to quality with 35 + fps.

    EVGA GTX 960 + Rosewill Valens 500W

    GC: here

    PSU: here

    This seems to be a great leap forward of the GTX 750 Ti and its certainly within my budget. Research says that it would take around 400W PSU to run, so upgrade is necessary here. These PSU and GC will be in my system? Let me know please.

    XFX R9 280 X + XFX Core Edition PRO850W

    GC: here

    PSU: here

    This combo is probably the best that I can afford right now. Research, the 280 X should easily meet my graphic needs. However, energy consumption is larger then the other two. People have recommended a 500W one, but the specifications of State a 850W recommended. Which is correct? These PSU and GC will be in my system? Let me know please.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


    first of all, on the 750ti, it's a beast (by my definition)... ive played witcher 3 and ca unit maximum heating 35 + fps with it... enough said...

    and since you say you don't need a "game of very high-end expirence", it would be pretty stupid move on foregoing the 750ti... (and yes it's not dated... it was only released last year)

    as for the PSU, don't look beyond a corsair or antec... a Corsair 650 w modular is my recommendation, complete and final...

    Ive told people for the last 5 years, to avoid amd... it produces much more heat and consumes much more power than their counterparts nvidia... unless you have a master very ventilated cooler or zebronics case and are willing to pay a salty electricity bill, avoid the 280 x.. He 960 is better than that

    don't worry about the establishment... the 750ti is a map of 5.7 inches (unless you go for the MSI TF one)... so its nice little... the other two are 10 inches + (unless you get a small form factor 960)...

    what I see, you don't need something more than the 750ti... If you want more power then the 960... but please avoid the 280 x.. Hat you'll now cost you'll eventually spend (more) on the invoices, purchase thermal pasta, and whatnot...

    (PS-atilla is a badly optimized game... even an sli 980 struggled to run on ultra... so don't think you will get ultra with what you listed... but a ti 750 will be good in high twisted)

    Hope this helps

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  • HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n029: HDMI output not working not not on HP Pavilion 15

    Hi guys, I'm new here on the HP Forum.

    My problems started when I got my new laptop and I HATED windows 8.

    If one of my friends had a drive with Windows 7 above.

    After installation nothing worked, no WiFi, USB, HDMI and so on.

    I have serched the days for new drivers and found most of them on the website of HPs.

    But I was not disabled to find a job for my HDMI output driver.

    You guys can help me with this?

    Jesper Forsberg - Sweden


    The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the AMD graphics driver, if you don't have already done.

    Your laptop is not supported by HP for W7 and especially not supported for 32-bit operating systems.


    As a last resort, try to manually install the W7 x 64 graphics driver from the support page and the driver of your laptop (sp66999).

    I explored the driver file, and there are 32-bit included in this file drivers.

  • Pavilion 15-p053np: Wi - Fi, screen LCD FHD upgrade and second HARD drive


    I have a 15-p053np Pavilion and a card Wi-fi/bt RTL8723BE 1 x 1, I want to replace it with a better card, but I can't find a service manual.

    also, I see a model like mine, but with a Full HD screen and want to know if it is also compatible.

    I replaced internal 500 gb HDD with a SSD 120 GB and I do not use the dvd player, if I buy an internal basket and replace it with the 500 GB hard drive, it's going to work?


    Here is the link to the page of user guides for your laptop model series, which includes the maintenance manual.


    As your model has an AMD processor and chipset, you cannot replace the existing wireless card with a processor Intel, one.

    There are too many cards Intel does not not on models with AMD hardware.

    My recommendation, if you want a card dual band N Wireless with bluetooth, would be to get the Broadcom BCM943228HMB 802.11abgn 2 × 2 adapter Wi - Fi, Broadcom Bluetooth4.0 adapter - part # 730668-001 HP

    You can get the generic card cheaper on Amazon than recovering from HP.

    I can't answer your other questions.

Maybe you are looking for