HP Photosmart 2610 won't print

I have a HP photosmart 2610 which is connected to my WIFI.  It works with my laptop running XP and my laptop running Windows 7 and my wife XP PC.  However, it will not work with my PC under XP.  In other words, it works after a reload of software driver until I reboot my machine and then try to print any document sets in printing (QC) I can't understand what is wrong.  My PC and my wife are identical Dell 3000. HELP thank you


I've talked about what was going on here with my colleagues.  Everything you described, you may need to perform a restore of the system on your computer.  Be sure to backup all your data first, and then do a reinstall of XP or do a factory restore.  Once the restore is complete, try to reinstall the printer.  Let me know what happens.

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  • Photosmart 2610 won't print pictures with Windows 7 - Please HELP!

    My HP Photosmart 2610 all-in-one will print any photos on my new computer.  He used to work, but he stopped.  It still prints Word and Excel.  I tried several downloads without result.  If I plug my computer dinosaur with XP I can print photos.

    I get no error messages.  It is said he sends to the printer, but when I check the queue of the printer, nothing showed.  I always, I can't understand if it is a problem of MS or HP problem.  Somehow the communication between the two is getting lost, but since it still prints of word and excel, I am at a loss as to where the problem lies.

    I spent hours and days on this!  I am told by my friends that are good at computers "HP is the worst."  Is this the case?

    Hey Ashenk. If the printer prints from another PC perfectly, then I wouldn't think the printer to be the problem. It is possible that the print queue has had a hiccup and it needs to be reset. Here's how to reset:

    1. press on the ORB start lower-left on the screen.

    2. click on 'run '.

    3 type "services.msc" (without the quotes)

    4. Locate the print spooler service in the right column

    5. click on restart the service on the left link

    Let me know if that solves the problem.

    Thank you


  • Sometimes a document to print on my HP Photosmart D7260 won't print.

    Sometimes a document to print on my HP Photosmart D7260 won't print.  If I try and print several documents thay all stuck in the coil.  If I try to delete the document, it blocks until I restart my computer.  Running Windows 7.  How can I clear spool it print without having to reboot?  By turning the printer off, then on did not help.

    I'm sorry you have a problem with the printing of certain documents.

    It seems that your printer spooler may have a problem.

    Try to stop and restart.

    1. click on Start Menu

    2. type (Services) in the search bar

    3 scroll down to Printer Spooler

    4. stop and restart.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • HP photosmart c5580 won't print documents under Vista

    HP photosmart c5580 won't print documents. Installed and reinstalled the software and still will not print. can scan documents to correct computer. will not copy or print from printer manually.

    C5500 printer is the default printer. I also have an hp c4280 printer that works if I want to print or scan at any time. I checked device drivers and it says they work prperly more, this is the last version of this printer. I used the troubleshooting of microsoft files site and everything out very well, but still does not print. The ink levels are new in the cartridges and the printer paper in the status bar. Internet connection and a connection between the product and the OK computer. I am lost as I bought all printers have been brand HP, and first time I had a problem.  I hope someone can help. Thanks Monkeytu

    Hi Monkeytu,

    See the article next to the HP Web site:


    I hope this helps!

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  • Photosmart 2610 won't install on windows xp Pro 64-bit

    Photosmart 2610 won't install on windows xp Pro 64-bit...

    I tried all the drivers for vista will not work, xp full install won't work, the departure from the base drivers for install through but nothing is displayed in the printers section...
    Anyone have resolutions?

    not found drivers achievable apears (beta) that they were made by hp but never released entirely outside by them:

  • Photosmart 2610 do not print photos!

    I have a Photosmart 2610 all-in-one. I run Windows 7. Recently my printer does not print photos from any photo printing program. It will print things on the web, MS Office, Notepad, etc... The problem seems to be with photos only. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times, tried restarting him spool print and run the HP Diagnostic tool. Nothing has worked. Please help if you can. I'm completely fed up!

    Hello Starjs,

    When you print from MS Office if you have a photo and the words on the page, what happens? It print the words and the picture is not.

    Pages with just the words and photos not requires less hard drive space than a page that requires printing that has a photo or a large document.

    Let's try to run a disk cleanup to see if we can free disk space hard to make sure that it is not the cause of the problem.

    To run Disk Cleanup
  • HP photosmart 5510 won't print black

    I have a photosmart 5510 which do not print black. All other colors are OK. Have changed cartridge and went through all the steps on the site of diagnosis without success.

    I really need to turn it on. Any ideas gratefully received.

    See you soon.

    Here is a link that can help you with this problem. It can a be a print head.

  • HP Photosmart, 7515 won't print black

    I tried all the recommendations, I could find nothing doesn't.  Head cleaned and followed instructions in the tools of the printer.  I know that many have had this same problem and have found a way to solve the problem.  Any recommendations?

    In the paper here troubleshooting steps can help solve the black does not print on your Photosmart 7515.  Be sure to check the vents, as on the three solution.

    If the first four solutions do not resolve the problem I would say soak the printhead as described in the post here before considering to replace the print head.

  • Premium Photosmart C4100: Premium Photosmart C4100 - won't print black or very faded impressions

    My printer does not print black documents or they are dimmed to the point that I can't use them. I changed the ink cartridge and printed a few times and still nothing. I tried to our MAC and PC with the same result.

    Welcome solutions

    Hi @TeamPas,

    Welcome to the HP Support forum.

    I understand that you have a printer all-in-one HP Photosmart C4100 which is not printing black ink, or when he does it is faded and unusable. I would like to help with that.

    Here is a document to support that you can use which can help with this problem of print quality - Missing, Faded or dull colors.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

    In fact, if it helps you to find a solution, please click on the 'accept as Solution' and the 'thumbs up' buttons down below in this message.

    Thank you!

  • HP Photosmart b109n won't print black

    I have a HP's Photosmart b109n who suddenly stopped printing black ink. All other colors are printing very well.

    I tried all of the suggestions that I can find in various forums, including cleaning & advanced cleaning, switching off & replacing ink, realign the printer etc..

    Someone at - it any other suggestions. I am currently working at home, so my printer is important to me.

    Thank you.

    Happy to say that my problem has been resolved. I repeated the same steps several times that I had already made (including an update of the HP software) and my printer has suddenly started printing black. I don't know what was the real problem!

  • HP photosmart 6510 won't print black.

    I've done all the troubleshooting several times, still nothing.

    When I print the printer status report, there are black square brackets around each colour, but not black rectangle in black space.  I tried to copy a printout (no color) and the page is blank.  I cleaned the black cartridge screen gently with a paper towel, still nothing.  I tried 2 new black cartridges.  Printer was working fine, then that.

    I found a solution! My printer was also not print black, but I knew it wasn't a problem of ink because it was a new cartridge, I cleaned the print head with every suggestion I could find, and on the test pages it was printing black in square brackets the colored lines. It was a software problem.  Another post suggested using the drivers replacing for a paper size error. Please see the link below on how to choose replacement drivers...


    I chose HP Photosmart 3300 drivers because this printer had similar features, including wireless printing. It worked! I hope this helps!

  • HP Photosmart C4780 won't print from my wireless laptop.

    I have a Photosmart C4780 who don't print to my HP laptop.  I have a Cisco Linkys router connected to a modem Rogers.  My laptop shows an error in the printer.  Can you please help me.

    Oh, you must keep the firewall on the installation.  The installation software configures the firewall for your installation.

    I reinstall the printer with the active firewall.  Go to control panel > printers & devices and delete the printer.  Then click Start > all programs > Hewlett-Packard > C4700 series and 'add a device '.  All this with your firewall active.

  • HP photosmart psc2410xi won't print or scan

    windows7ult running. Dell laptop about 2 weeks ago my hp psc2410xi all-in-one photosmart stopped printing & scanning. The power stays on with glass display time. Have crossed all the hp forums, audited cartridge & ink is fine. changed the usb cables, restarted 5different ways, solve problems with windows, microfix, scan doctor, checked the update windows, uninstalled & reinstalled, cleaned printer did everything, I'm at my witts! All of a sudden everything just stop working without any kind of problems etc... Please y at - there anyone out there that can help me?

    windows7ult running. Dell laptop about 2 weeks ago my hp psc2410xi all-in-one photosmart stopped printing & scanning. The power stays on with glass display time. Have crossed all the hp forums, audited cartridge & ink is fine. changed the usb cables, restarted 5different ways, solve problems with windows, microfix, scan doctor, checked the update windows, uninstalled & reinstalled, cleaned printer did everything, I'm at my witts! All of a sudden everything just stop working without any kind of problems etc... Please y at - there anyone out there that can help me?

    The multifunction device copy yet?  Copy is a function, the unit done without even being connected to something else than to power.  If she can't copy it, the printer is dead.

  • New HP Photosmart 7520 won't print from the photo tray

    EDIT: He will feed from the phototray if I print the photo in Windows Photo Viewer.  However, he still refuses to print directly from the jpg format, even if I specify explicitly in all the settings I want to print a 4 x 6 from the photo tray.

    Is this a normal behavior?

    I guess it would print correctly from other photo editing and look at software, but haven't checked that yet is not sure.


    I just got this printer and cannot print from the photo tray.  He printed from the phototray during installation and configuration, but it was the only time.  The rest of the time, when I try to print a photo, it selects only in the regular paper tray.

    Is there a magical procedure involved?  I have an operating system of Windows 7 and just installed on the HP site.  I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it still does not work.

    I load a sheet in the phototray, make sure that the correct printer is defined, select the paper size (in this case 4x6in photo sample provided with the printer paper), select HP Everyday Photo Paper, glossy paper, click on print and the printer does not take into account the phototray and prints from the regular paper tray.

    I've scoured the web and answers do not solve the problem.  It's very frustrating.  If I can't get this resolved in a day or two, I will back this printer and will try another brand.

    These settings should always print to the Photo tray.

  • All-in-one Photosmart B109n - won't print blackcopies

    For some time I have used this printer since black prints only and did not replace the other ink cartridges, because they are empty. I replaced the black cartridge several times and have been perfectly happy with print jobs that I need to do.

    I just replaced the black cartridge again, but I now get blank pages when I try to print jobs. Despite this the printer tells me that the cartridge is full.

    The reason would be that I have have not replaced the other cartridges, or is there something else that could be causing the problem?

    In other words, is it likely that I will be able to solve this problem simply by replacing the other ink cartridges?

    Your advice would be welcome.

    Thank you very much.


    I'm happy here, the printer working once more, sometimes the printer must sit idle to allow ink to zero on its own system. If you have a free moment and would mind not mark the post with troubleshooting as the Solution, this will allow the other members of the community to easily locate

    Thank you

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