HP Photosmart C4283: HP Scanner/printer install wizard cancelled download when the download

Looks like I have the same problem as everyone else.
When you use HP Print or assistant doctor Scan or HP printer Install, it starts downloading the software, and when you get to 100% it tells me that the download was canceled.


In fact, I found a solution easier.

Instead of using the tool, I downloaded Windows 8.1 software package (which, by the size of it, was the same as downloaded by the tool) and manually installed without a problem.

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  • HP printer Install Wizard download cancelled

    I tried to download HP printer install wizard 5 times, and in the last 4 seconds it cancels.  Why would he do that?  I need to install my printer on Windows 8 C6200 series.


    have you tried to install drivers without using the HPPIW?

    Try to use the file below and check to see if that can help you:


    If the printer connected via a USB port, make sure to keep the cable disconnected until installation request to connect.

  • My printer is configured to start when the computer turns on. I want to reconfigure it so that it does not turn

    My printer is configured to start when the computer turns on.  I want to reconfigure it so that it won't turn.  I know this is probably a simple change, but I can't find the path anywhere.  Any help?

    I guess you do NOT mean that you have both printer and computer plugged into the same power strip and both are turn on when you turn on the power strip.

    As nearly as I can determine the rather thin material in the Guide for the Dell P713w user, probably have enabled "Eco-Mode" or the mode 'sleep '.  See page 19 of the User Guide (if you don't have it, download it here: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/PRN_P713w/en/index.htm).

    When this feature is enabled, the printer goes into mode low power when it has been idle for a while.  When the computer is off, the printer is by definition inactive and so will go to low power, shortly after that the computer is turned off.  When the computer is turned on, it detects the presence of the printer and connects to the printer.  Apparently, the printer interprets this string as the "no-idle" and out of his low-power mode, which appears as if it is "turn on."

    In addition, this printer performs an automatic maintenance cycle every week if it is plugged into a power outlet. It will briefly exit Power Saver mode or turn on temporarily if it is disabled.

    At least one of the lights on the printer flashes power on and off when you think that the printer is turned off?  If so, it is in energy saving mode.

    Of course, I may be totally wrong, but it seems to me if you actually turn off the printer by pressing the button on / off on screen, he should not be able to auto (except once / week maintenance cycle).  From the Manual:

    Note: When the printer is turned on, press [power] to switch to the power saving mode. Press and hold [power] for 3 seconds to turn off the printer.

  • I get the same update to install, again and again, when the original is installed at 4 or 5 times.

    I get the same update to install, again and again, when the original is installed at 4 or 5 times.

    Hi stevie33

    For the update are facing the issue?

    If you have the update already installed on your computer and always offered several times the update then I suggest refer you to the Microsoft article provided below and follow the steps in resolution-


    I hope this helps.

  • Why Photoshop CS5 print in black and white when the photo is in color?

    Why Photoshop CS5 print in black and white when the photo is in color?   This has just begun.

    @ !

    Please save your Presets and Photoshop settings (if any). See how Photoshop like a Pro backup settings: at the Pro Photo Show

    Reset then Photoshop Preferences.Follow the steps mentioned in the thread FAQ: how to reset my preferences?

    Kind regards


  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, HP printer wizard installs not when the software is installed from the CD

    HP Officejet Pro 8600 e printer all in one

    Windows 7

    I had Assistant printer installed and working on my computer at least a year, then there was an update and it no longer works.

    I uninstalled the device and the software and reinstalled both on-site and directly from the CD without success.

    The only error I get is when I start everything first install it and there is a red "x" next to the update of windows.

    The installation process ends, the computer will recognize the printer and I am able to print but I have no control any function because none of these options in the wizard for the printer are turned on.  They are all grayed out.   The most important thing I need is the archiving of received faxes.

    Someone else in my family had the same problem, but was able to reinstall from the Web site and doesn't have any more problems.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi liluno18,

    I want to help you with this question. I send you this link to the Microsoft forum on how to fix the red X on windows update. Follow the response from Joseph M.

    So I suggest you do a complete uninstall software of the JO 8600 and reinstalling the software once you have windows update works again.

    Let me know if you need help, I would be happy to help you.

  • HP deskjet 3050 has: I have to get my scanner to install on my laptop without the disc.

    My laptop is not a hard drive so I can't install my printer scanner.

    You can download the full product here installation software.  No CD drive is required.

    Click on "Drivers and software" then select your version of Windows, then choose "Software product Installation" then "HP Deskjet full feature software and drivers.

  • HP Photosmart 7515 does not print photos I have photo of the photo on the printer tray.

    I can print text documents and when I print I-photo images they print from the main paper tray (so I know I have computer/connection of the printer).  I use a mac I have w/OS X 5.8 and I installed the printer drivers from the CD-ROM supplied with the printer.  I also tried selecting the format of 4 x 6 paper and selecting "print from the photo tray" in the built-in tab of the menu print.  I also selected print tray photo from the tab 'type of paper/quality' in the menu printing.  When I do this and go to print jobs, I get "print page 1, 0% complete" and it never changes, nor it does not print.  How to print photos from my computer to the photo tray?


    I ask you to print from the printer itself by using the memory card.

  • Recently installed virus - repair - uninstalled MS2003 - MS2007 - 6500 PRINTER Multi no longer works when the desktop is disabled. It seems to be at the point of death/pause? What help can offer you?

    I uninstalled and reinstalled several times to resolve the problem only there never get fixed. Please advise any assistance that you may have.


    Hello Alice,.

    We will perform the uninstallation/reinstallation in a different way:

    1. remove the printer from the PC.

    2 uninstall the printer from the PC driver.

    3 reinstall the printer driver.

    4 reinstall the printer.

    In addition, here are some references on printing:

    Open the printer Troubleshooter


    Why can I not print?


    Find and install printer drivers


  • 7520 Photosmart printer - ink cartridges carriage out when the cover is opened

    The transport does not automatically moves himself posted to the right of the machine when the lid is open.  I'm unable to change empty ink cartridges.  The machine was purchased new April 2013 and is out of warranty.  I turned off and turned it back over 15 min later, no change.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi @Clayball,

    I see that you have problems with the transport not to move to the middle in order to change the cartridges.

    I would like to help.

    I would like to do a hard reset to see if that will solve the problem.
    Let the printer and disconnect the printer cable and the wall socket for 60 seconds.
    Reconnect the power cable to the output of the printer and the wall, and not a surge protector.
    This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

    If the transport does not move freely when grasp the front, it's OK to gently push the carriage to the left or right to move along the rail.
    Fragments of paper can get lodge between the cart and the gas station.  It is important to look at the far right of the printer with a flashlight to make sure there is no debris.

    I handed a document with some measures to try to resolve the transport stall.

    A Message appears 'Transport Jam' on the control panel.

    If the problem persists, in 800-474-6836, please call our technical support. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.
    Contact HP.

    Good day!
    Thank you.

  • Printer Adobe PDF is deleted when the computer restarts

    I use Adobe Acrobat X with a Windows 7 platform.  Whenever I restart my computer, the 'Adobe PDF' printer disappears from control "printer and peripheral area.  To reinstall the printer, I need to go through the help > routine to repair the Installation of Acrobat.  Is there a way I can fix this so the printer Adobe PDF 'twigs' when I restart my computer? Thank you.

    Hey peterg63910540,

    Please try to install the printer manually & then check whether or not it is deleted after the reboot.

    Kind regards


  • DeskJet F380 print only page 1 - only when the first powered

    I work under Windows 7. I checked the toner level - not low; cleaning cartridges does not help.  When the power is turned on, the first page prints ok, not strong. The following pages, it acts like it is printing but prints pages white, totally clean.

    Thanks for your suggestions.  I wonder if it's time for a new printer.


    Hi pablu,.

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I see you are having some problems printing with Deskjet F380.
    I'll be happy to help you.

    I would disable all the start up programs to make sure that something in the background is not cause printing problems.

    Go to start, run, type msconfig, click on the Services tab.
    Click to select the hide all Microsoft Services check box.
    Click Disable all.

    Click on the tab at the top of the page, select Disable all the startup, apply, OK and restart the computer.

    Temporary disable all Antivirus software.

    Then try to print again.

    You will need to go back and allow all when done and turn on the Antivirus software.

    Let me know how it goes and we'll go from there.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.
    Good day.

  • X23O Finger Print Reader LED lights up when the unit is off NORMAL function?

    Hey guys, is it normal that the fingerprint reader to Flash green when the X 230 is off? Win8 running

    Thank you!!

    Thank you very much for your help! I thought about it all now! You guys rock! You can turn on the lights and turned off, you can turn this feature on and off as well! Thank you! Its ALL in the settings of the Lenovo for the FR software that I have installed! Thank you!

  • print queue shows 24 MB when the pdf file is only 1 MB. printing crashes. JPEG print normally. OfficeJet 8500

    OfficeJet 8500, ser Win SP 3. Wireless - direct connection to the Belkin Modem/Router ADSL

    Worked normally.

    Print the PDF or other documents. Watch print queue size the document queue MB 24 or more when the file is only 1 MB.

    Printing takes a long time to get through.

    JPEG - normal queue and printing of print.

    Reinstalled all the software and printer cleared by unplugging all cables.


    This is quite normal. According to many things, machine (laptop / PC) must send a lot of 'orders' down to the printer so the file becomes huge.

    Kind regards

  • HP LaserJet 200 colorMFP M276n: printer don't wake up when the print job received


    The all-in-one printer in my company does not work well as it does already.

    He supposed to wake up when receiving print jobs, but it doesn't. Tap the user Panel must then only it starts to print. After that the user can do another trouble-free printing. We have setup this printer on LAN and I checked the console EcoSmart that all wake up on the events are checked. (i.e. USB, LAN, contriol Panel & fax ring).

    Another thing I found is the ink cartridge 2 have low supplies, do not know if this is causing the problem, however.

    Pls advise me what will be the possible causes?

    Thank you.


    Hi Sabretooth04,

    Thanks for your sharing.

    Just to inform that my problem is resolved by changing a new ink cartridge.

    So probably because the small amount on cartridge a message pop up in the users and once this last conrol touch she will continue printing.

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