Hp14-d106tx official Wireless does not work

Hello guys, today I bought Hp14-d106tx and I have install Windows 8.

There was no driver DVD in the package, so I downloaded from


Everything is fine, except the wireless driver

There are 2 drivers wireless and they I installed them and show below.

sp65029 - displays "sp65029.exe has stopped working".

sp65428 - shows "this app can run on your PC.

These are official driver downloaded from the site Web HP itself does not work, where do I find it?

P.S. I have already installed the driver for the touchpad, but cannot find the way to disable automatically when the usb mouse is connected.

Please help on this too.


I am from Thailand, and I posted in the thai site too,

I tried the solution from here first,

They suggested to download from the website of the Thailand of HP driver and it WORKS now.

http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?OS=4158&LC=th&CC=th&DLC=th&sw_lang=&product=6967597#! N837 = & jumpid = ba_r329_hhoaffiliate & aid = 38293 & pbid = TnL5HPStwNw & aoid = 35252 & siteid = TnL5HPStwNw - tXx37tME_yPl.GBuzUOjAQ

By the way, thank you very much.

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    After that restore disks for installing a new HD and use and to update XP sp2, the Wireless does not work and if the card is installed XP hangs then works in fits and starts. If the card not in place, not bad at all.

    Booting from a Linux CD, the card works perfectly! I assume that the driver is the problem. The wireless card is the original, an Agere MPC13A-20/R, with Toshiba p/n PA317U-1MPC.

    I have found some drivers Agere, but am not sure

    (1) if they are correct
    (2) how to install since the machine works in a way limited with the card in place.

    Any advice?


    I checked the page of the pilot and the only available for Windows XP WLan driver is the driver of v.1.11.108 Agere.

    (1) just try to install this driver. If the driver is not correct or is not compatible, then windows will not install the driver and you will receive a notification. You just have to try

    (2) generally you may reinstall the driver from the Device Manager. Open network controller tree, and then you can reinstall the driver.

    But this is only possible if the windows started successfully

    PS: Have you checked the information of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 update on the page of the Toshiba driver.
    I discovered that you need to update several utilities if you have installed SP2 on this laptop.

  • Pavilion dv7: Wireless does not work after upgrade to Windows 10

    After the upgrade to Windows 10 Wireless does not work, even if the wireless symbol F12 shows blue. In the network settings, the wireless switch exhibits & cannot be turned on to.

    This feature worked perfectly in Windows 7

    No worries.

    Thanks for the actual name of the product from your laptop.

    Let me take a look.

    I will edit this thread to let you know what I found.

    The Intel Centrino Advanced - N 6230 is a wifi adapter that is compatible with your book which has Windows 10 drivers available. the driver is on the following link.

    https://communities.Intel.com/thread/59710?start=0 & tstart = 0

    You can replace yourself because it is easily accessible after removing the cover of the hard drive Bay. See page 21 of the manual at the following ADDRESS.  http://h10032.www1.HP.com/CTG/manual/c02842278

    I saw them on eBay for @ $20.00 USD


  • Wireless does not work - Satellite A300 model PSAGCA


    My built-in wireless does not work on my laptop. I called the customer service line, his fees to fix the problem but to no avail. Now, I have to use the wireless adapter to use internet which is not the way I wanted to. Can someone help me please how to do my job with built-in wireless?

    Thank you


    + The message was edited: model number added to the object.


    Please tell us which laptop model you have and what operating system is preinstalled.

  • Re: Wireless does not work on the Satellite L505-13N Windows7 Professional 64-bit


    I just got a Satelite L505-13N and upgrade to Win 7 Professional. The Wireless does not work. It seems that the driver is not yet installed.
    FN + F8, that should give me the option to turn on/off Wireless does nothing and the wireless on the laptop light is lit (orange color).

    What should I do?

    Thank you


    Wait a moment George.
    What do you mean with upgrade? Did you do your own installation of Win7?

  • Wireless stopped working, the error message says "this wireless does not work on this computer ' even if another computer at home has no problem with wireless services.

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    1 have had any changes made on the computer before the show?

    2. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    Method 1:

    Check the link and try to run the troubleshooter to check if it helps.

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems


    Method 2:

    Try to run Microsoft Safety Scanner for any malware or spyware infection and check if it helps.


    Note: the Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again. The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

  • I have re-installed Windows Vista on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525) and now my wireless does not work.

    Hi, I have re-installed Windows Vista on my laptop (dell insparon) 1525 and now my wireless does not work. ive tried re installing driver, but it says operating system not supported. I used the disc that came with the computer of the re install and I even tried to install service pack 1. .

    original title: Wireless problems after install.

    I just tried both, the dell is one that says OS not supported"and the intel, it went very well, but my 'network controller' still have a yellow top thing in Device Manager. and I always wireless. any other ideas? Thank you for the help

    Question...  You have whatever it is listed in the "Network adapters" section of "Device Manager" now?

    While ensuring that the exclamation point is not for your wired network device (plausible) or bluetooth (plausible) and you just need to configure your wireless network to connect to * your * wireless network now.

    You may have to contact Dell to see why none of their drivers receive your wireless device works on the original operating system, what they included.  This could be a hardware problem PURE.

  • router Wireless does not work after Windows Update

    I have a router WRT54G V.5. Windows Vista Home Premium did an automatic update. Now wired connection works, the Wireless does not work. Ask key, but when nothing happens. Action of diagnoses has been canceled. I disabled and enabled, does not. Any help will be appreciated!

    Take not of the Settings (SSID and WEP/WPA Key) wireless router...

    Know the wireless settings follow this link

    Once you know the wireless settings are attempting to connect to your wireless network...

    Click Start and goto the control panel and double-click on network connections, right click wireless network connection and click Properties.
    Now, in this window, click on the second tab of wireless network and give a check mark on "use windows to configure my wireless" and then delete all network names present in the preferred networks window. Then click OK...
    Right click on the wireless again network connection and then click View available wireless networks and try to re - connect to your network...
    Now, it will give you the opportunity to put the network/wep key, make sure that you enter the correct network key and confirm...
    It will connect...

    Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > manage wireless networks, here to remove any present network and close the window.
    Click on connect to a network and try to re - connect to your network, he must ask for your key/password network, enter the network and password correct key and click on connect...
    It needs to connect... Once you're connected, you must restart the computer, it needs to connect to the Internet...

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    Original title: Wi - Fi internet connection is DISABLED since yesterdays upgrade, how can I get that back on?

    Since a windows update yesterday, before closing my laptop... I am not able to access the Internet.

    My without wire is off and I can't turn it back on.  Toshiba wants $99 for technical support.

    Hi Sheryl,

    Please join Microsoft Community where you can find the necessary information on Microsoft products!

    Wireless does not work after a windows update.

    1. what day that was installed?

    You can check the update in the update history:

    See the Windows updates are installed


    2. do you receive any error messages?

    3. What is the model of the computer?

    The problem may be with the drivers or with the device.

    I suggest that you refer to the procedure described in the site:

    Wireless and wired network problems


    I hope this helps. If the problem persists, let know us and we would be happy to help you.

  • Switch signals and Wireless does not work on Satellite A660


    AFAIK, the utility Vap and flashcard support are responsible for these functions. You can try to download and install them


    Note, first you must install the utility of vap and restart the support belt utility and Visual support cards, then

  • Satellite C660-108 - Wireless does not work

    Hey everybody,

    New to the forum, I had to sign up because of a problem with shame. I would like to apologize in advance because I know nothing about how computers work.

    I have a toshiba satellite c660-108, windows 7 OS. Yesterday I was updating it and I used it very well after that I restarted. He stops and went to bed. Today, I turned on and he did a system restore, don't know why. So all went through and then it wouldn't connect to the internet wireless, only ethernet cable (http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=69127&tstart=0 - same problem as far as I can tell).

    I'm in the middle of my diploma thesis and word does not work now, so I did a full factory restore hoping everything would be ok. This isn't.

    Ive tried to download the driver toshiba wireless, just didn't work. It currently downloads Realtek but I'm sure it won't work either.

    How to get another wireless network card?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    The essential is that you it works again.
    So congratulations. :)

  • Wireless does not work on Qosmio f60-159

    I have a problem on a Qosmio f60-159.

    In "improving the performance of the computer", a message saying that some services that * ing the computer appeared and asked me if I wanted to turn this service off.
    I said yes and after that the wireless feature no longer works.

    The indicator in the front panel wireless is always on, no matter if I press this led or not.
    In addition, toggling the fn + f8 key does nothing.
    The diagnosis told me to turn on the radio, but if there is no switch in addition to these two, this solution does not work.

    I have cleaned the registry, reinstalled the wireless driver and when I try the same thing with bluetooth it says for the driver installation procedure I should turn on the wireless.

    What can I do?


    It appears that you have disabled a service that controls the FN key or Wlan functionality. I think that the WiFi network is disabled and therefore it of not possible to establish the connection

    I think you should check this:
    Select all programs-> Toshiba-> Flash memory card Support utility, and then restart Flash cards.

    Flash cards control the FN keys and so I think that might help.

    Also I recommend that you check the Services tab, which is located in the Manager (CTRL + ALT + DELE) tasks

    Recommend to check and allowing (if disabled) the following process:
    Wlansvc (Wlan auto configuration)

    Good luck

  • WXP pilot Wireless does not work on Satellite U400-10N

    I have Toshiba Satellite U400-10N.

    I formatted vista yesterday and installed WXP on this, but I can t get wireless to work.
    I ve downloaded the drivers from the Web from Toshiba site, but they are for the Realtek and Atheros chipset, so I read about it and thought that it is "Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN" I.

    I tried to install this driver, but it does not work.
    Can anyone help or known why?

    Please check this page from Intel:

    Here, you can identify your WLan card and able to download the compatible driver and software.

    This page has been very useful in my case, check it out

    Good bye

  • Satellite A660 Wireless does not work: how to turn on the wireless switch?

    Wireless to the new laptop just stopped working. When I press Fn + f8 it says: Wireless Communication is disabled. Please activate the Wireless Communication switch.

    I tried to disable and enable wireless, update (Realtek PCie FE family controller) and Broadcom 802.11n network adapter driver and load the default settings in the Bios but nothing has worked. The button on the top panel wireless is turned on and when I press the button, a window called support thoshiba button jump upward and said: the key has not been configured. But this happens to other laptops also (we have 8 portable type, even), it cannot use the wifi. What can I do now?

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    Please reinstall the Wlana driver and try again. (Do not to update to uninstall the old driver, restart the device and install the new drivers)
    In most cases these disorders Wlan is displayed if the WiFi driver does not work correctly.
    Given that all other laptops are ok, I think that it is a temporal matter in the registry or something like that

    PS: It is possible that the FN buttons do not work corectly. Therefore, you can reinstall the VAP (value added package) and support of card Flash Utility so in order to reconfigure the FN keys.

    Welcome them

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