I could use advice > iPad Pro or MacBook... recently sold my iMac 2008

After moving into a small house and my computer needs to be changed (is no longer need to use Parallels on my computer), I recently sold my iMac 24 "(early 2008) 3.06 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo with 1 disk hard solid state of TD and 6 GB of memory."  The computer has served me extremely well but was getting older and we really need the space in the second room that leads to my dilemma.

Before making a purchase, I am trying to decide if I can use an iPad Pro as my computer at home or if I have to buy a computer laptop (MacBook, MackBookAir, or MacBook Pro).

The computer would almost exclusively home for boating web, e-mail and download family photos.  I do not edit the video, video game, or use spreadsheets at home.

I thought about trying to use an iPad Pro but getting the opinions of people in the Apple Store as said couldn't you sync/backup for iCloud via an iPad, an iPhone but I could not just of backup to the phone with the application on the phone?

Also with photos on the iPhone or a Canon camera, could I directly download them on the iPad?

I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but I was too comfortable on the iMac for the past 8 years.

Thanks a lot for any advice.

It is strictly a personal choice

If that's all you do on your computer

t exclusively at home for web browsing, e-mail and download family photos.  I do not edit the video, video game, or use spreadsheets at home.

then a Tablet is fine (but this is not a computer and cannot do many things a computer can do)

You can save any IOS device with iCloud backup

You can keep their libraries of synchronization using iCloud photo library

You can download pictures from a camera to any IOS device using the device of connection camera - import photos using camera Apple - Apple Support adapters

And you can play on any IOS device and you can do worksheets on any IOS device or iCLoud.com

Foe me I use my MBA for photos, e-mail and browsing the web - but you can do everyone on an IOS device - I just find myself the computer easier and faster


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    I used to write in two languages (English and Italan). When I use my Mac, it's easy: I just change the language, and my keyboard is the same (i.e., International English). What I use my iPad pro, instead, he also spends my physical keyboard, so that for example if I type [keyboard I get an e. It is very annoying and makes the keyboard quite useless. Keeping fixed language I would get bad suggested words.

    You will need to define your physical layout being the same for English and Italian in settings > general > keyboard > keyboard > keyboard material

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    Thanks in advance for your help.



    You cannot connect them with wires. You can, however, all these 2 combinations of applications, use using your wifi home network:



    However, they all need two OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later, which means that the configuration is not possible under Snow leopard.

    Your Macbook Pro supports the latest OS X (El capitan), you can update, although it will significantly slow down your computer as well unless you add an SSD.

    See you soon,.


  • Why is it slower than iPad Pro of Macbook Pro?


    Here is the video in question.  It was made in iMovie and transferred through the upload of desktop browser to the Youtube that can enter directly from the finder.  The video lasts 200 MB and 02:04 minutes.  Not particularly big.  Seen on my iPad Pro, which has the same size, basically like my MacBook Pro screen, it starts with playing 1080 p right away.  My MacBook Pro, connected to the same wifi router, then try it.  He can barely load and play the video to the P. 480 it also works very well with my iPhone 6plus and great works even streaming 1080 p when I connect the iPhone via a HTMI cable to my TV.

    Latest iOS and OS.

    Ookla faster results while wifi.

    MacBook Pro: 43 downwards, to 79.

    iPad Pro: down, up to 89 39

    iPhone: 30 down, up to 54.

    This is a question for Apple or Youtube?

    I solved the problem myself.  I also deleted the video, sorry.  I decided to take an iMovie saved like a k 4 file in Quicktime and export it to 1080 p for iPad devices.  This has created an incredibly smooth and clear mp4 video without distortion due to compression.  In addition, the over 50 MB more file smaller than 180 file 200 MB created by iMovie.  When I downloaded this movie on Youtube, it took less time for the 1080 p option appears, and of course, it is clear.  More important still, it loads now well on my MacBook Pro of retina now, like the iPad Pro.  Lesson learned.  Save big by iMove, export to QuickTime.

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    I have a new iPad Pro (IOS 9.2), but the notes app doesn't seem to work properly with a pencil. There is no line doodle icon and I can't write with a pencil. Can I use the pencil to 'click' on the functions as "BOLD" and new, but not as a pencil. Someone at - it experience with this and how can I solve this problem?

    Have you updated the Notes app in the app itself.

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    I have a new iPad Pro.  It seems that my MacBook Pro (retina, mid-2012) is unable to load the iPad Pro.  I see in the iPad Pro (lightning) loading symbol indicating that he is in charge, but the percentage of the battery declines nonetheless.  If I plug the iPad Pro into the power adapter provided with it (or even in a power supply iPad 1) then it costs.

    My MacBook Pro is able to charge iPad Pro?

    Thank you!

    Correct, and it has been so for all iPads.  The output power of the USB port on the computer is not enough to fuel the iPad in use and load it.  Apple has always recommended using the power that comes with the iPad to recharge it as it's output is higher than a standard edge computer USB port

    The smaller models of iPad (and maybe even the Pro, I have not tried) fresh peut leave a port of the computer if left in mode 'sleep' all connected, but even in this case, the charge rate will be much slower than if using the iPad Pro 12W power supply.

  • Using Smart Keyboard with iPad Pro

    Y at - it as a user manual for the Smart keyboard used on iPad Pro.  I bought the smart keyboard and there are keys that I don't know what they are doing; Control, Option, command. Are there any shortcuts that can be used on the Smart keyboard?  There is a Home button?

    See if this article helps you.


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    What is the DTP?

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    I want to use the iPad Pro as a professional tool. I want to be able to save Pages/Keynote and http://bit.ly/joc0zm (all IOS apps) to and from the iPad.

    I'd rather do it via Dropbox or Google Drive. I can do this as well on my MacBook and iMac. So, what gives?

    This is a critical flaw in the ability to use the device correctly. It is not a problem with the Pro Surface.

    I need a solution. It's unprofessional in my opinion.

    So, what gives?

    Did you use an ios device before?  iOS works differently than OS X.  There is no system of separator file for the user to interact with.  You must look into each app to see how the application saves files.   Look for the icon of the export.  A box with an arrow on the top.  TAP etc.

    Where are you stuck?  What workflow does not work? Describe.

    Have you downloaded the dropbox app on your ipad?

    Procreate.  If you can no longer export to Dropbox, you will need to contact the authors.

    • The sharing and integration of workflow:

    -Export the work of the canvas, or simply drag to export or select the picture in the Gallery

    -Export to AirDrop, iCloud drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail

    -Print directly from http://bit.ly/joc0zm with AirPrint

    -Export to or import from any extension of the cloud service

    -L' export as file native .procreate, PSD, PNG or JPEG transparent in layers


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    I tried I cancel my Apple ID and then register again. It did not work.

    Any help would be much appreciated-

    See this document

    If you cannot send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Is there an easy way to reconnect the iPad Pro to my iPhone 6s longer hot spot?

    Whenever the iPad Pro 'locks', connecting to my iPhone 6s hottest spot goes down, I can understand.  No need to have the connection when not to use the iPad Pro.  The problem is that you have to go all the way back in the reconnection of the hotspot settings.  Is there an easier way?  I wish it would just automatically reconnect.

    Thank you

    My 2 Air iPad automatically connects when I unlock it to the lock screen. You ask to join networks disabled in the WiFi settings?

  • Line number is missing from the keyboard on the iPad pro screen

    Hi all

    When I used my iPad pro, I noticed the line number included in the on-screen keyboard. I know that some applications do not support, but I found that the number line is completely absent when I use any application (including the mail and Safari). Thoughts? All software is updated, I rebooted without results.

    Have you tried an another hard reset of your iPad by pressing the sleep/wake and Home buttons simultaneously until your iPad goes to the dark and restarts with the Apple logo, then release them buttons?

  • iPad Pro - sluggish physical keyboard after update 9.2

    I use an iPad Pro, 128 GB wi - fi only with a case of keyboard Logitech Create.

    Prior to 9.2, the keyboard was perfectly admissible when you type. Following the update, now the keyboard is slow; It feels as if the software is struggling to keep in touch with my shots. While I type, almost all the other words it lacks several letters and remains misspelled or gets automatically corrected to something that I didn't intend.

    Makes me think it is a problem of software (apart from the fact that the problem popped immediately after a software update), is that it only happens in certain applications. Typing is slow in the Notes of iOS app, and it is slow when you fill in the fields like this in Safari. However, when I type the address bar Safari or in the 3rd party app editorial, it works fine.

    anyone else encounter this? Are there patches side waiting for a software update? If you encounter this problem, please note what keyboard you use with the iPad.

    First thing I would try would be:

    Force the restart (does not affect the settings/data/music/apps/etc)

    1. press and hold the sleep/wake button

    2. press and hold the Home button

    3. hold both buttons until the screen turns off, then back on with the Apple logo.

    So forget the Bluetooth connection between the iPad Pro and the keyboard, the re - combine the two.

  • iPad Pro takes so long to load! Any tips?

    Compared to my iPad 2 Air, which would take between 2 to 3 hours to recharge of 10-15% to 100%, my newish Pro iPad seems to take a long time to recharge using the same percentages. I started to charge about 4 and a half hours ago and went from 13% to 42%.

    I'm user of the actual adapter that came with the Air 2 and USB cable to Lightening it is certified Apple made by iORANGE for-E, with its nylon sheathed cable, as each Apple cable to twist and become useless. I have been using the same charger and cord for months with my Air 2 with no problems. Is there a difference between adapter load for the Pro and Air 2? Has anyone else noticed a difference? It drives me crazy! I SLEEP not long enough at night to fully charge the iPad!

    Any help or solution?

    On a positive note: I watched my first movie on this monster last week and was digging in my purse to find my beats headphones but on accidentally film and I got my first taste of four speakers. No need, unless you are in public, for other speakers, earphones, headphones, etc.. The film had every flavor of sound recording and massage available. And he looked fantastic, as well.

    Someone wrote that he should have been a "ProOS" written for this device. There is clearly more power under the hood for some more exotic features.

    Sigh. 43% done. This is not acceptable. I hope that you guys or girls can achieve a simple solution for this... Because that sending the machine to Apple is not the solution you are looking for!

    Thank you


    Make sure that you do not use the iPad Pro while it loads and make sure that the iPad is going to sleep and the screen will Dim.

    The iPad Pro should charge from zero to full load in 4-1/2 to 5 hours.

  • Adobe sketch on iPad Pro: Palm rejection


    I am new to Adobe Sketch and I followed a course on Lynda.com, but the interface is different, I understand that the iPad Pro doesn't have the pencil icon. That's what the instructor used to market the Palm rejection. How can I activate this using the iPad Pro? Also, I got a message saying that another feature to set the parameters of brush was for a time limited only as bonus. Y at - it an option to opt as a bonus, or is it through the creative cloud packages? I'm already subscribed to a photography package.

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched the forum and cannot find the answers.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Steve,.

    I assume you are using the pencil on your iPad Pro? If so, there is no rejection of palm to turn on.

    On the brush settings... It is a type of functionality that we, can determine at any time given, be available only to subscribers, but since you subscribe to the plan of photography, you will have access to them. (You should not have received notification but I heard other creative cloud subscribers mention it so it is not completely uncommon.)

    Who help me?


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