I have a site designed iWed which I can't = up to date. I want to design a new Web site with a different place (everweb?) How can I get rid of the current site? I want to use the same domain name.

I have a designed iWeb site I need to update. I know I can't use iWeb so want to design and publish a new Web site. I want to use my current domain name. How can I get rid of the existing site?


So, you want to delete this Web site. That's right?
If so, you can make trought accessing the website 'admin panel' or 'FTP '.

An administration panel (or "administration panel") is a site that your host/domain provides to you, where you can change everything you want - even is for 'FTP', 'FTP' is a server where you access your Web site and change what you want, and that includes delete the current Web site.

Questions please ask.

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