I have an old version of Illustrator (9) and I can't install it on my computer.  The computer does not recognize the drive.  Is there a way to get around this?

I'm trying to install Illustrator 9 on my PC and the computer will not recognize the disc.  Is there a solution to this?

You could look to see if there is a download link in the links of kglad in answer 1 # here https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1930162

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    You can get better support in a product-specific forum

    If you start the https://forums.adobe.com/welcome Forums Index

    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe products you use

    Click on the symbol "arrow down" on the right (where it says all communities) to open the drop-down list and scroll

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    Use compatibility mode during installation.

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    Thank you for sending the PDF file. We have confirmed that this is a dynamic XFA form, that we don't currently support on Android Acrobat. We strives to integrate in one of our next releases treats this as a feature request

    Thank you

    Acrobat DC team Mobile

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    CS2 is too old to be compatible with the new Macs. There is nothing that you can do because it does not work on the new Intel Macs as it was designed for the old Mac PowerPC.

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    Cable splitter separates the single signal only. The computer only sees it as an output. You would need a different video card use the two forms as separate monitors instead of simply split the signal.

  • Install XP does not recognize my drive as full version

    Hello. I tried to do a clean install of XP Pro (academic version) with new partitions. I did this several times. Unfortunately, this time, I interrupted the process of partitioning. When I tried to reboot, the installation program now says he "cannot find a previous version of windows installed and needs to check that I have rights to use this upgrade product." I have the full version but for some configuration reason does not recognize.

    I tried to rebuild the MBR via the recovery console. BOOTCFG/SCAN reports failed to analyze successfully. A ran CHKDSK/P/R. no errors. Ran FIXMBR: reports new MBR written correctly.

    No success during subsequent attempts to reinstall xp pro. I'm trying to reinstall on a laptop HP zd7030us.

    Thanks for any help provided!


    Hi Martinez:

    In fact, I did exactly as you suggested. But I've since found the answer: my XP Pro CDIS updated although indicating there is nothing on the CD itself. In fact, when I bought it, my intention was to purchase the full product since I received the student discount. How I ended up with a upgrade version is unknown. Grrr! And all this time I thought that to do a "clean install" with repartitioning the disks required to version complete. Apparently not. When I interrupted the process of partitioning I erased everything that said that there had already been a legitimate copy of XP on the PC.

    How do I know this? I took a glance at the PID found in I386\setupp.ini on the installation CD. My PID is 55276000, which indicates a version upgrade. (For those of you who want to understand what the code means do a search on 'xp product id list'. NOTE: This is NOT the product key that you enter during installation.)

    Anyway, there is my answer. So what I'll do? Pull on an old Win98 drive, install it and then upgrade from there.

    Thanks again,


  • Why my data Ext Hard Drive WORD & EXCEL from my old computer does not recognize my new computer with Windows 7.

    Recently, I replaced an old computer running Windows XP with a newer computer of Windows7.

    I have TWO Toshiba external hard drives 2... one of them (Mdl HDDR250E03X) is used for external backup of data on my computer.  I started using it for my old computer that was running on Windows XP.  Due to a Trojan infection, I had to buy a new computer running Windows 7.  I thought that the hard drive is simply a plug-and-play device, BUT my new computer has not recognized that there is a device plugged until someone suggested that I make a change in the Device Management section (which only works at Midway).  My new computer now sees that the drive is there, BUT the data displayed under a name of file/folder (dec22a69bbd43e6966c9935e4720f7).  Data include WORD files, EXCEL files and .jpg files.  When I click on this long file/folder name, I get a long list of records as well as other unknown files that I don't recognize.  Inside each of the files is the SAME set of files (EULA, LocalizedData and SetupResources.dll.  When I try to save a WORD or EXCEL file on this disk, I tells me that the drive is empty, then the path and destination does not allow me to record anything.  I suspect that the problem lies in the Windows 7 software to recognize the hard drive but, I'm totally new to this Windows 7.  Everyone recognizes what is the problem?   I KNOW that the data is always there because I ran my virus on this single drive software and I could see many file names as they were read.

    Hello DuaneMeyer,

    What are you help save external hard disk?
    It is built in the backup part OS backup software or a 3rd?

    Please let us know.


  • After you have installed the Windows updates, my computer does not recognize that there is a disc in the DVD - ROM thing

    I had this problem for weeks and only recently someone told me that it is perhaps for this reason.
    I tried several things to fix, and one of those who created an error where when I clicked on drive E in Windows Explorer, it looks like:

    E:\ application not found

    So, in the end, I wiped my computer and everything on it and rebooted again.


    So, I've set up the computer as I did when I got it 2 years ago, and everything was fine. I could insert a disc, it reads that and I was able to install my game, no problems.

    Now, I have reset everything up, and there are more than 2000 updates to update installed. So I did.

    SO NOW, after all this, which took another TWO HOURS - he does not all disks again.

    I play the Sims 3 - fiercely - and so I tried to re - install all my expansion packs, but it does not now.

    I DON'T want to make that whole process again and install all my games before updating Windows, because I believe, even if I did that, once I've updated, I can't play the game, because my laptop does not recognize that the game disc is there.

    Help, please.

    I spent so much money on these games, and I love them! I don't have the money to buy a new computer.

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad

    Core i5 Intel


    Your CD-ROM or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other programs

    Discussion here:


    Your AutoPlay doesn't work maybe not properly.

  • Why my dads account Windows Live Mail have much more FONTS, (including the one I have want - old English) than mine? And how can I get all the other FONTS? Thank you.

    My father and I have a very similar computer (his has a little more memory, until I bought a thing of 1000 mb storage) we have almost the same e-mail program, but it flows from Telus, I run Hotmail. There are many more fonts included in its ability to e-mail. How can I get all those other fonts, I change the fonts almost all the letters that I write. Thank you for your help, and I hope that I have explained myself enough.

    A computer has a folder of fonts.  Some fonts come with the computer, some are added by installed programs, and some can be added by the user.

    When you do anything on the computer, in the folder fonts fonts are used.

    When you create an html e-mail, or the word document, the font is a part of the information stored by email or document.

    Fonts do not attach to e-mail or in this document.

    When another computer displays the e-mail or document, the police does not exist on this computer.  Another font will be used.

    The only way to have your email look exactly as you created it is to send a photo of the enamel.

  • Satellite 4100xcdt does not recognize HARD drive after update BIOS version 8.20

    My laptop is a satellite 4100XCDT with windows xp and I want to install linux.
    Have the cd bootable linux (tested on other computers) but laptop doesn't not boot cd shape so I updated the bios with version 8.20 from the toshiba support site.
    Tried the disks formatted 1.44 and 7.20 such as recommended in the manual of the 4xxx series. BIOS has been updated successfully

    Result: after pressing the switch of the usual screen Toshiba appears, after the disc hard led flashes for a few seconds then windows except modus menu appears. After I made my choice (all tried) a few seconds later (and hard drive led light) flashes a blue screen (not enough long to read the message) and the computer is restarted. When starting from a back bootable floppy, I can't reach the (cd rom) drives (hdd) C and D
    But in my opinion that Windows Save menu modus is called from the hard drive (so I think that the hard drive still works)


    Well, in my opinion a part on the HARD drive or bootable partition might be corrupted.
    You are right, if the windows save mode appears therefore HARD drive has been recognized by the BIOS and the HARD drive is bootable.

    I think there must be something wrong with the data on the HARD drive.
    Something similar happened on my laptop several weeks ago. After you use the chkdsk/r, I was able to run the operating system again. But then I installed everything again.

    On the Toshiba page I found the companion disc.
    The accompanying disk is capable of detecting your CD-ROM drive on the
    Toshiba during the boot process. If you need access to your CD-ROM
    Hunt, then delete "rem" Word the following lines in the Autoexec. BAT
    and CONFIG. SYS on the accompanying disk.

    REM if exist toscd001 a:\mscdex D:TOSCD001 /M:10 (AUTOEXEC. BAT)

    REM device = a:\toscdrom.sys (CONFIG. (SYS)

    It may be useful

  • I have an external hard drive that I lent to a mac user, when I got home my computer does not recognize

    Any suggestions?

    They formatait it when they used?

Maybe you are looking for

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