I just took my ear dryer Flash pods. Also, they went through the complete wash cycle... and they are still working despite an elbow in the thread.

I have no question... just an observation. I just took my ear dryer Flash pods. Also, they went through a full wash cycle. They still work despite a kinky twist in the wire. So with my test not planned, I find that they are watertight. Thank you Apple.

I guess you will then test your new iPhone 7?

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  • I've just updated Firefox on my computer, and now it will not load things like Pandora, This American Life or YouTube. They are still working fine in Windows Explorer.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you so much! that totally fixed. Thanks for your help.

  • I did the security two-step for iPad.  Apple support is a restoration that took it back to factory default.  Now I have nothing in iCloud I can find, photos, notes etc.what can I do to get back them.  They are still on my iPhone 5 s

    I have an Air of iPad and iPhone 5 s.  I did the two-step verification and wrote the secret code 4 digit.  I couldn't get into my iPad.  Talked to about 4 Apple technicians.  They guided me to restore my iPad to factory default.  My photos and notes and videos have disappeared.  They are still on my phone.  I never went to iCloud to see hat is here.  My iPad has said there is nothing in the iCloud shouldn't the same thing that is on my phone.  I went to Verizon and they said it was a problem for apple.  Help!

    You need start the game up more so that we can see if you have a backup, you can restore from. Go to settings > general > reset > erase all content and settings so that you get the Hello screen. Then, you configure the iPad, sign your iCloud account and when asked if you want to restore from a backup to say Yes and see what is listed to choose from for restoration.

    After the back if you don't see any options for restoring your backup.

    See you soon,.


  • Since I updated Firefox a week ago, my screen saver does not work. I checked the settings and they are still just as I would like.

    My screensaver is scheduled to start after 15 minutes. I checked the preview and it works. However, it does not start after hours of inactivity. What has changed?

    I don't think that Firefox has hooks that would prevent the screensaver from starting.
    It may not be compatible with the latest version of Firefox.
    Please try a different screen saver. I use Digital Aquarium Screensaver and it works well.

  • Why the icons Adobe Flash has changed to dark brown in my Win7 PC, but they are still red here. It of official, or can it be a bug or malfunction? Thank you.

    I've known it for the past two weeks. I have received no official notification about this ' n that is why I ask. Thanks in advance for any kind of comments about this issue. (Acrobat P.S. logo changed too much color)

    Yes, it seems that is what these icons look like these days

  • Flash does not work despite all try

    Videos content Flash on all Web sites recently stopped playing in the Firefox browser running on my Vista 64 bit system. I tried everything on the support forums and also which can be judged. I uninstalled and reinstalled Flash and this is the version latest and greatest; I refreshed Firefox; I disabled the protection mode; I made sure all the settings of the plugin and extension are as it should and does not. Whenever I get the same message: "Your Adobe Flash is obsolete."

    I have used Firefox for more than a decade, but if this continues I will be forced to adopt another browser - sad.

    The problem here is that 17 Flash do not uninstall Flash 9 when it was installed. If Flash 9 is still getting used to first, although 17 Flash is also installed.

    The solution is to remove the v9 Flash .dll file.

    In your URL bar, type "subject: plugins" and click on enter. On the topic: plugins page, find the entry for Shockwave Flash that says it's v9. Then look at the "path" for this entry line. It will look something like C:\windows\SysWOW32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_9_0_0_169.dll

    Navigate to the directory that contains the file, close Firefox and remove the NPSWF... 9.dll file. Then re-open Firefox. Now Firefox should use the latest version of Flash.

  • I just tried to download Vista SP1 on my count, he went through all the motions and now my computer is nothing but a black screen.

    Very angry about this, until I tried to install this pack, my computer was working perfectly. Now, it seems that my entire system has been destroyed, and when I try to contact Microsoft, it seems that I have to pay $72 Australian, just to get him to talk to me. Seems hardly fair, that their pack which crashed my system. Someone has an idea of what he must do to either restore my system (without the use of disks to restart), or is anyone know how I can contact Microsoft without paying (since this is not a problem on my side). Any suggestion would be appreciated.  Regarding what happened, he went through the entire process of installation of the service pack, but when he stopped for the last time, the computer starts with a very simple beeps and then nothing, no white screen, no warning, no prompt, nothing.

    Will need you the DVD

    How to uninstall Windows Vista service packs as a troubleshooting step

    FYI learn how to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • I tried to upgrade Lightroom 5.7 to 6 and now the two versions have fallen. They are just bouncing in my toolbar?

    Hi everyone, this morning I was in my Lightroom 5.7 and looked for upgrades, he says there was not all but my Adobe toolbar flickered upward in the right corner of my screen (I have a Mac) so I clicked it, and he says: upgrade Lightroom CC. so I clicked on that. It says 30 day trial. Now, I have never had to pay for prior updates. I have Adobe Creative Cloud, (they keep telling me that I don't have Lightroom under them... only Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Pro), I thought... OK, I bought Lightroom shaped disk and put in this way, by uploading it on my computer and save it on the site. They told me that they have seen versions of Lightroom 4 and 5 registered... but they don't have any support for those more. What it meant, I've been waiting for more than an hour and the other 2 hours was just repeat me until I came here. Which is always without using Lightroom.

    So I downloaded the trial version of Lightroom CC... went through the steps. Now, I have 2 versions of Lightroom on my computer and none of them will open. They open my dashboard in my toolbar and bounce just here.

    I tried to sign in and out of my Adobe account several times with no luck. I'm on delays for customers. I'm in the middle trying to print... now, he ate my entire day! I really hope someone can help me, because no one at Adobe seem to.

    Thank you! Shannon

    Hi sbpaul,

    6 of Lightroom is a new version of Lightroom, so you buy and register the product to upgrade.

    6 of Lightroom is another version of Lightroom 5. It is not an update.

    ~ UL

  • Pavilion a1130n block of POWER LED flashes when it is connected to the mobo

    We had a power outage and now PC won't start at all and power and power supply lights both blink.  I went through the list of power supply.  When everything is unplugged PSU led remains lit.  When I plug in the mobo light starts flashing again.

    On another forum, someone suggested clearing CMOS as check/solution possible, but I've seen suggested once on all of the controls/solutions out there.

    Should I try clearing CMOS or who would really do something to help here?

    Also, I am trying to determine the most cost-effective path of repair/replacement.  The main consideration for me is software and data on the hard drive, I would really like.  I know that the machine is old so I'm thinking the mobo may need to be upgraded in any case of 6 years and the PSU, should probably due to his age and the likelihood it will fail before too long.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

    lardfw wrote: I deleted CMOS (using the pull method) and there is no change. Well, I understand that it was a long shot. I followed the checklist (do not skip steps).  I was a little fuzzy on the checklist is should I go ahead and take memory cards and disconnect the headset, microphone, usb ports, etc to the MoBo? During the only thing connected to the PSU is the MoBo.  Nothing connected to the PSU = green fixed.  Connected to the power supply flashing green = MoBo. So my concern is passed: the hell of the MoBo or PSU is (because I'm buddy up to the idea that it is).  in order to use the hard drive in a new configuration (specifically the software and data on the hard drive).

    Hello lardfw, with nothing connected to the motherboard and you try to start the system, if the motherboard was not defective, with the power supply work as it should, you get all kinds of sound signals, especially when the memory is removed.

    I'm sure that the motherboard has failed. You should be able to remove the hard drive and install it into another system such as a secondary drive and not the bootable disc and be able to copy some files from the hard drive. You would not be able to access the applications.

    Once you have recovered all the data you may be, you could then reformat the hard drive and use the total capacity of the disk as a backup, or even use it as a bootable stick with a new operating system installation.

  • I just took three photos with the iPhone 5.  Only two of the pictures now appear on my iMac.  What happened to the third picture?

    I just took three pictures with my iPhone, and only two of the photos were sent to my iMac.  What happened to the third picture?

    Sorry, but we cannot see you then you will need to provide us with information - not only an abstract problem

    Wigh no information my guess is the time and the third photos may not be synchronized with the time


  • In the latest version of MF, there is a missing button, who was in the previous version: between backward/forward buttons and the bar hits there was little flash, who showed a few recent pages I just went through. How can I restore it?

    In the latest version of MF, there is a missing button, who was in the previous version: between backward/forward buttons and the bar hits there was little flash, who showed a few recent pages I just went through. How can I restore it?

    If you mean the drop marker so you can always get history buttons front and rear, if necessary by left clicking and for a second, or by right-clicking on them.

    If you want to continue the brand drop there too there is that Extension to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/backforward-dropmarker/

    Also the abbreviation for Firefox is Fx

  • I'm unable to access my skydrive account, I get my user id and password but when I try to access the skydrive page it just flickers and flashes a canned red shield in the address bar.

    I'm unable to access my skydrive account, I get my user id and password but when I try to access the skydrive page it just flickers and flashes a canned red shield in the address bar. I managed to go into the live account and change the password, so I know that the connection details are correct. I can access my hotmail account.

    I signed up for skydrive two days ago and have loaded the documents that I cannot now reach!

    original title: skydrive connection problem

    Forum on SkyDrive here:


  • When I try to open up firefox it just starts flashing like crazy, then firfox say is already running when it is not. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and it did not work. I can open internet explore

    When I start Firefox, it just blinks like crazy and will do nothing. I got a message that Firefox is already running. Internet Explorer still works

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    Is a few days ago. Do not remember whether or not she began before or after I removed macafee and added norton

    I don't know what could be the cause of the problem, but you can try opening FF in Safe Mode. I don't know if I can help if it does not work.

  • Aspire One 722 just took out of box will not connect to windows update.

    I have 2 identical Aspire One notebooks 722 running AMD chipsets running Windows 7sp1 pro.                              (SNID [redacted to comply with guidelines]) that does not connect to update the window. I have the built-in System Restore on a single noteboook to see if that would fix it. It there no. This is the news, I had them on the Board for the protection of labour. I tried for a month now to get Microsoft updates to work.

    I tried all the fixes and the tools I find on the net and within Microsoft to get updated to work and have had no sucsses.

    I even went as far as buying a new hard drive and a new copy of Microsoft windows 7sp1 drive still does not work.

    Everything elese works fine I can join any network at work. Surf the web, download electronic music or programs. No problem at all with the part of it. I get no error message or it is just to update program and the bar just moves a day if I let him. I do it all the patches from microsoft, they say that all is well, or fixed and still nothing.

    Think it's strange that a new disc of win7sp1 with a new HD it still does not work. I'm at my wits end.

    Anyone out there have the magic bullet miss me?

    Sure could use some help on this. No I won't update to WIndows 10 and forget about it. Ha ha

    Well @ 12:10 CST, I learned that I had 205 updates installed plus 5 in option.

    So it is now was the installation of updates since then.

    So, it does not. In the review I, that I did not did nothing before.

    This time, I did a clean installation of the operating system. Installed all the latest drivers. A through the online activation.

    Click updates in short order says something about downloading a new engine update. Screen went white and Brown a few times. Back to update sceeen were he sat running for approximently 12 + hours. Then, the notification of the necessary updates. And now it's @ 65 of 209 updates (installation)

    When this is done, I will do the same to the other laptop and hoping for the same results.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me advice here. It was great to have you share your knowledge and your encougment.

  • Why Flash my screen when I discover the ITUNES Store?

    Why my PC screen flashing continuously when connected to the web page of ITUNES Store?  This started after updating to the latest version of ITUNES.

    I have the same problem after I updated to the latest version. The support team is useless. They are just make me todiscussion groups to help solve the problem. It drives me crazy. It is not obvious to them that their update is twisted? And why not have an answer for me? They just said technical issues and not offered any freaking help! GRRR

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