I'm trying to download Security Suite from my provider and I get a message that I have to get rid of PC Cleaner. How can I remove it?

Get rid of PC Cleaner

I'm trying to download Security Suite from my provider and I get a message that I have to get rid of PC Cleaner. I searched my PC and that you do not find PC Cleaner. If I don't know how I'll remove it. Thanks for your help. The only reference to PC Cleaner is the Microsoft Security on the PC.

Go to add/remove programs and see if PC Cleaner is in the list. If so, then click to remove.
Then go into Windows Explorer. Research on Windows/System32 and see fi there is pcsd.dll and delete it.
Then go to regedit and search for any mention of PC Cleaner, PC Cleaner and remove these entries.

Change the settings of the REGISTRY can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the REGISTRY settings configuration can be solved. Changes to these settings are at your own risk.

Then see if you still get an error of PC Cleaner.

Let us know if that helps.


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