I wonder if Malware can circulate and operate on my computer in the same way as LoJack where it can not be removed by simply erasing the hard drive.

If I understand it, when the LoJack software is loaded on
a computer (leave a CD/DVD) somehow or other, a change is made to
the BIOS chip. In turn, this translates into a situation that even if the
hard drive is wiped away, the product survives and can still call home.

Now, if LoJack for this, as I have suggested in the past, why not a
specifically designed * malware * do exactly the same thing if it was
planted on a CD/DVD which a user deliberately 'responsible' for an individual
goal? For example, a CD used to install drivers for a printer, or
Perhaps, a CD ordered by mail to install Windows XP SP2?

Serious question.

original title: LoJack for Laptops

You are quite welcome.

This is a COMPUTER security professional community and technology center of security that may be more useful.  Good luck!



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    Check your cable connections. If necessary check with the manufacturer of the motherboard System Support
    and Seagate Support.

    Make sure that settings/settings (BIOS/CMOS) often F2 that you start the computer is configured to start at
    on the CD/DVD first in the boot order.

    Seagate - Support

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    You could try to copy the cmd.exe file from another XP computer to yours.  It is usually located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory. (Save your current file first, however)  Otherwise, try to start the command-line like this:
    Start-> Run-> "command."
    Note that this should appear "command.com" which is different from the "cmd.exe" (but looks like).

    If you try to reformat the drive to reinstall Windows, simply boot from your Windows XP installation disc and launch the installation.  A reformat is a normal step in a new installation of Windows.


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    I can't activate the computer

    Also the error message when I try to download content

    Hi Trevor,

    What is the accurate and complete error you get when you try to activate Windows 8?

    If you have made significant physical changes to your PC, like replacing your hard drive or motherboard, you will need activate Windows by phone. To learn how, go to the article of the product activation .

    See also the link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/why-activate-windows

    Post us the results after trying the steps above.

  • How can I re download photoshop After erasing my hard drive


    recently I deleted from my hard drive and started to charge. I'm trying to re download adobe photoshop on my computer once again, but I don't see anything in my account on adobe, it shows that I pay my subscription, but I don't know where to go to re download photoshop...

    Download & install instructions https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2003339 can help

    -includes a link to access a page to download the Adobe programs if you do not have a disk or drive

    Also go to https://forums.adobe.com/community/creative_cloud/creative_cloud_faq

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    After successfully resetting my PC to factory setting, I ran restore backup files... I took me 4 hours to restore. Restore files has been a success.

    When I restart my PC, I couldn't find anything my back upwards. I don't know that there have been restored as I have only 50 G to 200G left of my C drive.

    I tried to look for documents, but I can't find anything.

    What happened to all my backup files?


    Where you are restoring the data?

    Check if the files are hidden.

  • Satellite A300 and 320 GB of memory on the HARD drive

    My laptop has a capacity of 320 GB of memory, but is divided into two different sections each containing 150 GB.
    My first section is almost complete. It will automatically start just save in the memory following ability?


    > will it just automatically start saving in the memory following ability?

    No, it won't. You will receive a message like, low space available on C, but you can move the files/folders to local d manually. Remove the unnecessary stuff from local c

  • Can't erase my hard drive recovery utility

    Hello everyone,

    Huge disappointment a few hours ago. My system would not start. Rebooted from OS X Recovery and scanned with utility disk to find out there was a mistake not repairable in the hard disk which told me that I should restore with time machine. Fortunately, I had my backed up system and that's what I was doing. After the process, I found that my data was back, I have not all apps! No safari, no itunes, no store apple to re - install applications, nothing... Maybe I should have stopped here and ask for help, but given that my data has been backed up, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try the other option in the OS X Recovery: reinstall OS X.

    So I tried to reinstall OS X. It took a few hours, and when the system was finally restarted to complete the installation, it prompted a message saying that OS X could not be installed (don't remember why).

    Now, when I try to start the computer, it automatically goes to the recovery, and practically I can't do anything... I can't use time machine because the hard drive to the mac does not present as an option to install the system. It won't let me delete the partition that the system created to install the OS X either (about 1.3 GB)... the options for 'clear' are grayed out.

    I tried to erase everything, but I'm not power, and it seems that there is not much I can do, given all the options appear to be available... What a physical error in the hard drive? It was working perfectly before this happened, and the laptop has not left the office in between.

    The system is a MacBook Pro from 2012 (originally with the Mountain Lion and now ran on Yosemite). The hard drive is a semiconductor.

    All the miraculous solutions are welcome!

    Thank you!

    Should be explained a little more disciplined, please.

    For example: the system created to install the OS X is (about 1.3 GB) is not clear: 1.3 GB is much too small to install OSX on it, then of course, you can't go. And you cannot use the RecoveryPartition for anything other than repair or reinstall the disk 'real '. The Partition Recovery itself not even 1 GB by a long shot...

    Since you have the TM backup, what you can do is:

    in the recovery partition, open DiskUtility, select the disk (not the partition, but the disk with the name 'complicated': DiskUtility should give the size (128GB, 56 GB or other): then in DiskUtility choose tab partition, then the partition: 1 partition, OS X Extended (journaled), (Advanced :) button) GUID Partition table.

    a when you're done, exit DiskUtility, select install OSX then TM, or install it directly from TM.

  • How can I get all the files from the hard drive in the non-working Compaq Presario CQ62-411NR

    Ice tea seep keyboard laptop, and after drying it feeds on. If I try a hard reboot, it is stated that I would lose all the info in the memory and I can't afford to lose my mother pictures that are on the hard drive. Is it possible to get the hard drive to work in some other way so that I can get my photos and other files.

    You can remove the hard drive and put it in a USB Enclosure.Plug USB port, another machine, where you should be able to go through it and copy your photos off on the hard drive of the host computer.


    http://www.TigerDirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3743052 & catid = 2783

  • Can I use the HP Recovery partition after formatting and partitioning the rest of the hard drive?

    I recently had my HP Pavilion dv4 2145dx laptop (Windows 7 64-bit) go kerput.  The Geek Squad said that the motherboard is dead.  I bought a laptop and I use this one for now, and I use the former dv4 as external hard drive.

    I intend to continue to use the hard drive from the old dv4 as an external unresolved for now, but I wish we could fix the dv4 at some point in the future.  Here's the problem: to get the most out of the former dv4 as external drive, I want to repartition it so that there is an NTFS partition and one HFS partition +.  This way I could easily use it with my Mac and Windows machines.

    But if I do that, I'm not sure if the image of HP recovery would continue to operate.  If it does not, then if/when I get the old dv4 a new motherboard, I couldn't restore the operating system from the recovery partition.  It is a problem, because I have not create recovery disks (stupid, I know - I'm definitely making them for the new machine).

    So, I want to do these two things:

    (1) create my dv4 recovery disks.  Can I do this if the dv4 drive is mounted in an external enclosure?

    (2) format and partition the drive dv4 (the leaving intact recovery partition) and later to recover the system from the recovery partition.  The recovery partition would continue to operate in these conditions?

    Thanks for any help that anyone is obtained.


    What you do to the C:\drive will make the ineffective recovery partition.

    You will not be able to create a set of recovery discs unless the drive is usable in Notepad.

    Can you still read all 25 characters of your product key of W7 on the bottom of your laptop broken?

    If so, you can do this...

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Or use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. Link and instructions below. You need a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB compilation method.


    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.


    Or, you can probably still order a set of recovery disc for your HP laptop.



  • How can I get my favorites on an old hard drive and transfer them to another hard drive?

    the motherboard is dead on my old desktop - but the hard drive is still usable. I got a new office and a friend added the old hard drive from my old computer (which has all my favorite firefox somewhere) on my new computer. Now I have two hard drives on a computer - one that came with the new computer - and my old - so, I'm now able to move all my pictures and files, etc. - and even found the bookmarks of Internet Explorer - but, I can't seem to find bookmarks in firefox. I look under Program Files - and I have-see Mozilla Firefox but don't see the bookmarks. I have searched for it - tried the answers that the mozilla site says to do it - but I can't find them. can anyone help? Thank you

    Bookmarks are not stored in the Program Files folder, but rather in their own folder profile 'hidden '.
    This link will show you where Firefox holds all of your information and what are the files to be transferred through

    To access your profile folder, while in Firefox, click the new menu button on the right side of the navigation bar, click Help, and then click troubleshooting information. In the Applications section base, click the Show folder. The window that opens will be your profile folder.

    Because you want your bookmarks, you should enter places.sqlite and then put them in the profile folder in your new hard drive with Firefox closed

  • I deleted the boot camp trying to resize the hard drive on my mac pro book. now, the computer does not start without a bootable device, which I don't have, and any download must be on a windows machine. Can anyone help

    I deleted the boot camp trying to resize the hard drive on my mac pro book. now, the computer does not start without a bootable device, which I don't have, and any download must be on a windows machine. Can anyone help

    1. did you remove Bootcamp using disk utility?

    2 have you tried local restore or recovery of the Internet? - OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support . Mac with built-in optical drives may need 'Gray' disks to boot the system.

  • I changed the hard drive of a 4440 probook s and I can not configure the fingerprint reader

    Hi, I have a probook 4440 s, I changed the hard drive due to malfunction, I used paintings General; I can't set the finger print recognition

    Hi Rubio7,

    Welcome to the HP forum!

    Your Probook is a commercial unit and the consumer forum.

    I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure, I suggest posting in the trade forums, since it is a commercial product. You can do the Forum Commercial/Notebook - HP ProBook, EliteBook, Compaq, slate/Tablet PC, Armada, LTE

    I hope this helps.

  • Your computer is running out of available memory. Flight Simulator will now exit. You can't have enough free space on your hard drive. Run Disk Cleanup to free up space, and then try to run Flight Simulator.

    «Your computer has run out of available memory.» Flight Simulator will now exit. You can't have enough free space on your hard drive. Run Disk Cleanup to free up space, and then try to run Flight Simulator."

    I tried to adjust the size of swap file, and I have tried no pagefile.
    But I still get this error Message When I try to start FS9.

    Windows Vista Edition Home Premium 64 - bit Edition
    : AMD Athlon (TM) 9550 Quad-Core processor
    (Vivid RAM) memory: 6.00 GB

    You must specify a linker flag this option in the header of the image of fs9.exe because FS9 is a 32-bit application and use 2 GB of virtual address space.
    With the indicator largeaddressaware under your 64 bit OS, it is possible for FS9 to use up to 4 GB of address space.
    Get the SBB Explorer (http://ntcore.com/exsuite.php) open fs9.exe, header to open the file then click on 'Click here' and mark "App can handle > 2 GB addresset", save and close fs9.exe.

    As a preventive safeguard your fs9.exe before if something goes wrong.

  • The drive on my Acer Z5610 is overheating and stop. How can I transfer my Windows 7 on new HARD drive

    Would appreciate help from the members of the Forum.

    The drive on my Acer Z5610 is overheating and stop unexpectedly. I bought a new 1 TB WD HARD drive. I tried loading the Acer recovery CD 3 I initially created in order to load all applications touch etc, but received a message to say that I got at loading Windows. The computer came pre loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium, so I did not all Windows disks. My question is: How can I transfer Windows 7 on my new HARD drive so I can begin to rebuild the PC?


    I think that you have created the driver & application backup, if this is the case & * if the old HDD is still detected & boots you could create a factroy restore discs, if not then you might even get to store.acer.com.

Maybe you are looking for