If a Question is in part correct?

Say I have a fill-in-The-Blank question with three spaces empty/words and the learner has one or two of the three spaces/words correct.

Is it posible to dsplay a message 'That is nearly right.'?

Not with the slides in question by default FIB, sorry. It is possible with slides of question FIB personalized because you have total control in this case.

This is an old article but there a matter of FIB custom as a demo: Widgets and custom - Questions Part 2 - Captivate blog

Same can also be done with TEB, which have the advantage of being able to have a fixed immediately score.

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  • Choice questions multiple question IS NOT part of the quiz?

    Hello, all.

    Another newbie question.

    I have a few multiple choice questions and some short answers that I want to work as an interaction, rather than be part of the project questionnaire. (I have a quiz 10 questions T/F, which is classified and a score of 80% is required.)

    So in other words, on the multiple choice answers and short, I don't have to reported responses - and more importantly, if a person fails the T/F test and resume, I don't want that they have ALSO take multiple choice and short answers.

    Is it possible to do this?

    I guess the short answer questions can only be implemented with text entry areas, Yes?

    But what about multiple choice questions? Any way to get them, but exclude to the quiz itself?

    Hope this is clear. Thanks for any help you can give!


    I never use the default short answer question, not even when I want to be marked. Take a look at: Custom short answer Question - Captivate blog

    Use the radio buttons or checkboxes interactions, you can create a custom QUIZ question.

    You can also use the default QUIZ question, but indicate that the score should not be added to the total score. ATTENTION: some system quiz variables as the number of questions (used in the progress indicator) will always be count these questions. And will go to the first question, only added to the score or not. There is a solution for that as well.

  • Questions of DST, part two

    Oracle SE - One
    Oracle Linux 5.6 x 86-64

    Cut to the Chase. Most of our tasks in the Scheduler is set so that start_date, last_start_date, and next_run_date all specify them the zone with a fixed offset. As a result, the first execution after the time change DST, they ran an hour initially, but then calculation for the next execution corrected and they found running at the scheduled time.

    Finally, almost.

    We have two application schemas that have Task Scheduler.

    Jobs in a schema is featured as above.

    But all the work of the other schema to continue to run an hour earlier.

    the above can be seen in the result of this query:
    ,     systimestamp
    ,     job_name
    ,     log_date
    ,     status
    here   log_date > sysdate - 10
      and   owner not in ('EXFSYS',
    order by
    ,     job_name
    ,     log_date
    Very easy to simply go to the bottom of the column LOG_DATE and see time to change.

    For my first two questions is - can someone explain the behavior above, in particular the inconsistency in a single schema 'cure' jobs themselves after the first run after the time change, but another schema employment continuing to run an hour earlier.

    I don't know if she's wearing on her or not, but most of the jobs (two patterns) is provided with a local function to "frequency" that uses a decimal representation of the time (ie: WEEKLY(.4583,'SATURDAY'))

    And a second question - what are the things that affect the representation of time zone in the start_date when defining a new job? Our programmer creates / manages jobs using SQL Navigator, and there is no provision in the GUI it to specify a specific time zone or (offset vs name) method to represent a time zone. I read that there are some influences on the client side, but have not restored that right away.



    you will see the time zone.

    Or a more detailed example

    SELECT dbms_scheduler.stime, sysdate, systimestamp, current_timestamp,CAST (SYSDATE AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE), CAST (to_date('1.1.2012','dd.mm.yyyy') AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) FROM dual;
    ALTER SESSION SET time_zone='Asia/Bangkok';
    SELECT dbms_scheduler.stime, sysdate, systimestamp, current_timestamp,CAST (SYSDATE AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE), CAST (to_date('1.1.2012','dd.mm.yyyy') AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) FROM dual;
    ALTER SESSION SET time_zone='-6:00';
    SELECT dbms_scheduler.stime, sysdate, systimestamp, current_timestamp,CAST (SYSDATE AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE), CAST (to_date('1.1.2012','dd.mm.yyyy') AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) FROM dual;

    You can see that DATE to TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE conversion session TIME_ZONE.

  • A question which must be correct pass the quiz

    Hello - I have a scenario where a course ends with a questionnaire which must be passed to 90% to pass. But I need to add another element to this scenario where as well as 90% of correct answers, a question must answer correctly, pass, regardless of what the score. Any ideas how we could go about implementing that?

    If this issue MUST be correct, I'd give this 90% of the points and all other issues 1 or 2% each to compensate for the 100% need.  Then set required for Col. preference should continue.

    In this way, unless they get the first question correct, they can never pass the quiz, but scores of 0 to 100% are possible.

    It would be a pretty good workaround solution?

  • A question of both parties about Flash player and Firefox plugin.

    Things have gotten worse. I'm unable to reset Firefox because at the time when I go to tools > (etc.) reset Firefox, it crashes.

    None of the Flash help I received from Adobe and Mozilla is useful.

    Finally, I uninstalled Firefox completely and on a whim, thought I'd install Seamonkey. She runs... But will not play ANY Flash. The plug in case of accident, as soon as I try to access any Flash website.

    I use Chrome without difficulty. I can use IE without difficulty. So, guess what? Firefox is out until someone can fix the problem. I am convinced that Firefox can't handle any software if Macromedia, Adobe, Shockwave Flash or any other part of it. This is totally unacceptable.

    The way I see it, I need to go back to an older version of Firefox AND Flash player. Once I can do I think they work together because none of this happened until the most recent version has been installed.

    Where can I find all the old versions of Firefox? And I will have difficulties in their installation.

    Like I said before, I'm a long-time Firefox fan. It comes, he tries my patience just to make it work again when you people do an upgrade. The problem involves ALWAYS Flash form any.

    With great anxt and sadness,


  • Question list R32 parts

    All the spare parts for Thinkpad R32 called from the spare parts list - India is not found.

    Hi Mornsgrans,

    Very highly rated. At the same time, I'm looking for an update of the support team on the other driver links you have posted in other threads.

    Thank you dude!


  • Purchase Multiple-Question of spare parts


    I'll buy two PS6100E and a PS6100XS without.  The best support service that Dell can offer is next day for parts due to the location of the site.  Normally, we prefer to support parts of four hours, but it is not available for this location.

    Is it possible to buy extra hard/SSD drives, flash for controllers and a controller card quickly resolve the bad parts?  Or y at - it another way to solve the problems of bad part as soon as the next business day?

    Thank you.

    Due to some limitations location 4 hours is not available (typically a Dell parts depot is not around).

    However, you should be able to buy additional disks, controllers, as required by your needs flash drives.

    Start by contacting the EqualLogic Customer Service (or your sales representative) to see what is available.  EQL customer service can be reached at this e-mail [email protected]


  • 2 questions for 1 part of my application

    I have a report and document in my APEX application and now the form add entries in the report, which includes data in 1 row, if the name is the same. (terrible explanation but if you take a look at my app then maybe you will see what I mean)...
    When the user clicks the add report button, the tags edition box, but I want only the button Add (create) to affix this region (do not remove) and the Cancel button. I also have a button Delete, and I want to display also the same region, but this time only with buttons remove and cancel.

    What I want to do when the addition is not to be able to enter duplicate information, so when you use the Add function, I want the Popup LOV to select only the data that the person is not already in the database.
    I want to do when deleting is not to be able to see all the data that the person is not in the database?

    So if Bob knows Java and C++, when you delete a skill from him, I just want to select Java or C++.
    If you try to add a skill to Bob, I don't want Java and C++ to show on the popup LOV.

    Sounds simple, but I'm stuck on these queries...

    Currently, I have a pretty default query for the popup LOV
    select TAG_NAME as display_value, ID as return_value 
      from TAG_LOOKUP
     order by 1
    I know I need to change a bit, but every time I do it does not help.

    I have a workspace that you can see what I mean. It is on page 4. Tags panel used.

    Workspace: Guestspace
    Login: Guest
    Password: kedupap1

    I'm trying to learn but keep finding myself stuck.
    Let me know what you think, or if you have any tips!

    Thank you

    Published by: Jeremy H July 2, 2012 12:57

    $s is an Apex api javascript that sets the value for the given element. (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23903_01/doc/doc.41/e21676/javascript_api.htm#CHDFBJGD)

    The rest of the line was just a few jquery code upward through the DOM to enhance the employee ID. There is probably a more eloquent way to achieve this. Your dynamic action is click on the button, but the button is a link to call the setvals function. The setvals was setting the values after the dynamic action of fire. I needed to set the value of P9994_EMPLOYEE_ID on the page and then save it to the session state for the query in the popup LOV might use the value.

    I took another glance and noticed that I could call the setvals function in the click of a button and so eliminate the first action extraction and development of the element. I changed the functionality of the button Delete and dynamic action to demonstrate.


    When executing the query popup LOV is focus on the value of the session state (not the values of item currently on the page) so we added a real action to dynamic action to load the current page value in session state:

    apex_util.set_session_state('P9994_ACTION', 'ADD');

    Also note that P9994_EMPLOYEE_ID is in the field "Items to submit Page" of this action that effectively support the value of P9444_EMPLOYEE_ID in the session of the State and available for the popup LOV query.

    I added the dashboard more action as a kind of debugging for you ensure that I saw the correct value of P9994_ACTION session state. It can be and has been deleted.

    I missed something?

  • Suggestions?  How to encode components/part correctly "nest".


    I have a situation with components nested like this:

    Request (STATE1)

    -Component_A (STATE2)

    -Component_B (STATE2) <--most of the action is here-->

    -Component_C (STATE2)

    My main problem is that Component_C works very well by itself to control its own properties and methods, but I need to also dynamically control certain properties of TextArea (such as visibility) in Component_B.  However, Component_B objects are only "knew" by the code I'm using (as file) Component_C control.  I am considering not using Component_C and just integrate the buttons/text/rectangle box Component_B, but it will be "deModularize" my app which will be about 200 Component_Bs, thus causing recreate me Component_C (about 200 times) as an object, rather than a component inside Component_B.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this - I know it is long.


    NEVER EVER EVER EVER use classes to display as controllers or presenters of the other display classes.  I still have shrapnel in my leg from the last project if this was the theme of the main design.

    If you need manage the view classes, you can do the presenters, who have no knowledge of the view class.  It is very easy to do especially with Flex databing (including both ways).  Or you can opt for a controller, by adding an interface for the tandem of component B/component C. That way if you decide to be part of C from B not to break anything.

  • Question about a part received with Qosmio G40-127

    Link: [http://peecee.dk/upload/view/112184]

    It is in the box for my newly purchased G40 - 127.
    I have no idea of what he does and I'm getting more and more curious.


    Post edited by: kongbuur

    Did you look in the user manual?

  • Question, InDesign is the 'correct' software to use to prepare a document for the type parameter?

    Forgive my ignorance, but I'm just trying to help my sister. She becomes a published book and asks the editor that she prepare her manuscript for 'type parameter '. His work has been done in all the "Microsoft Word", but I don't think that 'Word' has the ability to do that (whatever it is that she must do so). I don't really understand any of this, but I told her I thought she could be able to achieve this with Design. Could someone please tell me if I'm wrong, or that I am far from base? If I'm right, could you I please give me a tip or two to point us in a direction? I thank very you much. Buffmin

    "Preparing for membership ' not the same thing as fact really the layout. The difference in the world.

    Usually publishers want submit you your manuscript in Word, not software like InDesign.

    Talk to the Publisher and get a clear direction.

    It is very unlikely that InDesign is what you or she wants to use.

  • Question of dragging parts

    I have a dynamic clip that I am building with a loop for. The loop determines the width of the element. After the loop, I want to be able to drag the clip horizontally only. However when I click on the object it immediately moves to the left corner of my mouse x position. How can I keep the pos x of my clip where he is, first of all. Prevent the 'leap' to my mouse. How can I set limits for drag?

    Here's what I have:

    calendar_clip is a movieclip that contains the drag_clip, which determines the width of the calendar_clip. Below the drag_clip are text fields. That's why I'm grabbing the parent of drag_clip (calendar_clip) on startDrag and tries to drag horizontally.

    loop for...

    drag_clip.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, startCalendarDrag);
    drag_clip.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, stopCalendarDrag);
    drag_clip.buttonMode = true;

    function startCalendarDrag(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    trace ("here at the beginning");
    event.target.parent.startDrag ([true, 0, 0, 100, 100]);

    function stopCalendarDrag(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    trace ("here at the stop");
    event.target.parent.stopDrag ();

    Thank you!

    startDrag does not have a table as parameter. If you help, the [] means optional parameters... So, you want to just:

    event.target.parent.startDrag (true, new Rectangle (0, 100, 0, 100));

    And you probably want to use false, not true to prevent jump... and if you want a horizontal movement of your rect needs width to something other than 0...

    event.target.parent.startDrag (false, new Rectangle (0, 100, 100, 0));

  • Question about COMPUTE_EXPR part of a formal example.

    In the document < Oracle Enterprise Manager extensibility > and < Oracle Enterprise Manager extensibility >, there is an example as below.

    < TableDescriptor >
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "parse_str" TYPE = "STRING" IS_KEY = "TRUE" / >
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "startpos" TYPE = "NUMBER" COMPUTE_EXPR = "parse_str"#D1"__substringpos" / >
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "num_trailing" TYPE = "NUMBER" COMPUTE_EXPR = "(__length parse_str)"-startpos "/ >"
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "trim_str" TYPE = "STRING" COMPUTE_EXPR = "parse_str __trailingchars num_trailing" / >
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "endpos" TYPE = "NUMBER" COMPUTE_EXPR = "trim_str"#E1"__substringpos" / >
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "result_str" TYPE = "STRING" COMPUTE_EXPR = "trim_str __leadingchars endpos" / >
    < / TableDescriptor >

    The TableDescriptor sample describes a simple method for extracting a substring of
    a given string. If the data represented by 'parse_str' is of the form:
    #A1 10
    #B1 20
    #C1 30
    #D1 40
    #E1 50
    #F1 60

    The "result_str" has the value "#D1 = 40".

    Only, I do not get the result '#D1 = 40'. Here are my steps in calculating it. Could you please tell me what step I was wrong?

    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "parse_str" TYPE = "STRING" IS_KEY = "TRUE" / >
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "startpos" TYPE = "NUMBER" COMPUTE_EXPR = "parse_str"#D1"__substringpos" / >
    -Place: 19
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "num_trailing" TYPE = "NUMBER" COMPUTE_EXPR = "(__length parse_str)"-startpos "/ >"
    -Place: 36-19 = 17
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "trim_str" TYPE = "STRING" COMPUTE_EXPR = "parse_str __trailingchars num_trailing" / >
    D1 40
    #E1 50
    #F1 60
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "endpos" TYPE = "NUMBER" COMPUTE_EXPR = "trim_str"#E1"__substringpos" / >
    -Place: 6
    < ColumnDescriptor NAME = "result_str" TYPE = "STRING" COMPUTE_EXPR = "trim_str __leadingchars endpos" / >
    D1 40

    Thank you


    Published by: Satine on April 13, 2009 19:26

    Hello Satine,.

    Lets see first some basics:
    String index starts with 0. Therefore, for an expression "Satine __substringpos 't' ', you'll see 2 and not 3. I guess that's where you probably made a mistake. So, let's see how the __substringpos, __length, __trailingchars & __leadingchars are calculated
    _substringpos +: start counting at 0, until you reach the substring you're looking for
    Length +: start the meter with 1, until you reach the end of string (for example, "_length Satine" result will be 6)
    + _trailingchars +: the end, begin to count with 1 (e.g., result of "Satine _trailingchars 2 ' will be 'no')
    leadingchars +: from the beginning, start counting with 1 (e.g., results of "Satine _leadingchars 2 ' will be 'His')

    There are three ways to watch the channel. A "with return char", 2nd "with return tank except the last element" and the third "without return char". I don't know what was the counterpart of the author of the guide/DTD documentation, however, examples below will clarify how + __substringpos +, + __length +, + __trailingchars + & + __leadingchars + are calculated

    * Case 1: Tank with return (char at end of back too)
    parse_str-online #A1 = 10#B1 = 20#C1 = 30#D1 = 40#E1 = 50= 60 #F1
    parse_str length = 42
    startpos = 21
    num_trailing = 21
    trim_str = #D1 = 40#E1 = 50#F1 = 60
    endpos = 7
    result_str = #D1 = 40

    * Case 2: Tank with return (no tank back to end)
    parse_str-online #A1 = 10#B1 = 20#C1 = 30#D1 = 40#E1 = 50= 60 #F1
    parse_str length = 41
    startpos = 21
    num_trailing = 20
    trim_str = #D1 = 40#E1 = 50#F1 = 60
    endpos = 7

    result_str = #D1 = 40

    * Case 3: without return char *.
    parse_str-online #A1 = 10 #B1 = 20 #C1 = 30 #D1 = 40 #E1 = 50 #F1 = 60
    parse_str length = 36
    startpos = 18
    num_trailing = 18
    trim_str = #D1 = 40 #E1 = 50 #F1 = 60
    endpos = 6
    result_str = #D1 = 40


  • Brand for the choice award multiple question 4 Java Enterprise Architect part 1


    This is regarding 1Z0 - 864: Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Master certified review (part 1 of 3).

    While he was trying to test the sample in Whizlabs, I been allocated partial mark/grade for the multiple choice questions. In other words, for a given multiple choice question which have 4 different choices and only two answers needed to be selected, I chose an option, but they gave me some 0.5 points for that.

    So, I would like to confirm if the original certification exam also follows the same approach or even partially answered options will be accepted, it's ALL or none market allotment for a certain multiple choice question.

    Thank you

    Dipesh salvation,
    Oracle Certification exams do not provide a partial credit. A question must be entirely correct in order to get credit for it. Good luck with your exam!

    Kind regards
    Brandye Barrington
    Certification Forum Moderator

  • Quiz do not think that I have answered questions correctly when I did.

    I'm having a problem with the quiz that I created at the end of a Captivate project that I created with the help of a Powerpoint presentation.  I published and he saw in the LMS, but for some reason any that it not register that I am answering the questions on the quiz.  I respond to each of them (correctly or incorrectly - it is not - it does not give any message after I answer and click on 'submit', so I have to click 'next' to proceed to the next question). But my quiz results are always a failure and none of the questions have been answered correctly - or answered everything, even if I answered them.  It's weird because I have successfully added a quiz for a different look and everything went very well (it was Powerpoint too).  I must be missing something in my settings?  I can't understand that as well.  I use 8 Captivate.  Windows 7.

    This is the correct way, congratulations. Another possibility, taking into account other issues that you mention, is that the file is getting damaged. Try to copy and paste the slides to an empty project with the same resolution.

Maybe you are looking for