Importer not showing subfolders but all media

Im trying to import some files that are in a subfolder of my documents, in the importing window then I navigate to the folder my documents, but then all of the media that is in this record shows and not the next line of subfolders, so I have several thousands of loading individual files rather than ten subfolders. I don't see anything in my preferences, and I know it wasn't like that before. I've included screenshots of the areas concerned.  Any help?

Thank you

PPut the DCIM folder within another folder. Also change the name of the video just to be sure.

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    When a small sign of movie is available as an attachment 'he' will not show picture but sound turns on and that 'it' will not leave.  Help!

    What do you say "he's not leaving"? He kept playing with his only non-stop?
    If it is 'yes' or 'no', you can always he kill 'soft' media player.

    Take a look at your video accessory. What are the last 3 numbers, such as avi, mpeg, mov etc. ?
    It is possible that your video accessory is in a format unsupported by Windows Media Player.
    Save it in a folder of your choice.
    Googe for a FREE video converter (if you do not have one) and convert the video file toWMV.
    Now you should be able to read in the drive media with images and sounds.


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    The only thing is that when I tried to apply transitions all I received a message that "the clips do not have enough media for the transition." but I managed to manually insert all the transitions.

    The problem with transitions is because you didn't "handles" on some video clips. Clips video to have the alternative media outside the portion of the element that you use to build the transition. Not a problem with pictures. Just select a part of the clip leaving 1s on each side when you add to the timeline. This question is not related to your media missing in the photo album. As for the missing media is video or pictures, or both, that are not displayed? Using iCloud library in Photos app? The correct procedure is to select Photo library in the library list, and then select my albums in the menu drop-down. Is that what you did?

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    Never mind. I fixed it.

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    How can I if I see anything?

    If you can not see anything during the start-up phase, then you have a hardware problem. You must get the repaired unit.

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    The "Windows features" dialog box is empty in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, or you receive an error message that includes the following code when you try to use Windows Update: "0 x 80073712" TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010-implementation to date of Services

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    I created a structure of folders and subfolders on the side my IMAP e-mail account server. I am able to subscribe to these folders in Thunderbird. However, I see only one level of folders in my interface.

    Inbox\Games is displayed, with the mails that are there
    Inbox\Games\Steam does not, even if I am subscribed to it.

    All records are already checked for offline use.

    But in the meantime records appeared. I can't understand how and when it was fixed, but it is. Thank you for all your help.

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    He has not worked for me, but I thank you for your response.  Looks like it's maybe time for a new printer

  • When I run the interface reception I get an error that the period is not open.  But all periods are open from June 14 until April 15.

    I'm running the following insertions and all periods are open, but I still get this error in the po_interface_errors table.

    «Error: Please enter a GL Date in an accounting period of the open inventory.»

    Cause: You have provided a date Open GL that isn't in an accounting period of the inventory.

    Action: enter a date that is in an open period. »

    Here are the inserts.

    INSERT INTO rcv_headers_interface

    (header_interface_id, GROUP_ID, processing_status_code,

    receipt_source_code, transaction_type, last_update_date,

    last_updated_by, last_update_login, creation_date, created_by.

    vendor_id, expected_receipt_date, validation_flag)

    SELECT rcv_headers_interface_s.NEXTVAL, rcv_interface_groups_s.NEXTVAL,

    'Pending', 'SELLER', v_transaction_type, SYSDATE, v_user_id, 0, SYSDATE, v_user_id,.

    v_vendor_id, SYSDATE, 'Y '.


    INSERT INTO rcv_transactions_interface

    (interface_transaction_id, GROUP_ID,

    last_update_date, last_updated_by, creation_date,

    created_by, last_update_login, transaction_type,

    transaction_date, processing_status_code,

    processing_mode_code, transaction_status_code,

    po_header_id, po_line_id, item_id, quantity, unit_of_measure,

    po_line_location_id, auto_transact_code,

    receipt_source_code, to_organization_code,

    source_document_code, document_num,


    deliver_to_location_id, subinventory,

    header_interface_id, validation_flag)

    SELECT rcv_transactions_interface_s.NEXTVAL,

    rcv_interface_groups_s.CURRVAL, SYSDATE, v_user_id,

    SYSDATE, v_user_id, 0, 'RECEIVE', SYSDATE, 'pending. "

    'BATCH', 'PENDING', v_po_header_id, v_po_line_id,

    V_ITEM_ID, resume,.


    v_line_location_id, "DELIVER", "SELLER",.

    v_organization_code, "PO", v_po_number.


    v_deliver_to_location_id, v_destination_subinventory,

    rcv_headers_interface_s.CURRVAL, 'Y '.


    I found it today the inventory > Cycle farm accounting > accounting periods in the inventory

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    on my desk at the bottom of the screen, there is a bar with icons inside.  The bar is too big and I can't read some of my pages all the way to the low beecause it's every widow I see them. Please tell me what to do.

    post here instead of

  • Not show Netflix in Windows Media Center because of the N8151 error.


    original title: THIS IS WHO CODE the ERROR N8151 THEN HOW I fix IT?


    You can try to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of Silverlight and see if it helps...

    Step 1:

    We will uninstall Silverlight completely and install the latest version and check if it helps.

    Uninstall or change a program

    Step 2:

    Download and install the latest version of Silverlight, and check if it helps.

    Download Silverlight | Microsoft Silverlight

    For more information, you can also read the following article.

    Uninstall previous versions of Silverlight on Windows

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Just Insalled elements on the new computer, but the media is Offline

    I just installed first 11 items on my new computer and tried to open a project I was working on my old computer, but all media is disconnected. When he asks "where is the file?" and I select the file from its location (on my external hard drive) it gives me a 'failure to support adding' 'the importer reported a generic error.

    How can I continue to work on this project? I have to start the project from scratch?

    I use 64 bit Windows 10 PC

    Thank you


    The simplest solution is to move all media for this project to a folder in the directory on your hard drive. Once you have done this, open your project. When you are prompted to find the missing media, look for a clip. Once you have done this with a clip, the program will 'see' all other items in the folder a re-edit them automatically.

  • do not show status report using view the web document.


    I use oracle 10g and I've been running report using view the web document that it works correctly.

    I want that
    When I press the button then Server do not show report but report wil run succssfully in the server.

    any body can tell me that how can I do not show the status of the report.

    Problem have been sene using javascrip as follows

    WEB. SHOW_DOCUMENT (' (http://severname/reports/rwservlet?destype=FILE&userid=&desformat=PDF&yourparameters&report=reportname.rep&PARAMFORM=no); self.close ()');

    Published by: Hashim Raza Syed on January 6, 2011 23:37

  • Menu Widget provided with Muse shows some but not all my submenu items.

    Menu Widget provided with Muse shows some but not all my submenu items.

    Here is the site on catalyst:

    The problem is in the submenu of the media/articles.  It only shows two and there are many others.  If you go to the page you can see all the links. I have the page hierarchy properly set up in the title of the page articles with titles.  I've even shortened to see if it works.

    Under the videos link all sub links appear.

    Any help would be appreciated.  I code a little, but I'm not very good.  So please be technically.

    Thank you!

    Go to outline view, click with the right button on a page "invisible" and

    (1) make sure, that under 'menu options' the point 'include the page with hypertext links' is enabled.

    (2) choose the option 'Page Properties' and check 'Page Properties/Options', the "Export Page" element is turned on.

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    Windows 10. installed iTunes version I have several iTunes libraries. On most of them display-> ' display as ' does not show the grid option. A library of fact.  It's all music, with no video media. By default seems to be a list that is unchangeable.

    Select the sidebar if hidden. View options > view as may depend on which of the options for the song, artist, album, etc. are selected in the sidebar.


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