In any case to my Sansa Fuze read mp4?

I started to load my cd on my hard drive recently with Nero. I only got through the letter B when I realized the "rocket" will not read the Mp4. Is anyway to read? IM now save in mp3 format.

If this isn't the case, someone such as a Mp4 to Mp3 convereter there they can recommend? Thank you.

Media code

Alternatively, you can convert it with iTunes, under Advanced: select the file and create the mp3 version.

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  • Can the Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4 GB MP3 read podcasts one after the other

    For health reasons, I need to take a long walk after each meal.  For many years during my walks that I listened to podcasts on my wonderful old Sandisk sansa, who plays a podcast after the other without action from me until I have stop.  It's perfect here in the North when I walk in 30 below zero weather. I mean that I don't want to open my parka and out the player to move to the next podcast.  If I had to do, they would find me lying in the snow, Frost, like all the rest of those poor Devils who bought the wrong MP3 player.  Anyway, after years of using the plug-in on my old Sansa fuze is pretty much exhausted and the player must be replaced.  I buy a sansa clip, but had to return when I discovered that he has not played podcasts one after the other, automatically. (And it's also too small for my needs).  Before you buy a new 4 GB sansa fuse, so I need to know if this greatest player will play my podcasts consecutively and one after the other.  Your advice would be much appreciated.

    MrHat wrote:

    I currently use the Sansa e250 2 GB MP3 Fuze player Walkman.

    There is an e250 (2 GB) and a rocket. They are 2 totally different players. The "rocket" (original) replaced the e200 series model.

    But if your podcasts are placed in the Podcast folder (or even record Audio books) and then ranked in the same "Album" folder, they must play consecutively without stopping, regardless of the model of reader.


    My sansa fuze + is now read by rhapsody as a sansa fuze p.  What is the difference?  is no longer, it will download the video and he tells me that he is unable to be allowed.  No longer can I download new songs or play ones out there, given that the authorization has expired on this subject.   any ideas?

    Notice that Rhapsody lists your rocket + as something while letters CAPITALS like EANSA FUZE P or something similar?

    This is because your rocket is treated as a flash drive, it communicates in Mode MSC.

    Disconnect your device and go to settings > system Settings > USB Mode and select MTP.  Plug back in, and your rocket will be displayed in the pane of Rhapsody sources such as Sansa Fuze +, caps and Smalls on the list.  The unit has need to be recognized as a portable multimedia device that can handle the subscription media.  It's MTP, or Media Transfer Protocol mode.

    Give it a try, and it should be back to normal.  If this is not the case, let me know, and we can fix the MTP system.


  • How to delete songs that came on my Sansa Fuze?

    My Sansa Fuze came with 19 songs on what I want to delete but I don't know how.  When I plug in my Sansa Fuze in my computer the songs do not appear on my computer but they are on the device when I use it.  They are not in the 'Music' folder or any folder when I manage the device to my computer.  Can someone tell me how to remove these unwanted songs?

    If you don't have any other music/photos/videos etc.  on the "rocket", or you have copies that you are ready to transfer again, the best way to get rid of these songs is to format the "rocket" that erases all content (but does not change its integrated software). Settings from settings/system/Format.

    Or if you have a friend with a new Windows computer, you can see the songs and delete them yourself.

    Why can't you see these songs? It's a long story, but a bit simple.

    The "rocket" has two modes USB, MSC and MTP (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode). They have two different lines in the "rocket" and your computer can only read one at a time. (The "rocket" sees it bit any mode).

    The songs of the sample were transferred in MTP mode. But your computer connects via MSC - my favorite - mode so it cannot see them.

    MSC treats the "rocket" as a generic flash drive. You can drag and drop manually, or if you want you can use Winamp or Media Monkey to sync things.

    MTP allows the "rocket" be controlled - sync, etc. - by Windows Media Player 10 or higher. It allows also WMP transmit codes DRM (Digital Rights Muck) hidden-in-the-user for things like the songs protected against copying and audiobooks that expire. Probably not, you use those.

    The idea was to have the equivalent of iTunes/iPod of coordination for the majority of users - but also for the greater freedom and control of Maritime safety, if a user wants to change. No Windows, on Mac or Linux users, find yourself on MSC as well.  The only real requirement for MTP mode is for DRM files.

    On a computer that has Windows Meda Player 10 or higher, Auto Detect mode the "rocket of" (the third choice in Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) - which is what the "rocket" uses unless you changed it - connects in MTP mode and these songs will be visible and removable. That's why it would be simpler to use PC a friend Windows - Vista, Windows 7, etc.

    The original Windows XP comes with Windows Media Player 9 - a too old version for PSG. If you are running XP you could update WMP (via to empty these songs. Then, you must return to the MSC (not Auto Detect) and do all what you did previously to transfer your music., you'll have all your visible songs by you.

  • Sansa Fuze only synchronization not properly. :(

    Hi, I have a sansa fuze 8 GB. Recently I brought some new music, so I happily he imported everything in my music Manager. I'm lazy, and since I have all my music with me and didn't want to faff autour. Formatted the "rocket", inserted a 32 GB SD card and sync value to copy my entire library to him. Synchronization completed successfully, but when I disconnect my fuze and scroll to check everything is here says I am very disappointed. I have 2272 files, there is only 525 on the player.

    After trying at least 5 managers music different, all with the same result. I went into my SD card via my computer. All records of my album are here, but most are empty. I checked the files are actually in my music library, they are, just not copied for any reason any.

    If I try to copy into the internal memory of rocket all right, until I get an error message that there is not enough space. I have 9.2 GB of music currently in the library and only 7. Internal memory of something.

    Help, please. I don't think that the SD card can be that some are copied and my computer shows that there is plenty of space.

    Thank you.

    H2testw is how you can tell. Looks like you got a twisted to read as 32 GB 2 GB card.

    I use H2testw to test each microSD when it arrives.

    Read the readme.txt file in the folder h2testw, or look at this.

    If you have tried CHKDSK, you should cut your losses and just get a new microSD card.

    And you can also contact the still and making threatening noise of prosecutions judicial, counterfeiting, fraud, etc.if you want.

  • Sansa fuze doesn't recognize the storage capacity all and does not load?

    My 8 gb sansa Fuze only recognizes about 400 MB and will no more. It is just over a year and has worked well before. Nor my sansa fuze or clip will hold most any kind of a charge. The clip is about 2 years old. I recently bought a new computer and I am running windows xp. The two sansas stopped working after I tried to load them into my new pc. What could have caused this and how can I solve this problem? Thank you.

    You can have a file in there that stifles the Sansa, wielding Media update. If it gets stuck, hold the power button and keep it for 20 seconds after the screen turns off.

    Your update is probably spent the USB mode to automatic detection, which will be a PSG connection if it detects Windows 10 or 11 on your computer - but XP comes with WMP 9 unless you have updated, that would send Auto Detect Meteorological Service of the Canada in the event where it is not working properly.

    I suggest reloading the firmware, just in case. Search in the firmware upgrade instructions near the top of the first page of the forum force MSC for the upgrade.

    Then choose a mode - MTP or MSC, depending on what you are used to - rather than the automatic detection function.

    And if it remains stuck, while you are using MSC run Error Correction. Right-click on the drive, properties, tools, error checking. He might find a problem file.

  • SANSA FUZE stucks to the first screen and nothing happens

    My sansa fuze aprox 2 years. It was incredible in the first year that someday when I connect it to my pc it stuck to the logon screen but you screen looks like weard colors not correct letters sansa and low resolution. I tried all the instructions but its not responding do not at all. I downloaded the recovery tool, but because of sansa works not at all my pc could not recognize it.  know that I don't know what to do I'm living in Turkey and a friend of mine reminded my sansa in chicago. I bouth an I phone 3G and I am happy with my MP3 in there but I want to give my sansa to my mother to allow him to listen to the music. but as I told you its does not work at all!

    Help me please, or tell me that you're not good enough to produce a good player.

    don't missunderstand me I like sansa memories, they are THE BEST!  but not all companies can produce good mp3 and video players. I can understand if SANDISK is only a producer of memory company!

    Thank you Bob for your time

    Unfortunately still I coulndt see any connection after I hold this button Center of 5 minutes.

    because there was no link I coulndt try the next step. I offered to send my sansa player to the factory. now I'm wating ansver I will donate my reader to the company to help and protect their customers from this issue.

    I think that there is no solution for me here...

  • Sansa Fuze connects, but does not load and does not appear on my computer.

    Hello everyone.

    I have a 4 Gb Sansa Fuze, which is (of course) out of warranty.  I have been enjoying his music for quite awhile and have had absolutely no problems with it until two days ago, when it ran out of battery.  I left it in my car and the next day went to connect via the USB port on my computer.  The sansa has begun with its typical "splash screen" reading "Sandisk Sansa, followed shortly after by a blue moving the ring and the words 'Connected', followed by about a second later"writing", followed by a second. later 'connected'  This is normal for my fuze (that I know).  However, the problem with the logo of the battery in the bottom right of the screen, which normally indicates a small "lightning bolt" next to the battery and it shows the battery 'filler '.  Now it shows only a white empty battery.  There is no bolt of lightning, and there is no charge to the battery.

    I have tried to consider the sansa as a device via "My Computer" and sync in Windows Media Player.  None of them show that I have nothing connected.  The sansa updater doesn't recognize not my rocket is connected.

    I know for a fact that the USB loader is not faulty, as I also have a second Sansa Fuze that connects perfectly and was purchased at the same time.  I don't think that it is the slot USB itself that I changed the port to all others and still did not have a change in the status of my sansa (broken).

    If it helps is that I connect to the computer:

    HP Pavilion m7580n

    AMD Athlon 64 X 2 processor Dual Core 4400 +

    2 GB DDR2 RAM 1.8 GHz

    Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be given...

    also, I would like to apologize if this has already been discussed (I read until my eyes hurt and couldn't find something similar).

    Thanks again,



    Apparently the good things come to those who wait (and leave that their Sansa rockets connected for days despite the hopes of oinitial n it will load).  Today I woke up and found that my Sansa Fuze, which previously were not load had miraculously blamed himself.  I have unfortunately no idea as to the reason that he works all of a sudden.

    Thanks for your help anyway!  It is good to know that there is a place to come when your Sansa is broken...

    Thanks again,


  • Sansa Fuze 4 G v.2.02.28a wrong with gel, formatted and reinstalled the firmware

    My sansa fuze has been freezing since update firmware a couple of months.  Sometimes he would set himself, when I rebooted, but it gets progressively worse.

    Today it froze to the homescreen as usual, but I could not turn on after I restarted several times, after many trials, I could connect to my pc without the "rocket" freezing at the login screen. I decided to format it through my pc and I also reformatted it on the player as well. I have not reformatted it since adapting if I was trying to avoid having my deleted files. Meanwhile, I looked in the forums to apply solutions that have worked for others in the same situation.

    Here are some of my problems I think to make this kind of odd. Windows tells me is no longer a memory, internal and external, it reads the interns as F: drive and the external slot as drive G:

    Also, I have a napster to Go account that I use for a year now synchronized with this player and he wrote the unit (the "rocket") is not compatible, and I tried the update of napster to see if that was the problem, but napster has been giving me trouble since the new update with the firmware of the rocket. However, now I am not able to re - download my music files without paying the full price for one without a subscription.

    I think that the problem comes from the "rocket" as opposed to my napster account. Any information on this would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

    Have you tried switching USB (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) mode to PSG?

    If not, why not roll back manually. Just unzip the firmware.26 and drop the .bin file in the drive of the rocket.

  • Sansa Fuze 4 GB Black / Video Converter problems

    For Christmas, I got a 4Gb black Sansa Fuze, I downloaded Sansa Media Converter, Moyea Youtube Downloader, Sansa Updater and all video Converter(trial version) and K-lite codec pack. I tried to get videos on my Sansa Fuze, but when I try to add a video to the converter it says something like lla I can use some help!

    "The video cannot be added to your library because Sansa video converter does not support the file you are trying to add, or the file is currupted."

    I tried all types of formats (AVI, WMA, etc.) to get the converter to read and I also tried (Mpeg-4, Ogg) and still nothing worked, if the bad codec yet? or maybe it's my converter (Sansa) screwed up in the download?

    It does not work because the material is not included in black Sansa rockets to video support.

    None! I'm just messin 'with' ya, but I always laugh when I see a poster has to tell us what color is their player. As if it really made a difference, or is relevant to the problem that they encounter you, or that a different diagnoses or an appeal would be dependent on the color of outer case. Probably 60% (or more) of all messages 1 with the new members include this vital information in the first sentence.

    Now, to get to your question... have you tried Video4Fuze or FuzeVidz?

  • Looking for a Sansa Fuze helmet

    Hi, I love the headphones supplied with Sansa Fuze. They have a good sound quality and very comfortable. After 4 years of use, my helmet broke recently, and I can only hear through one of the buds. I leaned to replace them, but so far I have had no luck. I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how to get a pair. Thank you these are the ones I'm looking for, 3253, l = 225432 & a = 225358 & po = 5, 00.asp? p = n

  • Music from Sansa Fuze for PC recovery

    I loaded about 500 titles to my Sansa Fuze about 1 year ago. Meanwhile, I had a pretty big problem with my PC and had to replace the operating system. This resulted in my losing all the recorded tracks in Windows Media Player and my PC to normal files. All I want to do is to copy the music tracks back to my rocket to the PC but who are unable to do.  I am running Windows 8.1.

    When I look on the "rocket" via the PC I can see Playlists but not the tracks in their breast. The files are in the format of PLA and the pc seems unable to read.

    Can anyone help please


    You should be able to copy the files from playlist .pla on your computer of the player as well. Note that they do not work because the path is not correct, but they will be there for back-up if you need to transfer them to the player again.

  • Sansa Fuze stuck on the white screen after disconnecting.

    Once I unplugged my Sansa Fuze on my PS3, it got stuck on a white screen. None of the buttons worked and I couldn't turn it off. I decided that the only thing I could do was to let the battery die and charge it again. Finally, he died and I plugged it in, it loads to full is the same thing. So I tried again, except I only left it plugged in for a while and disconnected. My music has arisen and it seems to work, but it stops immediately by the lack of power. Now no matter what I have plug in, it lights at all. I connected it to my computer and installed the drivers for it, but the rocket itself did not come, and the computer says it has malfunctioned and pilots have not been recognized. So now I can't listen to my music or anything like that. Help?

    Drag the spring-loaded power switch in the highest position for 20-30 seconds. (note that in extreme cases it can sometimes it may take a minute). Release and see if it boots normally.

  • Sansa Fuze don't will not load! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had my sansa fuze since last Christmas.

    The first time my sansa fuze wouldn't load I came here and someone told me to hang it to the USB port back because he has more power.

    So I got this new computer recently and my computer will not recognize it. I tried to uninstall it in my computer, but nothing works for me.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem

    Thanks for the help

    First try all ports - and no hubs USB, just connection is direct to the computer.

    If there is still no love, go to Settings/Control Panel on the "rocket" and change the USB MSC Mode and see if it charges.

    Look in the computer and see which version of Windows Media Player, it is a. (open WMP, click on help and about.)  It must be 10 or 11 to recognize the "rocket" in MTP mode, which is probably what you value. Update Windows Media Player 10 or 11, and you can move on to PSG.

  • Sansa Fuze v1: Rockbox vs original Firmware

    ROckbok have the stable version for sansa fuze v1. But I wonder what is the best? ROckbok firmware or the Original sandisk firmware... Any idea? Thans a lot...
    SRY for my bad English!


    I can't tell you which is better for performance, but if you install rockbox on Sansa Fuze you will lose the warranty on the product and SanDisk will provide you with no warranty or replacement if it brakes or problems arise.

Maybe you are looking for

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