Instructions for AMPERAGE satellite 1905-S303 CPU fan

Hi guys,.

First of all thank you for your help in advance.

My fan is this similar to a buzzing noise, but not very much. Almost as if something interferes here or something is loose.
It can also feel vibrations final on my wrists resulting from the present.

The computer itself works well no problems. And fan of stitching to do this work, however since his on and outside the usual tricks.
I get the feeling, it must be emphasized in working well.

It was that don't happen at the initial start upward and the problem would go sounds fan away quickly to normal.
Now this noise/vibrations come all the time every time that the fan starts.

More fan calls, more noise/vibration.

In any case I tried to blow out with compressed air to clean it. But nothing has changed.
That's why I want to open it up, take it out, maybe clean it or see if something is loose. Or maybe replace it.

That's why I'm looking * instructions on how to replace the fan on my Satellite 1905-S303 CPU *.
Does anyone know all the instructions I can follow? I couldn't find anything on the Toshiba support site.

(Or instructions for a computer similar to mine at least?) (Or something that might help?)

Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate you!


> My fan is this similar to a buzzing noise, but not very much. Almost as if something interferes here or something is loose. It can also feel vibrations final on my wrists resulting from the present. The computer itself works well no problems. And fan of stitching to do this work, however since his on and outside the usual tricks.

In this case, I would not recommend to disassemble the laptop just to check if the fan is ok or not
I mean disassembly of the laptop is really a delicate procedure and there is a risk of damage to the part.

However, the disassembly instructions are not downloadable on the Toshiba page. I didn t find anything and I think that these manuals are released for service only partners.
But I think you might find a few details and info on the internet. Use google and search for

Good luck

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  • Where to buy for my Satellite Pro P300 CPU fan?


    I noticed some not very good sound from my cpu fan, as well as my 17 "laptop overheating.
    I decided it was time to replace the cpu - model KSB0505HA fan

    Now I wonder where I can buy a new fan for this model?
    I found a site in New Zealand, but the fan is for the P305 series, and I'm not sure if it would be compatible with my laptop.

    Could someone advise me on where I can get a new fan of cpu for this series?

    Thank you ~.

    In order to ensure:
    I'm looking for one in my country - the New Zealand!

    Added that the search for a New Zealand

    P305 is probably model proposed in US, but it must be the same as P300 in Europe or in THE so I think it should be good.

    I put t know where you can order it, but try to use Google and check if you can find a store online in AU where you can order.

    I can also imagine that you can order by the nearest Toshiba authorized service provider. Call and ask.

  • Satellite 1905-S303 - fan turns on every 2 minutes

    Hey guys, thanks for your help in advance.

    I just noticed that my laptop fan lights quite often.

    I have a Satellite 1905-S303.

    How many times you ask? -The fan runs about every 2 minutes, and then it stays on for about 1 minute. (So the cycle takes about 3 minutes). Things continue to go all the time, even if the computer does nothing.

    Other than that, the seams fine computer. The computer does NOT turn off overheating.

    Is this normal?

    I just noticed this and can't remember if it has always done this. (Although I don't think)

    PS - I tried dusting the gills of the computer with compressed air, but nothing has changed.

    Other than that, the seams of the computer to function very well.

    Thank you guys!

    > I just noticed that my laptop fan lights quite often.
    I don t think it would be a bad thing
    The point is that the fan lead on if a certain level of temperature has been reached.
    This is nothing unusual.

    I have the same problem, but I can control my Toshiba Power Saver cooling modules so I can set the parameters of battery optimized in order to reduce the speed of the fan.

    Maybe you could do that too.

  • Satellite 1905-s303, WinXP: giant screen, need to update the display driver?

    Hey guys, thanks for your help in advance!

    I am a Satellite 1905-S303 and Windows XP

    Here's what s past with my computer:

    When I turn it on there a little longer than normal to start. And I hear a sound of tck - tck on the back of my computer that I have don t usually hear.

    When it does not start: everything on the screen is HUGE, and I get a window saying: ATI Advanced Desktop Utilities could not initialize, because no ATI driver is installed OR ATI driver does not work properly

    Again, everything on my screen is huge (with the exception of the desktop background): the mouse, icons, windows, text, start menu, web browser, youtube videos, all. All the color and resolution stitching large and other than the fact that everything is great, the seams of the computer to function very well.

    I ran Spybot S & D, my antivirus software and Malwarebytes AntiMalware. Everything turns out to be clean.

    Okay, so, I tried to update my Device Manager display driver, and in the middle of installing Mobility M6, it is said: the file ati2mtag.sys on installation of ATI Technologies Inc. (VIDEO) DISC is needed. Type the path where the file is located.
    I n t have this I can not be completed.

    In any case, that s what I tried to do to solve this problem, but couldn't t. So I found this
    Windows XP Display Driver for ATI M-6 graphics card and its compatible with my model computer. Located here: 67xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 67910098 & stateId = 1% 200% 206 7908255
    I think that what I have to do is to install the above. Can anyone advice please?
    Is it safe to me, just download this driver and install it? Or is so dumb that it might mess up my computer? He says his self-installation.

    Thanks a lot guys for all the help in advance. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!


    Search for this file on your HARD drive, then you have the path of this file, but if t can be found, reinstall the driver that you founded.
    To do this, you must not start in safe mode. Remove the old driver files in Control Panel > add or remove programs, restart and install the driver.

    On the sound of tck - tck, I can say that this results perhaps a faulty HARD drive. By controlling the Drive Fitness Test:

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1905-S303: plastic parts

    I'm putting the hand on the plastic trim piece that conceals the LCD connector. He goes to the base between the hinges above the keyboard. This part was missing, when I got the laptop, I would consider even a broken that I might be able to fix it if that's all that's available. Surely Toshiba must make spare parts available for the latter.

    HI Shaun,

    The following url is for a US company parts: _

    Satellite 1905-S303, Laptop, Parts.aspx,

    You may have more luck contacting a Service Agent local Toshiba which should be able to get the part you need.


  • Can't find updates for my Satellite 3005 - s303

    I can't find a site update for Toshiba satellite 3005-s303
    It is absent from the list. My model of another which is in the list may what is similar, or there is another variant to update all drivers and BIOS for my Toshiba model.
    Thank you


    I don't know what site you were watching. Your machine is the United States, here is a link to the download page for your machine. [email protected]@@[email protected]@@&BV_EngineID=c ccfaddfjlffgggcgfkceghdgngdgnj.0


  • Satellite P200 - need CPU fan replacement

    I have a Satellite P200-16V and my problem is on the cpu fan.

    I tried to open it, but after the keyboard, hard drive, Rams, OVOCHECK and 40-50 screws and some cables, I realized I have to get out the motherboard and screen mabe and I close it again after 3-4 hours. The cpu fan has been breaking and I don't know what to do.

    I am from Greece. If I go to the toshiba in Greece, I can find a cpu fan or any system cpu radiator? Can you help me?

    Hey Buddy,

    Looks like the fan needs to be replaced and therefore, you should contact the closest service provider authorized in your country. Guys can order a replacement part and swap it out.

    On the Toshiba site, you can find a list of them: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Sorry, but everything that s what I can say. Here it s only a user forum so I think no one knows the exact number of part or a manual how to take apart the laptop but the ASP can do for you. :)

  • Satellite A300-1DB CPU Fan is boring, too strong

    Hi all

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A300-1DB today in a German (580 euros) and I really like the design of laptops and performance, but there is a big problem I can not bear more (and I used it only for 2 hours).

    The CPU fan on the left side of the laptop is annoyning Yes: even if I keep the laptop idle (CPU activity is very low, just under 10% and 1 GB of ram used), the CPU fan is really really strong spinning for a minute.

    After that there is silence, a great silence... for 2 minutes. And then the whole process starts over and over again. Just cold air comes out.

    It's make me crazy, that the CPU in the idle mode fan is stronger than my other Satellite A210 - 106 Turion X 2-52 L with full activity of the CPU. I wish to have a CPU fan that keeps spinning in a low sound.

    Do you have ideas about how to control the fan?
    Otherwise I try to replace it with another laptop (I hope they allow that, unfortunately, it is not an Internet shop where you can send it back up to 14 days)

    Kind regards

    I managed it successfully using balanced power management and using battery optimized for cooling method option. This setting you will find, under advanced power settings > Toshiba Power Saver utility.

  • Satellite Pro L10 CPU fan replacement


    the CPU on my L10 fan has stopped working now is over heating after about 15 minutes. Anyone know what is the part number of replacement, or if there is a fan of spare for another model that I might be able to use?

    Thank you


    As I remember the Satellite L10 series are delivered with two different circuits and so could the unit supports a processor Intel Celeron-M CPU and Intel Mobile Pentium M.

    North Bridge is it 852GM, it supports Celeron-M as follows:
    -Intel Celeron-M (number of processor 350) 1.30 GHz
    -360 1.40 GHz
    -370 1.50 GHz

    North Bridge is it 855GME, it supports the Pentium-M as follows:
    Intel Mobile Pentium-M (number of processor 725) 1.60 GHz
    -735 1.70 GHz
    -745 1.80 GHz
    -755 2.00 GHz
    -765 2.10 GHz

    You should be very careful with the replacements! If you have no experience, you should ask the technician for help and advice.

  • Satellite P100 - 387 CPU fan works like crazy

    Hi all
    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite P100-387. I bought it with 2 friends. The same model.

    The problem exists only in 2 of the 3 laptops. It looks like this. When I start the machine everything is ok. While windows starts cpu cooler (or video card cooler if it exists) starts to work. If the fan starts to work the low speed at the highest. And did it for 5 - 10 times. Then a few minutes break and again. It's really noisy. It seems that when you insert a CD or a DVD.

    It goes like this also when windows is started. No high consumption of CPU, the fan works like crazy. Start at full speed for 2-3 seconds, then for 1 second and still the same.

    Everyone has the same 'characteristic '?
    What is this Toshiba Power Saver software works with p100-387?


    I P100-109 close to me and I noticed the same thing. There is no difference between preinstalled WXP or Vista and because of this, I assume that this is a normal behavior. I know it's sometimes troubling, but unfortunately you have to live with it.

  • Re: Satellite A665-11Z - CPU fan becomes audible very quickly

    Hi guys,.

    After having many problems with an A660, I decided to buy a laptop A665-11Z 3D. I had much better and more stable than the A660, but I noticed that the fan noise accumulates very quickly and can be a little annoying.

    The A665-11Z has an I7-740QM processor and a Nvidia GT - 350M 1 GB dedicated graphics card so they can contribute to this, but all four cores temperature exceeds about 52 degrees (which seems normal for me) and yet its still has its fan turns up to be that sound.

    I exchanged the laptop with my retailer twice already as one had a noisy fan and the other a bad hard drive. They had all the noisy fans and the one I have now has been silent so far, but is even harder than normal. I tried to play with the settings "Advanced" options for power management and played a bit with 'High Performance' cooling options to "Battery optimized". It does not constantly on 'Battery optimized' (as it does in High Performance) but when it lights it is even stronger and it takes too long to switch off).

    Is this normal with all A665 and I just have to continue to live with it?

    Thank you


    What to say? I use laptops now almost 10 years and have changed several models (not only the portable Toshiba) and I can say that some models have a cooling fan stronger and some are quite calm but none of them was absolutely quiet and silent.

    In General, I had good experience with method option in settings of cooling energy saving and after changing battery optimized mode, I noticed that s laptop cooling fan is much quieter than before. Unfortunately there is not much you can do about it and I'm afraid that you have to live with it.

    I put t know what kind of activities you have every day with your laptop, but if you use it for internet, office, Skype or something similar use with power with lower CPU performance management. Processor is powerful enough and you won't see lower performance than before. Make sure you also cooling fan is not blocked and the laptop can be cooled properly.
    I m afraid you must live with it.

    The thing than an end: you wrote >... I have now has been silent so far, but is even stronger than normal.
    At this point I m wondering what is normal and how is it defined?

  • Satellite M30X-129: CPU fan runs constantly after new XP Pro re - install

    I just installed a new Samsung 120 GB drive in my M30X-129, an upgrade of the 60 GB IBM drive with what it was originally provided.

    Tried ghost XP Home installation of the old drive to the new - but it didn't work for some reason, installation, attached to a page with the "Windows XP" logo on it...

    So, I installed XP Pro with SP2 from scratch on the new drive.

    After having done that, I then installed the Toshiba and utils drivers listed for your laptop:

    NES & action = search & teddProduct = 555

    The problem I have is that the fan runs at full speed all the time - this isn't the case with the old installation of XP (was rare for it to come on at all when slowed down in the office - running full bore 100% of the time)

    Research by and try a few suggestions:

    -J' installed the common Utils from Toshiba
    -J' installed the Toshieba power management - and set the fan speed to ' Silent' has ', but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

    Any suggestions? for example. where I get the latest versions of the applications?

    The noise of the fan slowly leads me to the top of the wall...


    Hello Ben

    If you have installed your own OS and Toshiba designed drivers, tools and utilities, I assume that this problem cannot be software. I'm really not 100% sure why the fan always runs at full speed but Satellite M30X is around 2 years and I guess it's time to clean up. The second thing can be your new HARD drive.
    It is also possible that new HARD drive produce more heat and sensors to register it and don t stop the cooling fan.

    I recommend you to professionally cleaned the unit and remove any dust inside the unit. I'm pretty sure that cooling fan does not work at all times.

    Also try to put the laptop into a slightly higher position (if possible at the back) and on this brand more interspace between the bureau and the cooling grill fan in the lower corner of your laptop.

  • Satellite 1905-S303 PCI Wireless card does not start code 10

    I put a PCI BCM94306PM broadcom wireless card in my laptop. The laptop is equipped with led however one is damaged and can not be connected, these cards may work with only one side and I even read somewhere that they can work on a short range with no led. My problem is the Device Manager indicates that the device cannot start code 10. I have a fresh install of XP Pro SP1 (not from the original restore disk). With this in mind, I think there must be some Toshiba utility or the missing driver to allow the map to work. Any help appreciated.


    Code 10 means that it is not present, not working not properly, or does not have all the drivers installed.
    In this case you need to download the latest driver on Toshiba website and install it.

    Best regards

  • CPU fan broke on Satellite A215-S7444


    My Satellite A215-S7444 CPU fan stopped working which causes my CPU become very hot.

    After 5 minutes of idle my laptop turns off which makes it almost useless to my laptop.
    After reading a few forums, I decided to disassemble my laptop to check that there is no dust or debris obstructing the fan.
    However, I got so far as to take off the keyboard because I didn't know how to take off the high black/silver (please link to image).

    Could someone please help me with this problem, I use on a daily basis of the laptop and it is important for my studies.
    I don't mind it sends out of Toshiba for repair cost.


    Perhaps, you will find it useful:

    Be careful to disassemble the laptop, there may be hidden media

  • Need CPU fan cooling for my Satellite phone

    Can SB tell me where to buy a cpu for Toshiba Satellite fan?


    You can try to order it by the authorized service partner or some laptop online parts store.

    By the way: what model of phone you have?

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