Invoke built in App Photo Editor BB10

Hi all

I downloaded an application today and I noticed that the app has invoked the BB10 integrated image editor.

Anyone know how?

The name of the application's filter Mama

Thanl you

Everyone please?

They use the other version of the SDK, or use just a few undocumented API?


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    I got new retouching app update, but rather update the existing application of editor-in-Chief photo on my phone he installed a new photo editor application what should I do now

    I had something similar in my xperia ultra T2 now I think this isn't a problem, it is a new different application for our phone

  • Photo editor app and share via Facebook option

    I'm building an application that will allow users to modify their photos (in a different way that apps photo editor integrated) and then download on Facebook.

    My question is - is it possible to use features of the OS to 'share' Facebook directly from the AIR, so if Facebook is already configured on a device it will use its settings to connect and upload a photo.

    Or I need to use the Facebook Graph API and anything that works me start from scratch? Of course, that would mean that even if a user has already configured a native Facebook application to use their credentials, they will have to be entered again for my AIR application?

    Actually, no, you don't have to do the user log. It is called single sign-on.

    Check out it:

    Although I'll say good luck - I got no chance at all for the mobile version of the API to work at all.

  • photo editor app now available, but does not, after the last new update

    Hi all

    strange experience that I wanted to stress with you all.

    I just had an update (this morning) to What's New build 3.0.A.0.2

    After you install this hotfix / update, then told me that "editing" is available for download. Build is 5.0.A.0.12

    I'm worried I have not had this app on my phone before - archive system applications reveals this is a new installation, rather than an update of an existing application.

    Also, I did not how to make it work, because there is no app on my home screen shortcuts. The app is not visible in the drop-down list app (when adding new items to my homescreens) either. Nor is the application in the list of main application (accessed with the key 6 points to the center of the permanent Panel shortcut on the home screen).

    I even tried to use a very useful app "quick shortcut maker" and even if I find photo editor in his list of activities, when I test the generated shortcut, unfortunately, I get "the photo editing software has stopped."

    Any ideas?

    I have a few apps disabled, so made photo editing have known all the dependencies?

    EDIT: I tried erase the photo editor and don't restart - no change.

    See you soon,.


    Hi MyAliasIsGary

    Photo Editor is a system application only, it can be used when editing photo app to your Album or Photo. For example, if you go to Album > tap a photo > press the bottom icon that looks like a pencil on paper > Photo retouching tap.

  • Invoke the BB Apps to a normal Web page

    Hi guys, I'm basically a single native C++ developer and this is because I never could get my head around HTML/JS. Now, I need a help from you guys. I know this is a little far-fetched, but want to know if it is possible to invoke a BB app from a normal html file, not compiled? That is to say; one who was not built using SDK WebWorks BB?

    the thing is, I want a Web page that can open the settings as soon as it is loaded on the browser integrated device a BB10. No opportunities?

    As I said this is only theoretical, but yes, that would work essentially

    It's actually a concept useful - register app / as a type MIME then a link on a web page any could open

    A (very short) look at the native docs implies that it is indeed possible, as it appears that you can save a mime as an invocation type

    There is a submission program that allows us to record targets invocation so, essentially, I would say that it is possible

    I looked quickly the news - no in-depth research

    It really gives me a great idea for one of my own projects so can investigate properly in a few weeks

  • Photo editor crashes

    problems with the photo editing software.
    does not work in my z3 mobile xperia

    Actually, my photo editor does not crash, try to clear the cache: display settings-> Apps-> all-> Photo editor-> Force stop and empty the Cache-> restart the phone

  • I want to go back to the normal windows photo editor

    I have Windows 7 X 64 and have been very happy with the visualization of photos in the built in photo editor, and then say edit to get a simple set of tools to remove red eye, etc.. Quick and easy. I then installed windows live essentials, and this option has disappeared to be replaced by windows live photo gallery. I hate this product with a passion. I uninstalled it with each other than msn [no] live essential package. What I now want to go back to the simple editor in Windows 7, I had before, I was stupid enough to go for Basic. Help.

    Just a thought, I would start here.

    Control Panel > default programs > automatic change, program access and computer run by default settings

    If I brought you joy, vote! If I answered your question, click, propose as answer! > WT

  • Help, please. 13 elements Photoshop for Windows 10: Photo Editor does not open even if the Organizer open OK. What should I do?

    Help, please. 13 elements Photoshop for Windows 10: Photo Editor does not open even if the Organizer open OK. What should I do?

    An idea that MAY work to install or run some programs in Windows 10 old... works for some, not for others

    - 0 - a.html

    - or run as Administrator to assign FULL permissions can help... said yet, but sometimes it is necessary for all Adobe programs (this is same as using an administrator account)

  • How to use App Photos efficiently?

    In App Photos where can I delete pictures so that they are deleted overall? I'm creating albums and deleting photos here, but I still see them in pictures. Should I delete photos in all photo and then create an album to keep things clean?  What is the best way to manage all photos and get rid of the ones I don't want?

    There is difference between "Delete album" and "Delete photo".

    • If you look at the pictures in an album and select the photos you want and enter the "Delete" key, the photo will be removed from the album, but stay in your photo library. Albums are just using the photos in the library and show them to you in different ways, but do not store your photos.
    • If you enter the key combination command + DEL ⌘⌫, the photo will be removed from your photo library and removed from all of them.

    The "All Photos" album is a smart album that will still be showing all your photos in the library. You cannot set photos of 'All the Photos' different albums, you can simply add photos to albums. A photo can be added to many albums without the need of additional storage space. Any photo from your library will always be in "All Photos".  It's just a way to see them all in the same place, with photos most recently added at the bottom of the album for easy access.

    After you remove a picture with ⌘⌫, open the album recently deleted and delete the photos permanently, after verification, that you have not accidentally deleted photos did not intend you to remove.

  • Export of large amount of Photos App Photo

    I have a large disk RAID (6 to) and work to consolidate all my media here. I already have other media on the drive, but want to move the photos I have in iCloud.

    There are approximately 9500 photos and 200 video files that have resulted in about 35 GB. I tried simply drag / drop, as well as the App Photo export function, but no method seems to be able to manage demand and stops just after a minute or two.

    I would rather not export a few hundred files at once. Is there a way to copy the photos on the external hard drive from outside the application? I am familiar with the Terminal command line interface and not intimidated to use it, but simply don't know not orders to get there.

    Technical specification:

    The Mac Pro (6 core XEON w/16 GB RAM) is connected to the RAID via thunderbolt. My current Mac Pro drive has about 200 remaining GB.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


    You use iCloud photo library and if so have you optimized photos or original on your Mac


  • I've recently upgraded to El Capitan of Lion.  My iPhoto library is also transformed into Photos.  In iPhoto, I used Photoshop as my editor in Chief of "standard / default.  I can't do that to work with Photos, all I can't get is the photo editor.

    I've recently updated to Lion at El Capitan and my library of more than 40 000 iPhoto was also improved (?) photo.  He ran all night.  I used Photoshop as my editor of "standard/default" in iPhoto, but now I can't seem to appear in the photo is the photo editor, which is not enough for my purposes.  I have found a workaround that requires images to export], edited and then re-imported to the Photos, but I lose all the original images.  Can I have Photoshop become my default editor for Photos, as if it was in iPhoto?

    3rd party editing application must be updated to work with the new structure of the El Capitan and Photos before they will be able to work seamlessly with Photos.

    In the meantime we must export the original file in the office using the menu option file ➙ export Original unmodified for 1 Photo and edit the file there.

  • Microsoft Photo Editor - cannot enlarge the image

    I use Photo Editor with Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft 2002 and cannot enlarge a photo and zoom in and zoom out.  When I go to open a file and enlarge, I get a message saying "error reading file".  I noticed that this only happens if the photo was taken with a digital camera, namely, Nikon Coolpix L20.  I have no problem, expand and resize a picture taken with a 35mm camera.  The two images are JPEG.  Can someone tell me why this happens and what to do to solve the problem?

    Editing software Photo MS error when trying to open the photos
    more than 5.5 million pixels "error reading file".

    It was discovered by MichelDenie as the following
    update causes this problem. Security update for
    Microsoft Office XP (KB2289162).

    2289162 MSKB article indicates that the graphics
    filters have been updated to versions November 16, 2010.

    That could very well be what caused incompatibility
    with the old Ms Photo Editor

    (2289162) MS10-105: Description of the guarantee
    Update for Microsoft Office XP: December 14, 2010

    See the following thread for reading information.

    Error reading file Photo Editor

    Good luck...

  • Can not install Photo Editor for Win XP

    I have XP Pro and relevant updates

    I need to reinstall Photo Editor or a replacement

    I followed the procedure according to the original doownload document inserted disc and it tells me

    Maybe "cant due to upgrading", I clicked on the wrong box being different from that defined in the

    Statement of donloaded

    So, how install this unit or a relevant program so that I can reduce the size in bytes of a photo that I can send by e-mail


    I have MS Photo Editor version 3.01 and it requires no installation.
    I have just left click on the file "microphotoed.exe" and he unzips the files in
    the same folder... then I can run the program by clicking on the left

    More info...

    In XP when you right click on a photo and choose... Send mail Reicpient...
    You should see a dialog box resize... If it does not appear... try the following:

    Reach... Start / run... and type or copy / paste the following command:

    regsvr32 /i shimgvw.dll
    (Yes, the space after the 2 and the)
    After the i is necessary)

    Press on... Come in...

    You should see a dialog box stating:
    DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in successful shimgvw.dll

    Also the Windows XP PowerToy Image Resizer free
    may be worth a try:

    Click on the following link and the left click of the
    PowerToys tab...

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Windows XP downloads

    Download and install: ImageResizer.exe
    (Filename: ImageResizerPowertoySetup.exe)
    (does not work on Vista)

    Then, you can open any folder containing
    images and you will have an option to resize.
    Just right click the selected image files and
    Choose resize images in the menu. You
    can select a picture or an entire group.

    The program will place the resized in copies
    the folder with your originals.
    (Tip: * never * overwrite your originals)

    To ensure that images in both portrait and
    landscape orientation are resized to the
    same dimensions... go to... Advanced...
    and enter the largest number in these two areas.
    IOW... for 600 x 800... Enter 800 in these two areas.

  • Photo editor disappeared

    Where missing Photo Editor?

    Are you referring to Microsoft Photo Editor?

    Try doing a search for PHOTOED. EXE

  • Microsoft photo editor is no longer works do not know where to reinstall

    Microsoft Photo Editor no longer works. I don't know what the Windows XP disc to reload. I suspect Photo Editor was is lost when I deleted a trial version of Nero Essentials or via a virus until I subscribed to McAfee.

    Hi MichaelRyan100,

    ·         Are you referring to Microsoft Office Photo Editor?

    ·         You see it in the start menu?

    ·         What happens when you start?

    If so, you can consult the following articles and see if they help.

    Photo Editor is removed when you install Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010

    What happened to the Photo editing? -Support -

    You can also post your request on the Forums of Office Microsoft answers here.

    If this isn't the case, then respond with more information so we can help you better.

Maybe you are looking for