iPad 2 Air backlight bleeding problem

Hello world

I let down my iPad 2 Air (warranty expired) with my case of 50cm in height, and then my screen bleed a few lights. There is not a crack, touch screen and other functions are operational.

I heard iPad Air 2 has a unibody screen, if the screen change cost more than 1000 + RM, then it is not really meaningful. Why not buy a new one, you know.

I wonder - is it necessary to change the entire screen? or just a connector problem?


To determine what the problem is, the iPad needs to be tested. Take it to an authorized service provider.

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    I use the iPad 2 air. My problem is that I can't install google voice. Someone knows how to fix this?

    When I try to download the installation files, it says "safari cannot download this file. Can you suggest me what should I do?

    Only available on the App Store applications can be installed on the iPad. If Google Voice is not available there, it can not be installed.

  • Third party material does not work on iPad 2 Air

    I recently brought an iPad 2 Air, but it was found that some of my third-party devices do not work with it. I also own an iPad mini, so I try the equipment on the mini, it works. I've been worrying is that my iPad 2 Air was a problem of equipment causing it or what. Two iPads running iOS 9.3.1.

    My Equil Smartpen 2, it can connected on bluetooth, but the software does not recognize that the pen was connected.

    My I-Flash Drive have the same problem, the software does not recognize it and hang.

    No matter what iPad 2 Clean Air there have the same problem, or should I send it for repair?

    Denny Lee

    First of all, I would like to try a reset by pressing the power and Home keys until the Apple logo appears.

    If this does not work, I suggest that you visit an Apple store (with all your gear) and ask them to test/diagnose the problem.


  • I have an iPad 2 Air, version 9.2. Whenever I have delete an app that has problems and then try to reinstall it, it simply returns to the iCloud as I sent it, with the remaining problems. How can I reinstall the app without problems?

    I have an iPad 2 Air, IOS 9.2.  I deleted (uninstalled) an application that follows my use telephone and internet for me, because it stopped working.  Whenever I deleted an application he's apparently going to iCloud, and put it back, it simply sends down, warts and all, as happens with this one. How can I get the application in a "clean" State, under its previous problems?

    Deleting an application does not send it to iCloud, and it deletes your system actually.  The problem is that the defect in the application has not yet been set by the developer, and your relocation simply recovering the defective version of the app on your iPad.  Expect that the developer of the app has a new version until you try to reinstall.

  • iPad 2 after iOS 10 air black screen problem


    After having upgraded to iOS 10, my iPad 2 Air starts to behave himself regularly.

    After that have not been used for a while (maybe after say, a few hours or so), I cannot wake it up by pressing the home and power button. It is just black. So, I have to restart in order for me to use it.

    Does anyone else know this?

    See you soon,.


    Press the sleep/wake and home buttons and keep them for at least 10 seconds.

    If this is not enough, take a look at these articles Support from Apple:

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond or does not turn on - Apple Support

    Use iTunes to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support.

    As a final step, try recovery mode. Turn off your unit, then plug it to your computer with the hold home button. Hold down Home button until you see the logo on the screen of your iPhone iTunes. After that on your computer, you should see the iTunes window saying that your iPhone needs to be restored to factory settings. Click Restore.

    More info here:https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201263

    If these steps do not work, contact Apple and ask for help.


  • iPad 2 Air, iOS 9.2.1 problem with E-mail konto, automatically RIMS Konto as POP3und not imap.

    I have a new iPad 2 Air running with iOS 9.2.1.  When I try to set up my e-mail account, checking account information, it automatically installs a POP3 account und not an imap.  Is it possible I can Overrides change the outcome of this review?  Why didn t Apple let tell us them what type of account, we have and not try to do it automatically for us!

    When asked for your email - enter incorrectly – then it will give you an option to choose. That said, the default value is usually IMAP - if she is entered as POP - Konto must not offer IMAP

  • Apple and Adobe fixed the problem of ink and slides with iPad 2 Air again! It's summer is really long!

    I wonder what the updates on the issue of ink and slides with iPad 2 Air, has been set yet! It's summer is really long!

    No - Sorry to say. But it loks like a case of death for me. We use all this money on paper and pens next time I will wait 1-2 years before trying to summarize fancy gadgets / hardware from Apple / Adobe - I'll stick to Wacom for sure.

  • iOS10 update; iPad 2 Air not USB load with certified Amazon lightning cable

    iPad 2 Air and iOS 10: been using an Amazon certified cable lighting to load and iTunes connect via the USB port of > 1 year without any problem. Updated to iOS 10, now the certified cable doesn't load a USB port. It always connects to iTunes, but the sign of the battery flashes the fresh green symbol for 1 second then said stops and says 'no charge '. Tried on 2 USBs and 2 PC with the same result. Tried another brand cable via USB and it costs.

    When I plug this cable from Amazon in the wall charger, it will load. Seems to be something with the iOS10 not recognize the USB load now on this certified cable. I didn't call Apple support on that too, they have no idea what's going on. Their answer is to use an Apple cable of course. Any help is appreciated.

    The cable of the Amazon is located here:


    It seems there is no real solution beyond using another cable. There were a few people with this problem since iOS10 came out, so it's likely Apple changed something in the settings. As they changed it, it's either a mistake which will mysteriously set with the next update or it's going to be permanent.

  • Safari on the old MacBook Air vs iPad 2 Air?

    What have been the experiences of others?

    Using Safari, iPad our Air 2 family runs circles around the 2013 MacBook Air - loading pages almost instantly, scrolling is smooth, multiple tabs are without problems, etc.

    El Capitan could be a culprit.  But basically, I'm writing to see what others have found - and if I should put up with some softness or go on an Odyssey of troubleshooting!

    I have a MacBook Air model of base 2012 (4GB / 128GB) with El Capitan and features Safari extremely well - as you describe for your iPad. I can't help with your not why not but someone here will probably be able to help with that.

  • iPad 2 Air - WiFi but no Internet [BT Smart Hub]

    Since the update to iOS10, last night, my iPad 2 Air will not get an internet connection for my new BT Smart Hub.

    All my other devices (6, 6 s iPhone, laptop, iPad mini, etc.) are all working well.

    Results so far:

    Reset the router

    Restore the iPad as a backup and a new device

    Reset the settings of the network, including the lease

    The hub is certainly taking over the iPad, but it won't give him an internet connection. There is no VPN software that I know on the iPad.

    If I connect the iPad to another device (namely my phone on a hotspot) while the internet works fine.

    Spoke with BT and they said that they see no problem, and as all my other devices work then there must be something wrong with the settings of the iPad. :/

    By clicking on the side of my wireless connection, it seems that the router is not to give information the iPad (i.e. there not IP, subnet, router, DNS, etc info).

    At a total loss about what to do next - it's my main iPad sunk into the wall to control the House so it needs to work!

    Hello. You have enabled an access control on the router? Maybe you need help again to the iPad. Have reset you network settings, settings > general > reset > reset network settings? I guess you can see the network. What happens when you enter the password? Looks like you are having problems connecting to WiFi, no internet.

  • I can't download apps iPad 2 Air, some will be that some don't

    IM having a problem with the app download and also iPad 2 Air updates

    If you have not restarted the iPad yet, try it.

    1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Red slider appears.
    2. Drag the slider to turn off your device completely off.
    3. Once the device turns off, press and hold the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo.

    Then try to download apps.

    If this does not help, check if your iPad has an iOS update available.

    Tap Settings > general > software update

    Current IOS is 9.3.3

  • Hola App does not work on Ipad 2 Air any work arounds?

    I contacted Hola VPN and followed their advice (re-installed and changed the application settings).

    I can't access on my Ipad 2 Air Hola. Can someone advise me on this? The application allows you to view TV in other countries... I pay for the app http://hola.org/faq_ios

    Thank you


    have you done as they have suggested?

    If you encounter any problems with the application, please send us a bug reportand include the following information as you can as well:

  • How to install iTunes on my iPad 2 Air

    I would like to transfer a file ppt (PowerPoint) to my Windows laptop to my iPad 2 Air but I need first to install the latest version of iTunes on my iPad. The problem is that I can't find the right itune app on the app store. Pls help, appreciate it

    You need to install iTunes on your computer, not the iPad - iPad already has an app Store iTunes top (for browsing the store and purchase/download of media), which is the only iTunes for your iPad app.

    To synchronize content from a computer to the iPad you have iTunes installed on the computer. You have not installed on this computer, which is the computer that sync you it with iTunes? If no go want to sync other content e.g. music, movies etc. - If you do there are a few steps on this thing for synchronization to a new computer: synchronization to a 'New' computer or replacing a hard drive "crashed"

    To copy a powerpoint on your iPad, you need an app on your iPad that supports this type of file (iPads is not a file system as a computer, everything is stored in the applications). To get the file from your computer to this application, you might be able to use the section in iTunes (on the sharing of files on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple supported ), file sharing or file by e-mail to yourself and use "open in" in the Mail app on the iPad, or use DropBox or copy it via your wifi - different applications network supports the different transfer methods.

    (I asked for your message to be moved to use iPad forum, where you have posted is for questions about the iTunes U app.)

  • My iPad WiFi Air video very slow loading same 3 full bar signal

    My iPad WiFi Air video very slow loading same 3 full bar signal... Any suggestion?

    Should I send to AppleCare or upgrade to the latest version of iOS?

    Yes, update to the latest version, 9.3.1. Also here are a few general suggestions for problems of Wi - Fi. Suggest you start at the top and down, maybe they'll help...

    (1) perform a forced reboot: hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Leave the device to reboot.

    (2) resetting the network settings: settings > general > reset > reset network settings. Join the network again.

    (3) reboot router/Modem: unplug power for 2 minutes and reconnect. Update the Firmware on the router (support Web site of the manufacturer for a new FW check). Also try different bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and different bandwidths (recommended for 2.4 to 20 MHz bandwidth).

    (4) change of Google DNS: settings > Wi - Fi > click the network, delete all the numbers under DNS and enter or otherwise

    (5) disable the prioritization of device on the router if this feature is available.

    (6) determine if other wireless network devices work well (other iOS devices, Mac, PC).

    (7) try the device on another network, i.e., neighbors, the public coffee house, etc.

    (8) to restore the device (ask for more details if you wish).


    (9) go to the Apple Store for the evaluation of the material.

    Council: https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-9892

  • iPad 2 Air drag does not

    Curiously, the slide on the feature no longer works on my iPad 2 Air.

    I used this much before. It was working fine. I had an iPad Pro 12.9, where I continue to use it. Now, I went back to my iPad 2 Air and it just doesn't work. It shows the small handle, but I can't seem to drag over.

    Does anyone else know this?

    Try to force the reboot of the iPad - see if the problem resolves

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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