iPhone 4 s problem audio on iOS 9.3.2 when powered

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Im having a strange problem on my 4S running iOS 9.3.2 when under tension. When it is connected to the power of Google Maps as Apple begins to repeat and maps don't stop repeating a steering control when the speaker. In fact, it looks exactly like broken record. Usually only so he can stop is to unplug it from the power source. Sometimes it will stop smoking app but not usually. It's very annoying if I need to be connected while driving somewhere and using an application of cards. Also does the same thing in spotlight search when you use the audio search. There hung noise doesn't either stop unless it is unplugged. IM using an approved charger car BTW Apple and only Apple Chargers original in my home, same problem. It is now the second replacement phone warranty from Apple, the last one I exchanged for having exactly the same problem (it's less than months). I'm starting to think it's a problem of software bug now and not material. He does the error in some applications and not others like the music or other. Its only in applications that need to start and stop sound automatically. I tried all the normal stuff, hard reboot and delete Google Maps app and fooled with it. Im going to try a full restore before joining Apple store. If anyone has had the same issue and has a fix for this problem that would be greatly appreciated. I really want to have to waste time in Apple store just for them to give me another phone that will probably be the same question. I even went so far as to the update the phone to Beta software version 9.3.3 iOS but problem always manifested.

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It is my understanding that you are experiencing audio that repeats itself when using some applications.  That would certainly make using these applications an unpleasant experience.

You need to isolate the problem in either a hardware problem or a software problem.  To do this, you'll want to restore as new iPhone when you go and restore your phone.  Since this will delete everything on the iPhone, remember to first create a backup. Backup instructions can be found here:

How do I Save your devices using iCloud or iTunes.

Once you have a backup, restore as new iPhone, follow these steps:

How to clear your iOS device and then set up as a new device or restore from backups.

Don't forget to set up your device as a new device rather than restore the device from backup.  Once restored as new iPhone, adding all the other Apps, test the iPhone and see if the problem persists. If the audio is always repeat, this indicates a hardware problem and the best option would be to have the iPhone to be checked by a service provider authorized or at an Apple Retail Store.  You can find the closest looking here:

Find locations.

If the problem is more current, then go ahead and restore the backup using the same instructions:

How to clear your iOS device and then set up as a new device or restore backups.

This time, don't forget to use the restore of your device instructions.

If the problem happens again, this seems to indicate that there is something load from the backup that is causing the problem.  If this happens, you will need to configure like new again and then install the applications you need on the phone, the test after each installation until you determine what App is causing the problem.

See you soon!

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