Is it possible do not use iCloud?

Somewhere around IOS 9.3.1 it seems impossible to use my iPhone 4S without using iCloud. I cannot accept the terms of service to iCloud and won't be using iCloud, but it seems now that I can't install 9.3.2,and I can't sync my calendar between my Mac and my phone and I am presented with a contract about iCloud TOS screen 5 times a day. I'm not, and I never want to iCloud, but it seems to now use it or lose a lot of functionality.

If I agree to service, can I make sure that absolutely none of my friends are stored in iCloud? According to my interpretation of the agreement, it seems impossible.

Ban all this, is it possible to go back to an older version of IOS? I never would have used this phone if I had to accept at first, but now it seems that I must accept it or lose key features.

Thank you!

First of all, there is no 'legitimate' way to downgrade a version of iOS.  Don't try to "jailbreak" your phone.  Ask for trouble.

As far as I know that there is no reason why you SHOULD use iCloud, but, as you say, you will lose the major feature.  I follow the last section of this article:

iCloud: use

and make sure you have signed-out icloud of every device you have (although if I read your post right, you've never signed in).  On your iOS iOS device 8 or 9 go to:

Settings > iCloud > Backup, then turn it on iCloud backup (and everything else), also (for good measure) go to:

Settings > general > storage & use iCloud

and manage storage ICLOUD and make sure you have everything off here.

I consider your backup a backup for my iTunes backup.  So for me, the worst of not having an iCloud account is not able to use the functionality of theft protection to locate my phone, but it's your choice.

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    You do not use more of your space free storage on iCloud by using iCloud drive. iCloud Drive is simply the latest, most updated to access your documents in iCloud iOS 9.

    I suggest to turn it on and use it.

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  • My iPhone is locked after restoration icloud and didn't use icloud


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    IM panic I don't know what to do!

    * I used the app store - and the icloud was clean it was nothing there

    Help, please!

    Thank you!!!

    Unfortunately, while you are not using iCloud - your phone is. Unless you are the lucky guy who can skip this step, your phone is so activation locked after the use of three days. And if it isn't you who locked, it's even worse, cause then your chances to unlock are even worse.

    Fortunately if buy you a few weeks - you still have original and can call Apple for help. Just be received valid legit Apple dealer.

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    All advice appreciated...

    Thank you


    You can be signed in iCloud, but it is quite possible that you have activated e-mail and you have not yet chosen an iCloud address to use with mail. Notes a need an address to iCloud to work, go ahead and choose a name, do not use it to send and receive mail if you do not want, but regardless it may worth to choose an address carefully in case you ever want to use.

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    A backup includes not pictures. He doesn't understand what is in your film album, which has been restored.

    I guess that all other images have not yet been synchronized from your computer, or downloaded from iCloud photo library, depending on the method that you use.

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    Use import option from your Mac:

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    Don't know what you mean by you can't use it. It does not open?

  • My MAC friends tell me NOT to use icloud email address.

    My MAC friends tell me NOT to use icloud email address.

    They advised me that because they claim that icloud email address cannot be deleted.   I speak no deletion of an Apple or iCloud account. I'm simply talking about the ability to delete an icloud email address.

    They tell me to use Gmail, Yahoo or AOL, as these companies allow you to erase / delete an email address.   It just looks good to me. I'm trying to get the best advice.

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    ICloud e-mail address is provided for you once you've created an Apple ID (which is the same as your email address valid)

    Your iCloud email address is also an alias of your Apple ID and Yes, you can change your username (email address) Apple

    Read here on how to change your Apple ID: change your Apple - Apple Support ID

  • How can I stop my iPhone to activate the iCloud unwanted services, I do not use?

    I have an iPhone 5, iOS 9.3.1

    Recently, I noticed a problem where it would not receive all iMessages receive my Mac and other iDevices. Following the instructions here, I disconnected (e) iCloud and then again. When I did, a lot of things that I do not have been activated. It turned on all the components to iCloud for the portfolio, Notes, reminders, and he turned on every single Photo service (iCloud photo library, My Photo Stream, iCloud, photo sharing) and began to transfer photos. Worse still, it turns on find my iPhone. I don't want any of these services.

    I was able to disable quickly everything with the exception of find my iPhone. I can not turn off the phone, because its greyed out. I can't disable the browser, because the option to disable is not there. My only choice is to lock the phone, play a sound, or delete it.

    So my questions are actually two:

    Firstly - how can I deactivate find my iCloud

    Second - How do I prevent any return of these services to turn on when I want to just turn off the iCloud and turn it back to a stray phone behavior?

    Answer your first question: to disable the feature find my iPhone, you must

    1. Open the settings on your phone
    2. Click on find my iPhone (near the bottom of the list)
    3. It opens a new screen, tap the switch next to find my iPhone and wait he only shows no green at all
    4. Ta ~ da!
    5. If it does not sort on iOS 9.3.1 upgrade to the last 9.3.2 where he works for me.

    Answering your second question:

    It seems that once you connect to your device while using iCloud, all services will be on automatically themselves. I think there is no way to disable this wide, having tried it myself on my iPhone 5 C. I recommend that you just turn all the second services you connect to iCloud.

    Good luck


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