is it possible to update device drivers by using windows update 7?

I have HP Dv6 3050, is it enough to develop software and update drivers using win7 or I need to manually download form download for HP?



First of all, you can use Windows Update to download and install the latest drivers. If you still have missing drivers after doing this, you will need to manually download the drivers from the support page of your laptop.


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    No. Windows cannot be installed on an external drive, or start from a.

  • problems of device drivers after reinstalling windows xp family

    I had to reinstall my windows xp home edition due to a virus. Now I am having several problems with device drivers. I can't find a video controller (vga) compatible, more there is a big question mark yellow on the other. What should I do?

    I have a hp pavillion ngn350 I had the motherboard and everthing updated 2 years ago, so when I do a check of the system it appears as a wind msi 120, my operating system is windows xp home edition. also whenever I try to play a computer cd game called the sims I get a message on directx 9.0 and I have the latest. My audio drivers does not show a problem in the Device Manager, but I don't have his and no drivers work. I tried to download realtek hd audio, but it still does not work.

    Get the Mo material card (chipset), go to its website mfg, get the chipset

    utility installation, this is the software and drivers for the components to run...

  • HP dv7-1450us netbook: 3 base system device a missing an unknown device drivers after installing windows 8.00

    I installed windows 8 on a new clean hard drive, I'm updating with windows update but I still 4 devices missing drivers, 3 base system and an unknown device, how can I solve this problem?...

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    You need these drivers for the bsd...

    This package contains the driver for the JMB38X Host Controller Card Reader in laptop models supported and operating systems. JMB38X card reader supports the following types of media: SD, MS, MMC and xD.

    File name: sp45180.exe

    You probably need this driver for the unknown dev...


  • Having problems with maintaining device drivers loaded on Windows 7 audit mode

    Trouble in paradise. I'm working on new images of Windows 7 and we're having problems that new pilots appear after the computer has been deployed. I extend to the computer in audit mode and either use an answer file to add drivers or add them manually using pnputil. I add drivers for 5 different Dell Optiplex computers. When you use the answer file the computer back mode audit on this computer, and drivers have been installed. After checking the Device Manager, everything is in place. I also checked the Driverstore folder to make sure they have been installed, they. But when I finished the process sysprep, the image on your computer and place it on another computer, it does not see the new drivers. I still have to add them manually. I did it on five computers with the same result so I know that the pilots were initially loaded correctly. For some reason any after sysprep, it seems to lose track of the path to the drivers when the computer starts in windows setup mode. Once installation is complete, the same missing drivers in Device Manager are still missing. Even if they were there to audit mode. If I send the device missing in Device Manager the driverstore in research, he finds the driver without problem. Here's what I use for sysprep:

    C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\sysprep /audit /reboot /unattend:C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\imagetest.xml

    And then run the oobe and generalize the windows sysprep interface options to stop out of audit mode

    I hope that I do just something wrong, it's simple.


    For any question on Windows 7:

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    You are in the Vista Forums.

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  • With the help of transformations and filters without device drivers


    I came across NIMS as a possible solution for some transformations and filtering, or generating data of the signal of the test for seismic application. I'm evaluating NIMS for optimal for what we need/want to accomplish.

    Basically, we have some seismic data, and we want to treat these data through a series of transformations and filters to Denoise and choose data for seismic analysis. No sense in reinventing the wheel, if we can adopt and adapt a library then third as NIMS in our application.

    We must not necessarily device drivers, although I noticed NIMS installation requires. I hope that we can opt in or out depending on what is actually needed. Can anyone help clarify the nature of the dependency driver?

    Anyway, as I said I am evaluating for most able to adapt to our application, but in the meantime if anyone can shed some light on the concerns above, questions, etc., would begreat.

    Thank you...

    Best regards.

    You don't need to install device drivers to use Measurement Studio. If you are prompted to do so by the wizard to insall, just leave the guest of driver installation.


  • Dv4-1430us: lack of Base system device drivers

    I just clean installed W7 Home Premeuim after a failed attempt of W10, it seems that I'm missing three "base system device drivers. I went to the HP page where the drivers are usually, but I don't see all the downloads.

    If the download page of is the mystery pilots BSD here? Windows Update can't find them.

    DV4 1430US


    You need this driver for the card reader (Base system Dev):

    This package contains the driver for the JMB38X Host Controller Card Reader to
    models of portable supported and operating systems. JMB38X card
    Reader supports the following types of media: SD, MS, MMC and xD.

    FTP:// .exe

  • HP ProBook s 4730: lack of Base system device drivers

    Hello world!

    A few days ago I received an error message that my device Base and an unidentified device system no longer have the drivers installed for them (Code 28). This can happen after my last update of Windows, but I'm not too sure. When I try to update the drivers of the device for each Device Manager, Windows cannot find a driver for the device.

    These are devices that are affected (not sure if you need the hardware ID, but I included them):

    Base system device
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2392 & SUBSYS_167C103C & REV_30
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2392 & SUBSYS_167C103C
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2392 & CC_088000
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2392 & CC_0880

    Unidentified device
    USB\VID_138A & PID_003C & REV_0086
    USB\VID_138A & PID_003C

    Don't know if it is also related, but my Standard VGA Graphics Adapter is also having similar problem and cannot start (Code 10):

    PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_6760 & SUBSYS_167D103C & REV_00
    PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_6760 & SUBSYS_167D103C
    PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_6760 & CC_030000
    PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_6760 & CC_0300

    I use Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit).

    I saw that I can download the drivers from the HP site, but I'm not really sure which ones do I need to download. Some people recommend that you download the chipset, the audio media and network card drivers for my laptop to try to solve the problem. & swLangOid = 8 & swEnvOid = 4058

    I can compare the drivers with the names of device in Device Manager, if that's the best way to go about it. I wanted to just a few tips on the best thing to do.

    I have some knowledge of the software, but I don't mess with hardware very much, answers in layman's terms would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your time. If you need some info on my ProBook, let me know.


    You need these drivers...

    Base system device:

    The media JMicron card reader driver allows the card slot multimedia integrated in the laptop models running a supported operating system.


    Unidentified device:

    This package contains the driver that allows the validity fingerprint sensor in the notebook models that are running a supported operating system. The fingerprint sensor analyzes fingerprints for use with biometric security applications.


    Standard VGA Graphics adapt:

    This package provides the AMD video drivers, driver audio Control Panel and HD for laptops taken in charge who are running a supported operating system.


  • CVI Distribution needs 2 versions of CVI device drivers

    I have an app that I'm building a distribution, it is in the CVI 9.0.1 and several versions before that.

    When I build it, he asks the device drivers of CVI (CVI 9.0.1) of February 2009 and drivers of CVI (CVI 8.5.1) since March 2008.

    Is it possible that I can do this using all the stuff from the latest driver disks (the disk of the Feb 2009)?

    It is an application that runs on a box of PXI, so there a lot of drivers for that and some map on the (I think)!

    Hi Ken,

    The components included from this source "Cache" will find when you go to manage Distribution, click on your distribution and click on modify. Access the driver and Components tab, then go down to each active boxes and on the right pane, you will see a check box in the component Source. Check this and it will always ask you to insert the disc of the first generation, but after that, you won't have to.

    I hope this helps!

  • 4730 proBook s: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and Base system device drivers

    Hello, I have a problem with my device manager.  I need to fix or update/install drivers for a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and Base system device drivers. I can't find anything useful, I please help.

    Best regards


    You need this driver for the card reader (base system device).

    In order to provide the correct graphic driver, I need to know if your laptop's graphics card Intel or AMD/Intel switchable graphics.

    If there is just a standard vga card listed, then you probably need just the driver intel graphics.

    If there are two adapters listed standard vga, so you need this driver.

  • Hi__I have acer extansa laptop 5635. I installed Windows 7 in there. I am facing problem on bluetooth device drivers. How do I get the bluetooth device driver.

    every time I help out to fix this problem, it search for it and then he said: this bluetooth device driver is not installed. Install the last jerking for the device.

    After that, I click option

    apply this hotfix

    then he begins to search for, but after a few seconds it gives an error that

    device not found driver.

    Please help me solve this problem. I will be thankful to you.

    Hi Fadi,

    If Windows is unable to install the drivers automatically, then you will need to visit the Bluetooth device manufacturer site download and install the drivers manually.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

    Looking for drivers

    Set up a Bluetooth compatible device

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Installation of the device drivers for the Zune 8 GB using Windows Vista SP2 OS

    I try to install the Zune software installed on a laptop Acer of MS Vista with SP2.  The Zune player is a 8 GB model.  The Zune software is installed fine, but when Vista tries to install device drivers, it fails, asking me to contact the hardware vendor.  It is used to work on another computer running MS Windows XP with SP3.

    What can I do to make it work on Vista computer?

    Hi Midnightwreck,

    What is you receive the exact error message?

    Step 1: Examine the Windows Device Manager. To do this, follow these steps:

    (a) click Start, right-click computer, and then click Properties.

    (b) click on Device Manager. Click on the computer root icon and then click on Search the hardware changes in the Actions menu. Zune should be listed under portable devices.

    Note If the player has been incorrectly installed, Zune can be listed with a yellow exclamation point (!). Or, it may be listed under other devices as USB (Universal Serial Bus) device.

    (c) double-click Zune, and then click driver . The current version of the driver that is installed must be

    If the Windows Device Manager indicates a problem with the device, or if the Player version that is installed is not the current version, you must update the driver. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. right click on Zune or a USB device , and then click Properties

    2. click on the tab driver , and then click Uninstall.

    3. If it is displayed, select delete the driver for this device, and then click OK.

    4. click on the computer root icon and then click on Search the hardware changes in the Actions menu.

    5 right click on Zune , and then click Properties

    6. Click tab driver , and then click set to update driver.

    7. click Browse my computer for driver software.

    8. click on Browse, find the program Files\Zune\Drivers folder, and then click OK.

    9. click Next.

    If you are prompted, click install.

    After the driver installation is complete, click close two times.

    Your Zune device is not detected by your computer or the Zune software

    Step 2: Download and install the latest version of the Zune software, then check if the problem persists.

    You can follow the steps mentioned in the link below

    How to fix errors in the Windows device for the Zune device manager

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • How can I manually install device drivers in Win 7?

    When I connect my Android tablet to the PC via USB, Windows 7 automatically installs the wrong driver. I have the correct driver in a folder, but when I try to update in Device Manager > 'the best driver for your device is already installed ". If I uninstall the driver for the device disappears from Device Manager.

    How can I locate the device & install the driver without interfering Windows?

    During the driver update process select Browse my computer for driver updates.

    Then select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer ob

    Then select disk

    Then find where you have the new driver stored.

    Select it.

  • Help to reinstall the device drivers in Win7

    Hi, I'm trying to re - install the operating system of Windows 7 on a laptop Dell Vestro A840 of 64-bit.

    • Both the OS and the recovery of partitions have been damaged and have been reformatted.
    • The laptop came with Windows 7 pre-installed and no recovery disk.
    • I use a Windows 7 installation disc to reinstall Win7
    • All right until I am asked to select an external source device drivers.
    1. I downloaded the drivers from Dell's Support, but they are for the most part, .exe or .zip files.
    2. I don't know the order in which the drivers must be installed.
    3. I don't know how to "unzip" the files .exe or .zip of the driver to create a dvd or a usb accessible so that the Win7 installation process wil recognize.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated...

    If you are referring to the part of the Win7 installation procedure where it gives you possibility to install drivers, I recommend you ignore this and proceed with the installation.  In most cases, the installation process will find all the drivers you need.  If once the installation is complete, you still need drivers, go to , enter your Service tag and get missing drivers.

  • Beats Studio Wireless - Device missing Bluetooth for Windows 7 64 bit OS drivers

    I have a HP Elitebook 9480 m notebook, running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit OS.  I just got this machine and my previous machine was running Windows 7 32 bit OS.

    My problem is that when I go to install my wireless on the Elitebook Beats Studio headphone, it does not find the Bluetooth device drivers.

    I called Apple support (now support produced Beats), contacted HP support and visited with my COMPUTER service company hoping to copy the drivers through my old machine (helmet worked on an old machine) and no solution has been found.

    Copy the drivers through did not work as my machine would not find them when we asked it to look for them.  We have, however, learned that the driver that was used on my old machine was a Microsoft driver, specifically the pilot called btwavdt.sys.

    I need an updated version of this driver, or the equivalent of 64-bit if it is not already compatible with 64 bit computers, in order to properly install my helmet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi John,.

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    Since you're using Windows 7 Enterprise edition of the operating system, your question would be better suited for the IT Pro audience. This is why I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

    Please post your question in the TechNet Forums.

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