Is it possible to use shortcut "Alt +" in full screen?

Is it possible to use shortcut "Alt +" in full screen?

For example: if I am not in full screen and you want to open "Curved" I can hit 'Ctrl + M' but if I want to open the parameters "Curves" with the last used I can hit "Alt + I + A + U".

Now, this last shortcut is not usable in full screen.

This can be corrected?

It has been possible in some older versions of PS...

Yes and no.

You need the Menu Bar Visible.

ALT is a toggle. It switches on and off on the screen letter shortcuts. You can see who they letter because they will be highlighted on the screen. In the menu bar. You can see the picture in the menu bar I Gets a pointed out. I will be a shortcut for the Image menu. When they are underlined letters are shortcuts when they don't are not stressed that they are not shortcuts.

When you press on I the menu Image opens and in the Image menu, you will see the A in adjustments is stressed and will be a shortcut for setting menu. However, if you open the image by another menu means that underscore I shortened the A in the adjustment item wouldn't be stressed and A would not be a shortcut for setting menu. If you use the shortcut to underscore A to open the settings menu, you will see the the u curve is highlighted and is a shortcut for curves adjustment.

Its a catch 22 cases when your in fullscreen with the bar menu "Alt + I + A + U". will work because there is an Image I switch on. When your fullscreem in without "Alt + I + A + U" menu bar will not work because there is no I switched in am to the shortcut from the screen.

Even when you do not full screen you press Alt and toggle for the I underline the shortcut in the menu Image on if your mouse click on the Image to open menu adjustments won't be stressed and will not be a setting menu shortcut it how to turn reduce tasks.

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    Hi hanekam123,

    I'm sorry, that is not possible, that is how Acrobat/Reader is built. For drive mode, you can use Ctrl + L to fullscreen or Ctrl + H.

    Kind regards

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    V10 portfolios open at strange magnification without control of the visible screen.

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    Hope that's clear enough!  Thank you.

    I'm not sure that this will solve your problem, but you can incorporate into your files, the following code, which will leave the FS mode when they are open:

    app.fs.isFullScreen = false;

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    In addition, long ago (maybe even CS3), I asked WHY when I open / edit an existing document, and then save under, the destination is not the folder that contains the file open.

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    As I said, this is what happens when you open, for example, a file, InDesign CS3 with InDesign CS5. Recording on the original file can be a bad thing, is potentially good that InDesign does not work. You must, if it is viable, open, and save files by using the version that was used last for this file. So if you have InDesign CS3 and InDesign CS5, use InDesign CS3 to open, edit and save InDesign CS3 files.

  • possible bug in colorTransform-related mode full screen (projector and standalone flash player 10)

    Hi all

    It seems to have hit a bug in the current drive (tested on

    If I programmatically change the color of a sprite consisting in a text and a circle the output is different if the application is in mode full-screen (the text is not colored in fs)

    In my class mousedown event handler I call the following (slightly simplified the code to make things easier to understand here):

    var cTrans:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform();

    _hColor =0xD78500
    Recolor the clicked sprite
    cTrans.color = _hColor;

    this.transform.colorTransform = cTrans;

    This is what I get in windowed mode (expected behavior):Capture_w.PNG

    It's the same sprite full screen:Capture_fs.PNG

    I can switch between windowed mode and full screen and the text gets colorful or not, as stated above.

    Anyone got clues about what's going on? I mean that's not supposed to probably not be that way...

    No solution (easy) workaround?

    Thank you very much


    Well I tried to make a projector and do not see with it, but then again my install puts in the projector.

    I could try changing the Sprite to a MovieClip and see if that helps.

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    No idea why this is happening? I am running Windows 7 and Firefox 5.0.1.

    I had this problem. I found that a roaming profile directory has been installed which contained a user.js file in which changed the hotkey of CTRL ALT.
    I deleted the profile folder a name randomly in c:/Users / [myuser] / AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles and then I stuck to that of c:/Users / [myuser] / AppData/Local/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles.

    This bad user.js file was some other parameters, including the definition of the user agent string
    "Mozilla/5.0 (X 11;" U; Linux i686; en-US; RV:1.0.0; (Salut, maman) gecko/20020604 "

    The user.js file is (or similar to) those listed here:

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    Model #: SR5249uk
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    Yes, it is possible to do both.

    The answer to this question lies here in this HP web document. You can reassign the key combination to another combination and it free for use in a program who need.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that you meant CTRL + ALT + S and not ALT + S

    Published by erico on 01/06/2009 04:57

  • Is it possible to use "recently closed" tabs in the new firefox without a mouse?

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    You can also access this data via the menu of tory His(Alt + S)

    • Press the ALT key, or press F10 to display the Menu bar.
  • shortcut ALT for German umlaut, alt - o doesn't do not "o" "o".

    Is it possible to define the shortcut alt - u, so it only produces the Scandinavian German umlauts instead of special characters?

    ALT - o is an "o" not "o" on my keyboard.

    ALT - a is only an 'a' not 'a' on my keyboard.

    ALT - u works very well to make "u".

    Thank you

    With the UK English keyboard is alt - u followed by o (or one).

  • Not possible to use the Nvidia GPU both graphics primary source all the time?

    I went through the manual and the tips of help from Lenovo and it seems that it is not possible to use the NVIDIA GeForce 840 M, 2 GB as the exclusive GPU card.

    The only control that I can find is one in the Panel of 3D graphics and if I read this correctly it assigns that Nvidia will be used when require it strong application processes (I'm guessing games play?) but for activities such as photo editing, it is up to the intel sur-bard chip

    brian1208 wrote:

    I went through the manual and the tips of help from Lenovo and it seems that it is not possible to use the NVIDIA GeForce 840 M, 2 GB as the exclusive GPU card.

    The only control that I can find is one in the Panel of 3D graphics and if I read this correctly it assigns that Nvidia will be used when require it strong application processes (I'm guessing games play?) but for activities such as photo editing, it is up to the intel sur-bard chip

    To force an application to use your NVIDIA graphics card, right click on its shortcut (or an .exe file), point on run with graphics processor and select the NVIDIA processor high performance.

  • Photoshop crashes randomly when drawing, using shortcut keys, etc.

    Occasionally, about once every 45 seconds to 3 minutes, Photoshop is going to block/freeze for 10-90 seconds each time I try to draw a line using the Brush tool or use a hotkey with the Brush tool. This happens especially when I try to use Ctrl + Alt + Z to undo a line or when I use the Tablet drawing + shift key to draw straight lines. Once completed suspended, the line that I drew appears, however, any shortcut keys that I used in conjunction with the Brush tool will not apply on line. that is, a line drawn with SHIFT will have drawn Freehand instead.

    I am running CC 2015, but this issue has been ongoing since CC 2014 and I have been troubleshooting on and outside since then without success. CS6 has worked for me before the update and still when I reinstallled it instead of CC2014 for troubleshooting. Switch back to CS6 permanently is not an option because I need CC to work. The question is displayed regardless of the spacing, size, or type of brush that I use. None of the other drawing programs I have on my computer has the same problems.

    I have the AMD FX-8350 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 950 GTX graphics card. I also use a Cintiq 13hd. All my drivers are up to date. I am running Windows 10 but had the same problem with CC2014 under Windows 7.

    I tried to reinstall PS, turning market/GPU-support setting for basic/advanced/etc., removal of preferences, light / features of tablet of the window, turn on/off CL, but none of this solves the problem. Don't know what else to try. As it is, I can't use PS for drawing, either.

    bernardop_rj wrote:

    Unfortunately, none of these things helped. As I said, it seems to be exclusively related to my Wacom tablet (CTH-680, pilot version 6.3.15 model - 3), that these problems do not occur when I use my computer trackpad.

    Do you know if you are using Windows ink or WinTab?

    Re: Use Windows ink problem with photshop CC 2015.

  • It is not possible to use "Show pointer" on 7-inch screens.

    It is not possible to use "Show pointer" on 7-inch screens. The second pointer on the left, who would normally stimulate the ALT is not visible. The pointer is hidden behind the left hand tool bar! I use Photoshop Touch on a 7¹³ of Nexus and I, it's a great software and it became even more impressive if that problem is fixed ;-)

    I can't repro this on my Nexus 7 2013 I can see the 'hold' in the bottom icon to the left, but it is a bit hidden by the icon 'redo '. I can still tap to finish the operation, even if I can do it again.

    I was also able to get around by touching the icon screen, 1st icon from the upper right. This allows a full view of the "hold" icon

  • How the shortcut Alt + Backspace works? (dumb question)


    Sometimes I read a tutorial and they say I should use the shortcut Alt + Backspace to fill the selection with the foreground color.

    But every time I try on a selection, a drop down menu appears floating (options: restore, move, size, minimize...)

    It's silly, but I would like to know how to use it properly.

    Thank you

    BACKSPACE and space bar are not the same thing.

    BACKSPACE is your key to delete allows you to delete the characters that you have typed.


Maybe you are looking for